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When I was younger I was pro-choice. Not for myself. I could never end a baby's life. I felt the govt shouldn't interfere.
Now, I'm pro-life. Liberals have gone too far with this "it's not a baby" nonsense but, also it's a precious life.
I've seen a baby born at 25 weeks. He was so wanted and loved. Why was he considered a baby just because his parents wanted him and other babies are not just because their mothers don't?
#AbortionIsMurder #AbortionIsNotHealthcare
How can you say #AlabamaHatesWomen when half the babies they're trying to save are future women?
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An anon claims to have screenshot twatter sayin the hashtag WWG1WGA was used 9,220,000 times. If it’s not photoshopped, damn.

#Qanon #WWG1WGA
Has to be a twatter error. Or rare truth who knows. Seems low for #MAGA tag in last our. That seems suppressed, very odd.
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Dear Republicans,

Late term abortions are:

1) to save the life of the mother
2) used to terminate a pregnancy when a fetus is not viable.

What does "not viable" mean? I'm glad you finally asked...


A fetus that is not viable is one that has such severe deformities that the baby, if born, will not survive.

Furthermore, if the baby is born, the deformities can be so severe that life outside of the womb will be torture. A painful, agonizing death.

So when you say #AbortionIsMurder and simplify #LateTermAbortion as this evil act that murders an unborn baby, you're missing that this baby could never survive and will die in the most unimaginable way.

You're ignoring the facts.

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RACISM, NOT ABORTION , was the founding issue of the religious right

“... before Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, the biggest white evangelical group in America, the Southern Baptist Convention, supported its legalization.”

“The rise of the religious right is usually credited to abortion activism, but few evangelicals cared about the subject in the 70’s. The Southern Baptist Convention expressed support for laws liberalizing abortion access in 1971.”

— Chris Ladd
“Criswell (two-term elected [racist] president of the Southern Baptist Convention from 1968 to 1970.) himself expressed support for the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe, taking the traditional theological position that life began at birth, not conception.”

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Killing unborn babies is un-American.
You don't need a math major. It's called "conditional probability", the branch of math that identifies the statistical likelihood of certain patterns of repetitive behavior occurring in a vacuum vs after preceding related events. Q could not have done this many in a vacuum. #PAIN
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1. #QAnon: #Q+ letting [them] know he knows everything. They never thought #CrookedHillary would lose & not be able to deceive us of their crimes & treason during Hussein's & prior admins. So many mistakes made!

2. #QAnon So many disastrous mistakes made:
3. #QAnon "Those who are the loudest….." Bill Maher of "Kid Love Productions" and his statements supportive of sex with children...
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@FLOTUS @IvankaTrump @TiffanyTrump_
MICHAEL JACKSON & @POTUS were good friends
Read lyrics…
@realDonaldTrump was Michael Jacksons friend remember that RACIST @CNN or #MSM??
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ANALYSIS #Abortionists admit that #3rdTrimesterAbortions are done on #HealthyBabies

Abortion supporters falsely claim late-term abortions, especially those done in the 3rd trimester, aren’t done on healthy babies.…
Late-term New Mexico abortionist Susan Robinson has admitted that not all women are seeking such late abortions for reasons of maternal health or fetal indication. She said:
Infamous late-term abortionist #GeorgeTiller admitted to a National Abortion Federation audience in 1995, that a mere 8% of Tiller’s late-term patients who aborted, was because their babies were diagnosed prenatally with a health condition.
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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is not having any of Trump's state of the union... via @YouTube


"America Will Never Be A Socialist Country" Trump SLAMS New Democrat Mem... via @YouTube

What do Democrats stand for?
Death to babies

via @YouTube

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@realDonaldTrump #StateOfTheUnion cuts off @POTUS when he mentions "investigations"
Standing ovations every 30 seconds.
The #FakeNews will all shit talk #Trump but nobody believes a word they say anymore.
#DigitalSoldiers #UnitedStates
@staceyabrams is about to flush whats left of the #Democrats down the toilet.
#Socialism is finished.
@georgesoros will be getting a free room in #GITMO

#StateOfTheUnion2019 #StateOfTheUnion #qanon
@staceyabrams is just another @georgesoros @AlexanderSoros puppet.
Follow the money.
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1. New #QAnon drop: #Q's last post before going dark 19d ago on how Planned Parenthood uses our tax dollars to politically fund D's for their abortion campaigns was made before all the recent fury on post-birth, 40 wk+ abortion initiative. Coincidence? #QProof #AbortionIsMurder
2. #QAnon: From before the prior week, #Q noted, despite her multiple bouts of cancer, pancreatic, Ruth Bader Ginsburg failed to show for work on Supreme Court for the first time in 25 yrs since Jan 7 after doctors discovered & removed cancerous lung lobe assoc w her broken ribs.
3. #QAnon Leftists realized Ginsburg's health's a threat to Planned Parenthood's continued termination of lives in the womb, so, that same day, Hillary & Cuomo announced plan to have NY extend legally killing the babies up through the time of birth.…
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#Abortion fights rage on across the Nation...

Clinton, Cuomo call on Legislature to pass reproductive rights bills. Wonder if any connection btn Cuomo and PP?…
Indiana GOP preparing abortion-rights legislation…
Phil Scott supports abortion-rights bill moving through Vermont legislature…
Federal Appeals Court Just Took a Big Swing at Planned Parenthood
AG Paxton urges federal court to allow Texas to defund Planned Parenthood…
Challenge to abortion clinic restrictions in Louisiana will test Supreme Court's new conservative majority…

#ProLife #AbortionIsMurder #AbortionLaw #AbortionUpToBirth #MAGA #MEGA #KAG #WWG1WGA
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@realDonaldTrump After 18 days of Darkness, #QPosts today, Friday 02/01, 2019.
Many things had happened between those 18 days but, the most horrifying of all is the murder of American babies. Baby sacrifice to Moloch.
#SaveTheChildren #POTUS #murders #PleaseDontKillMe…
@realDonaldTrump 2674
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d73aee No.4989820 📁
Feb 1 2019 13:22:24 (EST)
Last post before going dark?
Re: [PP]?
What events followed that post?
Anons understand.
#QAnon #realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #MAGA
#SaveTheChildren #POTUS #murders #PleaseDontKillMe
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HB 2491 Abortion; eliminate certain requirements.…

#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight 🌌♥️🇺🇸
House tables bill about late-term abortions in Virginia after video goes viral…

#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight 🌌♥️🇺🇸
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Now Virginia wants to popularize the murder of babies. All babies are innocent. What is the world coming to? Lord save America from the Democrats. #AbortionIsMurder
Where is the shame?
Where is the empathy?
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Please listen!
Chairman: I am asking would your bill allow aborting the baby while the mother is giving birth to it?
Tran: Yes my bill would allow that.
Jan 6, and the hashtag is RHT30days
This is why they are pushing so hard all blue states together to pass the 3rd-semester abortion until labor.
Their boss wants the Reproductive Health Act passed in 30 days in all states.
This is a baby killed at 3rd semester. Look and REPENT! #BabyKillers #BabyKillerCuomo #AbortionIsMurder #GodsFury #WeThePeople #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
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Planned Parenthood wants you to think it only kills babies occasionally.

It has claimed that abortion makes up just 3% of the services it provides, as if snuffing out the lives of unborn children sporadically somehow makes it more excusable morally.…
For years, it has guarded the 3% figure & a complicit press has reprinted it uncritically. #CecileRichards repeated it during congressional testimony. Journalists at CNN, Politico & NYT publish it w/out qualification. It's repeated so often, it has become an ironclad lie.
Unraveling the truth would be a disaster for Planned Parenthood. Congress might not write it as many taxpayer checks if the public learned that the largest abortion provider does, in fact, make its money by performing abortions — 328,348 abortions a year.
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Dear Lord, please #SaveTheChildren from indoctrination of the evil ones. In Jesus name Amen.

Here's what schools & public libraries are indoctrinating your children with. You must stand up & fight

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #MAGA #PartyofCrime #DrainTheSwamp #LockThemAllUp
What does this reassemble to you?
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