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Conservatives and conservatism.

These terms are always tossed around but too few know much of the history or figures envolved.
This thread address the history of the movement, highlights lesser and better known individuals and seminal modern writings all should be aware of.
The modern American conservative movement most trace back to the 1964 Goldwater campaign. Given this did bring conservatism back to the forefront of national consciousness, the movement got its traction post WWII.
Roots of American conservatism stretch back to the birth of our nation and our expressed founding values. Natural law. The first 5 presidents were of the founding generation. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe.
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Dems Vs Repubs by the numbers.
*last 50 yrs

Years held Presidency
Dem-22 yrs

Total jobs created
Repub-24 Million
Dem-42 Million

Stock market return


Income growth

(source politico, bloomberg, USDL)
I pulled from dif sources over time but, as someone posted below, has a great breakdown of these stats and more.
Y'all, here are the stats regarding who added what to the deficit

Trump (1 1/2 yrs) $5.6 trillion
Obama (8 yrs & a recession) $6.6 trillion
George W Bush (8 yrs) $3.29 trillion
Clinton - Surplus
Reagan (8 yrs) $1.4 trillion
George HW Bush (4 yrs) $1.04 trillion

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@drvox We need to be talking about the clear authoritarianism, supremacist thinking and dangerous narratives of Evangelical Christians.…
@drvox Here's what's being preached on Capitol Hill to law and policymakers by a 'ministry' sponsored by a large number top Trump cabinet/former cabinet members: #ScienceMatters #ThisIsNoJoke…
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Worth 43 minutes of your time.
Important to understand going forward.
Justice K >>> Highest Court in the Land.
Law & Order [majority] [U.S. Constitution] safeguarded. 

Think HRC win >> SC appointments >> SC 'Corrupt' TILT [ex: LL]
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#QAnon #FFthreats🙄 #DeepStateInPanic #PanicInDC

[THEY] call in threats prior to each rally in an effort to diminish reach of message.
When one shirt is not enough..
TWO becomes the solution.
#QAnon #SheepNoMORE!!! #FactsMatter #WWG1WGA

[Quick History Lesson]


Why is the D party fighting to change history?
Facts matter!
False narrative "Old D party is now new R party" line no longer swallowed.

How many plane crashes since post?
Standard deviation?
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9 of the last 10 accounts to mention the "Klanbake" on Twitter are identified by Bot Sentinel as exhibiting "problematic" or "alarming" trollbot behavior.

It's an all out propaganda war. #FactsMatter

Four most recent:
Which is why @twitter needs a specific way to report suspected bots.
@Twitter Four of the last five to mention the "Klanbake."

Straight up propaganda.
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Donald J Trump the 45th president of these United States. Only 44 men in our history have ever held the office. An exclusive group of esteemed individuals. President Trump is proving himself to be among the greatest in this exclusive alumni.
Interestingly enough only 39 of the 44 stood for election and won the office. Trumps unlikely electoral victory stunned many, but not all. A brief recollection of an individuals perspective.
I started out staunchly for @tedcruz who I supported through the primaries. When Ted didn’t pull out Indiana, that was it. I was upset, but that evening I knew Trump was to be the nominee. I never had any disillusion otherwise, as some others did.
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This is everything I expected it to be, a complete pile of 💩... I'll attempt to compost into usable information in a thread 👇👇…
I would love to see where slavery is enshrined or even mentioned in the constitution prior to the 13th that specifically outlaws its existence.
It is not.
It is not by design.
What the author doesn’t want you to know is many wanted slavery abolished right from the framing.
To form a nation, that issue had to wait. Immeasurable care was taken to never mention slavery, specifically to not allow any subsequent generation to construe slavery as protected or endorsed in anyway.
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I thought 👇🏽was a bot becuz who would be so offended by .@Kaepernick7 .@nike campaign? #justdoit as if they care; they don't We're the 68% We believe in 🇺🇸 ⚖ & facts: per @fbi statistics its about the same 44% white 43% black felons murdered officers #FactsMatter
ALSO she threw that black on black argument out so I compared that with white on white crime 90% black/black and 84% white/white so pretty much the same again Can she can get on OUR white mass murder problem (59/101)? Those men w AK-47's 😞 but the reason…
We are peacefully protesting the promise of America & her ideals which are not in sync w police brutality/murders of unarmed people of color 👀 👇🏽Do you know what they have in common? They're mass murderers peacefully taken into custody #ThisIsWhyWeKneel…
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Let's just bring us up to date on @StormyDaniels and the #TrumpClownShow

Linting -…
1/ Trump doesn't sue.......because he's afraid IMO of discovery

President Trump has agreed to give up his right to pursue millions of dollars in damages against Stormy Daniels in a move to kill litigation over an illegal payoff to the adult-film star.
2/ Huge reversal for #TrumpClown

His legal team sought earlier to pull Daniels into an arbitration that could have forced her to pay the president more than $20 million
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#disinformation alert! 🚨

The right's latest talking points are false claims that #Kavanaugh's young children were harassed by Democrats as they were escorted out of the hearing.

This is quickly and easily debunked by a simple Google search. 1/8
A Fox News opinion peice expressed dismay that the 2 young girls were upset by the lack of civility shown to their father.

It doesn't say the children were harassed.

Their mother chose to remove them when Dems addressed the lack of transparency.
2/8 📰
The first result that said the children were harassed was a Reddit post, which contained a screenshot of a tweet. 3/8 #Kavanaugh
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So Mr. Trump is visiting the beautiful Dakotas and the ego fluffing rallying continues without pause. Just like yesterday, Trump will continue his rants and attacks on the media and spread lies about Democrats./1 #TrumpEgoRallies #CultureOfCorruption #Cult45
But here's what know he won't do or say: address the real issues facing hard-working North and South Dakota families. He will also fail to talk about the continued #Republican war on health care coverage for 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions./2 #GOPCorruption
30,100: North Dakotans that would have lost health coverage by 2026 under the #GOP House-passed #Trumpcare bill./3 #ProtectOurCare #CultureOfCorruption #GOPGreed
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EU Doubling our money across the UK: These are just some examples where we should be thanking our EU membership – We wouldn’t have these without the European Regional Growth Fund.
Access to New Markets for the Fashion Sector. To enable designers to access opportunities to new markets and increasing national and international trade, ERDF of £150,000 was matched with £150,000 from East London Small Business Centre. This assisted 106
3/ SMEs, created 13 jobs, safeguarded 55 jobs, and generated £2.5m new sales.

EAST of ENGLAND...Low Carbon Innovation Fund is a venture capital fund which makes early stage equity investments into SMEs that are developing new products
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1/ A lie spread by Kremlin/Trump trolls is there are THOUSANDS of sealed indictments which will be simultaneously unsealed & anti-Trump conspirators will be jailed. Sealed indictments are an everyday occurrence. Many federal cases involve indictments that are at one time sealed.
2/ Sadly, this Kremlin disinformation gets amplified repeatedly on Twitter.
3/ Rpt Federal Justice Center (2009) counted all sealed federal cases in 2006, including bankruptcy, criminal, forfeiture, qua tam, warrant actions, NATSEC, indictments, etc. There were 25,000+ sealed fed cases in US, w >15,000 being magistrate cases. (…)
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With our politicians and their media counterparts endless meddling by manipulating emotions and playing it very loose (if as l all) with facts…

Who needs any Russians???

Seriously. They’re just mad Russia invaded their turf. “Hey, hey! Only we lie and manipulate!”
Emotional manipulation, verses logical issue based reasoning in political persuasion, was pioneered by Bill Bernbach in the 1964 presidential campaign .
He was the driving force behind LBJs advertising.
The infamous daisy ad actually only aired once prior to the 1964 election and was just one of a few other ads that ran more often.
It was the daisy commercial that is still talked about to this day.…
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This entire story deserves to be threaded & tagged. In posting, my focus is not to dwell on the past but look at #Today with critical #EyesOpen. It’s a reminder to #Vote and act for the #betterfuture of our country.

Here it is:…
1/ Former Republican @MaxBoot spent eight years trying to stop Obama as an aide to both @SenJohnMcCain McCain and @MittRomney and as a longtime conservative columnist.

Boot, who is now a columnist for the @washingtonpost was never a Trump fan
2/ but he did write a column the day after the election in which he argued that a @realDonaldTrump presidency “might not be so bad” and encouraged optimism.

Now, in a new piece for the Post, Boot is prepared to say that, actually, it is that bad.
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In my debate with @PeterRoskam earlier this week he told some real whoppers about taxes and the impact of his tax bill on the district. They are talking points completely unbuttressed by facts. But facts matter. So here's a thread...
2/ First, he repeated his line that the "average median" family in #IL06 earns $135K/year. This is wrong in three really important ways.…
3/ (a) The average family in #IL06 earns $125K. (b) The median family in #IL06 earns $97K. (c) "average median" isn't a thing.… #factsmatter #mathisreal
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Even if it was oopsidental that you pushed Russian propaganda.
It's still....not a good look. #UsefulIdiots?
Ooops. Publishing the Putin party line?
Not a good look, friends. Not a good look at all.
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When I think about ‘open borders’ perspective on immigration, I see a major strategic error. (Setting aside being just part of a greater effort to form a global government; the nationless world.)
Events 1200 years ago makes a good analogy to illustrate what I reference.
Around 842 the Eastern Roman Empire had treachery afoot! The Empress Theodora was exiled to a nunnery and her lover Theoctistus was murdered, a plot orchestrated by Bardas rising his young nephew to the throne, Michael III.
The young new ruler, perfectly aware of his precarious position, desired council he could trust. Against the advice of many, Michael choose an inexperienced individual in his friend Basilius. The young Byzantine Emperor trusted this man above all else.
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EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS! @realDonaldTrump IS #DrainingTheDeepState #TrustSessions #TrustThePlan #PromisesMadePromisesKept #WWG1WGA Turley: Sessions’ Using Utah Federal Prosecutor Much Better for Trump than 2nd Special Counsel via @BreitbartNews
#CalmBeforeTheStorm explained - @realDonaldTrump is going after the global #HumanTrafficking Ring involving many influential people from around the world... via @YouTube
@realDonaldTrump Presidential #ExecutiveOrder on Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational #CriminalOrganizations and Preventing #InternationalTrafficking…
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For those who are seeking the #truth and are #New2Q, here is a great place to start.


#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump #potus #PatriotsFight #MondayMotivation #IGReport #FakeNews @potus @realDonaldTrump
Here is a great thread for those who are seeking #truth and are #New2Q.

#QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump #potus #PatriotsFight #MondayMotivation #IGReport
#FakeNews #WalkAway
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump
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🇺🇸Memorial Day🇺🇸

Clapper: Russia swung election for Trump

Netanyahu indictment imminent in Luxury Gifts Case

Lordy there are tapes of DonJr & NRA’s sugar daddy Torchin chatting.

Did Jr do side deals too? Naughty, naughty!

Projection is Trump’s guilty tell.
🇺🇸Did Trump hire Black Cube operatives to spy on the DNC/HRC’s campaign like he did to the Obama officials?

DHS lost track of nearly 1,500 unaccompanied migrant children placed with sponsors.

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. JFK
🇺🇸Memorial Day3🇺🇸

Please join me in remembering all the brave service men & women who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms.

🇺🇸We must not fail their sacrifice.

We must stand united & fight to preserve & protect our great Republic from all enemies foreign & domestic.
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#WhereAreTheChildren great question, even better question why did Obama admin ignore Whistleblower who asked in 2015?
What everyone is refusing to report is we know about them BECAUSE current admin finally investigated.
@girlsreallyrule @therealroseanne…
The IG demanded that the case be re-examined late in 2016. #WhereAreTheChidren…
Last we heard from Whistleblower they’d waited 440 days for an answer even after they’d offered proof unaccompanied minors had been released to CRIMINALS where were you then @PreetBharara ? #WhereAreTheChidren…
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