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Haven’t we had enough planning scandals?…
‘It is difficult to escape the conclusion that the amendments are being rushed through to avoid controversy, negative media coverage, and the requirement to actually explain what is at issue.”
- @Mickcliff

- Me
“On Thurs. evening opposition politicians were given details of 48 pages to be added to a 20-page planning bill.
2.5 hours have been set aside on Wednesday to debate these along with amendments from the original bill. It will be impossible for proper Dáil scrutiny to be applied.’
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Today we did some gross science (aka, the best kind): a demo/model of the digestive system using bananas, graham crackers, water, vinegar, food colouring, plastic bags, pantyhose, absorbent towels, and trays. Or, as your kids will tell you I’m sure, “Today in class we made poo!”
Chewing, omnomnom!
Adding saliva to the mix
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Dolly Parton is trending

because #GuardianHatesTrump

Here she adapts one of her songs

to shill for #PigPharma

Dolly Parton Rejects Medal Of Freedom From Donald Trump Twice…

"“I couldn’t accept it (from Trump) because my husband was ill and then they asked me again about it and I wouldn’t travel because of the COVID,” she recalled."

Sensed he was spotlighting her?
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Dunleavy: "The goal was to make sure the system didn't collapse. ... Alaska's done a very good job."

He says the state's low death rate is evidence of the good job the state's done.

#akleg #akgov
Dunleavy then focuses a bunch on breakthrough cases: "The vaccinations aren't 100% foolproof, we know that now."

(We knew that then, dude)

Dunleavy: "As society goes about their business, there's definitely an emergency going on in the hospitals."

He says the reason hospitals are overstrained is because of burnout akin to what every other industry has experienced in the pandemic.

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Wo ist das strategische Ziel der Bundesregierung in der Pandemiebekämpfung? Mein Beitrag:
Es ist an der Zeit, über die Aufhebung von Beschränkungen zu diskutieren, statt mit Impfpflicht, Schulschließung oder neuem Lockdown unverhältnismäßige Kollateralschäden zu riskieren. 1/14
Zu Beginn der Pandemie Anfang 2020 war das unumstrittene, internationale Ziel: „flatten the curve“, d.h. die absolute Zahl der akut Infizierten gering zu halten, damit die Intensivstationen nicht überlastet werden. 2/14
Dazu dienten die Infektionsschutzmaßnahmen der ersten drei Wellen. Durch die Maßnahmen wurde die erste Welle früh gebrochen, wurden in der zweiten Welle unzählige Leben gerettet und wurden in der dritten Welle unsere Intensivstationen vor der Überlastung geschützt. 3/14
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Back when Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings were personally sabotaging education for the lower classes, they ran an abusive anonymous Twitter account called 'toryeducation' where they praised their own genius and savaged anyone who dared criticise them:
One of the last messages published on the account read as follows:

"It’ll take all you Blobbers a lot more than 4 yrs to glue pieces together & by then computers will have fired you! #Won #MissionAccomplished"

Students: Tories are destroying your future & laughing in your face
But, all of that said, you got off comparatively lightly, and you should count your blessings before joining the fight.

The party of government is little more than a criminal gang in disguise.

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1. IMO the US is under attack by the extreme far-right directed by Charles Koch & his minions in front organizations like the @GOP @Heritage & Federalists (@RSI). IMO FVEY allies should consider Koch conspirators a threat to survival. IMO Koch runs the Trump @WhiteHouse remotely
2. through lawyers connected to Koch related law firms who are likely directing Trump through @MarkMeadows & @WHNSC @robertcobrien.

It is in our mutual interest to produce all evidence of Koch & @GOP betrayal that is mandating the deaths of 20+ million Americans and release it
3. while we still have time. @GermanyDiplo #BND and the French @francediplo can also pitch in. Millions are going to needlessly die here because Koch & Koch owned @GOP are against the concept of a central Govt. But that is what our Constitution provides for, so,
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A special flight of IAF comprising of the crew, medical team & support staff departed from Air Force Station, Palam on 26 Feb 20. As a goodwill gesture from Government of India, IAF airlifted approximately 15 tonnes of medical supplies in C-17 Globemaster III to Wuhan, China.
On its return, the same aircraft will retrieve approx 120 personnel+05 children in arms from Wuhan. The returning passengers will mainly comprise of Indian citizens & citizens from friendly foreign countries. It is likely to return on 27 Feb 20 to Air Force Station, Palam.

Indian Air Force
Jai Hind!
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IAC announces that they are going to announce the MTCH spin next quarter and the discount narrows all the way to $2.8B #MissionAccomplished
knew they had an investment in Pinterest, but this turned out pretty good:

"in terms of Pinterest we I think we ballpark frankly turn $2 million into $200 million, something like that in that neighborhood"
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[Short thread] So my 9yo kid has recently become aware of the vague concept of "hackers" and "hacking things," likely via word-of-mouth from school-mates who've been sucked into some weird YouTube channels.
Since he sees me working from home regularly in my role as a Sales Engineer with a cloud security company, he then quickly reached the conclusion that I must be a hacker. I did not disabuse him of this notion, despite my total lack of any real hacking skills 😅
He has spent the past few days asking if I would "show him how to hack something." Given that he's 9 and has lived his entire life in a touch-enabled, iPad-centric world, I had to put some thought into how I was gonna approach this.
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1. This is Acuifero Guarani.
2. Between 2005-2006 43 purchased 298,840 acres of land in… Paraguay, to include the water rights to Acuifero Guarani beneath.
3. “Acuifero Guarani covers roughly 460,000 square miles under parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. It is estimated to contain about 8,900 cubic MILES of water.”
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(1) Thread: Changes at the DOJ.

OK, give me more than 5 minutes to research and write this thread. There are some initials points to be made, though. Tapping Sessions' Chief of Staff Matt Whitaker as acting AG is a good sign that the positive achievements will continue. Also:
(2) That's from the story below. I've also read and have yet to confirm, that Rosenstein was taken off the Mueller probe oversight. If true, that's good for Rosenstein IMO. (ICYMI, I respect & admire both Sessions & RR.)…
(3) Jeff Sessions is a tough guy. He won't be feeling bitter over this... like me, he focuses on the positive, and knows that his historic achievements on the law and order front have saved many lives, and reduced much suffering. He's now free to campaign for conservatives, too.
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