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"If you're going to go into the arena, you have to be prepared to take a punch," @SpeakerPelosi said. "But you also have to be prepared to throw a punch — for the children." #Truth #Shero #BadAss…
briefing House Dems on March 11 on the economic crisis with @jasonfurman and working with her office has been true high of my career
PS I’m happy to take a punch and punch for the children ❤️❤️❤️
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The last time a Royal Navy ship fired a full broadside, and a triumph based in part on the work of Dilly Knox and his entirely female team of codebreakers at Bletchley.

And Cunningham admitted that (unlike Monty). Even visited Bletchley to thank them.
Also indirectly led, decades later, to the public admission of Bletchley's existence. Thanks to a randy Italian admiral, accusations of spying and an in-court decryption of the original fleet order by the late, great Mavis Batey (one of Dilly's team).

Must write that up one day
Both Cunningham and Monty wrote autobiographies BEFORE Ultra/Bletchley's existence was public, btw. They're both fascinating to read knowing what we know, now.

Cunningham makes lots of little clues and comments suggesting he had 'help'. Monty doesn't.
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Tonight on #MitoMonday we briefly highlight the life and works of an extraordinary scientist who helped discover not one but two organelles, the late great Dr. Christian de Duve. #LateNightWithTheRutterLab #OrganellesRCool
Dr de Duve was born in 1917 near London, to Belgian parents who sought refuge there during WWI. The family returned to Belgium after the war. Dr. de Duve entered the medical school of @UCLouvain_be in 1934. He joined the lab of J.P. Bouckaert where he studied insulin. 2/
Interesting Fact #1: Dr. de Duve was drafted by the Belgian army during WWII and was captured by the Germans. Dr. de Duve, used his knowledge of German and Flemish to outwit the enemy and escape back home where he immediately returned to research. #BadAss 3/
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Alot to unpack here on all
the ongoing investigations

@realDonaldTrump @MariaBartiromo #SundayMorning #QAnon
Graham: C_A, OBAMA,
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump @MariaBartiromo
What an "AWAKE" journalist
looks like in 2019...


@realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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☀️ Ça y est! Toulouse au soleil

#ENFIN @VisitezToulouse
📷 Passage obligé au @MSR_Tlse pour une (première) visite de #AgeOfClassics ! ⬇️
⁉️ Reconnaissez-vous ces personnages de la mythologie grecque ?

Un indice #Mythemoji



Réponse en fin de thread... 😉
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The set is very red and gold and swirly. #Oscars2019
It wouldn't hurt my feelings to see Sam Elliott's mustache accept the award. #Oscars2019
YES! It's great to see people of color win so many awards tonight. Yay, Mahershala Ali! #Oscars2019
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@misspale01 Thank you @misspale01 for the time and great insights on
#budget4biz. We look forward to hearing more from you! You shared some #badass advice ! Thank you !
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The humble banana has a weird & fascinating history, which until recently was buried in the swamps of Papua New Guinea. 🍌🍌🍌

So as you asked, @LittleGwhizz , here’s the story in 6 tweets:

Modern 🍌 are the result of a chance hybrid of two wild species from totally different parts of SE Asia.

How? Who knows!

Like many inter-species hybrids, they are bigger than their parents and sterile. (Kinda like mules)

Hence why they are fleshy, tasty & not packed w seeds.
Ingenious humans noticed this. And even figured out that while this freaky hybrid was no longer capable of producing seeds, you can clone it by cleaving off basal shoots.

They spread cuttings from SE Asia in prehistory, presumably in dug out canoes, all the way to India. #Badass
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"Les journalistes me harcèlent et harcèlent ma famille depuis des mois pour connaître la couleur des chaussettes que je mets le mercredi ou le jeudi." - Alexandre Benalla.
C'est marrant, ce n'est pas la question que je lui poserais spontanément. Et vous ?
(Là, c'est dur de live-tweeter la finesse du moment : Philippe Bas met, tout en rondeurs, une fessée déculottée à Benalla, lui expliquant qu'il n'a pas à choisir les questions auxquelles il peut répondre.)
En suivant cette audition, j'ai l'impression de m'entraîner pour, quand mes enfants seront ados, écouter leurs mielleux mythos pleins de mépris sans péter un câble.
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It’s THE BEST, but in case u need convincing (which you shouldn’t), here’s a thread of all the out of this world presenters:…
Note: I learned last year that the list of luminaries is so impressive that this is going to take a while, so bear with me. 😉 #Kweli19
First up: SAMIRA AHMED, the world class author who won your hearts and minds with LOVE, HATE, & OTHER FILTERS and is about to do it again (and conquer Hollywood while she’s at it) with the powerful INTERNMENT. ❤️ @sam_aye_ahm #Kweli19
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Here is why Cynthia Erivo, in particular, should not play Harriet Tubman.

TL; DR: There’s a troubling pattern of Cynthia repeatedly, deliberately, selectively *choosing* to not give respect to African-American heritage – the heritage of Harriet Tubman.
Note: There’s an argument to be made against Africans/non-DOS Brits playing important African-American figures – & vice versa. Performance & perspective, where & how we take up space, larger economic & cultural issues at play.

Others have unpacked that; this thread won’t.
This thread is about why Cynthia Erivo should not play Harriet Tubman, “the Moses of her people” & a sacred African-American ancestor. It goes beyond Cynthia’s birthplace, accent, heritage & even her association with an ethnic bigot.

It rests on a pattern of behavior & choices.
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Lui c'est Sam Dove, et vous ne le connaissez pas. Remarquez, il est chauffeur.
Chauffeur d'un des engins les plus #Badass au monde.
Quand Sam Dove conduit, il conduit debout. C'est sa version de Michel Berger. Osez vous moquer, mais il ne conduit pas très vite ses 2700 tonnes d'acier et de puissance.
A vide.
Sam Dove est aux manettes d'un engin qui porte son propre poids, mais aussi une table de lancement, une tour de lancement... Et une fusée.
Un bel engin, quoi.
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