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"To upgrade oneself, the object to work on is our brain. The process may include unlearning to learn and learning to unlearn. Whichever is the case the #brain can never be over exploited.

In every ideal #society, learning is required for universal relevance and/
acceptance. Anyone who cease to learn cease to grow and signed in for demotion or #stagnancy.

Engaged in a discussion with one of my sons this morning, I made him realized there are ways we learn without alerting our #teacher in quote, so learning may be cheap atimes./

However, active learning comes by deep interactions between the master and the learner. It's therefore extremely tedious and most time not #achievable to be a master of what is not deeply learnt or handed over to one by a sacrificial #learning act.

@UnboxTherapy @MentallyAwareNG
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What is common between product docs, Slack channels, and Wikis? Why, everyone ignoring all of those and instead asking the subject matter expert the same question over and over again, of course!

A 🧵on the next big thing in tech: effective knowledge management: #knowledgeispower What is common between Slac...
1/ It is no exaggeration when @SlackHQ calls itself the Digital HQ of a company - our chat apps accrue staggering amounts of information. This information can be tapped to unlock tremendous value! #chatops #KnowledgeManagement #projectmanagement Chat app interface showing ...
2/ Answers v. Information: Answers are often derived by putting together information from multiple sources. These sources are often not well documented or rely on the user knowing the system to find them. New hires are disadvantaged. #information #KnowledgeGraph Information vs. Answers: In...
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So General McChrystal was praised for reaching a partnership w the Afghan government that would ensure children were given the Polio vaccine.

The unfortunate reality?

A mutated strand of Polio has been derived specifically from the Polio vaccine. & they knew.
Genocide. Irregular warfare.…
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𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗠𝗼𝘀𝘁 𝗨𝘀𝗲𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝗪𝗲𝗯𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗲𝘀 𝗢𝗻 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗲𝘁

I will be sharing unique , useful, and interesting #websites in this thread.

🚀Goal - 10,000 websites. 🚀

⏩ A Thread ⏪

🙏 RT for more exposure .

#unique #internet #useful #knowledge #worldwide
1: 🚀YayText .com🚀

You can use this website to use Bold, Italic, Underlined text on #Facebook , #Instagram , #Twitter ........

2: 🚀Fast .com🚀

You can check speed of your Internet connection from here.

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Taseko is lower risk because it already has very profitable and stable mine up and running (understand that last quarters were distorted from highgrading during covid followed by lowgrading as copper recovered).

Next big de-risker is when Florence starts according to plan.
Florence is fully financed and will be a silly profitable mine throwing off gigantic amounts of cashflow. This will then make Yellowhead Capex fairly easy to finance gradually starting say Autumn 2023.

IF New Prosperity re emerges that could replace Yellowhead as next after Florence and all my calculations would be wildly off. Copper production could be as planned but company cost would negative per pound.
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From 2015-2017, Black women were 5x more likely to die in pregnancy & childbirth.

Tomorrow Parliament will debate the petition we started to try and change this - signed by 187,519 people.

What do we want from MPs? THREAD #BlackMaternalHealthDebate…
According to the latest MMBRACE #MaternalHealth figures:

Black women are 4x more likely to die in pregnancy & childbirth.

Mixed heritage women are 3x more likely to die in pregnancy & childbirth.

Asian women are 2x more likely to die in pregnancy & childbirth.
UK maternity care is rife with unequal health outcomes.

We want decision makers to acknowledge the disparities between Black women and their white counterparts in their experiences of pregnancy and childbirth within the NHS and commit to closing these gaps #protectblackwomen
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1/4 #CliffNotes-#PlsRetweet
Suggested Cheat Sheet/Voting Guide4 #Austinites who WANT to #SAVEAUSTIN NOW!
#AustinCityCouncil ordered special elections & agreed on ballot language for eight propositions. #Elections will take place May 1, 2021. Choices: either For/Against.#share/#RT
Time act is NOW to #SaveAustin...pls #share/#RT in all platforms.
#GODBlessAustin #AustinStrong
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January 3rd, 2021 ~ @drsimonegold talking about the 'vaccines' and media disinformation campaigns.

I'm watching this now. I recommend you make the time...
For your own sake and the people you care about, as well.
(remove the ~) Image
There are several links available;
A chance to be proactive:
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What ISRA' And MI'RAJ Is All About

ISRA'(Night Journey)

The Miraculous Night Journey Of Prophet Muhammadﷺ That Happened In A Single Night.


Gift Of Prayer(Isra' &Mi'raj Ascension)

Shared From…

All Praise Is Due To ALLAH(GOD),& ALLAH'S Peace & Blessings Be Upon His Final Messenger,His Pure Family,His Noble Companions, And All Those Who Follow Them With Righteousness Until The Day Of Judgement.
The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ And His Companions Suffered For The Sake Of The Mission Of Prophethood And The Delivery Of The Message. For Ten Years, He Kept Presenting His Message To His People, Reciting Qur’an To Them And Conveying The Call Of Islam,
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The #NewYear is a week away, so what better time than now to think about your resolutions and set some goals!

Here’s some ideas for #NewYearsResolutions

Add on to the list below and benefit others!

#Forgive and Forget
Start 2021 with a fresh slate and #SpreadLove, not hate.

Allah says “He who is patient and forgives-that surely is a matter of strong determination” (Quran-42:22)

Make the intention to read congregational tahajjud on New Year’s day with your family.

Though the Mosque may be closed, you can still start the year off with prayer!

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A THREAD of THREADS (!) covering the rise of the Far Right, the funding of Laurence Fox, 'gang culture', the alt-right lexicon, the Attlee government, the BBC, Priti Patel, neoliberalism, propaganda, Foucault, the contemporary Left & more...
THREAD 1: Far-Right populism…
THREAD 2 - Who funds Laurence Fox?…
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One of the headaches of the Buhari goverment is Nmandi Kanu and his Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The group calls for the state of Biafra. That this remains a burning issue 50 years after the Nigerian civil war, explains the Image
fragile nature of the state.
Why has Nigeria not resolved the national questions that plunged it into a civil war?
Why is Nigeria the way it is?
If you are interested in the answers, read this book.

Author: Richard Bourne

275 pages
To get a copy, tap the link:…

Contact Udara Books:

Whatsapp: +2347012941837
Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @udarabooks

Delivering to the states of Nigeria

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Andrew Feinstein is on a mission to expose the lies, corruption and death-dealing at the heart of the modern arms trade. Whether it is the scandalous BAE Systems deals involving Britain and Saudi Arabia or Image
the US Congressional-Military-Industrial Complex, he lays bare shocking stories of bribery, theft and murder, which lie at the heart of the global trade in weapons of death.

Author: Andrew Feinstein
696 pages
To purchase a copy, contact Udara Books:

Whatsapp: +2347012941837
Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @udarabooks

Delivering to the states of Nigeria

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Inside Operation PAPERCLIP, America's Secret Program That Employed 1,600 Nazi Scientists In It's Labs - By Margaritoff

During Operation PAPERCLIP, The Records Of Pemier German Scientists Were Expunged So That They Could Secretly Work In American Labs To Give The U.S. A Leg Up Over The Soviets In The Cold War.

In The Immediate Wake Of World War ll, The Allies Were Widely Venerated For Their Role In Ending The Reign Of The Third Reich. But The Allied Powers Also Made Controversial Decisions In Secret That Were Kept Classified For Decades. Perhaps Their Most Contentious Action Was The
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The world is controlled by a satanic elite.

My research/experience has confirmed this. To talk about politics is meaningless. It is truly sad to see people asleep. Everyone is focusing on the matrix. If I'm dismissive, it's because I don't care to eat fake steak. #annuitcoeptis
Funny how the satanic elite perfectly describes the conspiracy to discredit it. These are not coincidences.
There's a reason why the Egyptians worshiped the snake, cat and dog head. Some call them "Jinns" the ones that can take the form of the reptile. 🦎…
I am using this tread to tackle all angles of the level of control that the satanic elite has on this world. Exposing their tools, method, and form of slavery over humanity.

Money/debt is the first level of control.

That's why the pyramid exists. 👁️

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I've seen tweets with #AcademicChatter garner thousands of retweets + likes. Will you help us or scroll past? We are 10 Black Academics, Researchers + Professionals 🇬🇧 working to put an end to racism – structural, systemic, institutional, discriminatory + hostile in Academia 1/2
In the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 Black Women employed full time in Academia represent 1.3%. Additionally, there are less than 1% of Black Profs in the UK. This is a systemic issue 🙄 At this point we request to be heard in line with @UKRI_News promises. Petition
Link to our open letter to follow. We ask @UKRI_News for proactive justice in funding systems and processes to be transparent and equitable. For example a Co-investigator should NEVER be able to sit on the same review panel to which their grant application was submitted 🙄 Simple
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🚨🚨🚨 Thread: I really want you all to understand these dark money organizations that are spending millions lying to voters at election time in this state. They do it when a candidate has a strong voice against the millionaires and billionaire special interests.
Some of the worst are the school privatizing groups. How can you say you are an organization for children when you spend millions to lie and spread trash about public school advocates? Two of these groups are Tennesseans for Students Success and TN Federation for Children.
Betsy DeVos was board chair for American Federation for Children and former Haslam staffers started TSS to push for vouchers for private schools. Lee is a DeVos faithful and TSS cheerleader, he used them to send warnings during his voucher votes.
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#BlackFuturesMatter #RVAprotests #RVA Want to SUCEED!? I can tell you how. 1/Study hard in your classes. Learn. Know. #Knowledgeispower 2/Gain skills in high demand. Tech/IT/Cybersecurity/Lab skills -chemistry-biology 2/Develop professional skills, workplace skills. Communication
3/Communication means listening, hearing, thinking & expressing yourself clearly. 4/ Develop good work habits-Show up on time for work, apply yourself. Employers appreciate diligence & punctuality. 5/Demonstrate responsibility on the job and in your lives. 6/ Think #rvaprotest
Employers evaluate you on both job skills and work/professional skills. 7/Learn how to plan your work and your life. Develop a plan & stick with it. 8/ Seek advice from others with experience - mentors & become mentors. 9/Develop self esteem. Respect yourself & others
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Be my guest on State Affairs (Webinar) on Zoom.

Sunday, 19 July 2020
6pm West Africa Time

Secession and Separatist Conflicts in Postcolonial Africa

The theme is the title of a new book by Charles Thomas and Toyin Falola. Image

*Toyin Falola, Jacob and Francis Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities at the University of Texas at Austin.
*Charles Thomas, associate professor of comparative military studies and chair for strategy and security studies at the US Air Force School of Graduate
Professional Military Education.
*Edem Andah, Lead Consultant at Centurion Law Group
*Dr Olisa Muojama, Dept of History, University of Ibadan
*Chuma Nwokolo, Lawyer, author of Diaries of a Dead African
*Dr Abdul Jalil Tafawa-Balewa, analysts on African Affairs

Host: Edmund Obilo
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Be my guest on State Affairs (Webinar) on Zoom.

Sunday, 19 July 2020
6pm West Africa Time

Secession and Separatist Conflicts in Postcolonial Africa

The theme is the title of a new book by Charles Thomas and Toyin Falola.
The authors will be at the dialogue. Image
Also Featuring:

*Chuma Nwokolo, Lawyer, author of Diaries of a Dead African
*Dr Olisa Muojama, Department of History, University of Ibadan
*Edem Andah, Lead Consultant at Centurion Law Group
*Dr Abdul Jalil Tafawa-Balewa, analysts on African Affairs

Host: Edmund Obilo
The OA version of the book can be accessed by visiting the book page,…, and clicking on the “Free PDF” tab.

It can also be found directly at PRISM, the digital repository, at this address:…
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The pace of technological change is so rapid, exacting deep impact as it transforms human life. Our lives are taking new meanings - from new business models to new ways of working.
This is what Ray Kurzweil in his 2005 book, The Singularity is Near, calls the law of accelerating returns. It is about the speed of the rate of technological and biological evolution.
He argues:
“Within several decades information-based technologies will encompass all human knowledge and proficiency, ultimately including the pattern-recognition powers, problem-solving skills and emotional and moral intelligence of the human brain itself.”
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I've watched & sure #Anons have seen massive followers to accounts including my own. We have no idea who the majority are. New #Anon accounts credible accounts are blindly retweeting. Im watching archiving will be calling you out. Stan/Simp or LEO careful who you trust
New accounts & OG's if you fall for this to famefag for likes & retweets FYI ppl are watching & wondering. If you're not careful you'll end up famous & not for doing good. 👀 U
There are new ppl who are legit & want to know how to help the movement which we should be patient & help show them resources for their own research. However accounts begging to be choked/anything sexual should be blocked/ignored/reported take your pick. #KnowledgeIsPower
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قوت گویائی اور سماعت سے محروم لوگ اس ویڈیو کے ذریعے یہ جان سکتے ہیں کہ کورونا کی علامات کیا ہیں اور یہ بیماری لاحق ہونے کی صورت میں کیا کرنا چاہیے

#COVID19 #guidelines for #deaf and #hard_of_hearing persons.
#coronavirus #COVID19Pandemic #pandemic #hearing #precautions #StaySafe
کورونا وائرس کی وبا میں قوت گویائی اور سماعت سے محروم افراد کے لیے اشاروں کی زبان میں رہنمائی. ویڈیو دیکھیں اور جانیں کہ کورونا وائرس سے بچنے کے لیے کون سی احتیاطی تدابیر ضروری ہیں۔
#Pakistan #SignLanguage #StaySafeEveryone #KnowledgeIsPower #wednesdaymorning #pandemic #COVID
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