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Time to think and then do some home work.
#DontBeASucker US War Department film 1943

70+ yrs ago, the US govt released a film warning against fascist

Here we are today. 2019

Trump follows the plot, word for word.

Go to YouTube and search for #DontBeASucker and watch the full version. Won't have the edited closed captions, but will explain why.
#Nazist were filling stadiums and theaters with people promoting to overthrow the constitution & install Hitler's Dream.
#CorporateNazim wanted
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Origins TrumpRussia Investigation

FISA Russian Banks & Carter Page

FVEYs, USIC CounterInteligence & FBI’s CrossFire Hurricane Investigations
April (2016) the CIA director was shown intelligence that worried him. It was - allegedly - a tape recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into the US presidential campaign.…
🔑The taskforce included six agencies or departments of government. Dealing with the domestic, US, side of the inquiry, were the FBI, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Justice.…
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I'm sorry, we're trusting Barr now? Trump's Roy Cohn? Who exonerated DJT of egregious obstruction? Who lied to Congress? A promoter of conspiracy theories galore from Uranian One to Deep State spying? Whose propaganda & stonewalling undermined Mueller more than anyone? #Epstein
#Barr has earned this distrust. Why didn't he recuse from #Epstein case? To retain control to protect Trump & GOP? To hurt Democrats? He's a Republican operative. A FoxNews-spewing RW wingnut who takes justice into his own hands. Even promoted vigilantism just the other day! ⬇️
An authoritarian operative's arrogance: After engaging in a propaganda campaign to cover up the crime of the century that would take down Trump, #Barr expects public trust that he won't cover up the other crime of the century that could take down Trump. #Epstein #EpsteinSuicide
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1) The latest on the machinations surrounding the many unknowns related 2the #Epstein arrest & where the fallout will hit.
2) #Epstein’s alleged ‘#SexSlave’ reveals the men she claims she was forced 2sleep with
#VirginiaRoberts/#Giuffre, names at least 7 high rollers that she had sex w/as an underaged girl.
#GeorgeMitchell more.…
3) #JefferyEpstein suicided in Manhattan cell [ ! ]

Look, the guy did 13months on work release, & now he's gonna be so depressed, that he's going 2commit suicide when he's working his case?

Who needed #Epstein dead? #WeHaveItAll……
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1. Here’s a link to US Senate impeachment rules. I think @TribeLaw has the right approach: Impeach Trump and then move on to defeat @POTUS @Trump on policy and morality. Don’t hold the trial.…
2. So simply stated, the House just needs 218 votes and they can impeach Trump. I would make it for treason. Go big or go home. Name all @SenateGOP in #2016Class who took Russian money as material witnesses so @senatemajldr will have to think twice about messing with the rules.
3. The evidence of the Russian money is sitting in he #SDNY Natalie Edwards case with a ~recused USA Geoffrey Berman running the case. The @HouseJudiciary needs to move on that grand jury for the 6(e) material. The next move should be to create a massive social media storm
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* Politically Active
* Committed to the #NewDeal
* Professional life started as a CHEMIST
* ALso was a journalist
* Barr was appointed first divisional director for #LibraryBinding
* Cross-industry code for labor, competition, standards
[2] Overseeing book binding standards for the nation. That is akin to having influence of the Google search algorithms today.
[3] A 2005 event - the 70th annual meeting for the LBI (Library Binding Institute), is in search for a photo of the Executive Director of the LBI from 1935 to 1947 - Pelham #Barr

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1. #QAnon drops a new placeholder. It adds holder for exculpatory evidence from FISA telephone surveillance, "wiretaps" illegally withheld from FISA Court soon to be DECLASsified. Placeholders will be populated by future news reports. #Q
2. #QAnon Unrelated but worth noting:
US taxpayers are paying for it all, the Paris accord scam in trillions, the Red Cross scam in billions, Foreign Aid scams in trillions, and WAR scams (trillions).
Slush funds everywhere.
Think G Soros pays for #Antifa from his own pocket?
3. #QAnon The US is funding the very people dedicated to its destruction.
The hole is deep.
Feel sick yet?
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In 1942, [Simon] Pelham #Barr may have been living right next to Columbia University on Manhattan, but he was working at 501 5th avenue - The "Astor Trvst Company" building. Those British intel connections are thickening !
Now this tickles -

The Astor family fortune is known to be real estate, but their initial fortune came from the fur trade in the early 1800s

Philip Barr was a professional fur maker and owned his own business on Manhattan since arriving to the US in 1907
They must not have been a poor family

A point made by @leytedriver- How did a 14 yr old British boy (Simon Barr) who arrived in the USA w/his family in 1907 (actually Ukranian) manage to get into Columbia University by 1910, and eventually become lead editor of their newsletter?
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#Breaking de taille. Selon le @nytimes, #Trump démet le dernier républicain "traditionnel" de son administration, le directeur national du #renseignement Coats, qui osa le critiquer sur #Poutine. La prise de contrôle de l'appareil d'Etat est…
@nytimes 2) #Coats, l'actuel directeur du renseignement national (DNI), est le modèle type du conservateur républicain "patricien" vieil école, ancien assistant de Dan Quayle, sénateur de l'Indiana entre 1989 et 2001 (et de 2011 à 2017), ambassadeur en Allemagne à l'ère Bush Jr...
@nytimes 3)… #Coats était une concession initiale de #Trump aux conservateurs traditionnels et aux Bush dont il était un proche. Avec lui comme directeur du renseignement, les "dégâts" seraient limités, pensait-on parmi les élites républicaines de DC…
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What is this ? “Marlborough” by Donald #Barr #Chidsey ...
[2] A gift from mom ( Catherine #Barr Chidsey , Born “Catherine Barr”) to a miss Agnes Grove
[3] Unexpected surprise in this book - Looks like William #Barr #Chidsey also sent some postcard to this Miss Agnes Grove during his time “running a coconut farm in #Tahiti “ ...

A fan of naked women in a basket I see ... yeeeshk !
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Mrs. Donald #Barr #Chidsey , 1936

Born Elinor Shirley Stewart

Educated at #Columbia University, early 1930s

Married DB Chidsey 1935-1940 (divrcd 1944)

OSS 1941-1946

Protected #Shinkolobwe from Nazis

#ShirleyChidsey married William #Bridgwater (chief editor Columbia Press)
She was one of the last people to get a book signed by her dear friend F Scott Fitzgerald in 1940 before he died (this is after her return from Tahiti and separation, but on her way to NYC). What was the nature of their relationship ?
[3]Shirley Chidsey [Bridgwater] born in Philadelphia in 1907. She worked as an editor, assisted Charles Nordhoff + James Norman Hall on The Bounty Trilogy (The Mutiny on the Bounty, 1932; Men Against the Sea, 1933; Pitcairn's Island, 1934).

And protected uranium from the Nazis
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OK, let's cut through the noise on impeachment.

First, let's state the obvious:

Donald Trump's entire presidency is an impeachable offense, an affront to basic human values, an insult to common sense and common decency, a threat to the rule of law.

The #MuellerReport found multiple instances where Trump obstructed—or attempted to obstruct—justice.

He has violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution by using the office to enrich himself and his family.

He coddles dictators while alienating allies.

Trump has repeatedly undermined the First Amendment (which he's sworn to defend) by inciting violence against the free press and calling them "enemies of the people."

His party has launched an unconstitutional assault on women’s reproductive rights and health.
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DOJ IG Is Preparing to Deliver Verdict on the Russia Inv’n

Steele interviewed by IG & found Steels Dossier CREDIBLE.


This is HUGE and blows GOP talking points outta the water.

BTW Steele did the FiFA Inv’n —it’s connected.

Why Steele chose RU mob expert Bruce Ohr as FBI liaison:

Finally, the FBI agent spoke. No deal, he said;

Mogilevich must surrender.

BRUCE OHR said little, but his unwillingness to negotiate was signal enough:

The DOJ would not compromise with the Russian mafia.

Epstein: “bounty hunter,” recovering lost or stolen money for the gov’t or the wealthy.

“Mogilevich↔️Robert Maxwell↔️Ghislaine Maxwell↔️Epstein↔️Bear Sterns↔️Felix Sater”

“Epstein ➡ Leon Black ➡ Apollo Global Mgmt ➡ CIM ➡ Macklowe ➡ TrumpSoho ➡ Sater/Arif”
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CIA ‼️
[2] NY Daily News - August 4 1985

Donald Barr - "aiding in de-Nazifying companies and industry... investigated German industrialists and SS men who fled to South America

... With the OSS, which was the predecessor of the CIA
[3] Want to know who Jackie Kennedy is going to marry next in March 1968? Ask Donald Barr.
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1. #QAnon Expect a lot more to become public (unsealing).
It was all under the direction and oversight of AG Jeff #Sessions.
You didn't think the #Epstein investigation began a few months ago did you?
2. #QAnon Barr is not recused from #Epstein's 'pending' cases, only 'past' adjudication.
But, the [D] fight coming, ie, liberal outrage coming.
Pelosi's daughter inserted? - #FavoritePedophiles
Counter made.
3. #QAnon You were told what was going to happen, what battles we face..
Patriots are now in control, strategic, pre-planned.

Listen VERY carefully (again):
Note the past (2) years.
Note the next (6) years.
We are #Q.
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The narrative of #ObstructionOfJustice originated prior to the conclusion of the #MuellerReport. (Thread 👇)

Less than 6 months after #Mueller’s appointment, @BrookingsInst published “Presidential Obstruction of Justice: The Case of Donald J. Trump.”…
The report outlined a scenario whereby #Mueller would refer his #Obstruction findings to #Congress, which would then take up the matter and continue investigating.

The report also discussed ways Congress could #ImpeachTrump, mentioning the word “#Impeachment” 90 times.
2 of the report's authors, Barry Berke & @NormEisen, were later retained by #HouseJudiciaryCommittee Chairman @RepJerryNadler on a consulting basis as special oversight counsels to the Democrat majority staff.…
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Grassley on covert and subversive foreign influence in government/lobbying along with his new legislation FARA redefined and DOJ teeth to prosecute legislation.

This piece ran in the WSJ also.

@almostjingo @TheChill @GOPPollAnalyst…
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There's been an incessant drumbeat since 2017 that Trump is flailing, scared, freaking out, etc. It's an understandable coping mechanism, the sense that things will somehow return to pre-2016. But it's a dangerous illusion.
The steady erosion of the rule of law has accelerated rapidly in 2019. With #Barr as AG, Trump has finally found another operator like McConnell who will shred our constitutional protections with smug, brutal efficiency.

It's hard to overstate how bad things are getting.
This is not meant to discourage or demoralize people. It's a gut check, an acknowledgment that we may not be able to wrest power back from these authoritarians. In which case, we have to step up, be leaders, give each other support. Be strong. And draw strength from one another.
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1) For those who have ears to hear... LISTEN!

Everything you’re about to hear from the Democrats like @SpeakerPelosi , @RepJerryNadler @RepAdamSchiff
(Whose been oddly silent lately)
That’s right... I mean EVERYTHING they’re going to say.
The plan...
2) The plan is simple.
Did you notice?
Mueller never mentioned an actual “crime” committed by @realDonaldTrump.
Just that he couldn’t charge him with one because he’s the president.
NADLER... his statement
“No one is above the law, not even the president!”
3) The statements made by both had 2 purposes.

1) Bloody meat for the self righteous ILL INFORMED liberals of #TheResistance

2) To strike fear into those of us in the #MAGA movement.

Sadly yes... some of us are weak and easily rattled so this is for you!
FEAR NOT ... 👇
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@carterwpage on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek.

We discuss how being investigated impacted life, his take on @realDonaldTrump's response to #Mueller investigation & AG #Barr's #Declassification powers.

Watch here:…
Please make sure to join us!
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. @SRuhle @AliVelshi @AriMelber @MSNBC @jaketapper @CNN Just saw this on MSNBC. One of their reporters received a WRITTEN rebuke, FROM #MUELLER, of #Barr’s statement re the reason Mueller refused to charge obstruction. Barr said the OLC policy was irrelevant. THAT WAS A LIE.
@SpeakerPelosi & @HouseDemocrats have #Barr by the throat. If they’re afraid to go after #trump, impeach #Barr. It’ll slam the brakes on his cockamamie investigation of the investigation, it gets Dems the evidence they need &, most importantly, he DESERVES IT!
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@LindseyGrahamSC needs to SAVE THE REPUBLIC w/an IMMEDIATE Sen. Judiciary Comm. investigation into the start of Obama's attempted #coup and to seal the innocence of #PresidentTrump. #SpyGate
Contact Graham's office>… (no SC zip code needed)
Both Durham & Senate Judiciary need to come to the same findings of the sedition the Left has done to the country in trying to unseat @POTUS w/ a #Coup. It is the only way to convince the whole country of the corruption of the Left and that they should never have full power.
My email to Graham:
SAVE THE REPUBLIC w/a Sen Judiciary Comm. investigation into the start of Obama's attempted #Coup, including Mueller's phony investigation. Mueller's propaganda on TV today was to distract from Durham but Sen.Judiciary needs to seal the innocence of Trump too.
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And as someone who has lived in #NY10 for most of the past 35 years, I will run for Congress on the principle that we need to overhaul the Democratic Party to fight for TRUE justice.

#Mueller #Barr #Impeachment
As a lifelong Dem who has spent two decades in the political trenches, I REFUSE to have a Tea Party Republican like #JustinAmash be more princpled in defense of the rule of law than the Democratic leadership. What was the #BlueWave for if not accountability?

#ImpeachNOW #Mueller
#IMPEACHMENT is the very LEAST America is owed after a hostile power cyber-attacked us and tilted our election to a Republican autocrat.

If you're a patriot, you defend America against threats to our democracy. Otherwise, step aside and let real patriots do the job.

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"If we had confidence that [#Trump] clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so..

By regulation, it was bound by [DOJ] policy ..Charging [Trump] with a crime was, therefore, not an option we could consider.”

Shorter #Mueller: Trump is guilty af
"The opinion says the constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing."

Mueller just issued an impeachment referral to Congress, in case his report was not clear.
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