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1/ Hey there, frens! 👋

Are you tired of missing out on opportunities in the crypto space?🥺

Well, not anymore!🤝

In this thread, I'll introduce you to @staderlabs ( $SD ) , the rising star of the LSDFi world, and offer you the opportunity to join in! 💪🚀💰 Image
2/ If you're not familiar with LSDFi, don't worry, I got you! 💪

Check out this thread that explains LSD-LST topics and then come back here to discover @staderlabs' details! 🧐

3/ In this thread, we'll cover following topics :

@staderlabs introduction,
✅LST opportunities on @staderlabs

Stay tuned! 🔥
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🧵A thread about $Bern 🪙
1. Introducing @BonkEarn, the new 2022 token standard on #Solana, founded by a member of the $Bonk community. Launched in early June, $Bern quickly reached an ATH with a mc of around 15m then falling free to 1m mc. Image
2. Tokennomic:
69% of the total supply was airdropped for FREE.
20% will be reserved for eco partners
11% of will be placed into a new LP for market participants to acquire
Each wallet receive 10.000 $Bern and can sell for 100$ at the ath.
3. $Bern brings some exciting features that SPL tokens have never seen before. With each transaction, a 6.9% fee is incurred, distributing as follows:
5%: Bernzy Bonus Fee, rewarding $BERN holders
1.5%: Used to Buy/Burn $BONK
0.3%: Dev fund for fees/LP
0.1%: Goes to $BONK DAO
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🚨 BREAKING: #Bitcoin 🚀

🇨🇳 China's Secret Plan to PUMP #Crypto Market with Trillions of Dollars Revealed 🔥

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ Rumors of a secret U.S. alliance to destroy #crypto have ignited a rollercoaster ride for #Bitcoin, Ethereum, #BNB, XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, Tron, Polygon, and Solana. Image
2️⃣ According to former Forbes billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya, China is ready to "rip in trillions of dollars" through massive quantitative easing 🤑

👉 This could be a game-changer, as China's economic stimulus package aims to inflate everything, including the #crypto market! Image
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𝗜𝗻𝗰𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗶𝘇𝗲𝗱 𝗧𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗻𝗲𝘁 𝗘𝗱𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻

Here's a compilation of 6 testnet currently open, which could bring you a few dollars to invest in larger projects such as zkSync, LayerZero or Starknet

#airdrop #airdrops Image
I've selected these projects because they don't require an entire thread for each one

Tutorials are already available, so I've provided the links so you can farm easily

🧵Here we go 👇
1️⃣ @FactorDAO

Factor is a powerful foundational layer that interconnects DeFi protocols by providing the necessary tools and framework for protocols, builders, treasuries, and enables the creation and management of robust financial instruments Image
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𝗟𝗮𝘆𝗲𝗿 𝗭𝗲𝗿𝗼

Not a $1 strategy, not a life-changing opportunity, just a complete thread that lets you interact with everything LayerZero has to offer today

#airdrop #airdrops #LayerZero Image
Now we get 25 LayerZero airdrop strategies a day on Twitter. So much so that I almost canceled my thread...

I'm posting it to give you the choice to use as many different protocols as you can, look like a real user and take what you get !
Sorry I don't post $1 strategies when I know it doesn't work
If you doubt it, tell me which top tier project has airdrop users who spent only $1 😉

For this tutorial, no amount, if LayerZero does an airdrop, it will certainly be based on volume, so do according to your means
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Liquidity Book Rewards: Epoch 6

Markets on #BNB, #Avalanche and #Arbitrum + $WOO rewards

Supply Liquidity 🌊 Accrue Fees 📘 Earn Rewards 💫 all powered by Liquidity Book, the most efficient AMM in #DeFi Image
🌊 Epoch 6: #BNBChain

$BNB - USDT: 40k JOE
$BTC.B - ETH: 20k JOE
$LVL - USDT: 10k JOE
$RDNT - BNB: 10k JOE
$TWT - BNB: 10k JOE
$FIL - BNB: 10k JOE
$XRP - BNB: 10k JOE Image
🌊 Epoch 6: #Arbitrum

$ARB - ETH: 25k JOE
$USDC - USDC.e: 10k JOE
$ETH - USDC: 20k JOE
$RDNT - ETH: 10k JOE
$GMX - ETH: 10k JOE Image
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New Feature Alert: NFT Floor Price Tracker on App 📱

You can now track your favourite NFTs on the #CoinGecko mobile app! Here's a thread on how it works 🧵

Download our app:… Image
Track the floor prices of any NFTs conveniently on the go with our mobile app!

Simply tap on the 'NFT' tab located at the top to get started. Image
Choose any NFT you like and view its floor price, historical charts, market cap, volume, and more!

Here is an example with @Azuki 👇 Image
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而此刻,一家DEX新星让人眼前一亮。它基于ZKS打造,以独特的LP流动性方案和高效的资本利用率,得到很多巨鲸的青睐.它便是即将登录币安Launchpool的项目 #MAV @mavprotocol

👇👇分析 Image
接下来我将通过5个部分介绍 @mavprotocol 项目
一,项目优势 #UNI VS #MAV
一,项目优势 #UNI VS #MAV


1.1先来看看 #UNI V3模式,我们称之为Range AMM(范围AMM),顾名思义,提前预设一个LP价格区间的范围,市场价格落在范围之内,LP获得较高的收入回报,假如超出提前设定的价格范围,LP将无法获得任何收入,资本效率降低。
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0/n #GryphsisAcademyWeeklyCryptoDigest When Regulatory Actions Shake Markets (2023.06.05–2023.06.11)…
1/n Contents - 1
1) Macro Overview:US Stock V.S. Crypto
2) Big Story: @SECGov sues @binance and @coinbase ; June 9 Market Crash
3) Protocol Spotlight: @fraxfinance
4) Narrative Pick(Trading Tool): Unibot, the Telegram Uniswap Sniper Bot
5) VC Funding Highlight
2/n Contents - 2
6) Alpha Threads: @ChadCaff’s analysis of $GMD;
@defi_mochi’s tutorial on whale hunting;
@louround’s research on Spin;
@rekwang’s insights on Radiant;
@VitalikButerin’s take on Ethereum’s technical transitions
7) Upcoming Events: Crypto; Macro
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✨ Send at least $10 or more $ONE deom exchange to Mëtãmask using this process to get your $ONE address

We will be uaing harmony to build up our actice days.. Proceed with the whole process 😉
⛳ Visit:
✨ Bridge the $USDT to harmony.
Approve wallet and wait for the process, now beidge back to BNB from harmony by switching sides. ImageImage
✨ Now after successful bridge, check the list since we are on #BNB chain,

go back to pancake swapand pick from this list, swap and bridge one by one . Using $10. You can create the volume later (sometimes some pairs are illiquid) ImageImage
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1/15 Binance launched in 2017 and quickly became the largest crypto exchange.

But now it's facing the biggest challenge yet.

Here's a look at its rise to the top, current challenges, and what the future may hold: 🧵 Image
2/15 In the grand scheme of things Binance is still young.

The exchange launched in July 2017, just 11 days after #BNB ICO.

Out of 200M of the total BNB allocation, 50% were sold to the public for $0.15, raising $15M in total.

That's 186,566% ROI.
3/15 While Binance is 6 years old, CZ is celebrating 10-year anniversary of joining crypto.

CZ began crypto career in 2013 at blockchain[.]info

In 2014 he joined OKCoin as CTO, but left 8 months later citing 'a difference of direction.' Image
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Trader Joe is building a Liquidity Hub for an omnichain future, starting with #Avalanche, #Arbitrum and #BNB.

It all begins with omnichain fungible tokens (OFTs), a new standard developed by @LayerZero_Labs. OFTs solve 3 main issues associated with cross-chain token transfers... Image
🌊 Liquidity

Liquidity is the lifeblood of ecosystems. Thanks to OFTs, protocols to easily establish liquidity on new chains while being able to effortlessly handle even large transfers.

OFTs make it easy to move from one chain to another, even for inexperienced users. In the future OFTs could even allow for seamless omni-chain dapps...Intrigue.
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Sobre el caso de la demanda introducida por la @SECGov en la corte del Dtto de Columbia en contra del exchange Binance/usa, no hay sorpresa y no representa un peligro mayor para binance/com que es la matriz principal del exchange crypto más grande del mundo.

[Hilo] 🧶

1/10 Image
Como ya lo mencioné en dos hilos anteriores que dejaré al final.
Binance cometió un gran error en declararse IMPARCIAL en la invasión de Rusia a Ucrania, además comenzó con el pie que no era cuando lanzó el nuevo exchange en los EE.UU sin cumplir ciertas formalidades.

Lo que la SEC considera grave son principalmente 4 cosas:

1) CZ permitió con premeditación que clientes de los EE.UU tuvieran acceso a operaciones de trading y staking trianguladas y controladas por firmas o compañías de él mismo hacia binance/com, y esto está PROHIBIDO.

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🚨 BREAKING: Shocking Decision by #BabyDoge Coin 😳

A thread 🧵 Image
1️⃣ Unbelievable! #BabyDoge Coin just dropped a bombshell that has the #crypto world buzzing!

👉 Hold on tight, because this news is going to blow your mind!
2️⃣ Curious about the supply of #BabyDoge?

👉 They've provided a comprehensive explanation!

👉 According to them, there's a whole new dimension to their tokenomics.

👉 They've urged everyone to verify it on reputable platforms like @coingecko, @CoinMarketCap, and @bscscan 📈
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@AltitudeDeFi is a composable native blue-chip asset bridge, and one of the first dApp’s built on LayerZero

✈️ Airdrop : Confirmed
⏳Estimated time : 20min
💲Cost : Free

#airdrop #airdrops #LayerZero Image
Why choose Altitude ?

Altitude allow DeFi users to transfer native assets cross-chain thanks to LayerZero technology, based on 5 strengths :

▫️Lightning Fast Transactions
▫️Cheap Bridging Fees
▫️Zero Impermanent Loss Image
$ALTD, the native token of Altitude is confirmed

It's a governance token which can be farmed by proving liquidity for supported tokens

Official Altitude tokenomics announce that 5% of the supply is reserved for strategic airdrop 🪂 Image
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This #crypto wallet was able to turn $15,000 to $323,000 very quickly, amazing!

That is about a 21x gain!

The gains of a true trader, let's find out how they achieved this milestone🧵

(Stick around to the end to know exactly how I found this wallet)
In this thread, we would be looking at:
💥 Their holdings
💥 Buy price in various tokens
💥 How to find #crypto whales
The first token on the list is #BNB

Very early buy into $BNB of about 710 $BNB on Aug 2019

Currently holding about $216,700 worth of $BNB

A diamond hand since...

PNL: +$198,441
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💰📈 Dados de Criptomoedas!

1⃣ Bitcoin (BTC)

Preço: R$133.000,75 💵
Variação (1h): 0.05% 📈
Variação (24h): 1.78% 📈
Variação (7d): 3.22% 📈

Cap. de Mercado: R$2.589.914.704.155 💲

Volume (24h): R$39.607.360.006 💰

Fornecimento Cir.: 296.492

Últimos 7 Dias: 19.385.481
2⃣ Ethereum (ETH)

Preço: R$9.125,42 💵
Variação (1h): 0.12% 📈
Variação (24h): 1.36% 📈
Variação (7d): 1.71% 📈

Cap. de Mercado: R$1.097.394.131.395 💲

Volume (24h): R$16.394.909.364 💰

Fornecimento Circulante: 1.796.898 ETH Ξ

Últimos 7 Dias: 120.256.773 ETH Ξ
3⃣ Tether (USDT)

Preço: R$5,00 💵
Variação (1h): 0.00% 📈
Variação (24h): 1.85% 📈
Variação (7d): 2.12% 📈

Cap. de Mercado: R$415.264.285.624 💲

Volume (24h): R$ 💰

Fornecimento Circulante: 12.453.816.526 USDT

Últimos 7 Dias: USDT
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THE FUSION - A GameChanger solution in DeFi @ThenaFi_

Part 7 - Key Advantages of FUSION 🗝️ Image
2/17) In my previous thread we learned what are the 6 Pathways to Optimal Strategy 🛣️

3/17) In this last thread we will go through the key advantages of FUSION, and check the new pool types in Thena V2 🌊
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This one you are staring at your phone and smiling like you won a lottery, what are you looking at?

It was around January this year, and I still remember clearly how I kept on refreshing my wallet every hour to see the value of my coins increasing like they were on steroids. Image
It was like a movie and one could tell how excited I was. You won't blame me, that was my first win in web 3.

Earlier that week, 5th January to be precise, I was opportuned to invest in the #DefiTigerToken, a major breakthrough that happened to me then.

I was even surprised that while a lecturer was teaching in class, I overheard a noob talking about $DTG. That was the height of it!

I mean back then, almost everyone on CT was talking about @DefiTigertoken. Image
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Wombex @WombexFinance has been making significant strides in recent weeks, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of #DeFi

I witnessed that team has been very active since its launch on @arbitrum

A recap of the most important milestones till now 👇 Image
1⃣ New Pools Added

🔹On April 8th, @WombexFinance pools were added to @DeBankDeFi, followed by new pools & yields added to @DefiLlama on April 12th

🔹On the same day, #Wombex added $BOB, $Frax, $MAI, and $MIM pools to the #Arbitrum Dapp Image
2⃣ Increasing TVL

🔹Just a day later on April 9th, #Wombex joined #Arbitrum X @WombatExchange AMA on Twitter, which helped to increase its visibility

🔹By April 29th, #Wombex had passed a total of $70M TVL on its platform, indicating strong growth & adoption Image
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6 reasons WHY @traderjoe_xyz is THE BEST #Avalanche DEX 🚀🚀

Take a deep dive into this groundbreaking DEX project and discover how it's changing the game 🧵 Image
1/ The power of the liquidity book has made Trader Joe one of the most efficient Dexes on Avalanche:
✅ Supports all tokens
✅ Configurable markets
✅ Fungible liquidity positions
✅ Volatility adjusted fee
✅ Compounding fees
2/ Liquidity Book lets you swap fully on-chain, with the best rates and zero slippage, thanks to the innovative discretized architecture

on #Avalanche #BNB #Arbitrum Image
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𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗕𝗢 Network mint #2

@combonetworkio, game-focused Layer 2 launch Cobee Mint Event II in celebration of Binance supporting Swap & Rebranding Plan to $COMBO

✈️ Combo Airdrop : Confirmed
⏳Deadline : 12:00, Jun 2 (UTC)

#airdrop #airdrops Image
To mint this #NFT :

🔸Connect your wallet to
🔸Join Combo social Networks
🔸Mint your free NFT ( fees around $0.22 on #BNB chain ) Image
👉 To be eligible in airdrop, you have to bridge a NFT on Combo testnet chain :

🔸Click on zkBridge as below
🔸Follow my previous tuto :
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If you pay attention, you will notice that #BITCOIN, #ETHEREUM & the general #cryptocurrency market is DOWN! However the emerging ecosystem inside CARDANO DOES NOT CARE! Cardano is having a mini bull run in Image
its ecosystem. Wether you know it or not, these are the beginnings of A RIDICULOUSLY EXPLOSIVE 🧨 BULL MARKET FOR CARDANO this cycle. Most Of you can’t see it now, some of your have been misled or deceived to think you are late to the opportunity, you are DEAD WRONG.
Take another look, our top dex @MinswapDEX still has a market cap of $24 million dollars, our top lending protocol @AadaFinance still has a MKCAP of $24 million, our top synthetic @Indigo_protocol has a MKCAP of $10 million, Our top #memecoin @snekcoinada $SNEK is under
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Full Send SZN2 🌶

@joepegsnft is coming in hot with a new calendar of free mints, collectibles, riddles, events and rewards.

Starting this Friday on #BNBChain

Intrigued? Check this out...🦩 Image
As part of the Full Send SZN2 campaign, Joepegs will stealth-launch a selection of micro free mints in a range featuring a classic range of memes, formats and Gary.

📍 Here's your roadmap: Image
Pool Party 💦

To celebrate the launch of Auto-Pools, get ready for the Pool Party event.

Early adopters will have the chance to unlock unique NFTs, enjoy special community perks, and win JOE token prizes 💎 Image
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