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1/ Unsurprisingly, there has been some debate over the findings of the only published randomised controlled clinical trial of cloth masks, to which I referred in my tweet on #facemasks:…
2/ Sweden's chief epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, has also claimed that "Countries such as Spain and Belgium have made their populations wear masks but their infection numbers have still risen."…
3/ Yet, a study in June claimed, "In countries with cultural norms or government policies supporting public mask-wearing, per-capita coronavirus mortality increased on average by just 8.0% each week, as compared with 54% each week in remaining countries."…
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#BREAKING Masks to be compulsory across Paris: prime minister Image
#UPDATE France's prime minister announced Thursday that #facemasks will become compulsory throughout Paris as he detailed a national trend of expanding #coronavirus infections ImageImageImage
#UPDATE Germany and France drew up tougher rules on Thursday in line with a growing number of countries battling a resurgence in #coronavirus infections, with Paris making masks obligatory in all public places in a bid to curb a rise of new cases
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Your panel was SPOT ON! RE: APRE
@VP's speech (WHICH I COULDN'T AVOID SINCE EVERY INTERNATIONAL NEWS CHANNEL I get was carrying it): MY FIRST OBSERVATION as a fully trained & qualified Virologist:THE ABSENCE OF # FACEMASKS & #SocialDistancing!
They certainly behaved as if the #COVID19Pandemic was OVER IN THE USA!! Although @POTUS @FLOTUS were socially distanced from the crowd in front of them, the audience wasn't: from one another or even from @VP who gave one of them a fist: both without #facemasks!!
I can't wait for the statistics for #COVID19usa diagnostics, especially amongst the audience (many in the front row appear to be war injury-handicapped #WarVeterans) in the aftermath of today's public health fiasco!
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Wow! The #ARSEHOLE spoke from #MOUNTOLIVE, #EASTJERUSALEM (CAPITAL OF THE FUTURE STATE OF PALESTINE) with the #DomeOfThRock of #AlQuds in the background!!
Lovely and moving speech by @FLOTUS! BEAUTIFUL!! 💖 😍
Now we know why @FLOTUS redesigned the #RoseGarden the way she did!! 😎
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Can one person please answer this simple question?

What has changed in the science since March when Prof Luke O’Neil (and Dr Anthony Fauci) both said face masks can help aid the spread of the virus #COVID?

“Science” being the key word @laoneill111

#DivideAndRule #FaceMasks
4 Mar Face masks do nothing. Don’t wear them

17 Apr Face masks do more harm than good

11 May Wearing face masks is an added precaution

4 July Face masks “do the right thing?”

10 Aug Face masks mandatory

NB The science on masks has NOT changed one iota
As we prepare to Muzzle 4 and 5 year olds before the start of their first day in “big school” please Stop, Think

Dr Tony Holohan @CMOIreland

Dr Colm Henry @CcoHse

Simon Harris @SimonHarrisTD

@ronan_glynn @WHO

What has changed in the science on #FaceMasks since
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More pieces of the #Ohio #FirstEnergy scandal.... #RINO #GovMikeDewine has denied that he knew anything about this.... #DarkMoney Biggest scandal in Ohio history...… ImageImage
#Ohio #RINO #MikeDewine appoints Kristy Wilkin, the wife of #HB6 co-sponsor Shane Wilkin, to the Fourth District Court of Appeals.“The sponsors of HB6, Wilkin and Callender, received from #FirstEnergy $10,000 and $18,700, for their respective campaigns. Image
2019 Former #Battelle Energy Alliance employee suing the government contractor & nuclear reactor design co. owned by #BillGates saId he was forced out when he complained Gates’ company #TerraPower broke agreement w/ the U.S. government
#Ohio #GovMikeDewine
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How governments and conglomerates coerce populations by creating a crisis and perpetuating it
You may like to read… I have also pinned the post @JillGore8 @inmydumpster @MariusMihu32 @xpressanny @Intuitive1966 feel free to share and use any of the links etc.
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I get why the Big Brexiteers are against making #facemasks mandatory...
Binding yourself to rules made collectively for the common good at the expense of selfish exceptionalism is so off-brand for them.
I mean, these are the same people who think the visual appearance of a PassPort is more important than the ports it lets you pass.
So OF COURSE they think seeing someone's smile (visual well-being) is more important than them actually being healthy.
These are the same people who made up things the EU was supposedly about to force us to do despite clear evidence they were lying.
So OF COURSE they would say a #facemask is the first step toward permanent facial sneeze catchers.🙄
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Four months after Caprice said it & three months after Gary Lineker said it, the govt finally see sense. #CapriceWasRight
This was @OliverDowden telling @piersmorgan that the reason for finally banning mass gatherings & closing pubs was that “the science had changed”.

This is not true.

The science has remained the same.

It tells us if we do not take measures (e.g. set out by WHO) people will die.
A guide to face masks.

Which one should you wear?
#facemask #facemasks #Facecoverings #COVID19 #coronavirus #Covid_19 #COVID (via @ContainmentNow) Image
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Out today extensive systematic review on #facemasks that I led for @royalsociety @BritishAcademy_ going beyond medical but also including behavioural & policy literature – thread of the main findings….…
Many countries (~70) recommended #facemasks already in mid-March immediately after WHO announced #COVID19 pandemic with over 120 requiring them, mostly everywhere. Asian countries with previous SARS experience had early and universal usage
Our meta-analysis shows that cloth face coverings are protective for the wearer in healthcare settings with a 54% lower relative odds of infection compared to no #facemasks…
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Trump & Johnson both scrapped their pandemic response team 6 months before #COVID19

They both delayed lockdown & were slow with testing, tracing, PPE etc

US & UK both celebrated #IndependenceDay ystdy

Terrifyingly, Palantir is working with both NHS & US
As in the UK, BAME communities in the US are disproportionately affected by #COVID19.

As in the UK, getting data from the govt is v hard in the US. Just as @openDemocracy had to sue govt to get data on contracts, @nytimes had to sue @CDCgov with a FOIA.… ImageImageImageImage
“Trump is asking Americans to become numb to mass death because that's his default mode” says @nytimes@sarahkendzior quoting Trump on the Larry King show in 2004.

The quote echoes what Dominic Cummings reportedly said in February: “If that means some pensioners die, too bad.” ImageImage
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A THREAD: One that [they] don’t want you to see. They’d rather you be damaged from what they’re trying to mandate on us. Follow me down the rabbit hole to see what I mean. Reality is not what you think it is. You’re living in the #Matrix. Pass it on. R/T. #TheMoreYouKnow
OSHA considers anything below 19.5% oxygen concentration to be a hazardous atmosphere that can threaten life or health. Anyone who tries and “debunks” this is a brainwashed sheep. Air is only 20% to begin with. You need to see how quick it drops below 20%? Watch this. #MaskHoax
The extremely brainwashed will try and defend the #WearAMask hoax. It is proof of the brainwashing, as their “leaders” have recently weaponized them to “debunk” something as simple as OSHA minimum acceptable levels of oxygen that is safe to breathe.
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1/ THREAD: Check out the Sunday #ProgressiveNewsDaily! 45+ articles & 40 videos, providing perspectives & opinions that mega-corporate-owned & controlled media outlets either won’t cover at all, Follow @ProgNewsDaily…
2/ or will frame from the position of companies almost always doing good. Please like, share, subscribe & support! #SupportIndependentMedia
Top Stories:
* #COVID19 survivors could lose health insurance if Trump wins bid to repeal #Obamacare - @GuardianUS…
3/ * Government Spends More On Trump's #Golf Trips Than On #ClimateChange - @RingOfFireMedia @farronbalanced
* #Airports Are BEGGING The President To Make #FaceMasks Mandatory For Passengers - @RingOfFireMedia @farronbalanced
Follow @ProgNewsDaily…
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At @MountVernon.
DYK: #GWMountVernon is owned & maintained in trust for the people of the US by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, a private/non-profit organization.
Join me & help preserve George Washington's home & legacy.
👉… Image
Get ready for a #TwitterTour

The mansion is closed due to #Covid19, but perhaps a 📷 or two from the grounds of the home of America’s first president, George Washington, & perhaps the most visited historic home in the USA: Mount Vernon @MountVernon in Virginia.
#StayTuned! ImageImage
Ok... let’s get started.
A #TwitterTour of Mount Vernon #GWMountVernon @MountVernon 🇺🇸 to follow…
Thread. The home of George & Martha Washington & the most popular historic home in America.

Note: The mansion itself is temporarily closed but check out: Image
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#GermophobicDictator and temporary Calif. Goobernator #GavinNewsom steps in his latest hot steaming pile of “guidelines”.
And they say nothing about non-cloth (paper) masks, like doctors and nurses wear, making those obedient maskers outlaws.… #HidenBiden
It wasn't enough #PANicDEMICrats like #GovNewsom & #GovCuomo took away most jobs, many permanently, & are imprisoning everyone in their own homes.
Now they want to poison us with our own breath, forcing everyone to wear #CO2 #hypercapnia #DeathMasks.
#Hypercapnia can occur from rebreathing our own exhaled #CO2.
Rebreathing CO2 can lead to increased blood pressure, headaches, muscle twitches, rapid heart rate, chest pain, confusion, fatigue, organ damage, & have long standing effects on the brain, Joe.…
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From this week, #facemasks are compulsory on all public transport in England – but do you know what the new guidelines say?

Check this thread to find out 😷
Travel operators can refuse to let passengers on board if they don't wear a face mask ✋
It’s true!

Travel operators could refuse to let passengers on board if they are not covering their face - and those who refuse to follow the new protocol could face a fine.
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A thread on #Masks: Just finished watching an excellent session by @tifrarnab, here r takeaway points:

2. Along filtration, wearability, breathability n comfort is imp.
3. 4 most of us cotton cloth masks r enough, N95s r 4 healthcare workers (1/n) #coronavirus
(2/n) 4. Every mask can not be cleaned at home for reuse. For cloth masks washing with detergent is enough but N95 like masks should not be washed with soap or alcohol. Leaving it for 95+ hrs or using dry heat r two possible n easy option. #scicomm #facemasks #coronavirus
(3/n) 5. Masks with valve should b avoided as they don't protect others from user. 6. Some masks claim they can filter 3 micon size particles but for #COVID19 0.3 micron size particles needs 2 b filtered. Need 2 keep this in mind while choosing mask. #facemasks #WearAMask
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1. I wanna cover 3 types of #facemasks in this tweet, and their designed uses. Please bear with me and follow along to the end, it will be worth it.
#N95 #masks and masks with exhale ports
• surgical masks
• filter or cloth masks
2. • N95 masks: are designed for CONTAMINATED environments. That means when you exhale through N95 the design is that you are exhaling into contamination. The exhale from N95 masks are vented to breath straight out without filtration. They don’t filter the air on the way out.
3. • Surgical Mask: these masks were designed and approved for STERILE environments. The amount of particles and contaminants in the outside and indoor environments where people are CLOGGING these masks very Very quickly.
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1. #GeorgeFloyd was like 6'6". The gold casket (first funeral) was built to fit a 5 foot tall person. The black casket (2nd funeral) is not measured by Anons yet.
The first squad they put him in had a different number then the one he's behind in the knee video.
2. They pulled a switch.

The real #GeorgeFloyd died 3 years ago in Texas.

This guy's real name is #StevenJackson.

The 5 guys worked together at the South #Minneapolis nightclub that had drug dealing, sex #trafficking, and #counterfeit #moneylaundering going on.
3. The #mannequin factory was burnt down in the #riots.

The Police station where the evidence against the nightclub was burnt down in the riots.

The nightclub was burnt down in the riots.

#bricksforrioters were strategically placed in cities around the world.
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1/30 In two forthcoming pieces, I examine #Japan's response to the #COVID19 #coronavirus #pandemic. I'll summarize the main non-theoretical points here (long thread alert!).
2/30 #Japan’s figures have always looked good compared to many other countries, which initially led to suspicion that the ‘real’ numbers of #COVID19 #coronavirus infections & death were being played down.
3/30 #Tokyo Metropolitan Government at least has now released full #COVID19 figures, including general death rates, seeming to put this argument to rest (but these figures are also now being challenged).…
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My article @BSI_social highlights the #policy implicatns & this being a "Y2K moment" for Ind medtech industry to #Indigenise. We shldn't miss the boat @PMOIndia @drharshvardhan @kiranshaw @amitabhk87 @vijaychandru @vijai63 @PrinSciAdvGoI @GKangInd pg39
We've built amazing infra in #translational #biology over the last decade- a portfolio of #nationalassets @THSTIFaridabad @csir_ncl #ShriChitraTirunalMedicalInst supported by our science & innov agencies @IndiaDST @DBTIndia @CSIR_IND @dgcsirIndia @Ashutos61 @RenuSwarup @rramanan
S&T #incubators have shown amazing leadership & response esp connecting with local communities & fast decisions to help #startups @venture_center @PremnathV6 @DeepanwitaC @IKP_SciencePark @SINEIITB @abandopa @CCAMP_Bangalore be it #facemask #PPE #IKP-ICO fund or @IndiaDST #CAWACH
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Things I am over - hypocrisy and inconsistency

1) If peaceful #protest on the steps of government buildings is a right, than it also is on a football field #TakeAKnee, in a park, etc

#Thread #equity #rant (1/8)
2) If we ban #guns from some buildings in the interest of security, that means for all people - not just those that aren't white

3) If #BlueLivesMatter, do not risk our brave protectors’ health by protesting near them without #masks

#MichiganProtest (2/8)
4) If you are not wearing #facemasks given your personal #liberty, than why do women not get extended the same for #Reproductiverights

5) If all life is sacred, than why would we sacrifice 2-3% of our population by #ReopenAmerica too quickly?

#COVID__19 #pandemic (3/8)
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Neskowin Creek RV MaskMakers are a group of self-quarantined fulltime RVers saving our sanity by cutting & sewing masks to SAVE LIVES.
We have donated in Lincoln City: Fire Department, Ace, Safeway, DutchBros, Samaritan Hospital...

Have also donated to: Tillamook, Marion, Washington, Lincoln counties & Good Morning America morning show in New York...
To this point we have been using materials WE ALREADY HAD &/or purchased out-of-pocket. Some materials are becoming very scare (ELASTIC!) - everywhere...
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