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#USDC thread!

I felt left out with all the unsubstantiated rumors flying around; considering i'm known for using other people's data against them, and crypto's... Opaque.

Buuuut, i'm stubborn. And i remembered i hadn't heard anything about the Circle SPAC for a while.
That's the cleanest dirty shirt when it comes to Circle's inner workings, considering they legally have to disclose everything some way or another, even if it's buried.

So i went looking for the SEC filings on the SPAC. Found em here:

There are updates!
It's the last few updates that are of interest to me. Most recently in June, Circle filed to extend their deal date to December, so it's highly likely we won't see the SPAC this year (they can extend until January), if ever.

Below that, is an amended S-4 filing, from May 6th.
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DEX (Decentralised EXchange)

On June 10th @Stepnofficial announced their own DEX ().

What is a DEX? How does it work? Why is it important to StepN? And how can you potentially participate and profit? 👇🧵

Simply put, a DEX is a decentralised marketplace / exchange where you can trade your tokens in a non-custodial way (you never lose the control of your assets).
Remember: Not your keys, not your coins.
The earlier DEXes (think 2017-2018) were very much like a pinboard at school. Requests such as: "I sell 10 BTC for 10,000 USD, looking for a buyer!". Someone could respond and conduct a p2p transaction.
Nowadays they mostly work through the concept of Liquidity Pools.
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Solana-based lending and borrowing service platform Solend users voted to control a whale account, this is a typical unrealized market issue.
This whale owns 5.7 million SOL and each sol values $32, that’s equivalent to a total market cap of $180 million. #Solana
Due to an unrealized market cap, this $180 million market cap does not equal $180 million in real money.
However, thanks to crypto-backed lending, this whale was able to borrow $108 million in real funds against his 5.7 million Solana.
Please read:…
Creating an unrealized market cap, and then exchanging it for your real funds is a very common capital operation, moreover, most people seem oblivious when they get fooled.
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The largest decentralised stablecoin. The OG dapp on @ethereum.

@MakerDAO and DAI are one of the most successful #DeFi stories, but how do they work?

Understand Maker Protocol, assess DAI risk & alphas for you.

This is part 4 of #stablecoinwar series. Let's dive in. 🧵 1/n
@ethereum @MakerDAO A/ Mechanics of @MakerDAO

A quick refresher on types of #stablecoins- there are
1) fiat-backed
2) crypto-backed
3) algorithmic

DAI is a crypto-backed stablecoin, which means that all of its assets live on the blockchain! How do we make that happen? 2/n
@ethereum @MakerDAO At its core, we have Maker Protocol. It is essentially a set of smart contracts that provide all the rules for this financial system.

This may sound confusing, so let's use a simple analogy! 3/n
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#USDN depeg
#USDD depeg
#MIM depeg
#FLEXUSD depeg
#ALUSD depeg
#USDX depeg

is it stablecoin on crisis?
On this list, we saw some of 20 big cap stablecoin is depeg
The most safety stablecoin are full backed by US dollar, such as:

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With all the current talk about "DCA during this bear market into your favorite blue chip" , I thought it may be time to talk about the mistake that is made by nearly EVERY influencer. BUYING DOWNTRENDS.

A thread discussing uptrends/downtrends, and when to "DCA" . $BTC🧵👇 Image

in order to understand WHEN to buy, you must first know which direction the asset is going in...UP or DOWN. we ONLY buy uptrends...why? Well, if you buy downtrends, you are LIKELY to lose money immediatley, since the value is going down nearly daily. $BTC is down 70% 👇 Image
3/ so, lets first identify WHAT an uptrend is. There are only 2 trends - uptrend or downtrend. each are defined by 2 things. for an uptrend you need a Higher high, and a higher low . below is an example of an uptrend for $BTC. higher Highs (HH) and higher lows (HL). We DCA this. Image
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USDC- safe alternative to USDT. Most people think so.

Wait, there's more. I believe #USDC is the McDonald's of #stablecoins.

My thesis on why USDC is a sleeping giant, risk assessment, and possible alphas.

This is part 3 of the #stablecoinwar series. Let's dive in. 🧶 1/n
I'm going to get to what I mean by McDonald's of stablecoins. Ngl, I was blown away while reading @centre_io's whitepaper.

So let us run through how #USDC works, and I'll tell you about Centre's audacious vision. 2/n
@centre_io Similar to #USDT, USDC is a fiat-backed stablecoin. I've gone through the 3C framework and USDT in previous threads, so I won't go into detail here. (No worries, I'll link them at the end of this thread.)

Remember how USDT is backed by a confusing list of financial assets? 3/n
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NY put out legal guidance for #StableCoin regulation.

It is worth a ready but I will highlight what I found to be important.…
Purpose of the guidance:

1. the redeemability of such stablecoins;
2. the asset reserves that back such stablecoins (the “Reserves”); and
3. attestations concerning the backing by these Reserves.
i.e., at a 1:1 exchange rate for the U.S. dollar, net of ordinary, well-disclosed fees — subject to reasonable, non-burdensome conditions including otherwise applicable legal or regulatory requirements, such as the ability of the stablecoin holder to onboard with the issuer.
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gm Nansen Explorers! 🧭

1/ Do you know what the Top 100 #crypto entities by users are?

Check out our NEW Entity Billboard, it covers not only @ethereum but also @FantomFDN and @Polygon!

You can also select different time frames 1D/7D/30D, and sort or filter by sectors. Image
@ethereum @FantomFDN @Polygon 2/ For example, on @ethereum, top 5 entities by users in the last 7 days are:

@Tether_to 180,741
@coinbase 161,145
@opensea 154,655
@Uniswap 131,810
#USDC 119,910 Image
@ethereum @FantomFDN @Polygon @Tether_to @coinbase @opensea @Uniswap 3/ On @ethereum, top 5 entities by users *change* in the last 7 days are:

@partybear +1,639%
@CryptoBatzNFT +1,393%
@Probably0 +495%
@vaynersports +418%
@GodsUnchained +348% Image
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1/ On March 28 I made a thread on the top 10 reasons why we are in a bear market using stablecoin charts.

The only divergent signals (opposing this view) were from #UST & #USDT.

What happened since?

#UST went to 0 & #USDT lost $9 bil in mcap.

Next 👇

2/ All reputable stablecoin mcaps were falling (#USDC, #DAI, #LUSD), except UST and USDT.

USDT has now corrected this divergence and is falling in the trend (pic).

UST was not so fortunate and crashed to 0 with more algo stables following the same trend: #USDN, #DEI.

Next 👇
3/ UST did not have the backing to account for its mcap, hence it went to 0.

Why so bad? Because of a death spiral:

Buy 1 UST, burn it for Luna, sell Luna for $1. With $18 bil UST to burn for Luna, this crashed Luna's price to 0 and UST followed soon after.

Next 👇
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Bu grafik #Tether arzını gösteriyor. Son 1 haftada 84 Milyar'dan 74 Milyar'a geldi. Tarihinde böyle bir yakım yok.

Bu ne anlama geliyor?

$usdt #bitcoin #kripto #altcoin
Öncelikle #Tether'in çalışma mantığını kavrayalım. Nasıl basılır, nasıl yakılır?

Kabaca cebindeki dolarları Tether şirketine teslim edersin ve karşılığında sana #Tether basıp verirler. Aynı şekilde Tether'ini götürdüğünde de sana nakitini verip aldığı Tether'leri yakarlar.
Tether şirketi ise her ne kadar topladığı sermayeyi nasıl değerlendirdiğini şeffaf şekilde açıklamasa da %10-20 gibi bir miktarını likit, kalanını ise likit olmayan varlıklarda değerlendirdiği tahmin ediliyor.
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.@a16z released their annual #crypto report.

I've read the 56 slides so you don't have to. 🙃

A summary of the actual use cases, trends, and what's next. 🧶 1/n
A) Actual use cases

A common criticism of #web3 is the lack of actual use cases. Let's see if that's true. 2/n
#Crypto has increased the financial freedom of the average consumer.

This applies for both poorer and richer nations.

Time to check some numbers. 3/n
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1/ I went through 891 pages of three proposals of MICA and there is a lot to talk about! Stablecoins, crypto-assets, offerors, issuers, exchanges, auhtorizations, future of money, definition of DeFi. It is all there. I wrote an article! #mica #regulation #blockchain #crypto Image
2/ Silicon Continent: EU MICA is the most important piece of legislation for crypto…
Also, there is a 5-page summary at the end of the doc.
3/ Will they ban stablecoins? There are a few gamechangers in information disclosures. How about issuers of crypto? What about DeFi? Find out in the article.
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It’s been a brutal week for most crypto holders with extreme selloffs on nearly all assets.
A lot of people fled to the safety of stablecoins thinking they were safe.

But UST depegged and FUD now also reached USDT.
Do your research & know your investment! 🧵👇 Image
Coins we're looking at:
* #UST
* #DAI
* #MIM

It's a lot of information to take in but it's important to understand in what asset you park your money. Always DYOR! This is meant as a rough guide for understanding.
* Controversial, yet most popular.
* Lots of indications that the 1:1 fiat to crypto backing they claim to have is in fact false.
* April 2019: Tethers own lawyers had to admit that the company had only 74% of the #USDT in fiat backing (
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Crypto Valuations: How stock market correlation came to dominate the crypto risk factors.

A deep dive into the macro economic factors linking #Crypto and #Stocks.
Disclaimer: economics is supposed to be a science but the human aspect provides for a wide variance between models and what happens. I know hindsight is 20/20, but to create better models we most examine what has happened and build for the next market cycle. Image
This is the continuation of a series of threads in which I dive into the different risk factors and there impact within crypto valuation models.

Today we will dive into the dominating risk factor: Stock market correlation.…
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Calcul de rentabilité du portefeuille : le risque de change sur votre portefeuille crypto

De l’importance de savoir manier un produit en croix (fan d’Excel bienvenus !)

A thread


Dans le monde fantastique de la #Crypto les belles histoires sont partout. Du fameux « #tozemoon » au fumeux « #from0to100K », nombre d’entre vous sont là pour make it
Et vu que l’on parle principalement en $USD, un risque majeur est à prendre en compte : le risque de change

Le risque de change, qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Le risque de change, sur le principe, c’est un risque auquel s’expose tout investisseur se portant acquéreur d’un actif libellé dans une autre devis que celle ayant cours légal dans son pays.

Fin du thread, merci de m’avoir lu.

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1/ The #NEAR Protocol stablecoin is out: #USN

1 USN is always backed at 100% by NEAR + stables in the Reserve Fund.

You can mint 1 USN against $1 of NEAR & earn at least 10% APY (Reserve Fund yield).

How does it work and is it superior to #Luna/#UST?


Why? A thread 👇 Image
2/ What is $USN?

A fully collateralized, algorithmic NEAR-native stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.

It uses on-chain smart contract for NEAR/USN arbitrage like UST and StableSwap pool with other stablecoins (swap USDT for USN).

How does it match against other stables? 👇 Image
3/ There are 4 types of stables:

1. Backed by the actual US dollar: #USDT, #USDC = centralized
2. Backed and collateralized by crypto: #DAI = capital inefficient
3. Semi-algorithmic: #FRAX = low adoption
4. Fully algorithmic: #UST = on-chain peg stabilization

USN? 👇
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¿Te acordás de la DeFi Express sobre Exchanges Descentralizados?

Sale [HILO] 🧵

En esta ocasión armamos un vídeo tutorial sobre @SwappiDEX , un DEX que corre sobre la blockchain de @Conflux_Network, específicamente sobre la #ConfluxeSpace🥑

En español, como @Conflux_LATAM 🌎
Algunas cuestiones que me parecieron muy piolas:

🥑 Me resultó muy buena la UI, ya que tiene una interfaz muy limpia, con colores amigables a la vista

Acá podes verla: Image
🥑 Es compatible con diferentes wallets:

- Nuestro amigo el zorrito M.M 🦊
- WalletConnect
- TokenPocket
- Fluent (será, más adelante según nos indica) Image
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Top 22 lessons have learnt so far from my 4Years #Crypto Journey 💣

A Thread 🧵:
#DeFi #Alpha #altcoin #alphas
• Learn before you Earn.
• Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
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🔴 [THREAD] 5 méthodes que nos experts utilisent pour investir en sécurité dans la DeFi 🔑

#DeFi rime parfois avec hack, comme récemment avec la perte de 182 millions de $ sur Beanstalk.

➡️ Nos 5 clefs pour investir les fonds de nos clients en sécurité

200 #USDC à gagner ⬇️
#1 Le choix des protocoles

Tous les protocoles de #DeFi ne se valent pas.

🤔 Quels sont les risques ?

Il y a de nombreux risques sur les protocoles de DeFi.

Des arnaques, des bugs, des hacks il faut prendre en compte l’impermanent loss, la TVL, et la liquidité des jetons…
➡️ La team est-elle connue et compétente ?
➡️ La plateforme a-t-elle été auditée ?
➡️ La TVL est-elle conséquente ?
➡️ La communauté est-elle active sur les réseaux ?
➡️ La plateforme a-t-elle subi un hack ?
➡️ Est-elle soutenue par des acteurs majeurs (fonds d'investissement) ?
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1/ Time to look at the main stablecoins, including people's favorite #UST which looks rather weak.

There is one undisputed winner, despite any criticism.

The reason? Adoption, liquidity, and volume.

The rest are kings in their niche. A thread 👇

2/ Ranking by market cap is easy (see pic), but that barely says anything.

What is more important is volume and where this volume comes from!

Let's do a ranking by 7-day volume divided by mcap.

See next tweet for the results. 👇 Image
3/ WoW look at that #UST adoption... barely any. Even DAI looks better.

1. #USDT = 4.78 (392 bil volume / 82 bil mcap)
2. #BUSD = 1.59 (27 / 17)
3. #USDC = 0.58 (29 / 50)
4. #DAI = 0.28 (2.5 / 9)
5. #UST = 0.20 (3.4 / 17)

Clearly, USDT and BUSD are in their own class.

Why? 👇
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تقرير الربع الاول من سنة 2022 من منصة
#BTC #ETH #BNB #Terra #Avalanche #XRP #Solana…
استمرت العملات الثلاثين الأولى في النزف منذ أن وصلت إلى أعلى مستوياتها على الإطلاق في نوفمبر 2021. وبحلول الوقت الذي وصلت فيه إلى القاع في 23 يناير ، تراجعت أكثر من 1 تريليون دولار في القيمة السوقية من ذروتها ، وأغلقت الربع عند مستوى جيد كثيرًا حيث بدأت عند 1.9 تريليون دولار
ظلت الحصة النسبية لأفضل 30 عملة في السوق متشابهة إلى حد كبير ، حيث بلغت #BTC 47٪ و #Etherum عند 21.4٪.
فيما يلي أبرز 5 نقاط للربع الأول من عام 2022
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I got digging into the rather curious #WAVES address #3PEEsRmcWspCxhKqobvKY3axW1846AMRwzr, which is the center of some controversy since some analysis was performed on its recent activity in lending USDN to borrow USDC/T presumably to manipulate the market
On November 22, 2020 #3PEEsRmcWspCxhKqobvKY3axW1846AMRwzr withdrew 1,325,034.714 $WAVES from @binance. This address's first transaction was only a few days earlier, and this was only the beginning.. In the course of just over a month, it withdrew 5.64M Waves from #Binance...
4.95M of these were used for #USDN issuance, for a total of 41.28M $USDN. 30.88M USDN was transferred to what appear to be Liquidity / Lending platforms, but I haven't fully confirmed this as of yet..
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4月剛來到,DeFi界就發生了一件大事💥 就是Terra又有新動作了,Terraform Labs 成員發起治理提案「4pool」,計畫將以 Terra 與 Frax 協議,透過 #Curve 在各個主流區塊鏈上佈署由 #UST#FRAX#USDC#USDT 等四種穩定幣組成的流動性池

#Terra #StableCoin

目前Curve最大的穩定幣池為 3pool (DAI、USDC、USDT),由於目前Terra & FRAX已經是Convex & Votium最大持有者之一,再加上Terra會拉攏各個利益相關者,例如OlympusDAO(OHM)和Redacted Cartel(BTRFLY),最後4Pool能取代3Pool的可能性不低

真的成為Curve最大的Pool後,APR會是Curve內最高,很容量吸引大量流動性,UST & FXS的需求發行量也很有可能會因而大增,對LUNA和FXS來說可能是個不錯的利好消息

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