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#NoOneIsAboveTheLaw #TruthMatters #ScienceMatters Not a Republic if we can't keep it. If you believe in #SeparationOfChurchAndState fight for it. Urgently.
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19 Jan
Very Good point.

PS #ChiefJusticeRoberts is gaslighting when he says the Supreme Court is impartial. There is a reason Merrick Garland was not given a hearing.

I am suspicious of anyone who is dishonest.

Roberts clearly wants a quiet kind of control.
Never Forget. Media and pundits called Justice Kennedy a 'moderate'.

He gave us #CitizensUnited.…
And look who replaced him
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21 Nov 19
I know this is not news, but jeez hearing it directly from #DavidHolmes at the #ImpeachmentInquiry is just something else....

#Sondland to #Trump: "you can tell the #Kardashians you tried"

#FionaHill another woman, another immigrant, another patriotic public servant committed fully to the PRINCIPLES of our great nation.

#FionaHill talking about the role of #DevinNunes' senior aide #KashPatel in Trump's 'understanding' of Ukraine.

The full tight circle.

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20 Nov 19
#Sondland so far
-I am not of the highest principles
-I don't have a great memory
-No fair I wasn't given cheat sheets
So #Sondland has just said:

We were working <against our better judgment> to overcome "the problems".

And who caused those "problems" now?

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23 Oct 19
We are all noticing women are doing a lot of the heavy lifting on protecting the Constitution right?

Power over principle is more of a male trait for many reasons including:

#MalePrivilege #MaleSupremacy #MaleEntitlement #OldBoysClub #MaleFragility
Women are all over this standing up against tyranny & abuse of power. #YuliaTymoshenko former Prime Minister of #Ukraine who supports EU integration, strongly opposes membership of Russia-led Eurasian Customs Union. The one #Manafort worked to smear:…
@AlexandraChalup tried to raise alarms early about #Manafort's involvement in the Trump campaign, having seen his involvement in getting pro-Putin #ViktorYanukovich elected Prime Minister of Ukraine via Kremlin-style disinformation warfare.…
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14 Oct 19
@tribelaw It's not a conspiracy "theory" when it's an actual conspiracy in plain sight. This is NO coincidence. It's just that media and far too many others normalized the Religious Right's agenda. It's not just the Evangelicals who do not believe in separation of church and state:
@tribelaw Too few mentions of the Federalist society even mention the very obvious religious agenda.…
@tribelaw If folks had not dismissed those of us raising alarms as conspiracy theorists we wouldn't be where we are now. Barr's beliefs are quite clear. Here he is decrying the elimination of LEGAL barriers to divorce, the deCRIMINALIZATION of "sexual immorality"…
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31 May 19
Trump did not agree to answer questions because he almost certainly would have perjured yourself. #Mueller found Trump's written responses to his questions inadequate. /1 #ReadTheReport #MuellerReport Vol. 2, Page 149… … …
Trump did NOT cooperate in answering important questions regarding Trump Tower Moscow. We need answers. /2 #ReadTheReport #MuellerReport Vol. 2, Page 155…
Trump refused to be interviewed by #Mueller. Why? Because lying under oath to law enforcement is a CRIME. /3 #ReadTheReport #MuellerReport Appendix C-1…
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24 May 19
@mattyglesias Also: we need to understand the ideological roots of the frightening science denialism of this administration. Media is failing to cover, but the American people need to understand /1
@mattyglesias Remember Scott Pruitt our EPA director? Evangelical science denier. /2…
@mattyglesias Remember Tom Price our Evangelical Secretary of Health and Human services? /3…
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18 Apr 19
#MuellerReport: #Mueller did not have confidence that a crime had NOT been committed. #Barr left this out of his 4 pager. #SpinJob #BarrCoverUp… … …
#Mueller clearly DID take into consideration the #DOJ policy that a sitting President cannot be indicted. His findings on obstruction are based around that. #SpinJob #BarrCoverUp… … … …
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15 Apr 19
@Mimirocah1 My theory is it is Rebekah #Mercer. The 'senior official' is reportedly #Bannon. #Mercer brought Bannon into the Trump campaign/admin. Her #CambridgeAnalytica also reached out to #Wikileaks. She is at the center of all this, and if she does not get caught our problems continue:
@Mimirocah1 Note: #Bannon was bankrolled by the #Mercers. He ran #Breitbart for them/sat on CA board. #Mercer also brought #Kellyanne into the campaign. #Bolton was her 1st choice for secretary of state. #Mercers supported Cruz, then switched horses. Trump: just their useful fool.
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12 Apr 19
@JenniferJJacobs Disingenuous. Mueller's mandate was very broad. In Rosenstein's own words:
@JenniferJJacobs In Comey's words: "ANY links" so eg #TrumpTowerMoscow or any other business dealings Trump may have had/been pursuing. And in Rosenstein's words (above), "ANY matters that arose...from the investigation". BROAD mandate. #Rosenstein & #Barr are trying to box this up way too neatly
@JenniferJJacobs We need to know if anyone in high office, especially those with top security clearance was being played by is compromised by the Russians/any other foreign entity. This is a national security matter. We need to know what Mueller's findings revealed.
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12 Apr 19
#Mueller's Mandate was very broad. He was not solely tasked with assessing criminal liability. #BarrCoverUp
Media is botching coverage of #BarrCoverUp. Folks need to understand how badly we're being played. Pls help spread awareness by RTing this info on Mueller's mandate (focussing on #Rosenstein/#Comey's original words). Mueller was NOT limited to an assessment of criminal liability:
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11 Apr 19
I realized late last night that a dominant narrative we are hearing about the #MuellerInvestigation from media is flat-out wrong. #Mueller did NOT have a very narrow mandate. His mandate was extremely broad. Let's look at it piece by piece. /1
@BarbMcQuade's excellent article in @thedailybeast made it clear that we are so deeply mired in 'analysis' (& spin) that the obvious easily evades us. If the President cannot be indicted then what was the PURPOSE of the #MuellerInvestigation? /2…
I went back to #Rosenstein's original letter appointing #Mueller. A simple reading makes it obvious that Mueller's mandate was the farthest thing from restrictive (as we have constantly been told.) It was actually remarkably BROAD. /3…
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10 Apr 19
@ccuspis @ECMcLaughlin sigh yes...i've been trying to raise awareness for a while now. The Religious Right has taken over the GOP. If we are honest about our history, Christian Supremacy and White Supremacy are very closely intertwined. When you use religion to justify Supremacy it becomes a habit:
@ccuspis @ECMcLaughlin religion is a powerful political tool, it has been wielded in our politics for a good long time before Trump came along. Trump just brought the Christian R and the Alt/Openly Racist White together openly AGAIN. It's not new:
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10 Apr 19
@JoyceWhiteVance We need to understand the ideological roots of the science denialism of this administration. Media refuses to cover, but the American people need to understand /1
@JoyceWhiteVance Remember Scott Pruitt our EPA director? Evangelical science denier. /2…
@JoyceWhiteVance Remember Tom Price our Evangelical Secretary of Health and Human services? /3…
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22 Feb 19
Dearest every single person following me,
I know I can sound like a broken record. I just feel the urgency/importance of exposing the threats I see clearly due to my experiences as a WOC raised in a country where racial/religious tensions were fanned to support a kleptocracy:
...oh and one of my parents has narcissistic personality disorder. So I get that too. For all of these reasons I have been clanging alarm bells since the primaries. Initially I'd hoped to alert media to some of these issues. I've come to the sad realization that our media is too:
insular and privileged to grasp these threats. In the long term we need much more diversity in media. In the short-term I will continue to do what I can to raise awareness here and elsewhere. We are fighting tremendous odds. Thank you for helping me to get folks thinking about:
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14 Dec 18
Another Christian Right science-denying doctor. #MarkGreen was Trump's nominee for Army Secretary. Let that sink in.
The Christian Right have dangerous beliefs. Green was Trump's nominee for Army Secretary. This is not benign.…
cf also: #BenCarson, a member of Trump's cabinet. This is completely insane. But it is barely a story because..."Christianity"
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12 Oct 18
@drvox We need to be talking about the clear authoritarianism, supremacist thinking and dangerous narratives of Evangelical Christians.…
@drvox Here's what's being preached on Capitol Hill to law and policymakers by a 'ministry' sponsored by a large number top Trump cabinet/former cabinet members: #ScienceMatters #ThisIsNoJoke…
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19 Apr 18
This is a common mindset on the religious right. Here's former Health secretary Tom Price on #opiod treatment
Here's Sonny Perdue reacting to drought as Governor of Georgia, he is now our Secretary of Agriculture
Here is cabinet secretary & neurosurgeon Ben Carson's thoughts on science:
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5 Apr 18
Mercer/Bannon's Islamophobia is vastly undereported. This is not 'economic populism'
More importantly THIS is not 'economic populism':
Multiple members of TRUMP admin sponsor/attend the highly politicized Evangelical Capitol Ministries (Pence, DeVos, Pruitt, Pompeo, Perry etc). No one in media thinks the American people need to understand this? Sample: bible study on Environmentalism:…
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