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15 Feb 20
As a progressive I want people to evolve. To me it’s clear that Bloomberg needs to sit with his supporters and critics, listen to their concerns, and share whether and how he rejects and regrets his past comments and actions. We ask this of every campaign; he is no exception.
As counsel for #WeSaidEnough I hear from supporters and critics when a candidate’s history comes up. Voters must see these issues taken seriously on the highest stage. A candidate being held accountable may not change my mind about them - but it should change them for the better.
That is a key goal of advocacy: state your case and test someone who wants your vote to be accountable to you when they need you (not wait til you need them). Everyone in modern politics is facing a reckoning on race, gender, equality; many are progressing. That’s a good thing!
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29 Sep 19
#FollowTheFacts: Trump tried to coerce a foreign leader to make up dirt on his opponent and interfere in our election, was caught by a #whistleblower’s “urgent concern” complaint to Congress, but moved key evidence to a secret server in the #CoverUpOfTheCoverUp.
The #whistleblower used an Office of Director of National Intelligence form… to convey the Ukraine matter of “urgent concern” to Congress

PAGE 1 anticipates the complaint could go to Congress

PAGE 2 anticipates #hearsay
(“I heard about it from others.”)
So when you see protests from Donald Trump’s enablers of this #CoverUpOfTheCoverUp, do not follow them down the rabbit hole - #FollowTheFacts and remind them that whistleblower complaints go to Congress and that Congress expects they may begin as #hearsay.
cc @LindseyGrahamSC
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12 Sep 19
@blakesmustache @cspan Indeed. Having been a prosecutor dealing with grand and petit (12 person) juries, I’m expecting the Judiciary Committee to collect evidence before listing the charges. OBSTRUCTION EMOLUMENTS
and NATIONAL SECURITY have been topics they investigate and litigate. #FollowTheFacts
@blakesmustache @cspan Anyone who participated in a grand jury or in a felony preliminary hearing presents the facts from an inspector and the live witnesses themselves. Although only an inspector is required in CA (with the case file being hearsay), we used live witnesses to test their credibility....
@blakesmustache @cspan ... and to let defendants know that the witness was going to show up. My cases were domestic violence and sex assault so witness intimidation was REAL and sometimes we added tampering charges against defendants. Here, Mueller was the Inspector not a live witness. We need both!
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22 Aug 19
#ClimateDebate NOT over yet!

I am amending Resolution 30 regarding the Democratic Party Platform to add — pursuant to the @DNC Charter Article 2 Section 3 — a series of Platform Debates that encompass the key planks of our 2020 Platform.


WHEREAS, our responsibility under the Charter Article 2 / Section 3 “the National Convention shall nominate a candidate for the office of President of the United States, nominate a candidate for the office of Vice President of the United States, adopt a platform” and,

WHEREAS, Democrats can animate and engage our base with a robust series of platform discussions and debates on issues of concern to all Americans; and
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2 Jul 19
Respectfully @Rosbake1 I’ve known Kamala Harris since law school — your analysis is flat wrong. Having manners is different than leaving people behind. Harris has excellent courtroom demeaner yet never yielded to old bull judges; I doubt she’d yield to old bull segregationists.
Do lawyers and Congresspeople have to exhibit manners and *civility*? Of course! But the key issue here is when you make the deals - in the courtroom where 98% of cases settle without trial or in the Congress where all must compromise - did you leave people behind? Kamala didn’t.
The analysis isn’t therefore “would you be civil to segregationists?” but “would you leave people behind in cutting a legislative deal with segregationists? Would you find common cause with them to specifically leave people behind?” Answers for the Kamala I know: No and no.
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25 May 19
You know what’s sober? The evidence against Trump - and the judge ruling that upholds Dem subpoena for Trump financial records via @politico
It’s “simply not fathomable that a Constitution that grants Congress the power to remove a president for reasons including criminal behavior would deny Congress the power to investigate him for unlawful conduct past or present even without formally opening an impeachment inquiry”
The sobriety of THAT ruling in favor of Speaker Pelosi and the US House of Representatives having the Constitutional right to Trump’s financial records WITH OR WITHOUT IMPEACHMENT is what has 45 shook. He can’t delay by waiting for impeachment — the evidence is coming regardless.
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22 May 19
As I told @KSRO, any impeachment discussion needs sobriety. Members of Congress are prosecutors and jurors.
As a criminal justice reformer, I’d be horrified to see a jury prejudge evidence and raise money off it. We have to live our norms not become Trump to beat him.
We need to see evidence and let it guide our path without passion or prejudice. Act as if we were the defense — would we want due process or do we want a steamroll? We have several subpoenas out there - I’m hoping we model the norms we claim Trump destroyed and act deliberately.
And as far as people wanting an “inquiry” GET REAL: that’s like being half-pregnant: you are or you’re not. Admit you want to impeach now despite getting the evidence - and make that case - but don’t occupy a mythical middle ground that media and Trump see as full impeachment.
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18 May 19
We are going to have a frank talk about women’s rights, boycotts and big tents. The vast majority of Americans and the vast majority of Democrats support Roe v Wade and the autonomy and liberty of patents to choose the size and timing of their families. We must #StopTheBans. 1/
People are mobilizing on Tuesday May 21 to rally support for women’s rights and patients’ reproductive justice. (yes, trans and non-binary people can get pregnant too - be inclusive!) We must show support for patients and doctors criminalized under these extreme laws. Sign up! 2/
Sadly, one of our rallies must be in #Louisiana where a Democratic Governor pledged to sign a bill banning abortion rights even in the case of rape and incest. It’s awful and people should ask @LouisianaGov to give patients the same choice his wife had! 3/…
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28 Apr 19
As one who received death threats from anti-abortion groups while I was visibly pregnant (!) and appearing at a Kansas Planned Parenthood event just months before Dr Tiller’s murder, I unequivocally reject Trump’s incendiary lies to criminalize abortion and endanger providers.
Back then there were constant attacks on Dr Tiller by FoxNews. Providers spoke of guards and bulletproof vests.

I asked “why are anti-choicers targeting ME - im having my baby - the choice *they* want.”

But my choice didn’t stop their hate - they wanted control not choice.
So when Donald Trump echoes these vile and inflammatory LIES about difficult, personal medical decisions, know that he’s never going to applaud the choice to have the child. He will insist on control. And we have to reject the lies - and politicians’ control over women’s bodies.
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24 Feb 19
TBH the most important video about climate came from the head of a union talking about immediate impact on workers.

As the author of a DNC #GreenNewDeal & fossil fuel ban A YEAR AGO, I can tell you both of them failed in large part due to these concerns.…
Should Senator Feinstein have been more diplomatic with the GND kids before offering one an internship rather than arguing? Absolutely. When I got married the advice to me was Dear Abby said when in-laws lecture you say “you’ve given me a lot to think about.” Diplomacy helps.
Thst said, I’m telling you the path forward on climate action is to LISTEN. The UN report says irreversible damage in 12 years. Some workers say the Green New Deal transition eviscerates their livelihoods in 2-5 years. So they need to come TOGETHER and LISTEN to each other.
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9 Jan 19
FACT: Trump's campaign manager Manafort shared confidential polling data with an oligarch closely tied to Russia’s Putin.

TRUMP ENABLER: Manafort knew the guy so it’s not “deliberate contact.”

FACT: If you call someone you know it’s “deliberate contact.”

Any campaign manager knows what to do with polls:
1. Keep poll data within the campaign
2. Share with stakeholders and donors
3. Make public

Manafort did #2 - so was his Russian contact a stakeholder or a donor? What did Manafort think his guy would do with the secret info?
Let’s get directly to the WHY:

WHY did Manafort share secret Trump campaign poling info with Russia?

WHY share with Russians and not, for example, make public so other Republicans could have operationalized the data?

WHY - did he except something in return from Russia?
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1 Dec 18
Outtakes from the #DNC Executive Meeting in #PuertoRico (thread)

Chair promises a 2020 process that is fair. Will release a protocol on debates soon; expect debates in summer 2019 . Will decide by March 2019 the Host City for 2020 Convention: Houston, Miami Beach, or Milwaukee.
We have worked hard to rebuild trust on our presidential process. Rules and Bylaws Cttee working with early states on rules. A key rule change ends superdelegates voting 1st round absent consensus candidate BUT elected officials can still be PLEOs & not run against constituents.
The PLEO Party Leader Elected Official designation is for pledged delegates who are Members of Congress Governors etc who want a first round #DNC convention vote but don’t want to run against activist to get there.
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26 Nov 18
Days ago #SFGiants bade farewell to #Forever44 #WillieMcCovey who rose from segregated South to @mlb Hall of Famer.
Today it’s gut-wrenching to see the team I love & serve as a volunteer NOT get that this #MSsen debacle is bigger than politics or baseball - it’s about humanity.
But we are about #ReclaimingOurTeam — the team of Mays. McCovey, and so many other @sfgiants greats; the team@of the Giants Community Fund and the millions of dollars that go into youth sports as well as violence prevention, health care and education; the team of SF values.
As a @SFGiants fan I celebrate all the good works on and off the field. As a volunteer I have raised my girl to be a #JrGiants booster. And I’ve told her that my calling out racism today could mean me getting booted off the board. But overcoming racism matters more than my title.
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25 Nov 18
Some of you have asked me about the @CA_Dem situation. As many of you know I wear several hats here - #CADEM Women’s Caucus chair, @WeSaidEnough cofounder and counsel; survivor advocate.
Here’s what I can share (thread)
As @CA_Dem Women’s Caucus Chair I’m proud to serve with an incredible board of committed feminists who speak clearly for survivors of all genders. Our work over the years has included speaking truth to power. Today (when complaints surfaced against the Chair) was no exception.
As to the “due process” we demand in our caucus statement today, please know that @CA_Dem policy has improved due to the bipartisan work of @WeSaidEnough and the partisan organizing of the @CA_Dem Women’s Caucus. Here are some parts of the updated #CADem Employee Handbook
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3 Oct 18
In sum: Share before you Share; Prepare for the Aftermath; Don’t Look For Approval; Always Remember: It Was Not Your Fault. We are rapidly growing a beloved #metoo community willing to demand change. #wesaidenough and believe we can build a culture of respect and equity. 15/
And no relationship, no politician, no job, no president, no Supreme Court Justice is worth trading in your dignity. No one is bigger than the movement - we are the movement and we will not let the #KavanaughScandal break us. Ever. #wesaidenough #metoo /end
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8 Sep 18
Since the Senate Judiciary Committee Record is “open” til Monday 9/10 at NOON it would behoove one of the @SenateDems to submit declarations offering proof that he lied along with a referral for a PERJURY investigation. #WhatsAtStake #StopKavanaugh…
IF declarations allege that Kavanaigh lied under oath, Senators have an obligation to determine whether he perjured himself before they vote on his confirmation. Would Republicans investigate a Democrat? In a heartbeat! And Democrats would agree.
So @SenateDems should put the charges in the Judiciary Committee Record, even if the result is “voted out of committee with a request for perjury in the minority report” and ask every Senator “did Kavanaugh lie and should you investigate that before voting on confirmation?”
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3 Sep 18
First 2 members of Trump Congressional Caucus - Collins and Hunter were inducted and now @potus is rage-tweeting the Attorney General. Some presume he’s setting up the pardons; others presume the GOP in #ca50 want Hunter to win then quit (both presumptions can be true).
Read Trump’s tweet as help to Hunter reinforcing the #ca50 “keep it red” message to voters: IF Hunter has to leave office the GOP gets a do-over. Hunter needs leverage and his seat is what he has to “offer” prosecutors. If he WINS he has a 2 year seat to give up in a plea deal.
Whatever the purpose, a President trying to influence the Attorney General - and the jury pool (!!) - in a series of prosecutions would have Republicans who say they mourn the lost norms of Washington DC screaming from the rooftops ...
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10 Jul 18
Less than 9 hours into the #StopKavanaugh fight a skeptic already gave me the “don’t bother it’s over” posting in response to my call to action. Let’s take a moment to remember WHY we fight. 1/
We fight for our rights - for liberty and jusice and equality for all. We engage in politics to answer a call to service in our communities, in the streets, and in the corridors of power because we want to imprint our humanity on the laws that govern us all. 2/
We fight to engage people who want the freedom to live to love to serve without discrimination or apology. We fight against the untrammeled greed of corporate libertarians who want to exploit our labor, our native and sacred lands, and our ideas for profit over service. 3/
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7 Jul 18
NARRATOR: “their faith was tested but they stuck with Trump. Because economic anxiety was always cultural anxiety. Democrats who want to win chase their own base, and engage non-voters. “ #amjoy
Their faith may be *tested* but REPUBLICANS ALWAYS COME HOME.
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3 Jul 18
Looking at the facts thru my lens as a sex assault prosecutor and victims’ advocate, I believe Jim Jordan knew his colleague was molesting kids on their wrestling team. Many people in these situations know yet say nothing, more out of denial & disgust than venality; still #heknew
Even giving Jim Jordan the benefit of the doubt when he said (NOT under oath) he didn’t directly SEE or HEAR something specific - he knew the doctor was showering with the team and kids were complaining about his lecherous attitude. Think about it... that’s just gross...
If YOU or any reasonable person was acting “in loco parentis” as a wrestling team assistant coach and the kids complained that the team doctor was creepy what would you do as a parent figure? Would YOU tell? Would a reasonBle person tell? If yes, Jim Jordan should have. ...
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30 Jun 18
As uplifting as our day of #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch events is - we have to talk about #MeTooICE and the sexual degradation of prisoners. Trump is traumatizing a generation of people. We must dedicate ourselves to moments of re-unification and lifetimes of healing. #MeToo
We don’t fully know the answer to #WHEREARETHEGIRLS? Having worked in sexual assault prosecution and prevention, I know #metoo incidents are astronomical among female prisoners & girls in state custody. #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch is a cry for HEALING.
The assaults, pregnancies, and degradations must be a part of this conversation. STOP government from separating families, imprisoning children, or sanctioning assault & trauma. We must include not just FREEDOM but HEALING in our demands. #FamiliesBelongTogether #MeToo #MeTooICE
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