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@PiaAhrenkilde @EU_Commission @EC_AVService #mRNA-#Leyen-#Pfizer.
cc: @ Rabyna46
#WEF: At least 4 billion #UselessEaters must be #eliminated.
- #Schwab mentioned the #Chinese and #Japanese people as they have been regimented for centuries who accept and #obey #orders without question
@PiaAhrenkilde @EU_Commission @EC_AVService 1. Insider Jacques #Atalli Revealed "#Vaccine" #Genocide Plan in -81 | Dec 7, 2021
2. This missive from Jacob #Rothschild (Lifts the #Veil) was written in reply to this article which appeared at thetruthseeker | Jan 8
- "#Covid is a necessary #hoax"
@PiaAhrenkilde @EU_Commission @EC_AVService #Darpa-#WarpSpeed-#mRNA.
Revealing Symbols - Top of the Pyramid
- #Rothschild coat of arms
- The coat of arms where the knight has two blue feathers on the edges and one white in the middle belongs to the #Leyen fam
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I Re #negotiations to end the #Russia-#Ukraine war now:
1) Those who are against them or for delay need to prove their case, because they argue for many more dead as well as a continuing, unmitigated escalation risk. 2) Put differently, in a sane world, negotiations are the...
II ... default. 3) That negotiations will be very difficult is no argument against them. Fighting is even harder and more destructive and more risky. Fighting is NOT a sane default. 4) Negotiations do NOT imply capitulation; they do imply the search for MUTUAL concessions. ...
III .... 5) Negotiations as such have no costs, only concessions would. 6) It is wrong to pretend that negotiating means abandoning #Ukraine: in reality, it is perfectly possible (in fact, rational) to devise a strategy that keeps supporting Ukraine AND negotiates. This would...
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I thought hard for many days before posting this. It's not my style but I think I am doing a disservice to #Ukranian ppl by not showing the world the true price their military is paying as a result of #Biden and #Zelensky schemes.
This is hidden from ppl of #Ukraine
Endless military cemeteries in every town of #Ukraine .
While Zelensky fills up his pockets.
Tell your g-ment to stop supplying this conflict. It's time for diplomacy
Stop this madness!
Again this #Ukranian military cemetery is just in one microdistrict of one city. Rakovo microdistrict of the city of Khmelnitsky.
Do you start to get the picture?
Zelensky enough! Get back to the #negotiations
Everyone who feeds weapons to this war is also responsible for this!
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According to @SaleemKhanSafi, PAK military leadership has decided that all direct #negotiations with #TTP are over. If any kind of negotiation take place, it will be with the AFG Taliban (IEA).
The new policy will be approved by the political leadership in the NSC of the Cabinet.
"The decision was made to deal with those who spread terror inside PAK, with iron hands."
Embolded by the AFG Taliban's victory, the TTP increased the tempo of violence in Pakistan.
In 2022, hundreds of PAK security forces were killed in TTP attacks, from Waziristan to Islamabad.
Ex-TTP spokesman reacted:
"It is a good news for TTP that the drama called direct negotiations has ended. Mujahideen have got used to operations/actions&now they fight with fun. TTP is present from ISB to Waziristan. Deal with them yourself&don't complain to others like a child." Image
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A few thoughts about 🇺🇦🇷🇺 #ceasefire #negotiations:
Like 🇷🇺's war against 🇺🇦, they did not start after 24 February 2022. They started in 2014, after 🇷🇺 had illegally annexed #Crimea and instigated a military conflict in #Donbas. 1/19

For more details 👇…
In other words: 🇺🇦🇷🇺 negotiations have already lasted 8 (!) years. They went through different stages:

1. From 2014/15 through to 2022, 🇺🇦 and 🇷🇺 negotiated about the implementation of the #MinskAgreements.
They never managed to agree on elementary status questions and the sequence of political and security-related provisions – which is why the implementation of the MA remained blocked. Negotiations took place in two formats:
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1/ TPLF is facing serious setbacks in the battlefield, despite rearmmamanet and logistical support from Egypt and the UN. The Americans are convinced the only way to keep #TPLF viable is to bring them to the negotiation table.
2/ The US and probably EU have strong armed the AU to be included in the negotiation in some capacity; to make sure TPLF gets a better deal than it deserves based on it's current military standing.
3/ If the GoE refuses, then the sanctions and 'genocide' determination will be reactivated. Behind th scenes, the cosponsors of #HR6600 have increased from 9 to 18 between April and Sptember! In a way this negotiation is between the USG and GoE!
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6 months into #RussiaInvadedUkraine in 🇺🇦, let’s take another look at 🇺🇦🇷🇺 #negotiations. In his latest address #Zelensky referred to preparations for a show trial against 🇺🇦 soldiers in #Mariupol. 1/11…
This, he said, would “eliminate the possibility of talks with 🇷🇺”.

Mariupol also played an important role in the failure of the initial negotiation phase in May. Talks had already come to a near stand-still when the battle of Mariupol ended ... 2/11
... with the surrender of the defenders of the #Azovstal iron and steel works on 16/05. Up to 1700 🇺🇦 soldiers fell into 🇷🇺 captivity, facing threats of tough punishment, including #Medvedev’s infamous musings about the death penalty. 3/11
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Anyone seen this on major news-channels - not at all in line with #masshysteria engineered by the global #deepstate? BIG kudos to @luigidimaio and Mario #Draghi @Palazzo_Chigi for coming up with this plan to end #UkraineRussiaWar - throwing down a gauntlet to the #deepstate. ...
... and they will have to craft an "alliance of the sane", so started with @antonioguterres and canvassing #G7 - knowing that a lot of "allied sanity" is needed against the war-mongers in #Ukraine, here @Podolyak_M speaking for the #deepstate ...…
... and, finally, to give deserved credit: My attention was drawn to this initiative by this interesting interview on status of negotiations in @truthout, quite interesting otherwise, too - though nothing really new.…
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THREAD. Day 52d since #RussiaInvadedUkraine. How does situation look on the ground? Below find overview on 1)military situation. 2)developments in temporary occupied areas 3) negotiations 4)what to expect ⬇️1/
1)Military situation. #Russia seriously changed its tactics. After failure of RU land operation in the North (#Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv) RU is concentrating its efforts in fixing its presence in the South, occupation of whole #Donbas and ensuring land corridor btw Russia and Crimea 2/
Donbas is needed for #Russia for 2 reasons. 1)Ideological: to show success before May,9. If #Putin can’t occupy even Donbas (that is not enough for RU), he is complete looser and propaganda won’t explain it. 2)Military: RU wants to weaken the most efficient part of UA army 3/
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#Ukraine and #Russia wrap up face-to-face #talks in #Turkey | Mar 29
- Russia’s deputy defense minister said that Moscow has decided to “fundamentally ... cut back” operations near the capital and another major city to “increase mutual trust.”…
#Russian said it will cut back on operations near #Kyiv to ‘increase trust’ in negotiations | 53m ago
- The #talks in #Istanbul raised flickering hopes there could be progress toward ending a war that has ground into a bloody campaign of attrition.…
Ukraine, Russia hold new talks aimed at ending the fighting | Mar 29
- the Ukrainian president said his country was prepared to declare its #neutrality, as Moscow has #demanded, and was open to compromise over the contested eastern region of #Donbass…
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#Russia #NewsfromMordor Russian watchdog Roskomnadzor is preparing sanctions against Google, Telegram, Meta, Discord, Pinterest and Twitch. The Ministry of Education is ready to discuss Medinsky's proposal to introduce a prayer for the glory of Russia in schools.
#Russia #NewsfromMordor Medvedev: "No restrictions on the return of the death penalty in Russia, everything will depend on the situation. The moratorium may remain, if everything is calm, or be revised if necessary."
#Russia An Interior Ministry official arrested for spreading "fakes" about war, was charged for speaking on the phone, allegedly spreading "knowingly false information." He called his acquaintances in the Crimea and the Moscow region. No permission to tap his phone, says lawyer
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Rus Mi-8 helicopters in Ukraine
#UkraineRussia #Donbas
#DPR Militia on the frontline...don't have exact location
Rus. column reportedly approaching #Zaporozhye
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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An alleged #TTP member wrote on twitter:
"Over the past few days, there have been reports of talks between the TTP& #PAK government/army:
* There is no progress yet.
* Prisoners release is the first condition but not fulfilled yet.
* About talks, all TTP is on the same platform.
* Both parties don't confirm talks to media, for caution.
* The #IEA may be a mediator, but neutral. Even it is possible that IEA as a mujahidin movement be more in favor of TTP.
* Attempts to spoil negotiations, make it unconditional& to prove it failed, are already neutralized.
* TTP will definitely not hold unconditional or non-Sharia talks, inshallah."
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#Palestine #UAE #Israel #Ramallah #JordanValley #Negotiations

The affiliated commission of the Palestinian Authority (PA) denied that the UAE had contributed efforts to the return of farms in the Jordan Valley, captured by Israel in the war 46 years ago,
to their former Palestinian owners, Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported yesterday. Palestinian farmers were allowed to return to their farms on 28 December in the village of Bardala in the Al-Qa'oun valley, in the northern Jordan Valley.
The Emirati news website Al-Ein said, according to Al-Quds Al-Arabi, that the UAE was behind the return of this land to the Palestinians.
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Post Tender Negotiations: Majadiliano baada ya kuwasilisha Zabuni.

Haya ni majadiliano yanayolenga kuboresha uelewa wa pande mbili za zabuni yaani MNUNUZI NA MUUZAJI (buyer/procuring entity and Seller/Supplier)
Majadiliano haya hufanyika baada ya wasilisho rasmi la zabuni na kabla ya kutolewa hati ya mahindi 'award notice'. Ni lazima yafanyike kwa uwazi na kwa kushirikisha wadau wote muhimu, taarifa zitunzwe kama ukaguzi utahitajika.
Majadiliano haya hulenga maeneo muhimu kama
-gharama ya zabuni, mradi
-taratibu za malipo
-garantii na waranti
-gharama za 'Maintenance na Msaada' mwingine
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#FFS! 🤦🏻‍♂️😱🤬…

Not so much "Farewell #Whitehall, hello #RedSquare?"* as rank #incompetence and a disturbing disregard of #NationalSecurity...

And those who've followed closely* will be aware of the Gov't #disinformation campaign about what turns out to be THEIR fault:

*Contrary to later spin about Corbyn, the documents first surfaced in JULY 2019... in the @Telegraph:…
While I'd be concerned about monitoring of *anyone's* #personal comms devices - #HumanRights are for everyone, after all! - @1Br0wn makes the excellent point that fixing this is not just about #security, but #usability:

(+ following rules + no cover-ups)
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Why #Armenia launched attacks to #Tovuz (non-contested) of #Azerbaijan? Since the taking power in Armenia @NikolPashinyan
use war rethoric and destructive comments on ongoing #negotiations over #NagornoKarabakh and occupied regions of 🇦🇿.
In most recent interviews both @presidentaz and minister of @wwwmodgovaz stated that they are not satisfied with ongoing negotiations.
But their comments directed to internal audience. This gave a chance to Armenia launch attack and blame Azerbaijan.
But why not in #Karabakh but in uncontested region? There are 5 possible explanations...1) Both state suffer from #COVID19 and tried distract attention ( but very weak explanation since)
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Ahead of publication of UK's objectives for its future relationship #negotiations with the EU, & of normal Thurs @HouseofCommons #BusinessQuestions this AM, a quick thread on some aspects of where we are on #Parliament side of things. 1/
1st, remember that, 'cos of way UK does treaties, gov is under no obligation to publish what it's publishing today. UK gov is under no obligation to tell Parl anything about treaties it's negotiating unless & until they need domestic implementing legislation +/or ratification. 2/
So, fact that gov is publishing a paper today, & doing so accompanied by both a written & oral statement to Parl, is good. It continues longstanding practice of UK gov publishing some kind of doc before start of negs with (pre-Brexit, the rest of) the EU. But... 3/
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