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9 March. The latest ONS weekly death figures improved, 2914 people dead from #Covid19UK

We must keep #lockdown3 and #TestTraceIsolate the virus to eliminate it in the UK.
W/e 26 February, 1066 people above the 5-year average deaths number.
The % figures show the increase/decrease over the 'normal' death rate
Deaths are 9.2% above the 'normal' number
This is a 9.6% decrease from the previous week
w/e 26 February. The above-average deaths figure does not mean that they were the only #Covid19UK deaths.

2914 deaths were due to the #Covid19UK virus though some others may be still due to #COVID19 but excluded as they died more than 28 days after testing positive.
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2 March. The latest ONS weekly death figures improved, 4079 people dead from #Covid19UK

We must keep #lockdown3 and #TestTraceIsolate the virus to eliminate it in the UK. Image
W/e 19 February, 2182 people above the 5-year average deaths number.
The % figures show the increase/decrease over the 'normal' death rate
Deaths are 18.8% above the 'normal' number
This is a 10% decrease from the previous week Image
w/e 19 February. The above-average deaths figure does not mean that they were the only #Covid19UK deaths.

4079 deaths were due to the #Covid19UK virus though some others may be still due to #COVID19 but excluded as they died more than 28 days after testing positive.
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Yes, this was always on the cards, as many of us correctly surmised, but for me, this has to be arguably the most anti-consumer, politically cowardly, wimping-out decision that the compulsively orally-flatulent Johnson has yet taken.…
Wonder what alleged 'feminist' Carrie-Antoinette thinks of her PM paramour's decision to keep the #BBC coercively funded by an illiberal regressive tax, non-payment of which accounts for one-third of all criminal convictions against women?…
Don't be fooled for one moment by our Wet-Lettuce 'Culture' Sec'y Dowden's promise the issue 'will remain on the agenda'.
What that means is 'right at the bottom of my Pending-Tray', and most unlikely to do anything other than remain there indefinitely.
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My Da Tom (90) is coping with #Lockdown3 by consuming ribs & cabbage, marmalade & soda bread, fancy cakes & tay, drawing, painting, playing his fiddle, reading papers, watching snooker, scrolling through Facebook & Insta, playing with dogs & strong whiskey every night.
Here is his fridge.
The dude with the fag is called "Lucas Batteries"
He has been drawing him for his whole life.
On school copy books, hotel napkins, and the backs of envelopes.
And on one memorable occasion with a blue marker on a glass door.
"I always give him a #smoke!"
I bought him a canvas and lent him his late brothers painting set. Filled with colours and brushes, rulers and the nub of a little yellow pencil.
He did this with a sharpie and wax crayons I also brought
And stuck those elves on with Superglue
He tells me it's done an hour later.
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1) If both #NHS & @GOVUK websites have ONLY 3 symptoms with NO comment about other possible symptoms 1 of 2 things will happen. People WITH #COVID19 won’t realise they need or be able to access a test. OR those people that know there are more symptoms will have to lie to get one.
2)So there will be 1000s of ppl W/ #COVID19 oblivious that they have it & returning to work/school as soon as their symptoms have gone. Add to this that headteachers can only request a test for a child OR send a contact home based on those 3 SYMPTOMS huge numbers will be missed.
3)Then consider that the much hailed #lateralflowtest s have a very high FALSE NEGATIVE rate AND that they’re going to be used widely across educational settings to AVOID children & staff isolating.
This is a recipe for an ABSOLUTE DISASTER!
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IMO #teachers & #earlyyears staff settings are being SACRIFICED to give an illusion of “SAFETY”. The Gvmt know that if the majority of parents realise these settings are the places where they are likely to catch #coronavirus from, many will not want to their kids to go. 1/9
They’re keen to perpetuate the belief that there is “nothing to see here” in order to keep the work force working.
I’m not naive, I know the economic fallout from more things locking down won’t be good. But w/ so many children in school #Lockdown3 will go on for longer. 2/
Think #Chernobyl.
The men on the roof. Sacrificed to show the world that those in charge knew what they were doing. This is the same.
How many teachers have had #COVID19 ? How many have died? The full stats remain illusive. They are our family, friends & community members. 3/
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You’ve heard the word “vulnerable children” used a lot recently but you might not know what it means. While it can vary between U.K. countries the description here… is a useful overview A screenshot of the categor...
children and teens identified as vulnerable are already disadvantaged and both deserve and require additional support. If schools are full of children who are not in these categories the vital care needed by already marginalised children will be reduced or put at risk.
If you’re unsure if your child should be in school but think they may be vulnerable (see above) speak to the school about it. If they don’t fit that category but your workplace is making it impossible for you to both work and homeschool - push back!
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Lockdown 3.0 will disproportionately affect #women, and #ukgov isnt doing enough to mitigate this unequal impact.

A thread on what we know from the last year *and before 🧵
According to @ONS women did 2/3rds additional childcare duties + spent more time on unpaid work + less time on paid work than men during lockdown1.0

ONS also show that women did more non-developmental care than men (i.e. cooking, washing, not playing) Image
Whether due to gendered work sectors, or requests owing to additional childcare: women more likely to be furloughed than men according to @WomensBudgetGrp meaning 20% income reduction…
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JOURNALIST: Why, after 10 months, are there still no checks at airports?

@BorisJohnson: will be bringing in measures ensure that we...err...test people coming into this country & prevent the re-admitted.

@piersmorgan last July👇
The PM, #BorisJohnson, also says at the start of his answer👆
“Just to repeat, schools are safe” on the same day he just introduced a new #lockdown & shut down schools because they’re not safe.
#Lockdown3 #schoolclosures #COVID19 #coronavirus #HerdImmunityScandal #covidbriefing
#BorisJohnson makes clear his strategy is sometimes to PRETEND not to know what's going on so that when he ACTUALLY doesn’t know, people won’t be able to tell the difference

The trouble is that we can ALL tell

Is the #BumblingStrategy really govt policy?
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The @ONS stats on #COVID19 risk for teachers were based on cases in 53 teachers-2 nursery, 5 primary, 7 secondary & 39 unknown type. They were taken in the period 2 Sep-16 Oct BEFORE the surge in cases in <19s. 1/
We keep being told that #teachers are NOT at increased risk - “they” said that about drs & nurses in the #firstwave.
It simply does not add up that workers surrounded by children (esp teenagers) for many hours in crowded indoor spaces without #PPE are not at increased risk? 2/
As a non-statistician I’ll be brave & suggest that these stats were taken from too small a group, too early in the Autumn Term & should not be being used to claim safety for a whole profession now.
Stats on admissions, deaths & #LongCovid in #teachers appear scanty/absent. 3/
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Please experts, could I ask-
We’ve repeatedly been told that @ONS stats say that #teachers aren’t at increased risk of catching #Covid than other key workers. I’m no statistician but I can’t work out how can that be true as they don’t wear #PPE & are surrounded by children....1) the 2 groups with the highest number of cases.
There seems a rabbit off somewhere??
It doesn’t make sense.
Could the stats be wrong?
A recent thread highlighted that “maybe” they were based on quite dated figures & on small sample sizes? 2)
Surely #teachers should be vaccinated soon if we’re expecting them to work w/out #PPE, many will obviously be IN schools during #Lockdown3 whilst this #covidvariant is spreading around communities?
Am I missing something?
Thank you.
@Dr2NisreenAlwan @dgurdasani1 @chrischirp
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we're listing places you can donate laptops and tablets for kids and students who need them at home during lockdown.

if your org distributes donated laptops, please message us and we'll share


(image borrowed from @LittleLivesUK )
@LittleLivesUK Donate lockdown laptops and tablets for students in London via

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UK Prime Minister declares another lockdown, but still: no border controls

Britain will remain open to all 👇🏽

No passenger testing ✖️
No airport screening ✖️
No measures to manage the inbound/outbound flow ✖️

Literally the opposite of the rest of the world...again. 🤯 #COVID19
During #Lockdown3👇🏽

• Want to fly from South Africa (or any other country on earth) back to the UK with no tests, no checks, no screening?
— Sure, you can ✅

• Flying to Dubai for a pandemic party, and then return to UK with no tests or quarantine?
— Sure, you can ✅
50+ countries (from Kuwait, to Colombia) have cut air travel ties with Britain due to the “out of control spread” of #COVID19

UK Health Sec Matt Hancock is “worried” about South Africa’s COVID19 strain...but not worried enough to test travellers from S Africa, or anywhere else.
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Congratulations @MattHancock and @matthewsgould Great technical work by @NHSX to deliver @NHSCOVID19app . Here are some suggestions around the 'soft stuff' of getting massive buy in required to make it a success. Image
1) Use SMS Cell Technology to send a link to every mobile phone in the country. Start in hotspots to avoid overwhelming the system. Image
2)Urgently provide the digitally excluded a cheap but App-friendly smartphone. Internet access is a basic human right. Nobody left behind. Image
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भारतच्या विरोधात आकार घेत असलेले अंतर्राष्ट्रीय षडयंत्र !
- प्रशांत पोळ

चीनच्या तुकड्यांवर पाळले जाणारे वामपंथी आणि भारताच्या वाढत्या प्रभावाने घाबरलेले काही देश, एक झाले. आणि मग साकार होऊ लागले, भारताच्या विरोधात एक अंतर्राष्ट्रीय षडयंत्र – Mission_Defame_India.
भारताने २३ मार्च पासून लॉकडाउन घोषित केले होते. बरखा दत्त ने २६ मार्चला ‘वॉशिंगटन पोस्ट’ मध्ये एक आर्टिकल लिहिले. शीर्षक होते, ‘As India goes into lockdown, fear spreads. Poverty may kill us first’.
बरखा दत्त, अरुंधति रॉय, सागरिका घोष, राजदीप सरदेसाई यांच्यासारख्या लोकांचा अंदाज होता की, 'हे लॉकडाउन भारतीय सहन करू शकणार नाहीत. यांचे जेवणाचे वांधे होतील आणि भीतीमुळे विद्रोह उभा राहील.

पण असे झाले नाही.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/18/2020-2

Interpreting Diagnostic Tests for SARS-CoV-2 | JAMA | JAMA Network…
#testing #coronavirus #diagnostics
Tools for Culture Design: Toward a Science of Social Change?…
#tools #culture #design
Why this crisis is a turning point in history…
#TurningPoint #History #crisis
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BREAKING: Indian Railways to gradually restart passenger train operations from 12th May, 2020, initially with 15 pairs of trains (30 return journeys). #Lockdown3
These trains will be run as special trains from New Delhi Station connecting Dibrugarh, Agartala, Howrah, Patna, Bilaspur, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Secunderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Madgaon, Mumbai Central, Ahmedabad and Jammu Tawi.
Thereafter, Indian Railways shall start more special services on new routes, based on the available coaches. @RailMinIndia
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Scary news coming from #Vishakapatnam. There is an incidental gas leakage at the LG Polymers plant. The leakage started around 2.30 am and people are facing breathing problems, blurry eyes and most of them are fainting where they are. Prayers for #Vizag 🙏
This is horrifying 😱 #LGpolymers gas leakage in Gopalapatnam, #Vizag 😭 so far 1200 people have been reported sick from this poisonous gas leakage and some of them are already admitted in the Emergency.
Kids are fainting as they inhaled this poisonous gas coming from LG Polymers plant at Gopalpatnam area in #Vishakapatnam #VizagGasLeak
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Armed forces across India to express gratitude to lakhs of doctors, paramedics, sanitation staff and other front-line workers engaged in fighting the pandemic.

Follow the link for #COVID19 LIVE updates!…
Delhi students who were stranded in Rajasthan's Kota arrived at Kashmiri Gate ISBT.
Express photos | @parveennegi1.
#lockdown3 #COVID__19
Passengers, including migrant workers, board the first Shramik Special train at Chikka Banavar railway station.
Express photos | @shrirambn.
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A comprehensive, single-view snapshot of what #Lockdown3 means for the various zones.

It is a very measured, thought through and well considered management of the lockdown - with a view to save lives as also to gradually allow the economic cycle to kick-start. 1/5
#Lockdown3 for Red Zone

1) Standalone shops,neighborhood shops, residential shops
2) Medical clinics,OPDs
3) Self driven cars, two wheelers allowed
4)Industrial & office activity

Not allowed
1) Barber shops,spas,salons
2) Non essential e-commerce
3) Public transport
#Lockdown3 for Orange Zone

(In addition to what is allowed in Red Zone)
1) Barber Shops, Spas
2) E-commerce (non - essential also)
3) Auto Rickshaw, Cabs (with limits on passengers)

Not allowed
1) Inter district bus
2) Intra-district bus
3) Public transport

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मुंबई आणि पुणे महानगर प्रदेश विकास प्राधिकरण क्षेत्रांतून दुसरीकडे जाऊ इच्छिणाऱ्या वा या क्षेत्रातील शहरात येऊ पाहणाऱ्या नागरिकांसाठी महत्त्वाचा खुलासा


@DGPMaharashtra @CMOMaharashtra @MahaDGIPR
1️⃣ पोलीस आयुक्तालय असलेल्या शहरामध्ये (उदा. औरंगाबाद, नाशिक, अमरावती, सोलापूर नागपूर आदी) आंतरराज्य किंवा आंतरजिल्हा प्रवासाची परवानगी देण्याचे अधिकार संबंधित विभागाच्या पोलिस उपायुक्तांना आहेत.


2️⃣ असे अधिकार असले तरीही मुंबई महानगर प्रदेश विकास प्राधिकरण व पुणे महानगर प्रदेश विकास प्राधिकरण क्षेत्रामधील नागरिकांना महाराष्ट्रातील अन्य जिल्ह्यात जाण्यास अथवा त्या जिल्ह्यातून या प्राधिकरण क्षेत्रात येण्यास परवानगी नाही.


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What #Lockdown3 means for you?

Step 1: Identify the Zone your respective area falls under i.e. Red, Orange or Green.

@MoHFW_INDIA will be releasing the classification for each district on a weekly basis.

#IndiaFightsCorona #COVID2019

Green Zones are zones where ZERO confirmed cases till date or no confirmed cases in the past 21 days.

Red Zones: Based on Hotspots, doubling rate, surveillance, testing

Orange: Districts that are neither Red or Green

#IndiaFightsCorona #Lockdown3

Activities prohibited irrespective of the Zone:

1. Air, metro, rail, road travel
2. Schools, colleges etc
3. Hospitality
4. Cinema, malls, entertainment
5. Religious places
6. Social, cultural, political gatherings

#IndiaFightsCorona #Lockdown3
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