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The #MuellerReport... Was it all destined or designed to become a cover-up scam? Is that why Rosenstein and Mueller survived, to better sell us a bill of goods? How is this result credible? Is it just a lullaby? TBD, but it’s sure starting to look like it.
⏰I KNOW PERFECTLY WELL THIS IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY, and I do not believe it... YET. But that is exactly what THE ENTIRE WORLD will conclude if justice is denied. If Trump get immunity-impunity, and we get anything less than 100% complete-detail-rich transparency we can believe.
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I’d almost bet money that’s the Pelosi plan. Very smart. Very legal. Very cool.
You could bring the un-redacted report to the floor, with Barr on the hot seat, and leak it right in front of the guy. “But sir, here’s what the report really said <blah blah blah> - explain to America how you weren’t obstructing justice when you tried to cover that up?”
I mean, seriously - we know there are multiple copies of the full report, spread out fairly broadly, right? That’s just basic opsec. Barr and the rest of them have to know it will come out eventually, and “eventually” will be “sooner” if he obstructs more blatantly.
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Barr claim it will take wks to review and redact Mueller Report and that he is limited by grand jury secrecy is fallacious for several reasons:
1. He can ask Chief Judge of District Court in DC for permission to release GJ testimony as Watergate grand jury did in public interest+
2. Barr has resources to get job done fast re classified & ongoing investigs info- just as Comey got job done re HRC emails after he got pressed after damaging her campaign by announcing resumed investigation. Comey put thumb on scale of election. Barr shld not do same to justice
Time from #BarrLetter Summary to release of full #MuellerReport favors the person Barr is protection: Pres Trump. That's why Congress must demand release NOW.
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I disconnected yesterday and have taken some time to reflect on the impact of the #BarrLetter

Tuning back in and I see some overcorrection from the media, a demand for answers on the left, some gloating on the right, and dumb 2020 takes all around

Here are my thoughts

1) Barr (and Rosenstein) need to testify about their obstruction decision and we must see the full report.

Mueller found evidence of obstruction but left it up to Barr to decide what to do. Barr was appointed after writing a letter against the obstruction case. We need answers.
2) Mueller should testify as well.

Not finding a "tacit agreement" to conspire does not void all the open coordination we saw in public view.

We know the Trump camp knew about Russia's efforts to help them via Don Jr.'s emails.

We need details.

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The #Mueller saga is the ultimate gaslighting of the American people.

WE SAW Trump ask Russia to hack Clinton's emails. They did.

WE SAW him repeatedly bow down to Putin.

WE SAW him obstruct justice and boast about it to Russian operatives...

WE SAW how many clandestine meetings and contacts were uncovered between Trump's campaign and the Russians.

WE SAW the GOP do nothing about Russia's cyberattack on our elections.

And yet, big media says he's "exonerated" and savoring "victory"...

For two years, I warned that the #Mueller probe was having the effect of obscuring abuses of power occurring in plain sight, and that waiting for some massive bombshell was dangerous when impeachable transgressions were happening almost daily.
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Shocker: Bill Barr—appointed AG after giving Trump a 19-page memo saying Trump didn't obstruct justice—just exonerated Trump of obstruction of justice. Mueller specifically said "this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him"
Mueller couldn't establish corrupt intent for obstruction of justice b/c Trump refused to talk w/ investigators. W/o putting Trump under oath, Barr exonerates him. Barr was put in charge of DOJ to salvage the GOP—even if it meant letting Trump get away with everything. Shameful.
.@JeffreyToobin points out the impropriety of AG Barr concluding no obstruction of justice when the whole point of appointing a special counsel was b/c Trump’s political appointees—like AG—have an inherent conflict of interest. And now we see, AG Barr is indeed Trump’s lackey.
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