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1/ A few months ago I was convinced that #StepN was going change the 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐋𝐃!

Today...I've all but given up on it.

Here's why I've lost faith in @Stepnofficial 🧵👇

#MoveToEarn #RealTalk
2/ First let me say I'm not here to make enemies.

I love the #StepN community and I've met some incredible people both online and offline.

I've even met some of the team and they were amazing too.
3/ A lot of you are following me because of a thread I wrote 2 months ago that went a little viral about why I still believed in #StepN.

I'm not here to talk shit. I WANT StepN to be successful.
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Summary @Stepnofficial #STEPN #MSGA Twitter Spaces 08/08/2022 with @Mable_Jiang and @yawn_rong:
* Benefits to current #STEPN investors
* #GMT earnings
* Current #GMT sneakers
* Rainbow sneakers
* How much they'll earn?
* Why & When?
* What's special?
* Rainbow gems
* Extras
#GMT earnings
* Team will continue to offer new gameplays and new features
* Build additional infrastructure (DEX, Marketplace & Social app) to create extra demand for #GMT
* #GMT earnings will be the turning point in the app
* Modifications to the #GMT earnings mechanics 👇
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Web3 basics 101 - Your seedphrase is something you want to protect at ALL cost. If you hand out your seedphrase - it's game over for that wallet (+subwallets).

Here’s a🧵about companies entering web3 and not properly putting disclaimers up for user security.

#SaferNFTs 1/10
I chose @Stepnofficial as an EXAMPLE for this🧵, applies to all others.

For those unfamiliar with #STEPN - they are essentially onboarding people to web3 to earn crypto through their app while being active / moving / running. Which - as a concept is a cool idea.

#SaferNFTs 2/10
STEPN launched on $sol originally, expanded to $bnb and now added $eth. Different chains are referred to as realms. Basically = servers, if you're familiar with MMORPGs. Solana Realm, BNB Realm and APE Realm.

Ok, onto the security part already @Wii_Mee!

#SaferNFTs 3/10
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Today, a Thread on @fity_fitness to explain you the project, tokenomics and money management of their partner Popugames (money raised by Fity and send to them) where one of member of the project is CEO.
Warning : I am going to relate the facts, only the facts, with proof and with the maximum of neutrality that I can show. It will be up to you to draw conclusions in order to avoid any risk of defamation.
I will try not to mention any names but it will be not easy given the focus of my analysis. I will also present the team vision in order to confront it with my own. So you can make your own opinion.

@Fity project may of course use their right of reply to provide explanations
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Summary @Stepnofficial #STEPN Monthly Townhall (SMT) 13/07/2022:
* Today's update (HP, sneaker enhancement, MB changes, R3 minting)
* Upcoming update
* What's next?
* Q2 profits
* #Web2 audience
* Ape realm
* How will this help R1 & R2?
* What with GST?
* Extra
Today's update:
* Health Points will address the issue of infinite life of #NFTs
* Update to be released soon
* Long term token sink
* Requirements for common & uncommon sneakers will be released soon. Rare & Epic sneaker will need +/- 1 payment yearly
Sneaker enhancement
* Sneakers used in enhancement will require a minimum of 3 mints before enhancing (also genesis and OGs)
* Low HP sneakers can be used as a burner sneaker for the enhancement (avoid repair need)
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1/ Huge news today, @StepNofficial dropped their Q2 earnings and they were big numbers: $122.5 Million in profits through its platform fees. A 471% increase from the $26 Million in profits from Q1.

Let’s talk buyback and burn and why it’s huge for BSC and SOL realms! 🔥
2/ Q1 spans from January until the end of March. These were building and consolidation times across the app. User increase was slow and steady, and from the ground up. Dune queries show that as of Jan 1 total active users was 54, and by March 31, had risen to 88,907.
3/ Q2 saw a much more euphoric rise in user counts as popular influencers pushed the move-to-earn narrative to the mainstream, and we saw the user counts blow up 10x to over 900,000 users at the end of June.…
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1/ Here are 8 projects I'm playing, watching, or trying to get into besides #STEPN. 🧵

Let me know if I'm missing any big projects in #P2E and #M2E.
2/ 1. @sleepagotchi

SlepN was an April Fools joke that @Stepnofficial tweeted about. Remember that @ktrainUSA_STEPN?

Well, #sleepagotchi is the real version of sleep-to-earn.

It was founded at Harvard and has a unique earning mechanic (NFTs vs. tokens).
3/ Sleepagotchi Links

𝐉𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐝:
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坦白说nft我是真没咋赚钱,近期比较热的远古影响(18年那个)、#MimicShhans#shitbeast 都算有参与吧

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At #STEPN we continue to actively explore a path that no one has traveled before and we are excited to introduce APE Realm.
As we open the minting of Ape Realm in a few hours this thread attempts to answer some of the questions on the APE realm and STEPN at large.
What is APE Realm?
We've chosen to build our Third Realm on Ethereum and call it APE Realm. This Realm reflects a great experiment to embrace fashion and other NFT communities. We aspire for this initiative as a testing ground for future possibilities in the STEPNVERSE.
What’s the goal of APE Realm?
We want to focus on inclusiveness. It will provide access to an innovative new Realm for all STEPN users, thus focusing on bringing in new users.
The Web3 we believe is not an isolated island, but one that's both interconnected & cooperative.
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Summary of the unofficial #STEPN AMA with @Mable_Jiang and @ktrainUSA_STEPN on 05/07/2022:
* R3 for everyone?
* R3 and older (#SOL & #BSC) realms
* Partnerships
* Genesis holders
* What is #StepN?
* #STEPN expenses
* Is #StepN is a ponzi?
* #GST & #GMT utility
* Q2
* No contract signed between @yugalabs & @Stepnofficial
* A goodwill effort from #StepN to try and be inclusive. Inspire more people to join.
* There'll be a requirement from #StepN towards #BAYC holders to share/tweet that they've claimed a sneaker and will join #StepN.
* There has been a discussion with several #BAYC holders and #StepN.
* #StepN has also been reaching out to several athletes which are also #BAYC holders to raise awareness about the upcoming realm.
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There's some extreme negativity in the community due to a falling #GST price and some "ivory tower" feelings.

How's it possible when the app has been working smoothly, is relatively bug-free & had almost no downtime?

Some personal thoughts regarding all this #STEPN 👇
The #STEPN team has been extremely quiet regarding everything that's been going on in the past few weeks. The last written statement to the whole community was done nearly a month ago and I wrote a breakdown here:

A quick recap 👇
Most items were addressed but not always in the best way possible.

"Energy sharing"
I mentioned it was too complex & the proposed changes were too impactful.
Currently each realm has their own energy system with no sharing. But it's still unclear on how to prepare for Realm 3 Image
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As promised, we are set to unveil more details about our Realm 3. This thread is about #STEPN Realm 3 and the new APE Sneaker drop rules: Image
Both STEPN Genesis Sneaker holders and BAYC holders are eligible for an OG APE Shoebox drops on Realm 3 built on #Ethereum
Genesis rules:
1⃣1 Common Genesis Sneaker = 1 Common APE Shoebox
2⃣1 Uncommon Genesis Sneaker = 1 Common APE Shoebox + 2x Common Minting Scrolls
3⃣1 Rare Genesis Sneaker = 1 Uncommon APE Shoebox
4⃣1 Epic Genesis Sneaker = 1 Uncommon APE Shoebox + 10x Common Minting Scrolls
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1) I think long term multi chain/realm #STEPN is bullish for the project. More utility and burning of $GMT with its fixed supply. Its reach extended to every chain. GMT earning goes live and this in turn gives GST more value since its the only avenue of leveling/and earning GMT.
2) But short term i really cant many futures where everyone is happy here. Realm 3 assets pump from the migration and everyone (vast majority of users) on realm 1 and 2 watch there assets fall and are encouraged to leave as well.

Cue the SpongeBob meme:
3) What is to be done? Well DOOAR #stepn built in dex is already seeing impressive numbers. I'm sorry but i ask again wen floor shoe burn? I get BBB is a touchy subject but the groundwork is already built and agreed upon i wonder what's the wait? Do we wait for more ammo?
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今天pass项目2,@carv_official #carv $arc
其实吸引我的是这张图,让我情不自禁想起了虫子项目 #webb
但这个项目并不是做游戏的,而是偏向游戏的DID,对标 #projectgalaxy 差不多
于是 carv就做了一个以钱包作为基础,收集各种玩家的数据,做成徽章和数据集成的协议
对公会来说,他们也希望找到更多,游戏水平高,却比较穷的小伙子,培养培养,去打竞标赛不香吗?比如竞技类的 $thg ,甚至 @mobox 吧(其实还是忽悠玩家的)
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1、唱歌赚钱的 @Melody_SGS #x2e
看到名字就想起陶喆了,果不其然币安链的,一看白皮书,又是照抄 #stepn
其实仿盘我是不排斥的,某些情况下还很喜欢,但是 X2E么,也要看具体场景

项目方很聪明的一点,就是给早期的nft持有者空投代币的预期,还可以质押挖代币(貌似学 $fitfi ?)
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Yesterday @Stepnofficial sent out a teaser to all of us which made everyone speculate on a potential partnership with @BoredApeYC

I think it might be a little different and I'm going to break down my theory below (Not Financial Advice)👇
Moderators in the @BoredApeYC Discord weren't really aware of any potential collaboration. It's possible that they're not up-to-date on everything that's happening just like @CM_Gilgamesh isn't informed on all details in #STEPN but it got me thinking.
Let's put the pieces of the puzzle together.
There's a lot of buzzing around #Ethereum being the potential third realm and we know that #NFTs are huge on both @solana as well as @ethereum
In the AMA of 05/03 @Jerry10240 stated that they're not planning to run the game on Eth.
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@MOVN_world, the new M2E Web3 Superapp of Sports. I'm using it everyday with #STEPN 🎾🏃

Referral link:

💸Try to win $200 $MOV tokens
1⃣Follow @MOVN_world + @Krit_STEPN
2⃣Join Telegram
3⃣Like & Share
2/ 👉First, this is my first sponsorized tweet, and I don't want to lose your trust. Even if I truely believe in the project, consider my opinion biased. Investing now is both opportune AND risky. DYOR and only invest in long-term projects you really believe in!👈
3/ To put it simply, MOV'N is a Web3 Move2Earn App, that stands out from the competition by being a SuperApp, binding many miniApps in a same common App, as WeChat in China. However, MOV'N specializes in Lifestyle & Sports.
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DEX (Decentralised EXchange)

On June 10th @Stepnofficial announced their own DEX ().

What is a DEX? How does it work? Why is it important to StepN? And how can you potentially participate and profit? 👇🧵

Simply put, a DEX is a decentralised marketplace / exchange where you can trade your tokens in a non-custodial way (you never lose the control of your assets).
Remember: Not your keys, not your coins.
The earlier DEXes (think 2017-2018) were very much like a pinboard at school. Requests such as: "I sell 10 BTC for 10,000 USD, looking for a buyer!". Someone could respond and conduct a p2p transaction.
Nowadays they mostly work through the concept of Liquidity Pools.
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1/ I know what @Stepnofficial's 3rd realm is 👀

Well...I have a theory.

Take a look at this picture.

#STEPN #MoveToEarn
2/ It was published by @Stepnofficial at the end of their Medium blog: Part 3: NFTs — A Non-Fungible Renaissance.

It doesn't look at all relevant to the article, which makes it seem like a hint.

But what does it mean...
3/ Let's start with the Ethereum logo.

There's a lot of debate right now over whether the 3rd realm is going to be built on Ethereum or not.

In the last Townhall, Yawn said that the 3rd realm would be 'more expensive'.

Only BTC, ETH, and MKR are more expensive than BNB.
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Honest opinion on @Stepnofficial, 3month user experience, #bearmarket & future strategy. (thread)

I made my first investment into Stepn around 3 months ago when #sol was still around $100. #GST being $3-$9 made it possible to make an solid strategy & estimate on time for ROI.
Depending on how much you would have invested into #Stepn & what the strategy was: for most people it would have taken somewhere between 18 - 53 days to get their ROI back. From there on you would be running on house $. That sounds appealing to any investor.
Then came the #bearmarket. In short: #GST, $GMT, $SOL & #BNB all went down & so did the floor prices of Sneakers & Gems. As an example: a "Common Trainer 21SOL = $2100" is now priced at 9SOL = $315. For those who been here long enough UC's, Rare & Epics seen some sickening drops.
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1/在 $LUNA 价格35刀时判断其重蹈其他算稳覆辙归零,但因不熟悉做空操作,未做空,丧失机会
2/分析 #StepN 机制,确认其旁氏机制
3/测试合约做空 $GST, 500刀资金进,1500刀平仓出,获利1000刀
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[Thread] #STEPNstats | What is the best strategy for MBs earnings at the moment? Is it still worth earning MB3 instead of MB2?

Thread containing a 🔥 HOT NEW CHART 🔥!

See the whole thread below 👇 and Like & Share 🔁 the FIRST post (1/13) if you like it ♥️

@Stepnofficial Image
2/ Have you seen that significant drop for Scrolls📜 earnings between MB2 & MB3? How many MBs are analyzed for now?

Runs: 4037 🤩
MBs: 1380
L1: 236
L2: 155
💥L3: 660💥
L4: 208
L5-L9: 121

The total amount of MBs is significant. Chance CANNOT be related. Image
3/ Almost half (48%) of the MBs opened and registered on are MB3 (green low), that's huge.

But, conveniently, MB3 got ALSO significantly less Common Scrolls than MB2, and nearly the same amount of Uncommon Scrolls.
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Summary #STEPN @Stepnofficial AMA 15/06/2022:
* AMA on Twitter Spaces
* @yawn_rong and @Jerry10240
* User growth
* @shitirastogi
* Economical issues
* Why #STEPN will survive
* Recent updates
* Extra notes
* Realms
* Sneaker synthesis
* #GST vs #GMT
Townhall (AMA) on Twitter Spaces
* Monthly event from now on
* To reach as many people as possible
* Format might change for the next one (difficult to go over all user questions)
* @yawn_rong working on dev, marketing, front end etc. (Realm expansion, partnerships etc). It was too much.
* @yawn_rong & @Jerry10240 will talk about technical things from time to time
* Professional people dealing with professional things (Yawn talking & sharing too much)
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下面搬运一下文章里的介绍(顺便加点补充 )…



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