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One of the most bizarre & troubling bits of the #ReopeningSchools saga is that @educationgovuk & @BorisJohnson have ignored every single plea from teachers, early years staff, pupils & their families to #MakeSchoolsSafe & wasted all the months they have had to do so. 1/14 🧵
2)They’ve turned their backs on plentiful advice from #SAGE, @IndependentSage & @NEU.
Even @CMO_England has made his reservations as clear as he can from a rather difficult position.
But they’ve put their collective fingers in their ears & metaphorically said “La La La La”!
3) @GavinWilliamson & @halfon4harlowMP CLAIM the motivation for a speedy full opening of all school & early years facilities is the WELFARE OF CHILDREN!
They repeatedly cite educational, emotional, social & psychological needs.
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#ReopeningSchools Deputy Basic Education Minister Reginah Mhaule is giving an update on the reopening of schools. Minister Angie Motshekga is on sick leave. TK
#ReopeningSchools Mhaule: The Council of Education Minister together with cabinet have taken a decision to postpone the reopening of schools for both private and public schools. TK
#ReopeningSchools Mhaule: The CM took this difficult decision having backed up by research, the priority remains saving lives. TK
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The decision on #ReopeningSchools has fallen largely on local school districts and university administrators. So how can it be done safely as #COVID19 surges?

@margbrennan spoke with @AmericanU President and former @HHSGov Sec. @SylviaBurwell for more:… Image
How did @SylviaBurwell decide to take @AmericanU totally online amid #coronavirus concerns?

She tells @margbrennan "after consulting a lot of epidemiologists" and local officials, she made the "best decision' to change course this fall #ReopenSafely
While the Trump admin. pushes ahead with dismantling #Obamacare, @SylviaBurwell tells @margbrennan building on the #ACA is the best way to ensure access to #healthcare during a pandemic

#COVID19 is just going to bring "health care issues more to the forefront" she says
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A comprehensive & balanced view of health & educational risks & benefits is key to decision-making about in-person #schoolreopening. Project Parabola’s suite of resources will be regularly revised to reflect latest scientific evidence & new learning resources. Tools include: ⬇️
‘The School Reopening Readiness Guide’ is an evidence-informed guide to assist district & school leaders in developing, evaluating, & executing operational plans for #reopeningschools. →
‘The Practitioner Toolkit: How to Build a Mask Culture’ aims to help #educators consider how to best help students adjust to and sustain mask-wearing. →
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As the Trump administration pushes for #ReopeningSchools, it's up to parents and local districts to decide whether it's "safe" to do so

@margbrennan spoke with @DCPSChancellor for a look at the challenges @dcpublicschools face this fall during #COVID19… Image
Nearly 70% of @dcpublicschools students -- more than 34,000 -- are eligible for free or reduced price school meals.

How has #covid19 impacted DC's most vulnerable families who need schools open for their children to eat?

@DCPSChancellor explains -->…
DC's @MayorBowser says the fall term will be virtual -- but DCPS ran into issues with virtual learning in March at the height of the #coronavirus outbreak

How is @dcpublicschools addressing issues like connectivity or hardware access for families as they learn at home? #COVID19
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NEW! What's next? I know . . . enough.
#SafeVoting is the new #ReopeningSchools. An honor to contribute @RANDCorporation report on health safety while voting. We enter a huge debate, but let's be clear: citizens need to feel confident that the act of voting won't kill them. 1/
Three parts were released today.
Part 1: Comprehensive review -- one (damn) state at a time -- of voting procedures for pandemic, including during these primaries.
Part 2: State by state readiness for "pandemic era" voting.
Part 3: Options for ensuring healthy elections.
It was important that Rand -- a non-partisan organization with strong ties to defense industry and not known for a liberal bent -- took this effort on. There is no question: voting from home is the safest from health perspective. But. . .3/
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If children contract #covid19 at school, they could bring the virus home to higher risk adults. Our new piece estimates the number of kids & adults 65+ living together in multigenerational households.… @jenkatesdc
3.3 million people age 65 or older live with school-age children and could be at heightened risk of COVID-19 if kids bring the virus home and 4.1 million school age children live with adults 65+.
#ReopeningSchools Image
Older people of color are significantly more likely to live with a school-age child compared to their White counterparts: 17% of Hispanic older adults, 13% of AIAN older adults, 11% Black older adults (compared with 4% of older White adults) lives with a school-age child.
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1) #ReopeningSchools requires time for all things to be put in place and yet we can mark the Minister "tardy" and "unruly" in not starting collaborative planning months ago when options were clearly understood.
2)Opening schools safely requires major expansion of well-ventilated space, many more teachers, a mental health and wellbeing plan to support teachers and students; a major commitment to expanded non-profit childcare. These are a must before students should come back.
3) A major investment in how to tap expertise to skill up educators about innovative use of remote learning along with supports for students to build capacity. This will take a few years to create exciting, effective and highly interactive approaches
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Let’s have some real talk about #ReopeningSchools. My view is from being a proud #publicschool mom + class volunteer for art, library, pumpkin fest, school spirit merch sales + field trips over the last 6 years. Cannnot imagine ANY of these activities being coronavirus safe. 1/?
What happens in a k-5 #publicschool classroom? Well you have the day begin with all the kids together on a rug - each criss-cross applesauce on their own designated square. Are YOU going to put 25 kids on a rug together anytime soon? 2/?
Wait you might cram the kids on the rug? OK then - let’s say a couple of them have hair lice. 🐛

The teacher will send them home. To come back, the kids need lice testing, treatment, and a clearance note. The whole class + teacher need testing (+ treatments if infected) 3/?
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These are questions that need to be addressed concerning #ReopeningSchools

• If a teacher tests positive for COVID-19 are they required to quarantine for 2-3 weeks? Is their sick leave covered, paid?
• If that teacher has 5 classes a day with 30 students each, do all 150 of those students need to then stay homes and quarantine for 14 days?
• Do all 150 of those students now have to get tested? Who pays for those tests? Are they happening at school? How are the parents being notified? Does everyone in each of those kids' families need to get tested? Who pays for that?
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Last week @RobinToal met @IndependentSAGE Chair and Founder, @Sir_David_King King to discuss the UK government response coronavirus pandemic and trust in science. With #PubsReopening in England, furthering the possibility of a #secondwave, we’re sharing the best bits. Thread ⬇️
What problems was @IndependentSage trying to solve?

The main point is that we put our advice into the government, as SAGE does, but we also put our advice into the public domain, and the object is to demonstrate how trust can be developed with the public.

#COVID19 #coronavirus
Producers know that if they approach members of government, including science advisors, they always get turned down. That's not the way to get the #trust of the public. If you want the public to behave in such a way that we manage the pandemic, you have to have their trust.
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1/ Q: How on earth is #ReopeningSchools going to happen safely in the Fall?!

A: We know some of you are frustrated with some things you are hearing from local school districts. This hot off the press resource from the @HarvardChanSPH is EXTREMELY useful:
2/ In brief, the report highlights 5 key areas of focus for school re-openings:

HEALTHY CLASSROOMS (wear #masks, #WashYourHands frequently, maximize physical distance, maximize group distance to slow transmission chains, disinfect objects)
3/ HEALTHY BUILDINGS (increase outdoor air ventilation, filter indoor air, supplement with portable air cleaners, use plexiglass as a physical barrier, install no-contact infrastructure, keep surfaces clear, focus on bathroom hygiene, de-densify school buildings) Image
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1/3: Thanks @Legat_Architect for starting/facilitating this EdEngage series & inviting me to participate. It was important to hear 1st hand the challenges districts are facing as they consider what the fall looks like.

#ksed #COVID19 #ReopeningSchools…
2/3: As consultants, we certainly have expertise to offer school districts, but we should also be advocating for a) federal shoring up of state budgets to minimize drastic cuts to public ed & b) adequate testing/contact tracing.

Both are necessary for #ReopeningSchools #ksed
3/3: And we should be using the pandemic as an opportunity to rethink how we educate - both the pedagogical aspects & the environments we create for the learning to occur w/in. Many aspects of both are mismatched w/ how we evolved to learn.

#ksed #COVID19 #ReopeningSchools
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Can’t believe I’m going to have to do a #schoolsreopening thread
well as the testing thread, but here we go.…
How will they #controlthevirus in the playground, toilets, every surface they touch 100’s of times a day? Desks, books, tablets, doors, door knobs, chairs, crayons, hand rails, toys...Controlling this will be more traumatising for them than staying safely at home. And impossible.
Two cases of coronavirus confirmed at Derby primary school…
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