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Don’t be a puppet to your pleasure & pain.

Master your dopamine system & you master your life.

Full EZ to understand dopamine thread.
Your dopamine system regulates pleasure and pain

You can fall victim to it or you can hack it.

It is like a teeter-totter with little monsters on it.

One side is pleasure and the other side is pain.
The teeter-totter wants to be even. It will always go back to even.

That is how we evolved.

It is important to understand why.

Your caveman grandpa needed to eat. So the brain pushes down on the pain side of the teeter-totter to get him to hunt.
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Libros que leí y más disfruté en 2022 (parte 1)
- Vivir de escribir - @soyrosamorel
- The ride of a lifetime - @RobertIger
- Meditaciones - #MarcoAurelio (repetí)
- Dopamine nation - #AnnaLembke
- Escribo porque me gusta ganar dinero - #IsraBravo

Sigue… 🧵
- Ingresos Predecibles de Aaron Ross @motoceo
- Mindset de #CarolDweck
- Orginales de @AdamMGrant
- Esencialismo de #GregMckeown
- Reinicia de Jason Fried y David Heinemeier Hansson
- El método hacking growth de @SeanEllis y Morgan Brown
- De cero a uno de @peterthiel
- The story factor de #AnnetteSimmons
- Hábitos Atómicos de @JamesClear
- Blitzcaling de @reidhoffman
- Rework de @jasonfried
- Trillion dolar coach de @ericschmidt
- Principios de @RayDalio
- Una Educación de @tarawestover
- The hard thing… de @bhorowitz
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If you lack motivation to do most things or no longer enjoy the simple things in life:

Thread (1/7) Image
You must get gremlins off the pain side of your pleasure‐pain seesaw by doing one of two things:


#DopamineNation Part one:

#AnnaLembke says, “Pressing on the pain side of the balance can lead to its opposite —pleasure.
Unlike pressing on the pleasure side, the dopamine that comes from pain is indirect and potentially more enduring.” 3/7
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Hey guys, remember this article? Remember the pill shaming comments from April Caraway? (as shown in the screenshots) Turns out she’s a witness for the prosecution in the Ohio opioid pharmacy trial.… ImageImageImageImage
While she was allowed to testify, at least Polster barred her from spewing her gateway testimony. Image
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@JSG_54 I’d like to make a list of which ones and when they were put on the payroll from the attorneys. Also, others like Caleb Alexander and Tim Munson. Anyone that has had their hand in policy or publicly demonized pain meds and then profited off of litigation, get em on the list.
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When patients snd MDs blame congress, Trump, and Biden for what’s happening to them as far as the #WarOnDoctors and #PainPatientGenocide, my question is this: If these leaders aren’t trained medically, who is giving them info that’s caused these actions to be taken?
Wouldn’t we be better off systematically going through testimonies before congress and opioid committees to see who exactly deceived them and go after them? I’ve been doing this and have found most of the “experts” are actually rich now from testifying in the opioid lawsuits.
A great example is #ChrisChristie. While he didn’t testify in the #opioid lawsuits, he was on the white-house opioid commission and now sits on the board of #Pacira making at least $800,000 a year to help with their anti-opioid #PlanAgainstPain campaign and lobbying for rx limits
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Docs you all write brilliant articles, but unless they're affected people don't read them.

PLEASE watch this 2 min video, this is URGENT! There are articles attached to prove this is critical. This can affect every #American. People are needlessly dying, We need your #Help
Almost 6 decades ago the UN addressed the under-treatment of pain, despite narcotic pain relief many people around the world suffer needlessly. In 1961 we recognized the undertreatment of #pain is a #HumanRights abuse. #RNC & #DNC are you listening?…
The #DEA is arguably waging a war against the weakest members of society These are #HumanRights abuses! #Trump Administration you think #KidsInCages was bad!

Plz, use the link in the article to let the DEA know what you think about more cuts to supplies…
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