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Could #RUNE @THORChain reach $46.80 per coin in the next bull run?

That’s a very specific number for a reason 😀

In this thread I’m going to make the case for it.
(Not financial advice)

Let’s go.

🧵 1/20
Upward price pressure is going to happen because of AT LEAST 3 reasons. In no particular order:

1. Swap volume
2. Nodes bonding to secure the network
3. Single-sided staking

Let’s tackle each of these.
Reason #1: Swap Volume

The whole point of THORChain is to become a multi-chain liquidity resource for all of DeFi, ESPECIALLY for native L1 assets.

Think swapping BTC to AVAX directly, without a bridge and without wrapping any assets.

Non-KYC, and pure heaven.😇
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¿Conoces los 3 tipos de Tokenomics? 💲

Abro hilo 🧵
Antes de empezar vamos a definir brevemente que es esto de los Tokenomics
Los Tokenomics (economía del Token), es la planificación económica que establece cada proyecto para combatir la famosa inflación 📊
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Liquidity, MSB, OB, OTE ve Breaker kullanılarak alınan scalp işlemler ve süreci🥂

Full ve 1080P izlemek isteyenler için;

#Trader #Traders #trading #priceaction #liquidity #scalping #RUNE $RUNE
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.@THORChain is well on its way to becoming a liquidity black hole and approaching Valhalla

After the network was relaunched, its recovered to reach ATHs of $1 bn in total TVL, $500mn in its liquidity pools, and $2bn in swap volume all in the month of March.
Last month, @THORChain integrated Terra onto the network. In 3 weeks the network amassed $90mn in #UST and #LUNA liquidity.
11 days into April, THORChain has already done $1bn in swapping volume, with UST being the 2nd most traded asset. UST should surpass BUSD in no time
For the first time, THORChain allows #Bitcoin holders to earn yield on the NATIVE asset. No centralized custodians, no wrapping, and no bridging. It currently has the highest APY out there for Bitcoin.
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Are you trying to understand #THORChain? ⛓️

Here's what I learned about THORChain and the best resources I've found to read more about it. 🚀

A thread 🧵👇
@THORChain is a decentralized cross-chain automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to trade spot Tokens across blockchains.

It allows users to trade in the native asset, not a synthetic wrapped version like #wBTC.
Trading over centralized exchanges presents risk through:

⚈ counterparty risk
⚈ the time that it takes to send assets to #CEX and withdraw again
⚈ forced seizure of assets through regulators or governments
⚈ hacks
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@THORChain Staking and LP guide

start to finish
Things you will need

-multichain wallet
-you DO NOT need rune (common misconception)
-any asset you want to lp thats on thorswap
-an open mind 😉
First you need to download one of these bad boys over at @xdefi_wallet
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$Rune is pumping but is this the top?

To understand why its pumping you need to understand the tokenomics 👇 ImageImage
If you know @THORChain and the $rune deterministic value formula of 3$ increase to rune MC for every $1 deposited...your half way there

This is the bare bones minimum that rune HAS to trade at is the 3x multiplier.....It has NEVER TRADED at this its always been over Image
Can I get a.... "what the snap"

so why does $Rune HAVE to trade at a min of 3x.....

this is why

1. all LP's are paired 50% token A and 50% $rune
2. node operators must have 2x the value of the assets in the liquidity pools.

note:node operators only hold rune 😉

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The hype about #THORfi is absolutely warranted. Much has been written about the mechanics, which is some real giga brain stuff. But there are two things about what this means that I am most excited about

1. Adoption 🏃‍♂️
2. Tokenomics 💰

@Thorchain #RUNAtics
2/9 Adoption - Terra has shown that the path to adoption is to make things simple (e.g. $ANC). #THORfi does this in spades with a) a lending product that has 0 liquidation risks (no more sweating on whether you might have been liquidated during a flash dump)
3/9 The lending product has 0% interest rate - no more having to watch your yields move up and down depending on demand in market
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I didnt add an example to show the power of @THORSwap and the $rune asset and how the yields are dynamic to how the protocol functions. so here is some napkin math.....
2/ example:
lets say rune is 1$ and the MC is 1,000,000$ just for this example)
Now the yield for the $BTC pool is paying 20%.

lets say a user deposits $1,000,000 of btc......that would go to 10% because the TVL doubled. wouldnt it?
3/ No, remember the formula every 1$ deposited=$3 on rune MC

so if this is the case then the rune price would go to $4 because the MC got juiced to 4,000,000$......

so since the Apy is based in rune the new apy instead of 20% would be 80% / 2 because higher TVL

so =40% APY
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Are these yields on @THORSwap sustainable?
2/ Well lets get into the data on how the yield is generated.

Just like all yield farms a certain number of tokens are allocated to a given pool regardless of price, so the more people that deposit they less tokens you get.... so the lower the apy? right?
3/ yes and no
*remember apys are based in rune price
so 10$ rune price paying 10% apy
will pay around 20% apy if rune price goes to 20$

......wait why does the rune price have to go up???
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Why does @THORSwap have the ultimate defi yield for stables.......

it has to do with tranches
2/ Let me explain:
You have probably heard of this thing called $rune (if you haven't her chart is like shoes that fit on your feet)

translation: nuts and ham

2nd translation: GOOD like REALLY GOOD Image
3/so with tranches say you want to invest 10,000$
what you would do is split it up 50/50 or 60/40 with the equal or lesser going to the more risky strat (in this case the lesser is 40 😉 )

just for example purposes we will do 50/50
so 5k thorswap
and 5k anchor
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En son YouTube videosunda yorumlarla birlikte anlattığım grafikleri bu tweet altına ekliyorum.
Roket atmıyorum ama hayırlısı bakalım :)
Gerisi Kısmet...
Orta - Uzun Vade...
<10 Adet>
#OMG #RUNE #SRM #IOTA ImageImageImageImage
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My investment thesis and why RUNE⚡ ticks all my boxes for a high conviction bet.

1. Inspiring vision which addresses a need 👁️
2. Large TAM 💸
3. Great tokenomics 💰
4. History of execution 🏃
5. Strong community and adoption 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Time for a 🧵 - let's dive in

2/20 Inspiring vision – Just as a decentralised economy needs a decentralised stablecoin, it also needs a decentralised exchange. Most trading is done on centralised exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, Kraken) but they are custodial where you do not have full custody of those tokens
3/20 There is a risk you take when holding your tokens on CEXs or anything that is not self-custodial – see the tweet below from Kraken CEO in response to Canada’s regulators actions regarding the protests in Ottawa
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最近在研究一个很有思议的生态 #Thorchain #RUNE,惊讶它的关注度和讨论度之低(可能算是个早期指标?)。所以就做扒了⽩⽪书查阅整理了⼀些相关资料,主要想判断是否值得布局。和大家分享整理之余,也期待了解 #THORchain 生态的朋友指正、探讨~
2. THORChain是⼀个去中⼼化跨链流动性⽹络协议(decentralised cross-chain liquidityprotocol),其愿景是创建具有激励性的去中⼼化分布式数字资产交易平台。在THORChain,⽤户可以直接跨链交易BTC、ETH等加密资产, ⽽⽆需承担对⼿或托管⻛险。
3. 觉得值得布局的原因:


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My crypto guide for new people who are here for the long run and willing to put in the work. It is based on my journey and should not be taken as financial advice. Start by asking yourself why are you here, what are you expecting from crypto and what is your exit strategy- a 🧵👇
Whether or not you decide to invest in #btc it is the king, the leading indicator for the rest of the market. Therefore you need to be familiar with:
-Overall crypto market capitalisation
-BTC dominance (percentage of BTC vs rest of the market)
- ALTS season
Education - there is no free lunch, you must put in the work if you don't want to become someone else exit liquidity.
- Follow Will Clemente @WClementeIII and Willy Woo @woonomic to better understand BTC on-chain metrics. Subscribe to Will Clemente's free weekly newsletter
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Bridge your assets to @SecretNetwork and get earning on these juicy rewards! 💦

Bridges to BSC, ETH, & XMR LIVE! More under construction 🏗️

Use the bridges🌉

Learn more 🧐…

Get earning with 🤑 Image
191% APY
$1,327,606.67 TVL

$XMR @monero #Monero #XMR $SEFI #SecretFinance #YieldFarm #LiquidityMining Image
166% APY
$1,445,499.14 TVL

#USDC $USDC #PriFi #DarkFi #StableCoin #YieldFarming Image
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$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
$17M in hacks this week Image
This one is being emptied as we speak I think. $14M so far lost Image
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$51M rug pull on yet another BSC scam. ImageImageImage
$30M exploitted Image
$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
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The typical savings bank will be abolished. When you can create 50-100% APY a month vs 1.5 % a year than you can finally see that #passiveincome can actually generate enough to quit your job. I'll share details below, before i get reported again for "suspicious

#Bepswap #rune
1st off you'll have to buy a few coins. Now this isn't a magic money machine { tho it feels like it ]. A good equation [ but not perfect ] is the following [ when using my strategy ]

Every 10k generates 1000 - 3000 a month. Ill show you exactly how im doing this

#Bepswap #rune
1st you'll have to understand that adding liquidity into coins that don't have a decent amount of foot traffic / or are not going to rise in price in the next few months will definitely not work out the best ,and even in those cases you do better than just hodling
#Bepswap #rune
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@thorchain_org appears to be solving many of the issues DeFi is facing in 2020, and building an incentive-based, permissionless, self-regulated, stable Liquidity Network for Node Operators, Liquidity Providers and Consumers since 2018.

$RUNE #thorchain #cryptocurrencies

$RUNE Valuation Propositions:
1) Permissionless,non-custodial, Interoperable liquidity protocol creating a Network of Liquidity
2) enabling cross-chain exchange of all digital assets
3) Stake assets in Continuous Liquidity Pool’s and earn fees & block rewards

#RUNE #thorchain
$RUNE Valuation Propositions:
4) Both symmetrical vs asymmetrical LP staking
5) Stake in the BTC/RUNE pool, you will receive rewards in BTC & RUNE.
6) Node Operators (THORNodes) service the Network and earn fees and block rewards

#RUNE #thorchain
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