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Aug 17 19 tweets 12 min read
Summary @Stepnofficial #STEPN #Townhall 17/08/2022:
* Priorities
* Why #GMT earnings?
* Process
* Why classic pool?
* 80% to rainbow?
* Timeframes
* Progress bar
* Schadenfreude pools
* Extras
* Rollover mechanic
* Account upgrades
* Apple
* Other app updates
* Collaborations 2/

* Shifting focus to #Solana & #BSC realm (floor & #GST price). Leverage #GMT earnings to create reciprocal relationship with #GST.
* Building several apps concurrently. Bumped social app to the top of the list.
* August release goal for NFT marketplace is postponed
Aug 16 9 tweets 7 min read
Some topics that I hope will be covered during the #STEPN Townhall:
* Ape Realm. The good & The bad
* DOOAR stats
* HP system
* @Jerry10240's tweet
* Some info on partnerships: @_p12_, @solanaspaces, LINE etc.
* Achievements & Badge system
* What's more? 2/
Ape Realm. The good & The bad

* Potential lined up partnerships
* Explanation regarding the genesis sneaker use cases
* Some insights on the #BAYC airdrop. Did it hit the mark?
* Clarification on the on chain issue during launch ()
Aug 15 19 tweets 10 min read
Summary @genopets #Genopets Townhall 15/08/2022 with @mralbertchen, @benjamin_tse, @JAyDChang:
* Milestones
* More info
* Statistics
* $Ki burns
* Crystal Emission
* Guilds
* Cheaters
* Roadmap
* Genesis holders
* Extra infos
* Safety in #Web3
* Resources 2/

* $Ki token launched on August 20th
* 5 days since habitat management launch
* Private beta has been ongoing for 1 week and new members joining
* New whitepaper (
* A new website. Animations
Aug 15 6 tweets 13 min read
Winners of the giveaway were drawn!
All your posed questions should've been answered as well.

Winners are listed below 👇

Due to some issues with TwitterPicker I've had to manually remove some of the entries.
Everyone was sent their code in DM. (@NettiBella DM me plz) 2/
Winners 🏆
Aug 14 12 tweets 6 min read
How to earn in @genopets and what's the ROI?

It's one of the most asked questions on my #Genopets breakdown thread (). Note: You've got +/- 2 more hours to join the giveaway.

In the meantime, let's break down the earning aspect 🧵👇 2/
It all revolves around habitats. Without a habitat there's no $Ki tokens to be earned.

You've got a choice. Either you purchase a habitat or you rent a habitat from someone else.

Purchasing can be done through marketplaces such as @MagicEden , @FTX_Official or @fractalwagmi
Aug 8 17 tweets 11 min read
Summary @Stepnofficial #STEPN #MSGA Twitter Spaces 08/08/2022 with @Mable_Jiang and @yawn_rong:
* Benefits to current #STEPN investors
* #GMT earnings
* Current #GMT sneakers
* Rainbow sneakers
* How much they'll earn?
* Why & When?
* What's special?
* Rainbow gems
* Extras 2/
Team's giving benefits to the current #StepN investors
- Japanese conference ticket ()
- Paris Giveaway ()
- Ledger giveaway ()
Jul 13 18 tweets 13 min read
Summary @Stepnofficial #STEPN Monthly Townhall (SMT) 13/07/2022:
* Today's update (HP, sneaker enhancement, MB changes, R3 minting)
* Upcoming update
* What's next?
* Q2 profits
* #Web2 audience
* Ape realm
* How will this help R1 & R2?
* What with GST?
* Extra 2/
Today's update:
* Health Points will address the issue of infinite life of #NFTs
* Update to be released soon
* Long term token sink
* Requirements for common & uncommon sneakers will be released soon. Rare & Epic sneaker will need +/- 1 payment yearly
Jul 5 20 tweets 14 min read
Summary of the unofficial #STEPN AMA with @Mable_Jiang and @ktrainUSA_STEPN on 05/07/2022:
* R3 for everyone?
* R3 and older (#SOL & #BSC) realms
* Partnerships
* Genesis holders
* What is #StepN?
* #STEPN expenses
* Is #StepN is a ponzi?
* #GST & #GMT utility
* Q2 2/
* No contract signed between @yugalabs & @Stepnofficial
* A goodwill effort from #StepN to try and be inclusive. Inspire more people to join.
* There'll be a requirement from #StepN towards #BAYC holders to share/tweet that they've claimed a sneaker and will join #StepN.
Jul 3 17 tweets 11 min read
There's some extreme negativity in the community due to a falling #GST price and some "ivory tower" feelings.

How's it possible when the app has been working smoothly, is relatively bug-free & had almost no downtime?

Some personal thoughts regarding all this #STEPN 👇 2/
The #STEPN team has been extremely quiet regarding everything that's been going on in the past few weeks. The last written statement to the whole community was done nearly a month ago and I wrote a breakdown here:

A quick recap 👇
Jun 26 11 tweets 9 min read
Yesterday @Stepnofficial sent out a teaser to all of us which made everyone speculate on a potential partnership with @BoredApeYC

I think it might be a little different and I'm going to break down my theory below (Not Financial Advice)👇 2/
Moderators in the @BoredApeYC Discord weren't really aware of any potential collaboration. It's possible that they're not up-to-date on everything that's happening just like @CM_Gilgamesh isn't informed on all details in #STEPN but it got me thinking.
Jun 23 16 tweets 12 min read
DEX (Decentralised EXchange)

On June 10th @Stepnofficial announced their own DEX ().

What is a DEX? How does it work? Why is it important to StepN? And how can you potentially participate and profit? 👇🧵

Simply put, a DEX is a decentralised marketplace / exchange where you can trade your tokens in a non-custodial way (you never lose the control of your assets).
Remember: Not your keys, not your coins.
Jun 15 20 tweets 14 min read
Summary #STEPN @Stepnofficial AMA 15/06/2022:
* AMA on Twitter Spaces
* @yawn_rong and @Jerry10240
* User growth
* @shitirastogi
* Economical issues
* Why #STEPN will survive
* Recent updates
* Extra notes
* Realms
* Sneaker synthesis
* #GST vs #GMT 2/
Townhall (AMA) on Twitter Spaces
* Monthly event from now on
* To reach as many people as possible
* Format might change for the next one (difficult to go over all user questions)
Jun 14 5 tweets 6 min read
#STEPN #BSC #REALM new user inflow

We don't have access to the #STEPN backend API but let's try to do an estimation by tracking all wallets on #BSC and their #GST txs.

The idea is simple: The first tracked #GST tx in a wallet is considered a new user.

Let's take a look 👇 2/
Three interesting events have been marked in the chart.
- The airdrop to #SOLANA genesis shoe holders: A slight immediate increase in new wallet addresses. Huge delayed impact.
- Launch of SMAC: App downtime impact on new wallets
- #STEPN's action plan: Short term euphoria Genesis holders airdrop: 2022-05-04 SMAC: 2022-06-03 StepN's
Jun 8 17 tweets 9 min read
Alright. @Stepnofficial have launched their action plan (…).
My first question, again.
Who's the communicator of this info? Not the official Twitter?
@shitirastogi did share a thread regarding the article:
Let's take a look 👇 2/
"Cross-realm energy bridge"
I think this goes too far. If they want the other realms to succeed and satisfy partners, they'll need users.

My concerns:

One shoe on #SOL and one shoe on #BSC will suffice to have two energy in the new realm. No advantage to hold more.
Jun 6 25 tweets 11 min read
People have been messaging and tagging me in the last few days. I first needed some time to contemplate the actions of the #STEPN team. I'll share some of my thoughts below. 👇

To clarify. I’m not a team member nor ambassador of the project. I’m just an interested investor. 2/
First of all, I’m sure most of you have read the tweet by @Mable_Jiang by now (). If you didn’t, have a read.

The first question I've got is: "Who’s the CEO, decision maker & leader at #StepN?"

Every company has a hierarchical structure.
Jun 2 20 tweets 11 min read
Let's take a step back and re-analyse StepN from afar based on what we know.

Should we be worried about #StepN moving into a death spiral or is this just FUD?

I'll lay out what I know and my thoughts. None of this should be taken as financial advice. 🧵👇 2/
#StepN is an investment which has done extremely well during the BTC downtrend. Until recently. We must stay focussed & vigilant.

Investment is a process. A daily uphill battle. Patience is key.

We all want to make money without opening ourselves up to high amounts of risk.
May 31 12 tweets 6 min read
Fear - Uncertainty - Doubt

Three words that occur sooner or later in any project you're invested in.
Understand where you put your money. Educate and free yourself from the herd mentality.

Did #STEPN live up to their promises? Something changed? What happened? 👇🧵 2/
Charlie Munger about investing: "It's not supposed to be easy. Anyone who finds it easy is stupid".

It's hard work. A lot of listening, reading, writing and self-reflection. It's my goal to help you sketch the full picture. But in the end, you pull the trigger.
May 28 22 tweets 12 min read
Summary #STEPN @Stepnofficial AMA 28/05/2022:
* Last week wrap up
* Third realm
* Mainland China ban
* Next app update
* Energy
* Gems
* Multi-accounting
* Customer support
* Badges
* Strava
* Minting scrolls
* #GMT
* Trailblazer & FOMO
* Panda skins
* DAO 2/
Last week
- A hectic and emotional week with a mid-week emergency AMA.
- Team focusses on pushing the product out and regrets it got a bit carried away by the FUD.
- Remember that this project is supported by people meeting up IRL as the live events have shown.
May 27 16 tweets 11 min read
#STEPN with #AlchemyPay AMA 27/05/2022:

* Mission
* Why?
* How?
* Who are they?
* Why #AlchemyPay?
* Recent achievements
* Situation today
* Future
* #AlchemyPay and #STEPN
* How to onramp
* Off ramp
* #STEPN and its competitors 2/
An AMA done with:
* Jonathan CEO of @AlchemyPay
* Yawn Rong (@yawn_rong) Co-founder of @Stepnofficial
* Barndog (@Barndog_Solana) Ambassador of #STEPN

Not sure if a recording is available. If so, I'll post later on.
May 26 15 tweets 11 min read
Summary #STEPN @Stepnofficial emergency AMA 26/05/2022:
* Why this AMA?
* Realms plans
* Why would I stay on #Solana?
* #GMT
* Goal of #STEPN
* Future of #STEPN
* Multi-chain DEX
* Extra (API, minting scrolls, badges, ...)
* 👇🧵 2/
* #StepN realm tweet caused some stir ().
* More details on realms. Check out the AMA with @paulbarron ().
* Phase IV, 3 major updates in the next weeks/months
* Realms will be Phase V
* People worried about #Solana vs #BSC
May 26 7 tweets 5 min read
@Jerry10240 co-owner of #STEPN answered a few questions and shared some things in the Discord elite chat. A quick overview below even though I'm preparing a bigger post bundling some information from previous AMA's and Discord chats as well.
👇 2/
Energy sharing between realms will stay. Perhaps in a more weakened version than what we've got now. For example, only a certain percentage of the total energy will be transferred.