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NHS Doctor | Animal rights activist | Long Covid Research Initiative | helping to make invisible illness VISIBLE | advocate for #ME | #LongCovid | #CleanAirBill
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May 15 8 tweets 6 min read
1/ I don’t know which medic needs to hear this, but post-exertional malaise (#PEM) is NOT fatigue.

Short explanatory 🧵

#MedEd #MedTwitter #TeamGP #ME #LongCovid 2/ Patients with #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis and approximately 50% of patients with #LongCovid experience Post-Exertional Malaise (#PEM), also called, Post-Exertional Symptom Exacerbation (#PESE)
May 5 5 tweets 4 min read
You cannot announce 1 in 10 infections with #SARSCoV2 lead to #LongCovid and that we are heading for a mass disabling event, then declare the pandemic over in the next breath.

Nonsense @WHO. #SARSCoV2 continues to circulate at high levels & remains a serious risk to health. 🧵 Today: (absolute nonsense btw) 👇🏽
Apr 17 12 tweets 3 min read
1/ After 10 yrs study, 100k in debt, I graduated as a doctor in spring 2020 at the start of pandemic.

I remember watching the heartbreaking scenes in Italy. A wave of infection was making its way around the world, soon to hit the UK.

🧵 2/ On March 24, 2020, then-Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that all final-year medical students who met the General Medical Councils (GMC) outcomes to graduate were to be fast-tracked through graduation to be made available to help on the wards.
Mar 11 27 tweets 9 min read
1/ The UK is descending into fascism. Our democratic freedoms are being threatened. Everyone living in the UK right now should be deeply concerned. Here’s why… 🧵 2/ Drumming up hate between the population and controlling the media to influence how people think (media propaganda), was a tactic employed by nazi Germany.
Nov 21, 2022 11 tweets 3 min read
Reality check:

1. You can catch Covid multiple times. 2. Reinfections are common, not rare.
Nov 14, 2022 8 tweets 7 min read
1/ The Department of Health holds no data on long COVID in NHS staff and has no intention of collating this data minhalexander.com/2022/11/12/the… 🧵 2/ “Frontline NHS staff injured by COVID19 whilst trying to keep services afloat despite government mismanagement of the pandemic, have been treated with disdain by the government..
Sep 23, 2022 6 tweets 3 min read
1/ We are seeing an increase in strokes, PEs, DVTs, MI, even amongst the previously healthy. The risk factor? Covid infection. We know infection with SARS CoV-2 causes a pro thrombotic vasculitis. 🧵 2/ You would be mistaken to believe being young and healthy protects you from the harms of #COVID19.

Mild infection has been shown to lead to brain damage and significantly increase risk of cardiovascular and neurological complications. nature.com/articles/s4159…
Sep 22, 2022 6 tweets 4 min read
1/ Clear evidence of a circulation problem in #LongCovid. We know #SARSCoV2 causes a pan-vasculitis & hyper coagulability. Every long hauler whose blood has been tested has been +ve for microclots

⚠️Medics, pls note, a normal D dimer does NOT exclude the presence of microclots🧵 2/ D-dimer measures fibrinogens degradation products (FDPs). Because the microclots are not being broken down, d-dimer will not be raised.
Sep 21, 2022 6 tweets 5 min read
1/ Allowing the unmitigated spread of #SARSCoV2 is actually destroying the economy. 🧵 2/ A report by Household Pulse Survey (HPS), conducted by Census Bureau in America, found 16 million working-aged Americans (18-65 years) currently have #LongCovid.
Of those affected, between 2-4 million, are unable to work due to the severity condition.
Sep 21, 2022 7 tweets 3 min read
And for the albeists out there, ‘vulnerble’ includes YOU. You are mistaken to believe being young, fit or healthily will protect you from the harms of #SARSCoV2. Covid doesn’t discriminate. #CovidisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #WearAMask😷 Mild Covid cardiovascular damage: A large-scale study of 150k people showed even a mild case of COVID-19 can substantially increase a person’s risk of cardiovascular problems - some 20 types in all - for at least a year after diagnosis..
Sep 18, 2022 4 tweets 5 min read
A vaccine is a drug. And as with any drug, it carries risk of adverse reaction.#Vaccineinjury needs to be discussed openly & honestly. Failure to do so will erode trust in future vaccination programmes. Patients who performed there civic duty should not be abandoned or gaslighted Please read post and comments. #vaccineinjury must not become a taboo subject. @SGriffin_Lab @BinitaKane @doctorasadkhan @IndependentSage @ReicherStephen @dgurdasani1 @Kit_Yates_Maths @chrischirp @ClareRayner6 @doctorasadkhan @doctorsaz
Sep 13, 2022 9 tweets 5 min read
1/ A word of warning. It doesn’t matter on which side of the fence you sit - left or right - everyone living in the UK should be concerned right now. Current government have already removed our right to peacefully protest. Now they want to remove our #HumanRights 🧵 2/ The European Convention on Human Rights (#ECHR) are international laws which protect us all.

They protect our right to freedom; our right to marry; our right not to be tortured, and more..
Sep 8, 2022 19 tweets 9 min read
1/ Long Covid community!! I am SO excited to share with you the launch of the

💥Long Covid Research Initiative

🧵 2/ The LCRI is a collaboration between Long Covid patients, researchers, and clinicians to rapidly and comprehensively study the topic of SARSCoV2 #viralpersistence in Long Covid and the general population.
Aug 14, 2022 15 tweets 3 min read
New preprint in @medrxivpreprint which found circulating levels of components of #SARSCOV2 (viral RNA and spike protein) are associated and may contribute to the development of #LongCovid 🧵

medrxiv.org/content/10.110… Researchers investigated the blood plasma of three groups of patients

(1) Hospitalised with acute covid (n=116)

(2) Patients with Long Covid (n=33)

(3) Those recovered (n=14)
Jul 17, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
1/3 In the first six weeks of Long Covid, I experienced neurological sleep apnoea. At night, I would stop breathing. My body would wake me from sleep, or the edge of sleep, to remind me to breathe. 2/3 At the time, I suspected brainstem involvement and recognised I was severely unwell even if no one else did. We now know Covid has a predilection for the brain stem, a region where ACE2 receptors are plentiful.
Jul 16, 2022 8 tweets 10 min read
🚨NHS workers, you have a legal right to work in safe environments.

Section 44 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 states employees are entitled to down tools & stay off work on FULL PAY if their employer refuses to make their work place safe. Demand #FFP3.🧵 @TheBMA 2/ It is wilful negligence to expose healthcare workers to a known deadly airborne pathogen. All public-facing NHS workers must be equipped with #RPE, including #FFP2 #FFP3, given #COVIDisAirborne. @H_S_E
Jul 16, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
🚨Removing the right to peacefully protest.

🚨Media propaganda.

🚨Advocating to remove human rights (these laws protect us all).

Be warned: This government aren’t just incompetent, they are slowly eroding out freedoms and basic human rights. #Fascism #Dictatorship 🧵 We are fortunate to live in a democratic society. But this is not guaranteed; it is subject to change, and should *never* be taken for granted.

Before my very eyes, I see our democracy being eroded. Fight for it. Vote to keep it.
Jul 11, 2022 20 tweets 7 min read
A short thread on:

🦠 Covid transmission
😷 How best to protect yourself
💉 Vaccine limitations
⚠️ Warning on infection harms

🧵 (A) Covid is airborne 🦠 This means, infectious particles are carried in the air we breathe.

Please take time to watch the short (1 min) video below 👇🏼
Jul 10, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read

The European Court of Human Rights has **absolutely nothing** to do with borders, or whether we remain or exit Europe.

These are protections written in law which protect us all.

Never - I repeat never - let them take them away from you. 🧵 #HumanRights #dictatorship To everyone in the UK, please tell me which one of these **legal protections** you would not like to apply to you?
Jul 8, 2022 4 tweets 4 min read
For them to admit Covid is now airborne would be to admit past mistakes and liability. Instead they would rather perpetuate the lie, condemning healthcare workers and patients to avoidable death and ill-health. @WHO @TheBMA @H_S_E @DHSCgovuk @ProfEmer @SafeDavid3 @davidnabarro Government must start to invest in clean air. To allow the mitigated spread of Covid is unsustainable.
Jul 8, 2022 7 tweets 2 min read
1/ “The idea that these men, and now women, have suddenly discovered a taste for decency and respect for democracy, a reverence for integrity, is absolutely outrageous. 🧵 2/ To have sat there silently well he rode roughshod over our most valued conventions, traditions, and standards, while he once again thought it was churlish of us to expect him to abide by the network of obligation that binds us all, is absolutely breathtaking in its audacity.