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17 May
Across the world, figures reveal horrific toll of care home deaths

“We failed to protect our elderly. That’s really serious, and a failure for society as a whole,” health minister Lena Hallengren told Swedish Television.
“Belgian society has decided that the lives of these confined elderly counted much less than those of the so-called ‘actives’,” social scientist Geoffrey Pleyers wrote in Le Soir last month.
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19 Apr
@wellcometrust @JonathanHeeney @JeremyFarrar @RidgeOnSunday @SophyRidgeSky Absolutely spot on and crystal clear as always, and in under 1 min, Jeremy! 😎🤩😍
@wellcometrust @JonathanHeeney @JeremyFarrar @RidgeOnSunday @SophyRidgeSky Yey, while I agree that vaccine discovery, development, production and distribution have indeed progressed considerably in the last decade, I think it is fair to say there is still no such thing as rational vaccine design. It seems you agree since you explained that even for...
@wellcometrust @JonathanHeeney @JeremyFarrar @RidgeOnSunday @SophyRidgeSky a relatively simple, compact and not quickly antigenically changing virus such as COV19, we can not be sure to obtain a protective antigenic preparation in the near future. Even now, when we so desperately need it and litterally every lab with any expertise to this area has...
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13 Apr
He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus - The New York Times nytimes.com/2020/04/11/us/…
This is a MUST READ, some excerpts are below:
.@SecAzar publicly announced in February that the government was establishing a “surveillance” system in five American cities to measure the spread of the virus and enable experts to project the next hot spots. It was delayed for weeks.
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12 Apr
La queue devant les magasins d'alimentation... ImageImage
Les marchés réduits à des drive-ins... ImageImage
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12 Apr
@deniswirtz No, but I will really enjoy reading it, I think! Merci!!
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27 Mar
Fourvière verdissant... Image
Le mûrier dernière StJean entrant dans le vert... ImageImage
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27 Mar
@koutterson Hi Kevin, thanks for highlighting this paper. After a first, quick read, it looks to me very similar to the earlier one in the Lancet. All patient received empirical antibiotic therapy and in it was apparently ineffective in all those who died.
@koutterson Furthermore, all deceased patients had sepsis as defined by "cytokine storm" criteria and lymphopenia as I understand it. However, the origin of the sepsis was never addressed: ie was it the result of extremely high titer virus in the blood or was it bacterial sepsis...
@koutterson ..., ie the result of a secondary bacterial infection in the bloodstream. This is what we need to know asap because if it is overwhelmingly bacterial sepsis, but depending on when & how fast it occurs, we could save many patients using correct antibiotic administration.
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24 Mar
Le Vieux Lyon est encore plus désert qu'il y a quelques jours, si c'était possible... Image
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