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🇺🇸 ANONS #WatchTheWater #LightsOn
Our portal of vision may seem narrow, but our sight is clear. A grand May, 2020 announcement is coming soon. #JQIN
the wonderful new Follqwed FRENZ!

February 5, 2019
9:07 P.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT:  Madam Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, the First Lady of the United States — (applause) — and my fellow Americans:

#LibertySpeaks @KarenMy26623876
@plschmenk @Jogurek @GolfingJohn_
A glorious month has begun >
The agenda I will lay out this evening is not a Republican agenda or a Democrat agenda.  It’s the agenda of the American people.

#WeThePeople are LISTENING
@TheNotObvious @doingstuffwrong @trumpanputin @militarysweep
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Q Thread - 02.14.2020
!!NEW Q - 3861!!
11:11:09 EST…
Read carefully.
Sound familiar?
Sometimes a leak turns into a flood.
#QAnon #FloodComing #Brennan #Barr
Sometimes A Leak Turns Into A Flood!!
Slow drip > flood!!

Nothing can stop what is coming.
Slow drip > Flood
#QAnon #FloodComing #Brennan #Barr
!!NEW Q - 3862!!
11:31:07 EST

re: delayed testimony
1. allow for public dissemination of critical facts [possible unseal(s)-declas] prior to world televised sit down.
#QAnon #PublicAwareness #Declass
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On #BillBarr's ABC News interview.

Shorter #Barr: Shush. We do this on the down low. You're making it impossible for me to pull of the job.

Also reminds me of this analysis by @nycsouthpaw:

"What Has Bill Barr Done to Earn the Benefit of the Doubt?"…
@nycsouthpaw 2. Here's the link to the Bill Barr's ABC News interview (and his saying that Trump's tweets and public commentary "make it impossible for me to do my job.”)…
@nycsouthpaw *pull off
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News Analysis🔎Last week, #AGBarr issued a memorandum requiring the @FBI “and all other divisions under the department’s purview” to obtain direct permission from #Barr prior to investigating any of the 2020 presidential candidates. (Thread👇)…
On Feb. 9, Sen. @LindseyGrahamSC said he intends to call witnesses regarding the many problematic issues surrounding the #FISAabuse highlighted in the #IGReport.…
He then pivoted to the topic of #HunterBiden and #Ukraine: “I think questions about the conflict of interest regarding Hunter Biden in the Ukraine need to be asked. The State Department had warnings and they ignored the conflict of interest.”
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#BoltonBook draft leaks!

1. Confirms core #Impeachment allegation.

2. Bolton said he'd testify if subpoenaed (he presumably knows would be despite any WHouse objection).

3. Senate not calling him now is not about a fair trial, it's about whether there's a trial at all.
"Trump told his national security adviser in August that he wanted to continue freezing ... security assistance to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats including the Bidens, according to an unpublished manuscript by the former adviser."
#BoltonBook draft strongly suggests Attorney General #Barr LIED about at least when and how he knew Trump mentioned him on the call with Zelenskyy.👇

Raises again issues of Barr's ethical failure to recuse from whistle blower complaint, criminal referrals to DOJ, and more.
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#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #Barr

Lamine N'Diaye, the warden at MCC, where Jeffrey Epstein died is getting a new job at Federal Correctional Institution, Fort Dix, a large low-security prison in Burlington County, New Jersey.…
When Jeffrey Epstein died there were a couple of letters exchanged between warden Lamine N'Daiye and chief judge Colleen McMahon + federal judge Richard M. Berman.

Both were appointed by President Bill Clinton.

I have attached the letters here:
"According to the prison workers union, it was the Warden who made the call to take Epstein off suicide watch.

Some union leaders for prison workers expressed dismay with Mr. Barr’s decision to allow the warden to continue working, even as the two staff members were placed on..
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@jennycohn1 From last fall/not current: He's had a major focus on cyber. Alarming, given history when AG last re: "admin subpoenas" & phone rec collection.

Last week of 7/19, while in NYC @ Fordham Cybersec con -pushing back doors, FOUR SDNY Trump cases ALL broke in his favor.
@jennycohn1 7/23 Barr NYC CybSecCon
7/22 SDNY NYT v DoJ -Flynn FOIA Summ J 4 DoJ
7/24 SDNY J. Doe v T: Dismiss
7/24 SDNY US v Cohen: Docs sealed
7/30 SDNY DNC v T: Dismiss
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Read the Democrats' compelling brief setting forth the law, precedent and the facts obtained despite Trump's record-setting obstruction of Congress. Then, read the Trump TV lawyers' response. There is no precedent to support their arguments.
Trump arguments wld make 45 a king or dictator. Read the House brief showing why abuse of power and obstruction of Congress are constitutional grounds for impeachment & removal and shows how facts prove those offenses.
Even Republican scholar at House hearings said abuse of power was an impeachable offense. That is why Republicans had to turn to #Dershowitz tp argue otherwise (though I;m sure #Barr wld too as will other Fox commentators).
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💥#Parnas - #Giuliani, #Nunes, #Barr, #Trump etc; time to revisit. 30 years of Trump’s ties with the Soviet-born mob. Threads, a sum up 2016/2019. 👇🏼☄️💥
30 years of Trump’s ties ☝🏼 with the Soviet-born mob. #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump #ImpeachAndRemove
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🔥#Parnas just corroborated David Holmes’ #impeachment testimony, saying #Trump talked so loudly, Parnas could hear him on calls w/ Rudy #Giuliani. Parnas tells #Maddow he was present “lots of times” when Rudy spoke by phone w/Trump—who “knew everything” about their #Ukraine work
#Parnas says #Pence had to know of #Ukraine pressure campaign. He says Trump sent Pence to meet Zelensky in Poland, using a hurricane as an excuse not to go himself, mad that Zelensky still hadn’t given in to his pressure. So Trump bailed on WW2 ceremony to further the pressure‼️
#Parnas tells #Maddow that Attorney General #BARR was "basically on the team" with #Giuliani and Victoria #Toensing & Joe #DiGenova (lawyers for #Firtash, indicted Ukrainian oligarch linked to #Russian organized crime).
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Volete capire a che punto è la "guerra" tra Trumpiani @realDonaldTrump (Casa Bianca) e Washingtoniani (Deep State) e perché #Mattarella e #Conte iniziano a vedere i sorci verdi?

Seguite il Thread (1/23):
Subito dopo le elezioni del 2016, gli apparati statunitensi hanno aizzato le province dell'impero contro @POTUS e così Gran Bretagna, Australia, Ucraina e Italia sono finite al centro di uno scontro furioso e senza esclusione di colpi. (2/23)
Il motivo è quello che sappiamo tutti 👉Trump è un nazionalista poco interessato a ciò che succede fuori dagli USA,il deep state invece vuole mantenere la vocazione "imperiale", le province sono ovviamente schierate con questi ultimi al fine di cogliere protezione militare (3/23)
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1/11 PEASANTS‼️😊
I saw a #Poll, & the Question was “if HRC, BHO, SOROS, Comey et al don’t go to prison...will you still vote for @realDonaldTrump?”
My answer is YES, but I did see someone comment he’s leaning hard “No”. #MAGA ?
If that’s you then listen...#Think
2/11 ..if @realDonaldTrump
Had the power to lock them up we’d no longer live in a #ConstitutionalRepublic,We’d live in @SpeakerPelosi’s vision...A NANA REPUBLIC!🍌
Hate to burst your bubble but I have to state Phacts, and as hard as it is I live in reality.
3/11 The law & the constitution states @realDonaldTrump is the head of the #Executive Branch.
While he’s in charge of a lot of different things I’m going to skip ahead to the law part.
He is “required“ to enforce and obey all federal laws.
Can he have someone Arrested? YES
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#QAlert 12/28/19 This will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Saturday December 28, 2019. Post drop? 5:5? and more!

Let’s Go!
#QAlert 12/28/19 Q3759

DJT retweets himself 2 hrs later
Driving the point home.

Post drop?

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What on🌎is #Barr doing pushing the #Precrime agenda? Really? Talk about indoctrination. Could it be any more obvious? From the Entertainment Div of the #MilIndustrialComplex- Holy #PredictiveProgramming #Batman- #CoveringAITortureOps #AIArmsRace
I think many fall for fairy tales. Everyone doesn't have it 100% correct, but I think there's lots of room for improvement.
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Year in Review📅20 Notable Spygate Developments of 2019

by @IvanPentchoukov (Thread👇)…
In the saga of “#Spygate,” 2019 has shaped up to be the year the tables turned.

In the first days of January 2019, a federal judge extended the term of the #GrandJury in the #SpecialCounsel investigation by #RobertMueller.
Later that month, the @FBI raided the home of veteran Republican strategist #RogerStone in front of @CNN cameras.

The raid and indictment of Stone were symbolic of the spectacle that was the #RussiaInvestigation.
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1. 🎄Twas the night before Christmas... and all through the house @TheDemocrats were clueless while Nancy got soused. 😵
Their hopes for #impeachment
We’re hung... on nothing but thin air, but it’s all about politics so what do they care @SpeakerPelosi #KAG @realDonaldTrump
2 @realDonaldTrump was all nestled and snug in his bed...
While visions of #TRUMP2020
Danced in his head.
He in Pajamas, supper model @FLOTUS at his side...making #Liberals jealous, hateful and snide.
When On the steps of the congress their arose such a clatter...
3 Adumb Schitt sprang from his office to see what was the matter...away to the steps he flew like a flash, but he slipped on his own scum and fell on his A$$! 😂🎄
And when he awoke, what did he see? #Durham and #BARR
Who said “come with me”
@RepAdamSchiff #PanicInDC
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#Qanon #Thread December 18th, 2019 Post: Q is saying that people in the news you see retiring will be related to crimes found by #Durham. Now that #Impeachment is over, now comes the fun. Insert #InsertRudy!
Look at the date of this #Qanon vote! It’s all right there from April 2018. How do you introduce evidence into an investigation, who has everything, INSERT #RUDY, admissible in court of law #Impeachment PLANNED #TheGreatAwakening
Why did #Rudy join @POTUS team? Who has the ultimate authority. Who knows where the bodies are buried. Working with #NavySeal #ErikPrince who knows what’s on the #NYPD laptop found by #Hillary’s aide’s husband #AnthonyWeiner. #Blackwater is a mercenary group that knows a lot.
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.@SenatorCollins's office led a smear campaign against a h.s. student who wrote a column criticizing Collins for never holding town halls or meeting w/ protesters & for not answering voter emails. They fed false info to a GOP operative who used it in a letter to the ed.
#SusanCollins's staff retaliated vs. a teen who wrote: "Collins has proven herself unreliable to the people of #Maine. She votes against the interests of her constituents & then disrespects them when they protest."

I addressed this in a letter to ed:…
#SusanCollins's staff smeared a teen because she wrote "Collins is notorious for avoiding her constituents. She refuses to hold town halls in Maine or meet with protesters. She won’t return our messages or even formulate topic-specific responses to illuminate her viewpoints."
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New Q post 3667

Q Was Silent Because Other Patriots (Barr, Durham) Were Making Important News

#Qanon #Qposts #FISA
Q post 3668

A B2 Bomber Doesn't Need Stealth When Threats Are Removed

#Qanon #Qpost #B2 #Barr #WWG1WGA
Q post 3669…📁

Dates [start] will become important.

#Qanon #Qpost #FISAabuse #WWG1WGA
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Bring it! What's the worst they have on Barr?

🟩Recommended pardoning Iran-Contra criminals
🟦Once an agent, always an agent. Odd if they used that.
🟪Worked for Poppy Bush, worst of the worst.
🟧Buddies w/Mueller. Dems won't use that, but buttheads on our side might.
🟩Appropriate use of pardons to keep witch hunters off Executive Branch. Unlimited criminal prosecutions could annihilate every elected official & administration from here to eternity. We're witnessing it. Attys protect clients, it's their job. Doesn't mean they agree w/behavior.
🟪Important point to remember about Attorneys: A good attorney would vigorously defend Charles Manson. It's their job to represent clients' interests in the law. Forces system to play by rules.

Barr defended Executive Branch's independence and authority under Constitution. GOOD!
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Dec 14

Q points to an Anon's post on #8kun (all drops on qmap(dt)pub & qanin(dt)pub would be fake) and calls it a fake.

Q quotes his pre-IG Report drop #2042 (see pic 🔽) re: surv. on Manafort, Papad., Page, Flynn.

(cont. >)
(< follows)

Dec 14

Re: drop 3667:
Here you can see the post Q is calling fake:

(cont. >)

#QArmy #FISAgate #DarkToLight
#PainIsComing #PainComing
(< follows)

Dec 14

Re: drop #3667:
"Fake" is referred to that Anon's post (see my prev tweets above).

Drop #3667 text:
Sometimes silence is necessary in order to protect select 'public' releases.
B2 (BB) 'public' statements past week?

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🚨‼️OMFG Barr’s on a propaganda blitz to discredit the #IGReport! He just said “there was no evidence of collusion,” presidential campaigns “often” have foreign contacts AND money 🤯 , FBI spied, Russia investigation launched on “very flimsy” evidence & in “bad faith” ‼️ @msnbc
⚠️🚨Trump propagandist Bill Barr: “Our nation was turned on its head for 3 years … hyped by an irresponsible press… FBI abused its power… I’m not involved in Ukraine. I don’t know if Ukraine interferes in the 2016 election.” This is a very dangerous man.
😳Just jaw-dropping! US attorney general Barr publicly discrediting the #IGReport, talking about his preferred ongoing Durham investigation, spouting all the GOP pro-Trump conspiratorial propaganda talking points, even language—sham, no collusion, spying, dossier, bad-faith FBI🤯
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💣So Busted💣

Trump Knew of WBC Which Likely Prompted Him To Release The Aid to Ukraine

Which means he would have known about it before he told Sondland there was 'no quid pro quo.'

Trump throws Rudy under the bus:

Trump Denies Sending Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine for Biden Probe
💣So Busted💣

Cipollone & Eisenberg —knew about the whistle-blower complaint in August & briefed Trump in late August about it.

Trump administration officially put hold on Ukraine aid same day as Trump call 7/25;

Per Sandy Transcript Trump ordered hold 7/12/19 per email.
💣So Busted3💣

ICIG Atkinson, concluded that the administration needed to send it to Congress.

But Cipollone & Eisenberg disagreed.

They decided that the adm could withhold from Congress the whistle-blower’s accusations because they were protected by executive privilege.
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[1] David S #Barr - Every detail matters !

Notice his passport paperwork from 1922.

Who is this lawyer "Sidney S. Bobbi" ?…
[2] Only one Google hit for "Sidney S. Bobbi" - Wow !

Well, it is for a NY lawyer, so that is promising ...

But all that site says is that they started to practice law in 1915, and they are now deceased ...…
[3] Using newspapers dot com, we also do not get a whole lot ... but we do see a Sidney (Bobbi) Guller in a 2010 obituary ...

Was "Sidney" Bobbi a woman (if that person even existed) ?
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