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1/x We’ve heard from many Missourians who’ve been waiting to collect signatures to put the extreme 8-week abortion ban on the ballot.

We hear you, & we share your anger & frustration.

#MoLeg #HB126 #StopTheBans
2/x We are not moving forward with an effort to get 100,000 signatures across six of Missouri's eight Congressional districts because we know it is an impossibility.

@JayAshcroftMO knows it, too — which is exactly why he dragged his feet.

#MoLeg #StopTheBans #HB126
3/x Let’s be clear: just because we are no longer pursuing a referendum DOES NOT mean we are giving up on protecting Missourians’ access to abortion. Far from it.

Instead, we're shifting our collective energy to things we can control & achieve.

#MOLeg #StopTheBans #HB126
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Trump's anti-abortion Global Gag Rule is killing women, report says. This is a human rights atrocity, and it undermines our standing in the world.…
Trump hurts U.S. national security by increasing suffering and poverty internationally. His policies destabilize the world. #StopTheBans
In the U.S., it was coat hangers. In Kenya, it's knitting needles. Trump has blood on his hands. #StopTheBans #EndTheGlobalGagRule
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"With close to 100 million Americans living at or near the #poverty level, most of them women, are any of the Democratic candidates addressing the crisis?"

My latest investigation for @damemagazine. I hope you will read and share this important story.…
In my month-long investigation for @damemagazine, I spoke with women from every age and racial/ethnic group--poverty is female.

"One in 17 women lived in extreme poverty last year, living on $1.90 a day--in the U.S., not a developing country."…
"While the media usually presents single mothers as the face of poverty, over half of all poor adult women—54 percent—are single and childless."

One of the surprising statistics I uncovered during this investigation on women and poverty.…
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I have a problem with the arguments advanced by Andrew Sullivan in this article on abortion law.… #StopTheBans >
Sullivan advances the notion that abortion should be regulated by Congressional law. "This is the process called politics," he says. "It’s encouraging to see." No, Andrew, it isn't encouraging. It's a terrible idea. >
Why should abortion policy be made by Congress? Because, Sullivan says, some people don't like safe, legal abortion. The medically ignorant and religiously oppressive should get a vote to privilege a zygote over my rights (thereby killing me) because, well, they don't like it. >
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Ok about this whole #Georgia boycott. Any state that passes laws that endanger women's reproductive freedom also endangers their health. We all know this, no matter how much the forced birth advocates want to pretend that isn't true. #StopTheBans
Any employer that will consider doing business in Georgia has to consider the risk to any female employees that they will send there.
An ectopic pregnancy, even a miscarriage, can be fatal if it isn't treated because they detect a heartbeat.
In Ireland, Savita Halappanavar died of an untreated miscarriage that turned into sepsis because doctors could still detect a heartbeat. Her death galvanized Irish citizens to overturn their draconian abortion laws. American States are now working overtime to pass them.
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Pls join SmartElections.US in NY 2 raise the volume on concerns about #BarcodeVoting.

Counties in GA, OH, PA, KS, WI, TX, DE, NJ, NY, CA, TN, KY, WV, IN, AR, & FL are replacing dangerous old voting machines w/ dangerous new barcode voting machines. Sign up below. TY! 1/
2/ To attend this important election security Action, pls RSVP at SmartElections.US. We can not afford to sit down any longer. It’s time to put our boots on the ground. TY. #HandMarkedPaperBallots #BanBarcodeVoting
3/ Article about the dangers of #BarcodeVoting.…
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Can I call y’all attention to the great Jane Elliott has to say about this abortion ban nonsense‼️

Y’all know her from the Blue Eyes Brown Eyes experiment but she’s still out there speaking her mind on the nonsense of today. Take a look
I have an IG and snap and all that but I don't wanna post it. I just want us to be more kind and patient with each other. Spread love and positive energy. Don't be so quick to anger, judgement, and dismissive-ness, hear each other, and support each other. We can all win! ✊🏾
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We’re live now at Portland’s Terry Schrunk Plaza to rally for abortion rights and #StopTheBans! Join us now to defend the hard-won victories for reproductive freedom and fight back against attempts to roll them back!
Impressive turnout and great energy at today's rally to #StopTheBans in Portland! #Portland #pdx
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.@SenGillibrand attends #StopTheBans rally: "I will not and appoint a justice or a judge who doesn't believe that Roe v. Wade is settled precedent. I will work to overturn the Hyde Amendment."
.@SenGillibrand attends #StopTheBans rally in DC: "[President Trump] apparently wants to have a #waronwomen in America and if this is a war that he wants to have, he will have it and he will lose it."
Mayor Pete Buttigieg attends #StopTheBans rally in DC: "I do not believe that women and their doctors should be overruled by the heavy hand of government."
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Here is @maziehirono at the #StopTheBans rally, saying she just told a bunch of 8th grade girls that their abortion rights are under attack.
@maziehirono The #StopTheBans crowd goes wild when @RepSpeier says she's had an abortion
@maziehirono @RepSpeier Rep. @DonnaShalala says pro-life policies are "racist and sexist." #StopTheBans
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The most aggressive abortion ban bills are spreading throughout our country. These #abortionbans hurt women, ignore the First Amendment, and willfully erase the line between church-state separation. #stopthebans #NWHW
In the wake of these extreme #abortionbans, we’re joining @ACLU @PPFA @NARAL & others to fight back. Today is the day to show up & speak out against these draconian policies. Abortion is a church-state separation issue. Take action to #Stopthebans #NWHW
@ACLU @PPFA @NARAL Just this year alone, nearly 30 bans on abortion have been introduced, passed, or signed into law in statehouses around the country. Abortion is a church-state separation issue.Take action today! #stopthebans #NWHW
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The @GOP, frothing at the mouth as they condemn women's agency over their bodies, lack any cohesive moral stance. If "pro-life" begins at conception, it ends right after birth. Not only is zero thought given to the fate of children after birth, Republicans actively strip away...
...our society's support structures at every opportunity. Planned Parenthood, paid parental leave, childcare, public Pre-K (& public education in general), SNAP, Medicaid, and many other programs are perpetually at risk while Republicans hold power.
Not sure which scenario is worse:
That Republicans can maintain such fervent obsession while rejecting any nuanced point of view,

or that this goading of a SCOTUS overturn is simply a tactic to amass votes, devoid of empathy for the incalculable damage it would do to women.
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Cohen told Congress that Sekulow encouraged him to give false info to Congress re #Ivanka

judge denied Trump’s bid to quash DEMs’ subpoena for years of his financial recs from his acct’g firm, & declined Trump’s request to stay his order pending their appeal.

Cohen testified publicly in January before the HOC that Sekulow was among Trump's personal lawyers who reviewed & edited his statement to Congress

Mehta's decision is a sweeping repudiation of Trump's claim to be largely immune from congressional investigation.

The Judge’s argument emphasizes lawmakers have the authority to investigate any of Trump's conduct --even from before he takes office.

After review of 6k accts, Danske Bank admits Estonian branch was the gateway for the largest 💰💦 case in history. $230B
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We are going to have a frank talk about women’s rights, boycotts and big tents. The vast majority of Americans and the vast majority of Democrats support Roe v Wade and the autonomy and liberty of patents to choose the size and timing of their families. We must #StopTheBans. 1/
People are mobilizing on Tuesday May 21 to rally support for women’s rights and patients’ reproductive justice. (yes, trans and non-binary people can get pregnant too - be inclusive!) We must show support for patients and doctors criminalized under these extreme laws. Sign up! 2/
Sadly, one of our rallies must be in #Louisiana where a Democratic Governor pledged to sign a bill banning abortion rights even in the case of rape and incest. It’s awful and people should ask @LouisianaGov to give patients the same choice his wife had! 3/…
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Everyone asks "What state's abortion ban is THE MOST EXTREME?!?!" But this question fails to recognize that abortion is an individual thing. When a patient is blocked from accessing abortion, the restriction that blocked them was the "most extreme" for them.
Is there's a 24 hour waiting period, and she can't get a second day off of work, then that's the "most extreme" restriction for her.
If there's a ban on paying for abortion with insurance, as John Kasich enacted, and that's the only way she has to pay for abortion care, then that's the "most extreme" restriction for her.
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1/4 Hey #sexstrike Think you can just avoid pregnancy with an elective #hysterectomy? Think again. You don't get to get to make those decisions for yourself either. My 3rd high risk pregnancy in a row became an early emergency c-section… #moleg #hb126 #reprorights #stopthebans
2/4 I /my child had to almost die before Dr's would consider hysterectomy (post recovery). I was so scared of getting pregnant again, we had infrequent & wary sex until the operation was performed. Stop robbing women of freedom #moleg #sexstrike #hb126 #reprorights #stopthebans
3/4 Living in fear of unintended pregnancy robs you of personal #freedom. The only thing you CAN do to 100% prevent pregnancy? Not have sex. I didn’t want to die & couldn’t take #birthcontrol. #moleg #hb126 would rob my kids of their mom #sexstrike #reprorights #stopthebans
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And there it is folks Chambliss admits that the MS bill is written as a direct challenge to Roe & designed to be sent to #SCOTUS to challenge it.

The health and safety of Alabama women is being used to as a political football to advance an extreme agenda. #HB314 #alpolitics
Chambliss also states that rulings from #SCOTUS are not designed to be place forever. Essentially that precedent be damned if it does not fit the political agenda of the party in power. This should be chilling to EVERYONE who claims to believe the rule of law #HB314 #alpolitics
You can tune in here:…
HUGE shout out to the AL Democrats who fighting tooth & nail to protect the rights of women. And even bigger shout out to the groups on the ground: @PPSE_Advocates @YellowFund @ALWomensCenter #HB314 #alpolitics #StopTheBans
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NXIVM benefactor funneled illegal donations to win Clinton’s favor
Clare Bronfman tried to buy influence for the alleged sex cult by illegally raising money for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign #NXIVM…
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #WWG1WGA #911onFOX
Senior NXIVM Member Confirms Illegal Clinton Campaign Scheme During Trial
#NXIVM members took part in the illegal scheme to “exceed contribution limits” and gain “political influence.”…
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #WWG1WGA #TuesdayThoughts #LindsayGrahamResign
▪️BOOM: NXIVM Sex Cult Had Schumer’s Financial Records and Hillary’s Emails
▪️ Keeffe claims Clare Bronfman order probe into six judges financial records who have all presided over cases involving #NXIVM…
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #WWG1WGA #AbortionRights
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Today the Senate Judiciary Committee's holding hearing to spread misinformation & continue pushing inaccurate information on the issue of abortion care later in pregnancy. Their intent is clear.

The hearing title on its own perpetuates lies and misinformation, called the: “Abortion Until Birth: The Need to Pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.”

This hearing is yet another part of Republican leadership’s attacks on health care.

The claims about abortion care being made by the Republicans on this committee are false – they are not based in science or reality. @gop leadership will focus on legislation seeking to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship, ban access to safe, legal abortion care.

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Stand by! We’ll be live-tweeting coverage of the #OHLeg House Health Committee, and the first hearing of HB 68, a bill that would ban all abortions (without exception) after a fetal heartbeat is detected - commonly known as the #HeartbeatBill
Rep. Ron Hood opens up the hearing with sponsor testimony, noting that the Ohio House GOP has repeatedly tried and failed to pass the #HeartbeatBill into law.
Ranking member @Boyd4OH_D9 asks the #HeartbeatBill sponsors why they have prioritized this abortion ban over other family-focused policies - like paid family leave, mental health and postpartum care, domestic violence protections, and early childhood education.
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We’ve been abundantly clear: We won’t tolerate attacks on our health care, rights or communities — but GOP Senate Leadership is still pushing a vote to criminalize abortion after 20 weeks. Trump would sign it. #StopTheBans
Allow us to break down the ways this is insulting and harmful.

First and most importantly, women should be able to control their bodies and can make their own health care decisions without interference from politicians.

FULL STOP. #StopTheBans
That should be enough. But if you need more, we know what happens when lawmakers play politics with women’s health care. It puts women and doctors in unimaginable situations — like needing to end a pregnancy for serious medical reasons but being unable to. #StopTheBans
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