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Meant to address this over a week ago but, ironically, I've had Covid, so not been up to it.

But with cases rising alarmingly and there being a decent chance they'll be reintroduced, here are some psychological explanations for resistance to #facemasks

The most obvious and fundamental mechanism behind objection to wearing #Facemasks is simple 'reactance'

Basically, the human brain likes autonomy, and instinctively objects, reacts, to anything that reduces it….

In many cases, the context doesn't matter as much as the innate resistance to having your autonomy reduced. In this case, the fact that it's the government (or whoever) telling people they MUST wear a mask, rather than requesting it, means they resist doing so.

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#KidsMasks🧵cont.: Over the past week, we have tried more vertical-fold #FFP2 #facemasks for kids. We haven't yet found any that fit my kids (or my!) faces properly. Here's why, and also some suggestions for adaptations to improve fit: 1/
2/ Here are the 4 masks we tried. The black one was the one we had already. It fits well on my kids (aged 15 and 11) except around the nose where the clip doesn't stay moulded, letting air out (and in) around the edges. Image
3/ These 2 masks are the same brand. But one is XXS and the other is called 'kids'. As far as we could tell, they were the same. NB, the earloops were different lengths (on the same mask!). They were too small; didn't extend under chin. Poor nose clip let air out - clear gaps. Image
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Everyone in #Texas
is dead by now ❗

6 april 2021 ⬇️


No #lockdowns or #facemasks
for a month,
cases down by half.…
1. - C O V I D - doden

2 jaar #gaslighting door zwetsers, zwammers, leuteraars, papegaaiende BNers, medische beroepsleugenaars en VacciNazi-politici❗

#coviddoden - Italië en USA
2. - C O V I D - doden

2 jaar #gaslighting door zwetsers, zwammers, leuteraars, papegaaiende BNers, medische beroepsleugenaars en #VacciNazi-politici❗

#coviddoden - #RIVM
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What are 'non-disposable' hi-fi #masks and are they effective respiratory protection? Another short 🧵...

Disclaimer: To demonstrate mask features/types, I will show example images of masks and credit their source. I do not endorse these or any brands, or specific masks.
2/ I will discuss 2 types of non-disposable #facemasks. The 1st has layer/s of #N95/#FFP2 material internally and usually cotton outer layers. They are marketed as being washable & re-usable. The 2nd is called an '#elastomeric' or 'half-face' #respirator. Images: @vogmask @3M
3/ Important: if the mask comes with a certification (e.g. CE mark in the UK/EU; NIOSH-CDC label in the US) then they have been tested and fulfil the requirements of relevant product standard e.g. #FFP2/#N95. If this is absent, the mask may use the materials but not be certified.
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A rash of mask tweets 🧵.

On elastomeric masks, N95s, KN95s, FFP2s, KF94s, care and fit, sourcing, testing, real-world examples & tips, warnings, children's masks, cute alternatives - and why you might want to upgrade now.

#facemask #facemasks #Masks #COVIDisAirborne Image
Why you might want to strengthen your first and most important line of defense.

Bear in mind the type of people you are sharing your supermarket air with.

#facemask #facemasks #Mask #Masks #MaskUp #COVIDisAirborne ImageImageImageImage
One of the best primers on new mask technology in one short interview.…

Teases out technical classifications of 'hi-fi' (high-filtration) masks such as N95s, KN95s or KF94s - and why cloth & surgical masks are not an option now.

Think '2022', not '1918'. Image
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Short🧵on healthcare facilities insisting on the public swapping #N95/#FFP2 #masks with surgical masks on entry. I have heard of this happening in @NHSuk too. Is it a ridiculous request? 1/
2/ I assume that the reason healthcare facilities insist on this is to ensure that people do not enter the facility with contaminated masks and that, for the majority of the public, who are wearing cloth masks, or don't have a mask, a surgical mask will provide better protection.
3/ Let's look at filtration efficiency: #N95/#FFP2 masks are certified to be 95% efficient at capturing particles of 0.3 micron diameter. Surgical masks do not have that certification.
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With UK regs changing to mandatory #masks, here's a short 🧵to answer the question: can you wear a disposable #facemask more than once? The answer is YES. Many manufacturers state that masks should be disposed of after 8 hours but this is not true. Read on to find out why ... 1/ Image
2/ Certified #masks (e.g. N95/N99, FFP2/FFP3) are manufactured for workers exposed to harmful airborne particles in industry or healthcare settings. The masks are designed to be worn for one shift (usually 8 hours) and then disposed of. Photo: @3MUK Image
3/ Unless a mask has become clogged full of particles in a very high exposure scenario (e.g. mining, construction) or the worker is in a contaminated front-line healthcare setting, it is still perfectly useable after 8 hours, unless it is broken. Photo: John Hamlett Image
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#KingdomOfAtlantia is adopting the #COVIDsafePlan start Oct 18, 2021.
Effective until March 12, 2022-earlier if all groups in Kingdom reach 80% #vaccinated

#MySCA @AtlantiaSCA #WeCanDoThis #StaySafe

What this means: cont: (1/?)

Full Details in link:…
#MySCA #COVIDsafePlan

To participate at in-person events & activities:

Mandated requirements: if there are differences between Kingdom requirements & local/site requirements, the stricter requirement is followed

Cont. (2/?)
#MySCA #COVIDsafePlan

Proof of #Vaccination OR negative #COVIDtest for adults and children ages 12+. Children 3-11 must #WearAMask

Anyone challenging these requirements will be denied entry/immediately removed from the event.

Cont. (3/?)
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PANDA opposes "universal mask mandates". The benefit of mask wearing in healthy individuals has not been demonstrated and the harms are great, especially to our children.
And watch on our Odysee channel why former White House advisor Scott Altas "wishes masks worked" (but they don't).
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Interim public health considerations for the provision of additional #COVID19 vaccine doses.

Read full report here: Image
Providing all eligible individuals with the recommended dose regimen should remain the current
priority for #COVID19 vaccination programmes in the EU/EEA.

All vaccines authorised in the EU/EEA are highly protective against COVID19 related hospitalisation, severe disease & death. Image
Administering an additional vaccine dose to people who may experience a limited response to the primary #COVID19 vaccination, such as some categories
of immunocompromised individuals, should already be considered now. Image
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@lasleh @yleuutiset #Fimea @THLorg Covid-19 or #GrapheneOxide? Poisonous Nano-Material found in #CovidVaccines and #FaceMasks | JULY 10, 2021
- In Oct 2013 the #EuropeanUnion launched two flagship projects: the Human Brain Project (“HBP”); and, the Graphene Flagship (“GF”)…
@lasleh @yleuutiset @THLorg Official interim report of #Pfizer's vaccination vial analysis explained by La Quinta Columna | JUNE 30, 2021
- Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra #Madrid of the University of #Almeria, @ualmeria Spain… ImageImage
@lasleh @yleuutiset @THLorg @ualmeria #SoyUAL Pablo Campra
Universidad de Almería | UAL · Department of Agronomy
PhD in Chemical Sciences
- Pablo Campra currently works at the Food Technology Division of the Department of Agronomy, University de Almeria (Spain)…
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Vaccination is key to protecting against serious #COVID19, including disease caused by #DeltaVariant.

With @EMA_News we urge 🇪🇺 citizens to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible!

Don't forget your 2nd dose.
Don't miss your 2nd dose.
With the increasing circulation of the #DeltaVariant in EU/EEA, #EMA & #ECDC strongly encourage those who are eligible for vaccination but have not yet been vaccinated to start and complete the recommended #COVID19 vaccination schedule soon.
Full vaccination with any of the approved vaccines = a high level of protection against severe disease and death.

The highest level of protection is achieved after enough time (7-14 days) after the last dose.…

#COVID19 #DeltaVariant
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Short 🧵to address this comment. The public do not need to be fit tested in order to wear an FFP3/N99 or FFP2/N95 mask. Here's why: 1/
2/ Fit testing is a procedure which employers are legally obliged to undertake to ensure the safety of workers in dusty industries. It ensures that respirators fit so that workers are protected from the constant exposure to potentially toxic dusts, that they receive over a shift. Image
3/ Whilst it would be great to fit test the public, it is not practical or possible. Nevertheless, FFP2/3 N95/99 masks are widely used, especially in humanitarian crises, by the public and are even donated by major mask manufacturers, for public use, during these crises.
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A metal ion orients SARS-CoV-2 mRNA to ensure accurate 2′-O methylation of its first nucleotide
The #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus is able to utilize the changes in metal ion concentrations to disguise itself in the human host body thus evading immune responses. Image
Efficacy of #clarithromycin on #COVID19 pneumonia without oxygen administration; protocol for multicenter, open-label, randomized-controlled, 3-armed parallel group comparison, exploratory trial #CAMECOVID
Japan Registry of Clinical Trials jRCTs071210011 Image
The influence of #HLA genotype on the severity of #COVID19 infection
A genetic link has been discovered explaining why some people catch #Covid but don't get sick. The gene is found three times as often in people who are #asymptomatic. Image
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This is ALARMING. Last night while #Eurovision was on Public Health England released a delayed report showing that #B16172 so-called Indian variant has spread v. fast across the country, now in all regions and is deemed high risk re: transmissibility and *some* vaccine escape.
Large % of B1617.2 India variant have been identified in NW, London, East England & East Midlands BUT it is everywhere. And while 2 doses of #CovidVaccine ~81% effective against B1617.2 variant, 1 dose only 33% efficacy. That leaves 60% of adults and ALL children still at risk.
On Friday Boris Johnson said he sees no *current signs* of having to "deviate" from plans to scrap the last lockdown curbs YET both he and PHE were fully aware of ALL this alarming data. They are also holding back important data on number & extent of school outbreaks re: #B16172
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🔝5 Concerns about #SARSCoV2 #Biology: A Call to Pause, Deliberate, and Revise Policy─This review is intended both as a basic resource and to initiate an open and critical dialog about SARS-CoV-2 biology for an independent and public call to action.…
Structural basis of ribosomal #frameshifting during translation of the #SARSCoV2 #RNA #genome
A unique feature of the SARS-CoV-2 genome controls protein synthesis and presents an "Achilles heel" of the virus. Image
Brainstem neuropathology in two cases of #COVID19: #SARSCoV2 trafficking between #brain and #lung
Neuropathologic evidence strongly suggests that the pathophysiology of COVID-19 related respiratory failure includes a neurogenic component. Image
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#Ethiopia is committed to rebuilding #Tigray and ensuring that citizens are sufficiently provided for while #rebuilding efforts are being exerted. We welcome the #international community’s support in efforts to scale up #HumanitarianAssistance and close existing gaps. 1/11
Following actions have been taken in #Tigray: The second round of #HumanitarianAssistance has delivered food and other essential items to 2.7 million people; 2/11
Emergency #shelters and non-food item kits supplied to over 245,000 displaced persons in #Tigray; 3/11
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2019: "a person's average micro-plastic consumption is between 70,000-121,000 particles per yr & rising for those who drank bottled water closer to 100,000."

Imagine plastic inhalation/consumption for those wearing #masks for past yr. #VirtueSignalling…
"Disposable face masks (single use masks) are produced from polymers such as #polypropylene, #polyurethane, #polyacrylonitrile, #polystyrene, #polycarbonate, #polyethylene, or #polyester (Potluri and Needham, 2005)."

They shed. Plastic is inhaled/ingested. By adults & #children.
"This new emergence of #facemasks as environmental litter both in the terrestrial & aquatic environment is a piece of evidence that the global pandemic has not in any way reduced the challenge of increasing #plastic #pollution in the environment."

#Biodiversity #Ecology
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Ciao Bernie...l'unica differenza con MarioD... è che lui poteva creare liquidità dal nulla e tu no...👽

Colui che è responsabile primo della morte di migliaia di persone...con la sua gestione criminale a base di "tachipirina e vigile attesa"...non solo deve essere rimosso ma deve finire la sua vita al gabbio

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The farce that is #facecoverings & #facemasks against #COVID19 , a thread.
First up, #WHO, in latest ‘interim guidance’ of 1 Dec, on ‘potential benefits & harms’ of #masks:…. (note 1st ‘potential benefit’ is ‘reduced spread of respiratory droplets’ - which is not actually the same as reducing transmission, is it?) Image
But you’re convinced the benefits outweigh the harms and go for masking. I mean, forcing people to keep a piece of fabric/paper and plastic on their faces, how hard can that be, eh? Well, here’s the WHO’s most recent interim guidance again. It’s not as simple as it looks, is it? Image
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Reducing #COVID19 #Airborne #Transmission Risks on #PublicTransportation Buses
Wearing of #facemasks reduced the overall particle count released into the bus by an average of 50%, the dispersion distance by several feet and #aerosol particles by 84.36%. Image
🔝#SARSCoV2 Infects Human Engineered Heart Tissues and Models COVID-19 Myocarditis
#COVID19 can kill heart muscle cells, interfere with contraction. Details of how #coronavirus infects #heart: models of tissue damage may help develop potential therapies. Image
High-content screening of coronavirus genes for innate immune suppression reveals enhanced potency of SARS-CoV-2 proteins
196 protein products of seven coronaviruses: the genes encoded by #SARSCoV2 are generally more potent immune suppressors than others Image
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