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We know that predictive programming has been used on us

over and over throughout the years. I’m not saying anything

will happen however we also know #DS is in panic mode and

will do anything to try and keep control.


@beldandolo @LeeRoss813 @mbees39 @AutistMember
Seattle 11/03/2019 - High Watch Date - Stay Vigilant Friends!

Please watch and share.








It’s all about the numbers when it comes to the #DeepState &

#Cabal #NumbersDontLie #Remember911? #HollyWood

showed us over and over about the #TwinTowers & #Pentagon.

Better safe then sorry.
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"What we've seen so far with respect to bots and the distortion of information is just the tip of the iceberg. It is the greatest threat of recent years, and it threatens the basic values that we share—democracy and the world order created since World War Two,"
2 Senate-commissioned reports determined that Ru had used every SM tool available to influence the 2016 presidential election in favor of Trump. One of the reports, detailed the wide reach of the Russian troll farm called the Internet Research Agency
"Run like a sophisticated marketing agency in a centralized office environment, the IRA employed and trained over a thousand people to engage in round-the-clock influence operations, first targeting Ukrainian and Russian citizens, and then, well before the 2016 election, American
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#Riseup #StandWithHongKong #FightForHongKong #WatchTheWater. Yesterday the authorities in Hong Kong declared that today’s March was illegal & anyone attending would be arrested. That fell on deaf ears as hundreds of thousands poured into the streets today. #RainOrShine
Since this March was declared illegal it was decided that today’s event would be a “Religious March” as the police can’t arrest anyone at a religious event. #ThesePeopleAreBrilliant #HiveMind! This showed up at a religious gathering last night.

Photo credit: @Lukewearechange
.@Lukewearechange is OTG in #HongKong as free independent media funded by his supporters. Luke is the only reporter I know that is broadcasting with commentary. Excellent coverage provided from around the world. Here’s today’s coverage.

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It was an honor to moderate today’s panel at @the_wing in Chicago with gun violence survivors and @momsdemand volunteers who fight for stronger gun laws in the wake of their children’s deaths. Their activism is inspiring, and I’m grateful hundreds came to listen. #twill
Stories I heard: An Illinois woman got involved in @MomsDemand to teach #BeSMART after her boyfriend died by gun suicide. Another woman and mom of four left her abusive husband with the help and support of our volunteers. She now has a job in politics and plans to run for office.
Afterward, we wrote letters to Congress asking lawmakers to support Red Flag laws.

Thanks to these amazing women, @MomsDemand has grown exponentially in the state of Illinois and in the city of Chicago.

Join us: text READY to 644-33 and get connected where you live. #twill
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Trump: Day 716
-Day 16 of the #TrumpShutdown
-Sticking 2 Demands 4 Border Wall
-May Declare Nat'l Emergency Soon
-Visits Camp David 4 Brief Meeting
-Flip-Flopping on Syrian Withdrawal
-Russia Filling Void 2 China in Trade
-Ivanka Violated Conflict of Interest
Day 821 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 672 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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Trump: Day 702
-Day 2 of the #TrumpShutdown
-Mulvaney Admits Mexico Won't Pay
-Forces Mattis Out 2 Months Early
-Cowardly Had Pompeo Deliver News
-Names Boeing Executive as SecDef
-Turkey Masses Troops Near Kurds
-Mnuchin Hangs in Cabo San Lucas
Day 807 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 658 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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@RealJohnDough @stellitecash @electroneum I see a lot of junk talking from different communities instead of learning what the coin is about. I will do some research on Stellite. I hold ETN and at the moment ETN is definitely one of the top coins in terms of Amount of Users and use case🤑
@RealJohnDough @stellitecash @electroneum If you don't know about ETN just take a little time and research what's going on. The have a patent pending for Instant Crypto Payments and Subscription Crypto Payments. Deals have been made and more to come. Only Crypto with KYC and AML‼️
@RealJohnDough @stellitecash @electroneum I actually seen one comment that said you will burn your phone up trying to mine with ETN lmao🚀 Please make sure you do research you may find out Electroneum is way better than the coin you are currently holding‼️

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Every year, I reject this cynical, hopeless, inaccurate tweet. So much has happened since #SandyHook.
.@MomsDemand was formed the day after and we’ve helped pass background checks in eight states, bringing the total to 20. Over 50% of Americans now live in states requiring a background check on every gun sale.
We’ve also worked hard to pass laws in 28 states - red and blue - that keep guns away from domestic abusers. Just a couple of months ago, we passed one in Pennsylvania. We won’t rest until every state protects women and children - the main victims - from domestic gun violence.
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1) I reject this cynical, hopeless, inaccurate tweet. So much has happened since #SandyHook.
2) First of all, @MomsDemand happened. Started the day after #SandyHook, we now have a chapter in every state of the country; along with @Everytown, 4M supporters; and over 70,000 active volunteers who wake up every day and work on gun violence prevention like it's a job.
3) We've changed corporate gun policies at over a dozen major restaurants and retailers, including Starbucks, Target and Facebook, and we've helped thousands of local businesses to put up gun signage. When state laws don't protect constituents, businesses must protect customers.
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1) UNBELIEVABLE: The @NRA says laws requiring adults to store their guns responsibly around children are not needed.…
2) More than 2M American children live in homes with unsecured guns, meaning guns that are loaded and accessible:
3) There have been at least 213 unintentional shootings by American children just this year:…
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