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My gut tells me that @thorchain_org’s #THORNodes aren’t “money transmitters”, they’re validators of a “settlement network” which provide services to clients. It just happens that #ASGARDEX = open source one.

Green light from me ✅

PS: This is not legal advice, just my opinion.
2/ The mistake would’ve been if the #THORNodes also powered a web-based exchange client — but they don’t, and they shouldn’t. Jurisdictions have varying laws about the type of record-keeping, tracking and regulatory compliance exchanges and transmitters must follow.
3/ Best for exchanges handle that side of the ecosystem. @thorchain_org should strictly focus on driving liquidity into its settlement network and that’s all. If ever a web-based exchange was to be embedded into #THORNode’s services, then it would become risky to operate.
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Staking Strategies on #ASGARDEX @thorchain_org

Passive: Look for pools with deep liquidity to minimise risk and maximise returns.

Active: Look for pools with shallow liquidity but high demand. This demand will cause greater slips and higher fees for stakers.
@thorchain_org 2/ Could totally see such feature built into @Delphi_Digital’s dashboard:

Filter by depth / demand.

^ Pay-for additional insights, or better-yet give a commission to @Delphi_Digital? @lukedelphi @anildelphi
3/ @Four4Newt this could be very useful for iOS.
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So @MrMopesey DM’d me to learn more about @thorchain_org. He wanted to specifically know what makes the project special philosophically, specifically its “raison d’être” like we say in French.
3/ Market capture: @Rewkang’s Liquidity Black Hole Theory covers this topic nicely:

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I’ve always asked myself how regulators will perceive #THORNodes, given that they will listen to transactions and store assets.
2) I haven’t found any fixed regulatory guidelines and it’s understandable — every new #blockchain innovation functions differently.

@thorchain_org #THORNodes seem to kind of resemble #BTC Lighting Network nodes. Although they don’t have the same functions.
3) The research from this whitepaper seems to conclude that nothing is set in stone, and archaic laws just don’t quite fit universally:…
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🧠 @THORChain_org's Decentralized Liquidity Network creates opportunities for businesses / entrepreneurs / devs

The team is focused on the core swap tech and #ASGARDEX -- but that doesn't mean there isn't opportunity for others elsewhere in the meantime.
2) Any service which aims-to increase network utility via swaps will benefit will increase revenue for #THORNode operators, Liquidity Providers aka stakers -- and ultimately increase the value of $RUNE.
3) An example could be a @venmo style peer-to-peer payment solution, crafted in a way where the service can branch itself out to a variety of integrations, think @Shopify @magento @whmcs @opencart @PrestaShop @drupalcommerce @Ubercart @WordPress @ZenCart
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1) 🧠 How to strengthen #crypto #BTC #ETH #BEP #BNB

One weakness of the market is driven by its LOW LIQUIDITY, and it's imperative that we aim for growth of a decentralized liquidity network, allowing for ALL #BTC #ETH #BNB #BEP hodlers to participate as automated market makers.
2) Allowing them to earn on their hodlings -- which currently centralized exchanges do not support.

If we can people to aggregate the dormant #BTC #ETH #BNB #BEP tokens sitting on cold storage devices into decentralized liquidity networks, perhaps we can develop more strength.
3) It would strengthen #cryptos against whale manipulation / over-leveraged traders (which causes price swings, which leads to panic and irrational trades).
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