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As it is Ash Wednesday tomorrow - any Catholics doing this “I am Twitter fasting for Lent because I have issues” (when being online here is a penance) is in grave sin & a shows a lack of zeal for evangelisation of the masses and correction of error … as the Holy Office held.🇻🇦
Further to the above, the Papal censure against Quietism and the like remains in force - do not try and forgo your duty as a Catholic to poast in order affect some neo protestant pose, like some Mike Baird, over promoted youth minister
The job of Catholics in Lent, as in the various old times when the Ottomans were at the gates of Vienna, is to fight through and to poast through, come what may. Really like the Maccabees (the Prots do not have those books, either). Rome has spoken etc
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1. May God bless you this Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the season of Lent. The word “Lent” originally meant “spring.” It’s a time to reflect on our Baptism and a time of spiritual rebirth and renewal.
2. The season of Lent lasts 40 days, excluding Sundays. In Church history, candidates for Baptism would fast during these 40 days leading to their Baptism at Easter.
3. As to Ash Wednesday itself, ashes, in a Jewish and Christian context, suggest three things: judgment and God’s condemnation of sin; our total dependence upon God for life; and repentance, joyful turning back to God.
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It's mid-morning in San Francisco, and I'm feeling an odd kinship with the citizens of Herculaneum Image
Evidently #AshWednesday is now trending
Ash is literally raining down from the sky right now. It kind of reminds me of this: Image
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what follows r the things we spoke of, our messages on Facebook where are journey began.
take the time to zoom in + read each picture given, another piece of our soul revealedensone.
take a listen tourthoughts + way of expression, it all shows clearly who ameye? iame🎶 Image
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It's #AshWednesday, so I'm thinking about the church year. Here's my thought: the church year is good, but it is a good *tool*.
The church year is not the gospel, but it can be a a wonderful tool for keeping your mind *fixed* on the gospel—and hence, fixed on Christ.
The point of the church year is not to observe the church year. The point of the church year is to always be remembering the life of Jesus, to always be reminding yourself of Him and His goodness.
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“Beloved child of God,
remember that you are ashes.

Remember that God is with you when you sit in the ashes.
And be reminded to sit in the ashes all those who suffer.”

If your local community is offering ashes, feel free to share below.

#AshWednesday Image
This was a beautiful moment today to go get ashes for Ash Wednesday and find the person who sat in the ashes with me. Roger was the librarian at Duke Divinity school for a zillion years so I only knew him as a wonderful colleague.
But, the moment I got sick, I realized that Roger is one of those people who is all action. In the church, we pray to be the “hands and feet of Christ.” But we should be more specific. We should be praying to be a Roger.
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Gospel: On #AshWednesday Jesus asks us to do our good deeds quietly (Mt 6). There is always the human temptation to say, "Look what a good thing I did!" And to seek praise and affirmation. But as Henri Nouwen said, your good deeds can be "hidden from the world but known by God."
Image: A mother who has been part of a @CatholicRelief Service program for family nutrition prepares beans for the family's seven children at their home in Konjiko, Kenya, May 1, 2019...
...Lenten alms donated through the CRS Rice Bowl program support the agency's work in roughly 45 different countries. (CNS photo/Georgina Goodwin for @CatholicRelief Service)
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Nigerian Catholics will today participate in prayers & processions to kick off the Lenten season

The processions are in mourning & solidarity with the victims of kidnapping & other violent crimes as well as protesting the state of insecurity in Nigeria…
Earlier this month, the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, led a procession to end the spate of insecurity & killings in Nigeria.…
What does this kind of protest achieve?
Does it impact the political will to make needed adjustments?
What other support could be rendered in resolving our insecurity crises?
@chonsyy is our guest & we're looking at Ash Wednesday: Protecting Nigeria's Security Crisis
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1/And before I get criticised for commenting on federal issues as a local government representative I have had numerous aproaches and conversations with people who are appalled at the inaction from the PM and the govt at the risk our communities are facing this fire season
Northeast Victoria is equally rated with California as the two highest firerisk places on the planet. We are reliant on volunteers and community support to deal with what is potential catastrophe in our area. The briefings from #cfa and #dewlp are chilling.
Once fires ignite - and the likelihood is almost certain - they will only be extinguished by rain - and there is none forecast before April which is as far as the forecasts go. The risk conditions on the ground are already at levels of #ashwednesday and #blacksaturday
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Today is #AshWednesday, the beginning of #Lent. But what does it all mean? I’m here to help.
Feel free to share on FB before you die…
Now on the YouTubes
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Remember that you are dust #AshWednesday reminds us that death is real and that as surely as we have been born, we shall die. We are weak, frail, and fleeting. Our only significance comes from the fact that we are made in God's image
I believe in the work of justice, of practicing Shalom, of seeking the common good --- all are expressions of Christianity. But all are fleeting. The eternal is now and continues after death. #AshWednesday
I want to live so that I may live again, to please my Creator, to love my neighbor. But I am weak, full of failings, doubts within and pressures without. #AshWednesday is a good reminder for me and for us all
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Pastors! Theological types!

Quandry: my son wants his stuffed parrot to get ashes for #AshWednesday this morning. Or the stuffed dog. He is open.

Bring them all? Leave them? Either way, parenting needs to happen in about 30 minutes.
You beautiful creatures!!! So much wisdom here!! Ok here was the run down:
He decided against the parrot because the parrot has been known to have a “terrible attitude” and he was concerned it would peck people’s eyes out. That’s just good common sense.
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