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The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, #July4th
the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. #July4th
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. #July4th
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The US banned Hawaiian language, poisos our water, devastated our universal healthcare, overthrew our country, & illegally occupies Hawaii to this day. My mother's hands were broken for speaking Hawaiian in school. The US is not a beacon, but the destroyer of independence. #July4
The US military poisoned our Hawaiian water supply, still hasn't cleaned the jet fuel in our aquifer or shut down it's tanks, and all of Oahu's water supply could soon become unusable due to petroleum & salt contamination. ImageImageImageImage
The US military won't acknowledge or clean its catastrophic gas spill in Hawaii, because the US is illegally occupying Hawaii as a platform to plunder China, bomb Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan. The US own troops and Hawaiian 'natives' are expendable pawns.
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“The American resistance placed a great deal of emphasis on property rights, but marriage laws prevented most married women from enjoying property rights.”… #July4 #IndependenceDay #womenshistory 1/
#womenshistory: “In a letter dated March 31, 1776, Abigail Adams writes to her husband, John Adams, urging him and the other members of the Continental Congress not to forget about the nation’s women when fighting for #America’s #independence.”… 2/ Image
#WomensHistory: “I desire you would Remember the Ladies.” -Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 31 March #1776…
“We know better than to repeal our Masculine systems.” -Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 14 April 1776… 3/ ImageImage
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Here’s another way to defeat the vote suppressors…become a citizen!

There are nine million green card holders eligible to vote if they take citizenship.

Take a look at this chart with the number of citizen-eligible green card holders in swing states…

If green card holders had taken citizenship and voted, Stacey Abrams would be Governor of Georgia, Beto O’Rourke would have crushed Ted Cruz, and Hillary Clinton would have won the Electoral College on roller skates.… #July4 #July4thChallenge
So, Mr. & Ms. Alien, what do you say? Or were you not bothered by Trump putting kids in cages?

You’ve been paying taxes to Uncle Sam all these years. You’re even liable to the US military draft. The only thing you can’t do is vote.

#July4 #IndependenceDay #IndependenceDay2021
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Today’s WMSC meeting includes an update on ongoing investigative work, votes and presentations on final #WMATA safety event investigation reports & other oversight and audit updates

Watch live starting at 12:30
We are proud to offer closed captioning to make this meeting more accessible. If you want the option to turn the captions on/off, please join us through Zoom.
Also join through Zoom webinar link here if you would like to participate with public comment
Join us on YouTube now for our public meeting on our #WMATA oversight work
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A thread about US Presidents...
George Washington remains the ONLY President not to live in the Legendary WHITE HOUSE... #pioneer #America #WhiteHouse #Washington #POTUS Image
John Adams was the First Vice-President and the First President of the Inited States to occupy the White House... He was privileged to see his son (John Quincy Adams) become President as well. #johnadams #UShistory #Whitehouse #POTUS #POTUS2 #July4 #Federalist #USNavy Image
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Washington’s #LincolnMemorial honours the United States’ 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s many accomplishments include leading the US through the civil war and delivering the Emancipation Proclamation which led to the abolition of slavery.
#nspoli #July4th #HappyJuly4th ImageImageImage
Ground was broken for the foundation of the Lincoln Memorial on February 12, 1914. Because the memorial was to be built on drained and filled land, the memorial’s foundation had two parts.
#nspoli ImageImage
The sub-foundation is made up of 122 solid, poured concrete piers with steel reinforcing rods anchored in bedrock. The upper-foundation is a second series of piers resting on the primary columns.
#nspoli Image
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Happy #July4 in #Jerusalem! .@USAmbIsrael
A couple of Brits showed up at the American Colony's July 4 celebration in Jer'm.
That's Gen. Edmund Allenby on the left behind the girls and Col. Ronald Storrs, Mil Gov of Jer'm on the right.
Taken in 1918 or 1919. ImageImage
2/2 #July4 pictures taken in 1918, per this pic. (WWI was still raging in the Galilee & TransJordan.)
The British brought their army comedy troupe. The woman is in drag. The "Jewish peddler," dressed in the best Shylock tradition, would probably be considered anti-Semitic today. ImageImage
3/4 I just noticed in the Allenby July 4 pic a figure on the right. It appears to be "Uncle Jacob Spafford," born Yaakov Eliyahu & adopted by the Colony's Spaffords. He never married & died in a crash in 1932. He served as manager of the Colony
He earned a place Jer'ms history. ImageImage
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At @MountVernon.
DYK: #GWMountVernon is owned & maintained in trust for the people of the US by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, a private/non-profit organization.
Join me & help preserve George Washington's home & legacy.
👉… Image
Get ready for a #TwitterTour

The mansion is closed due to #Covid19, but perhaps a 📷 or two from the grounds of the home of America’s first president, George Washington, & perhaps the most visited historic home in the USA: Mount Vernon @MountVernon in Virginia.
#StayTuned! ImageImage
Ok... let’s get started.
A #TwitterTour of Mount Vernon #GWMountVernon @MountVernon 🇺🇸 to follow…
Thread. The home of George & Martha Washington & the most popular historic home in America.

Note: The mansion itself is temporarily closed but check out: Image
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👏Trump can read. Off a TelePrompTer. That’s the headline. But he’s still trying to emphasize his Trumpy wink-wink buzzwords for the base: “One heritage” “UNBORN millions” “No one will take it away from us” “The nation is stronger than ever before”

#July4th #DefendDemocracy ☔️
I take it back. Trump couldn't even read off a teleprompter well. The further the speech went into US history he's clearly ignorant of, he messed up words, names, even said bonkers "Airports." AND JUST NOW BLAMED THE TELEPROMPTER AND THE RAIN. ("Rain took the Teleprompter out")🤨
LowBar Prez didn't totally screw up or recite repugnant rally rhetoric, so got away w/a fascist infomercial for 2020—literally taking center stage w/ military on #July4. And created so much crisis—abusive border camps, racist census,NK,Iran—we triage, move on, as fascism rolls on
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Why at 4:30a am I in a Lyft to BWI airport, fleeing the Baltimore humidity on #July4 for the greater heat of El Paso?

Full statement is attached. Basically, #CitizenPresence is the reason. Making sure moral outrages of the camps are before our consciousness. Follow my day here.
If they make a movie Davening [praying] in Airports I'll be in line. White privilege: no one looks at me. Today is #July4& also #RoshChodesh, the start of a new month.

I say Hallel, the collection of Psalms celebrating special days. "You freed my bonds." "I called from depths."
And a specially long psalm to end the prayers of the day, mentioning the blessing of food. "Bread satisfies people's hearts." Wine, oil and bread. The basics migrants look for. What our cruel government denies them in the camps.

New month, new possibilities for change, Exoduses.
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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