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🎨⏳📜Nautilus Cup, Chicago Art Institute
During the Age of Discovery, European artists were inspired by the exotic materials suddenly available to them. Goldsmiths seized on the opportunity to include wondrous and seemingly magical materials -
-including coconuts, ivory, ostrich eggs, and, in this case, a nautilus shell from the Indian Ocean - into works of art that celebrated both nature and artifice. These types of objects were also popular with collectors during the 19th c, when the mounts on this cup were reworked.
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O Dia Internacional para a Eliminação da Discriminação Racial é uma referência ao "Massacre de Sharpeville " (21 de março de 1960), quando 69 pessoas morreram por ataques policiais durante uma manifestação contra a "Lei do Passe" na cidade de Joanesburgo (África do Sul).  A polícia abre fogo e a multidão foge. A polícia pode se
Você saberia distinguir entre o que é preconceito racial, discriminação racial e o racismo? Apesar de haver uma grande discussão a respeito desses termos, suas aplicações e diferenças, vamos apresentar algumas definições que podem servir para uma primeira aproximação ao tema. 👇
Preconceito racial: No livro Racismo Estrutural, importante obra sobre o assunto, Silvio Almeida define como: “o juízo baseado em estereótipos acerca de indivíduos que pertençam a um determinado grupo racializado, e que pode ou não resultar em práticas discriminatórias”.
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No próximo dia 26 (sexta-feira), às 17h, realizaremos, em uma parceria com o Ministério Público do Trabalho, UNICAMP, Núcleo de Estudos de População e Observatório das Migrações em São Paulo. Arte retangular, com fundo ...
Em uma roda de conversa, no canal do YouTube do MI, um grupo de mulheres irá compartilhar experiências e pontos de vista sobre os processos de deslocamento, desafios e projetos migratórios.
A mediação será de Catarina von Zuben, que fará perguntas sobre as vivências das convidadas Maha Mamo, primeira apátrida a receber a nacionalidade brasileira, Alba Gonzales, venezuelana, Prudence Kalambay Libonza, congolesa, Nathanael Pericles, haitiana e Isabel Torres, peruana.
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🎨✨⏳🕯Earthbound, 1897
Evelyn De Morgan, née Pickering, was an English painter associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Movement. Her paintings are figurative, foregrounding the female body through the use of spiritual, mythological, and allegorical themes.
Evelyn De Morgan, 1855-1919
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📖📚⏳🕯✨🎨 Thumbelina is a literary fairy tale written by Hans Christian Anderson.

An adventure story from the feminine point of view with its moral being people are happiest with their own kind. They point out that Thumbelina is a passive character, the victim of ... Image
...circumstances; whereas her male counterpart Tom Thumb (one of the tale's inspirations) is an active character, makes himself felt, and exerts himself.

Danish critics were not enthusiastic.

Hans Christian Andersen in 1836 Image
The informal, chatty style of the tales and their lack of morals were considered inappropriate in children's literature.

Thumbelina, Illustration by Vilhelm Pedersen,
Andersen's first illustrator
#fairytales Image
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For the oppressed in South Africa, freedom songs were a weapon in the struggle against colonial conquest and apartheid, and are part of the collective memory of the struggle against apartheid.
Freedom songs tell the story of the people, organizations, events, ideologies, beliefs, hopes, dreams and emotions that were part of the struggle for freedom.
Many singers and bands added their voices to the struggle through their music, and jazz, rock, reggae, hip hop and other musical genres played an important role in the struggle for freedom.
🎼 🎼 🎼 🎶 🎷
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#DYK the core function of the Education and Public Programmes Department is to offer multimodal programmes by utilizing the collections, objects, stories, exhibitions, commemorative days and other resources that are inclusive, encourage participation, promote awareness,...
enhance knowledge and understanding, foster respect of human rights and contribute to social cohesion and human dignity?
The programme's aims and objectives are to encourage life-long learning for our diverse audiences, foster social cohesion and nation-building through intra and inter-generational dialogues...
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@RoySocChem Astronomers had observed red flame-like prominences around the solar disc during total eclipses, but didn't know whether they came from the Sun, the Moon, or the Earth's atmosphere. De La Rue's precise photography proved that they came from the Sun #CollectionsUnited @RoySocChem
@RoySocChem As an astronomer and chemist, Warren De La Rue was able to carry out pioneering work in astrophotography. He was the first to use the wet collodion process instead of daguerrotypy for capturing celestial objects, and made the the first lunar stereograph images #CollectionsUnited
@RoySocChem The Kew Photoheliograph, designed by Warren De La Rue for the @royalsociety , was used at Kew Observatory, then at @ROGAstronomers, and is now in the care of the @ScienceMuseum…. #CollectionsUnited #MuseumFromHome
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At @MountVernon.
DYK: #GWMountVernon is owned & maintained in trust for the people of the US by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, a private/non-profit organization.
Join me & help preserve George Washington's home & legacy.
👉… Image
Get ready for a #TwitterTour

The mansion is closed due to #Covid19, but perhaps a 📷 or two from the grounds of the home of America’s first president, George Washington, & perhaps the most visited historic home in the USA: Mount Vernon @MountVernon in Virginia.
#StayTuned! ImageImage
Ok... let’s get started.
A #TwitterTour of Mount Vernon #GWMountVernon @MountVernon 🇺🇸 to follow…
Thread. The home of George & Martha Washington & the most popular historic home in America.

Note: The mansion itself is temporarily closed but check out: Image
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Is your computer taking too long to process data? Spare a thought for the team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory back in 1965, waiting for their computers to process the first closeup images of Mars taken by Mariner 4. Their solution - colour by numbers! #tbt #AstronoMay (1/9)
On July 15 1965, Mariner 4 obtained the first closeup images of Mars and stored them in its onboard tape recorder. Over the course of three weeks, the data acquired during the flyby was transmitted back to the Earth. #AstronoMay #MuseumFromHome #sciencefromhome (2/9)
At JPL, a "real-time data translator" machine converted the image data into numbers which were printed onto strips of paper. The team knew the computers would take some time to process the images and they were anxious to see them. Then, they had an idea... #AstronoMay (3/9)
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On #MemorialDay, we honor the lives of soldiers who have died while serving in the US Armed Forces. Today, we will remember them with a look at Augustus Saint-Gaudens’s “Shaw Memorial” (1900). #MuseumFromHome

Read more about the Memorial: A gold relief statue of a s...
The memorial commemorates the valiant efforts of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and the men of the 54th Massachusetts, the first Civil War regiment of African Americans enlisted in the North.

The version in Boston Common was dedicated as a monument on Decoration Day on May 31, 1897. A bronze relief statue of a...
Before it was known as #MemorialDay, the nation celebrated Decoration Day. John A. Logan, Commander and Chief of the Union’s veteran group called the Grand Army of the Republic, initiated the holiday, urging Americans to decorate the graves of the dead with flowers. A black and white portrait ...
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Welcome to the East Building’s gallery 406B, focused on art of the 1960s. Our tour today will focus on three women artists represented in this room. #MuseumFromHome

See all of the works:
ICYMI, last week we toured the neighboring gallery 406A:
This tour is led (from home) by Jennifer Riddell, interpretive projects manager (whom you may have met on a gallery talk on this same subject).

The art in this room is abstract, no “pictures.” You may notice muted colors, geometric and soft forms, and repeated shapes. A photo of a blond woman sm...Image
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“Jean Gooch’s English Apple Cake” - Lee Mingwei

Current Location: New York
#Cookbook Image
Lee Mingwei’s practice is seen in line with that of Allan Kaprow's. His projects such as "The Dining Project" (1997-) in which daily activities do indeed become art, are always filled with love. Enjoy this cake along with his heartwarming story.
• Story behind the Dish
I would like to propose a delightful cake that goes perfectly with afternoon tea. This is in memory of Jean Gooch, my dear mother-in-law who recently passed away in her deep sleep.
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Usha Iyer, #artist, #designer and very loved #educator is extremely busy keeping her family and friends feeling loved and wanted 😍This is what she writes for the world: “It's been a time of revision...and documentation of my mother’s #kolams
Using #traditional #motifs has merged with my regular style of #drawing #Brassware, is integral to my house.So much that I can't think of a day at home without them shining& smiling up at me.For a person born in #Kolkata &living in #Delhi since 1977, the
#Tamilian in me seems to have emerged in the last few weeks. Be it in the music, food or the language we speak at home now!”
Thank you Usha ♥️♥️♥️
#museum #museumfromhome #museumweek2020 #artist #designer #designideas #creativity #sharethelove #access #storiesofindia @MuseumWeek Image
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The real heroes who deserve to be celebrated are the skilled crafts communities integral to #preservation #conservation of #heritage #sites #monuments and #museums across the world. These are photos from the #NalandaUniversity, a #UNESCO #WorldHeritageSite in #Bihar in 2013
Here, when we had gone on a research trip as the Bihar Museum #design team, we had found #craftsmen making bricks and sculptures to help in the restoration of the 1500 year old site. We thought this was extremely imp as the process was similar ImageImageImageImage
I had suggested that this process be filmed and displayed as part of ‘continuing traditions’ in the new Museum. Thankfully, this was accepted and a film has been made 😊
Thank you the real heroes, we salute you for your skill and hard work, not just today but everyday 🙏🏽
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It was amazing earlier today to connect with over 90 colleagues from around the world reflecting on how the role of cultural heritage organisations & esp #universitymuseums is changing post #COVID19. Some key questions in thread below #UNIVERSEUMonline #Human_ties #MuseumFromHome
How can museums and galleries continue to be a safe social space for people to connect? #UNIVERSEUMonline
How can we create meaningful #ObjectBasedLearning and engagement with our collections in wholly digital ways and platforms while physical contact is still unsafe?
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Last call for the Thames Clippers RB1 service #VirtualTour! We're setting sail in this thread in one hour so take a seat, grab a hot drink from the onboard bar and get ready to sail through London in style (virtually) #VirtuallyLondon
As our service is currently suspended, all content shared has been captured prior to lockdown. #StayHomeStaySafe
As we depart Woolwich, on our way towards central London, we’re passing the Thames Barrier. One of the largest movable flood barriers in the world – it even has its own visitor centre! Image: Bill Green
#Woolwich #ThamesBarrier #RiverThames #VirtualTour
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For @bbcarts #CultureinQuarantine here's a thread on my collaboration with #ClaireHind #WaysToWanderTheGallery developed out of an @ahrcpress networks project, and was delivered with @Tate in 2017 #MuseumFromHome 1/5 the front cover of the 2018...
'Ways to Wander the Gallery' built on work gathered together in the 2014 book 'Ways to Wander'; a collection of 54 suggestions, instructions, guidelines & ideas for going on a walk, written by members of the #WalkingArtistsNetwork #CultureinQuarantine #MuseumFromHome 2/5 the cover of the 2014 book ...
#WaysToWanderTheGallery explored the connections between walking, art, experimental writing & composition through a series of workshops @Tate Modern. We wanted to think about the gallery, & the page, as sites for walking & creativity. #CultureinQuarantine #MuseumFromHome 3/5 Two people stand with arms ...
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While Parliament gets down to business, our Assistant Curator Sileas brings you another highlight from our collection as part of #MuseumFromHome 🏠

Since 2001, every time a General Election is held, a work of art is commissioned to document it. A photo of hands holding a ...
Cornelia Parker RA travelled the UK in 2017 following the snap General Election campaign.

An impartial witness to events, she observed the electioneering activities of all the main political parties. An image of an 'Out of Orde...
Some photographs documenting her journey are now part of the Parliamentary Art Collection, along with the final artwork she created, ‘Left Right & Centre’.

You can watch Cornelia discuss the project on the UK Parliament YouTube channel: . A protest sign outside Port...
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UK Parliament is a working democratic institution. But did you know we also hold many wonderful collections of art and historical artefacts?

Today Assistant Curator Sileas is sharing some of the highlights of our collections as part of #MuseumFromHome 🏠 ⬇️ Artworks in St Stephens Hal...
#MuseumFromHome lets us look at hidden artworks which we don't often get to share.

While many artworks can be seen by visitors to Parliament, not all can be on display. Image
Behind every artwork is a great work on paper! 📜

This cartoon used to show the full design for Charles West Cope's proposed fresco ‘Edward III conferring the Order of the Garter on the Black Prince’ (shown in this old photograph) but sadly only small fragments survive today. Image
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O que uma garrafa de refrigerante retornável e uma cédula de dinheiro têm em comum? Ambos possuem grande poder de alcance, são projetados para passar entre muitas mãos propagando certos conteúdos e valores. Image
Cildo Meireles, autor da obra apresentada no #pinadecasa de hoje, identificou esses dois objetos como “circuitos ideológicos”, responsáveis por tornar cotidiano o exercício de poder de algumas poucas pessoas sobre toda a sociedade.
Para comentar esses mecanismos de dominação do imaginário coletivo e demonstrar estratégias simples de subvertê-los, o artista realizou um conjunto de “inserções”. O gesto consistia em acrescentar mensagens poéticas ou de denúncia nesses objetos e devolvê-los à circulação, (...)
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#OnThisDate in 1936, a public ceremony was held for laying the cornerstone of @Interior's current headquarters building (Federal Public Works Project No. 4).

(Thread 1/5) #MuseumMoment #MuseumFromHome #VirtualVisit #OTD

📷 INTR 07449 Aerial image of crowd atten...
Various dignitaries were in attendance, including President Franklin Roosevelt, architect Waddy Wood, Interior Secretary Harold Ickes (left), and chair of the National Capital Park and Planning Commission Frederic A. Delano (right).


📷 INTR 07447 Interior Secretary Harold I...
In his prepared remarks, Secretary Ickes said, "This new building represents much more to us than merely better and more desirable office space; . . . it is to us a symbol of a new day." (3/5)

📷 INTR 07442 Secretary Ickes giving rema...
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FROM OUR DIRECTOR @middlewest: “We @Philbrook empathize with ALL who have been and will continue to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re in this together and are here to help. (Thread)
Today 4/7 we are announcing #PhilTheGaps and launching 4 new initiatives to enact our mission while supporting the immediate needs of our community through this difficult time.
As long as our physical doors are closed, @Philbrook will contribute 10% of all membership dollars earned to the Tulsa Area Covid-19 Response Fund established by @tulsaunitedway and @TulsaCF. Join, renew, or return as a Philbrook Member to support your Museum and your community.
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The #MuseumMoment slated to be happening now at @InteriorMuseum has been indefinitely postponed, but our registrar Jason Jurgena still wanted to share with you some of what he'd prepared. READ ON 👇 (thread 1/6) #MuseumFromHome Image
In 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt established the Works Progress Administration (WPA) as part of his New Deal program, sending millions of jobless Americans back to work during the Great Depression. (2/6)
Through Federal Project Number One within the WPA, many unemployed artists worked on arts-related projects, including creating 14 designs for screen-printed posters promoting 13 @NatlParkService sites from 1938 to 1941. (3/6)
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