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Beside the usual propaganda against the Taliban& Arab regimes, the latest issue of the #ISKP's Voice of Khorasan magazine in Arabic, include a long article about the #UN & other #NGOs operating in #AFG.
Pro-government PAK religious scholars also condemned by ISKP in the magazine.
The article named "the most famous" non governmental organizations currently operating in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime as "CARE International, UNICEF, ICRC, NRC, AKDN, Save the Children..." adding that a big compound of the UN located n the Paktiakot area of Kabul City... "the evidence of the maliciousness and heresy of the Taliban and the cooperation of this misguided group with the infidels."
The last paragraph of the article is calling on Afghans to stay away from NGOs& encourage the youths to join the ISKP and fight against the Taliban.
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#AFG There are reports of an explosion inside Taliban’s governor office in Balkh in the city of Mazari sharif.
Explosion took place as powerful governor of Balkh for Taliban Muzamil was inside a meeting. A Taliban delegation was in Balkh for meetings. According to Taliban security sources, “a number of Taliban including governor among casualties.” Image
According to a Taliban security official “ Taliban governor for Balk Muzamil killed in the explosion inside governors office.” Image
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#Taliban #claims are not very true:
1. Single, centralized system: There are two governments, one in Kabul and other in Kandahar, which are not always on the same sheet of music.
2. Perfect security forces: Killing of civilians in check points, use of big IEDs in Kabul during ... ImageImage
...the anti-ISKP operations and destroying entire buildings, extrajudicial killings..., are not indicators of well trained state security forces.
3. Comprehensive Security: The attacks of ISKP against High-Profile targets&increasing level of violent crimes, reject the TB claim...
4. Currency stability: 40 million cash USD injection per week, by UN & low amount of Afghani banknotes in the country, are some of the reasons for the currency's stability.
5. Annual budget: Almost half a million ex-ANSF members& a large number of civilian employees dismissed...
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"I swear by Allah, just as I am ready to sacrifice my head in front of my #honor, so I am ready to sacrifice it, in front of the honor of the #daughters of my country. How can you have the honor to distinguish between your honor and the honor of others and want to assure the ...
...survival of the government in exchange for the immorality of the daughters of the country, and refuse the clear orders of Sharia," a quote attributed to the supreme leader of the #Taliban, Hebatullah, and published by the spokesman for the ministry of higher eduation, reads.
The Taliban's head of access to information department, also published a quote of the supreme leader as follow:
"The ministers told me that there are some women who do not come any more to the ministries, so if you agree we will stop their salaries, it would reduce the burden ...
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Reacting to the announcement of the #Taliban's #ban_on_university education for #girls in Afghanistan, #Germany called it "a blow for all Afghan women", #UK "strongly condemned" it, #France labeled it as "Talibanisation of #AFG" and the @hrw named it "a shameful decision".
The #condemnation of #Taliban's decision to ban women from higher education continues.
@SecBlinken was "deeply dismayed" by TB announcement, Canada "condemn this outrageous violation", @RESCUEorg called it "a chilling step backwards"& @amnestysasia asked for reversal of decision.
The UN family "condemned" and Qatar expressed its "deep concern and disappointment" over the #Taliban's decision to suspend #women from #Uni in AFG. Ex-President @KarzaiH and ex-CE @DrabdullahCE also called on the Taliban to re-open girls' schools and universities in Afghanistan.
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#Hostage_situation in #Bannu:
Armed militants of unknown group stormed an installation of the Counter-Terrorism Department (#CTD) of #Pakistan in Bannu, released dozens of prisoners and took 9 PAK security forces, including Major Khorshid Akram (as militants claim) hostages...
...In an unverified video, they claimed that they are 35 people and asking PAK Army to provide them safe #air_transport to #AFG (in ten minutes), in exchange for the release of all hostages. They warned to kill all 9 hostages& will fight till death, if their #demand was rejected. Image
While it is early to comment, but the wording of the hostage takers in Bannu (using respectful words to PAK army), their demand (to be airlifted to AFG)& the overall scene, seems to be 'staged'...a #victimization drama of PAK& to prove that AFG is safe haven for terrorists.
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There are reports about an ongoing #attack on a #Hotel popular with Chinese visitors, in Shahr-e Naw area, in the heart of #Kabul City.
According to initial info, an unknown number of attackers entered to the hotel after an explosion& a clash is ongoing between the TB& attackers. ImageImage
The attackers apparently targeted #Kabul_Longan_Hotel, frequently used by Chinese, in Shahr-e Naw area of #Kabul City.
Below is the Gelocation/GPS of the mentioned hotel, where the complex attack is ongoing:
34.535227, 69.165207
Photo is copied from @AbdulhaqOmeri's tweet. Image
#Taliban's Kabul Police Spokesman:
"Today, at around 2:30PM, a hotel building in Kabul City's Shahr-e Naw area, where ordinary people were living, was attacked by evil elements. Security forces have reached the area& a clearing operation is ongoing.
Details will be shared later." Image
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Some facts about the #foreign_fighters (FFs) living under the #Taliban's shadow:
1. There are a couple of thousands of FFs living in #AFG under the TB's regime. Majority of them are settled in the east (Kunar&Nangarhar) & north (Badakhshan&Takhar) of AFG.
2. Pakistanis & citizens of Central Asian countries make the absolute majority of the FFs in AFG, followed by Arabs, Indians, Turks...
FFs in small numbers are scattered all over AFG, from south to north and from east to west.
3. While the FFs supported the TB in last 2 decades,
... the IEA have to host and protect them mainly for two reasons:
A. Religion and AFG traditions not allow the TB to expel the FFs or to handover them to their enemies (their countries of origin).
B. The TB can use the FFs as bargaining chips and as a means of pressure against...
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Hizb ut-Tahrir dedicated its weekly comment to the recent "#Mysterious_bombings & their motives" in #AFG.
"The recent horrific explosions show that after the deployment of the intelligence networks of regional countries& super powers in AFG in various forms, there are signs of... ImageImage
...complex games being played by major colonial powers, such as the U.S. & its allied states that neighboring AFG. The motive of these explosions is more of a kind of psychological war against the increase the distance between the government& the people of Afghanistan...
...The IEA needs a coherent, decisive& unwavering stance in its foreign policy with these states, to block the doors& paths of these states& powers to AFG.
The closeness of the IEA for recognition, to the great powers& their dependent states, makes the game more complicated...
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#AFG Brutal attack against one of Afghanistan’s most oppressed communities. Dashte Barche in West Kabul have been constantly the target of deadly ISKP attacks. Hazaras and Shias murdered inside their classrooms. #NOTJUSTNUMBERSLIVES
A doctor in Watan hospital confirms, a number of dead bodies inside the hospital. ImageImageImageImage
Kaaj higher educational center is located less than 200 meters from Police station 13. Image
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#AFG “The Taliban have started house to house search in Kandahar city and Spinboldak targeting people who worked with the ANDSF and former government. During search, they are asking women to leave these houses in the absence of female police and check all sorts of personal
belongings. If they find IDs or find military shoes, they beat and imprison them. People are scared and cannot object. Yesterday, they killed two persons while searching the house of a former ANDSF commander.” Residents in Kandahar city and Spin Boldak tells me.
“Taliban opened fire inside our home killing wife of General Mahmood Alizai, former brigade commander in Zheray. Shooting took place in Sanzaray village at 12PM, two nephews Mirwais and Younas were killed. General Mahmood’s SIX year old daughter and his NINE year old son wounded.
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Sources told @trtworld, that #Washington is working on a plan to deposit $3.5 billion, of #AFG’s #frozen_assets, with the #Bank of International Settlements, based in Basel, #Switzerland & have the money distributed under a third-party monitoring system.…
Followin @trtworld's report, #Taliban govt reportedly dismissed the #Biden administration's planned transfer of #frozen_Afghan_assets to a Switzerland-based bank, asking the US to send the seized money directly to the Afghan central bank (@AFGCentralbank).…
In September, the Fund for the AFG People was established in Geneva with the support of the US& Switzerland. The purpose of the foundation is to receive, protect, preserve for the future& partially disburse part of the Afghan central bank's frozen assets.…
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#Taliban's economic commission under chairmanship of Mullah Berader, made the following decisions to (allegedly) support #private_banks in Afghanistan:
- The courts of #AFG, should resume issuing Sharia deeds of properties (legally recognized ownership documents for properties). Image
- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the IEA should work for the opening of bank accounts by Afghan banks in the neighboring countries& other countries of the region.
- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the IEA should reach an understanding with donor countries& institutions ...
... that the (international) aid money should not only go to one specific bank anymore. Rather, in the light of a systematic mechanism, it should also go to other private banks of Afghanistan, so that justice can be established in dealing with the private banks of Afghanistan ...
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#AFG Sheikh Amir Mohammad Kabuli was a known religious scholar in the Kabul region, he was killed in the blast inside the mosque 🕌 in Khair Khana area. According to multiple residents, at least 30 worshippers were killed and dozens were wounded.
A spokesman for Taliban police chief for Kabul city @khalidzadran01 tells me , “There are casualties and fatalities. Taliban security officials in the area investigating the attack.”
Devastating impact of the deadly explosion inside a mosque 🕌 in Kabul’s PD17. Massive security and intelligence failures continues for the Taliban as the De-facto rulers of Afghanistan. Footage shared by residents.
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#AFG History painfully repeated itself on August 15, 2021 due to monumental failures of Afghan leadership & their insincere allies at more painful cost to Afghans.
This is 12:30 pm, August 15 when the rumors circled around the city that Taliban entered Kabul, everyone panicked, government officials stuck in traffic when they were heading towards the airport. Image
Early morning, August 15, 2021.
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According to the initial information, a rocket landed in Sherpur/Wazir Akbar Khan area (PD10)&an explosion took place in Dehmazang area (PD3) of #Kabul City, today morning.
There are unfounded rumors in the social media that today's Kabul #explosions were caused by drone strikes.
#Taliban's interior ministry confirmed to media that a rocket was landed in a vacant/unoccupaied house in Sherpur area, in PD10 of Kabul City, today mirning. No casualties reported.
Here is the conspiracy theory, shared by Rahmatullah Nabil, former director of AFG's intelligence (NDS):
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#AFG Opium for sale in Uruzgan province in Southern Afghanistan. July, 2022, Southern Afghanistan.
The future of Afghan children is fraught with many dangers. Instead of being at school, children can be seen and found inside Opium shops in places like Uruzgan in Southern Afghanistan.
Before the sales of Opium , there is always a tough bargain between farmers and opium dealers.
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According to pro-Taliban's Social Media activists, #Hajji_Bahram_Musa, a #Haqqani Network's senior member& commander of Khost Airport, has #carried_his_bride in a military #helicopter from her house in #Logar, to #Khost.
The activists criticised the move as corruption& #betrayal. ImageImageImageImage
Reacting to SM reports, #Taliban's spokesman said:
"There have been reports on SM that a govt. official has flown his wife by #helicopter from Logar to Khost. This is enemy's propaganda&we strongly reject it."
Pro-TB SM activists:
"The spokesman is lying."
#Taliban spokesman Qari Yosuf Ahmadi, #deleted his defensive tweet after he was called a liar by pro-Taliban SM accounts.
Ahmadi had rejected SM& media reports about a TB Commander, who flown his wife by a military #helicopter from his in-laws family in Logar to Khost, as untrue. Image
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#AFG A resident filmed this video : “ Towards PD5, towards eve Loya Jirga tent.”
Gunfire can be heard in an area where a Taliban gathering of religious leaders was being convened in PD5, Kabul city. Despite tough security measures, the attack once more shows how security and intelligence failures continues.
Yesterday Taliban organizers of the Taliban Religious scholar meeting had banned “ Cell phones, all types of weapons, knives and scissors ✂️.” Image
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#AFG Afghanistan is to earthquakes, like Florida is to hurricanes. Disturbing reports coming out of Paktika and Khost provinces after earthquake. Some homes on a mountain collapsed as a result of sliding caused by earthquake in Khost.
In this video damage from earthquake is devastating. A local resident counting at least “ 30 people dead buried under in these homes” Gayan district in Paktika province in South- Western Afghanistan is one of the most remote districts and is home to destitute communities.
“One village is completely destroyed as a result of earthquake in Gyan district in Paktika province.” Residents in Gayan.
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#AFG “Several fatalities in the complex attack against a Gurdwara in Karte PARWAN. These are very initial details.” Two Taliban security officers tells me.
“Explosion took place outside of the gate of the Gurdwara killing at least 2innocent Afghans. Afterwards,2explosions took place inside,some shops attached to Gurdwara caught fire,at least 2Khawarij inside,TB trying 2catch them alive.” A Senior aid 2 TB interior minister tells me.
“Some of the shops inside the Gurdwara caught fire, at least two explosions took place inside.” A senior aid to Taliban interior ministry tells me. Footage - social media.
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#AFG Mawlawi Mehdi Mujahid , an influential Hazara member of the Taliban, has broken away with the Taliban after he was fired as head of intelligence of Bamyan. He says 10 million Hazaras are sidelined and disenfranchised from political space by Taliban. Balkhab, Saripul.
Taliban’s rift with Mowlawi Mahdi is over the proceeds of coal mines in Balkhab. There has been a hike in demands for coal in Pakistan after the energy prices went up and the decade-long unmet energy shortages in Pakistan. Since collapse of the Republic, Pakistani businesses
flocked to the north to reap the spoils of an unregulated market and all the coal from the mines in the northern Afghanistan is now being exported to Pakistan at dirt-cheap prices.
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From 01 January to 31 May 2022, ISKP group has claimed responsibility for 93 attacks in Afghanistan.
111 attacks were claimed by the group in the same period of time in 2021.
After losing all territories in end of 2019, in the first 5 months of 2020, ISKP claimed only 24 attacks.
The number of the #ISKP attacks in the east & capital Kabul still remains high (historical trend).
The increase of attacks by the group in the north of AFG & the expansion of the ISKP activities to some new provinces, e.g. Helmand (though unconfirmed), are new facts in the graph.
IED explosions consisted over 50% of the ISKP attacks in the first 5 months of 2022, followed by the target killings&harrassing attacks against the TB Check Posts.
A deadly explosion in a Shia mosque in Mazar& IDF attacks against Uzbekistan& Tajikistan were the incidents of note.
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#AFG under the #Taliban rule:
1. TB prevented girls from entering Kabul university because of having colorful veils.
2. TB inaugurated an Aqsa-like symbolic #mosque in a roundabout, in PD5 of Kabul City.
3. U.S. took control of AFG's embassy&consulates in DC, New York&California. ImageImage
“UFN, the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Foreign Missions has assumed sole responsibility for ensuring the protection& preservation of the property of the #Afghan_Embassy or its consular posts in the U.S.,” the U.S. State Department said in a notice.…
State-run @BakhtarNA also published the news about inauguration of a #model of the #Dome_Mosque/#Jerusalem_Mosque in #Kabul City, by the #Taliban: ImageImage
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