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#StepN Townhall AMA 14/09/2022

* Backstory of @yawn_rong & @Jerry10240
- Satoshi
- Graphics
- GPS issues
- Marketing
- Hackathon
- Surgery & Hype
* Genesis sneaker design
* Hong Kong expansion
* #GMT earnings
* #EthereumMerge


* @yawn_rong & @Jerry10240 wanted to build a game around #Satoshi
* He died on Earth, shattered in pieces. People had to walk to collect shards/pieces of him.
* That’s why there’re gems in the game.
* But if you have a storyline, you need to stick to the storyline.

* All in all, they cut the whole thing but they kept the token name (Green Satoshi Token & Green Metaverse Token)
* @Jerry10240 & @yawn_rong cycled through some names (Drystack?, Stride etc)
* Focus on global warming
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Some topics that I hope will be covered during the #STEPN Townhall:
* Ape Realm. The good & The bad
* DOOAR stats
* HP system
* @Jerry10240's tweet
* Some info on partnerships: @_p12_, @solanaspaces, LINE etc.
* Achievements & Badge system
* What's more?
Ape Realm. The good & The bad

* Potential lined up partnerships
* Explanation regarding the genesis sneaker use cases
* Some insights on the #BAYC airdrop. Did it hit the mark?
* Clarification on the on chain issue during launch ()
DOOAR stats

* Share some numbers regarding the #DEX cross chain. I'm reading in multiple conversations that #DOOAR is "the biggest on #Solana" etc.

Also: Is the frontend (linked by @coingecko…) to be used?

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Summary @Stepnofficial #STEPN Monthly Townhall (SMT) 13/07/2022:
* Today's update (HP, sneaker enhancement, MB changes, R3 minting)
* Upcoming update
* What's next?
* Q2 profits
* #Web2 audience
* Ape realm
* How will this help R1 & R2?
* What with GST?
* Extra
Today's update:
* Health Points will address the issue of infinite life of #NFTs
* Update to be released soon
* Long term token sink
* Requirements for common & uncommon sneakers will be released soon. Rare & Epic sneaker will need +/- 1 payment yearly
Sneaker enhancement
* Sneakers used in enhancement will require a minimum of 3 mints before enhancing (also genesis and OGs)
* Low HP sneakers can be used as a burner sneaker for the enhancement (avoid repair need)
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Summary of the unofficial #STEPN AMA with @Mable_Jiang and @ktrainUSA_STEPN on 05/07/2022:
* R3 for everyone?
* R3 and older (#SOL & #BSC) realms
* Partnerships
* Genesis holders
* What is #StepN?
* #STEPN expenses
* Is #StepN is a ponzi?
* #GST & #GMT utility
* Q2
* No contract signed between @yugalabs & @Stepnofficial
* A goodwill effort from #StepN to try and be inclusive. Inspire more people to join.
* There'll be a requirement from #StepN towards #BAYC holders to share/tweet that they've claimed a sneaker and will join #StepN.
* There has been a discussion with several #BAYC holders and #StepN.
* #StepN has also been reaching out to several athletes which are also #BAYC holders to raise awareness about the upcoming realm.
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DEX (Decentralised EXchange)

On June 10th @Stepnofficial announced their own DEX ().

What is a DEX? How does it work? Why is it important to StepN? And how can you potentially participate and profit? 👇🧵

Simply put, a DEX is a decentralised marketplace / exchange where you can trade your tokens in a non-custodial way (you never lose the control of your assets).
Remember: Not your keys, not your coins.
The earlier DEXes (think 2017-2018) were very much like a pinboard at school. Requests such as: "I sell 10 BTC for 10,000 USD, looking for a buyer!". Someone could respond and conduct a p2p transaction.
Nowadays they mostly work through the concept of Liquidity Pools.
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