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[Thread] Now that #Blocktober is complete (game designers show how they create level designs & environments), here are some of my favorite (and sci-fi related) tweets.

This is the opportunity to get a rare behind-the-scenes look at the creation of games.
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Yo yo, it's the 27th of #Blocktober and it's also #ThrowbackThursday! All work and no play make #DukeRAP a dull group...we do like to get silly once in a while (ok, every day) and in case you missed our lame efforts at musical ineptitude in the past...well, you're welcome. 😬
@ASRA_Society @ESRA_Society @AoraIndia @LasraAnestesia @amit_pawa @EMARIANOMD @KalagaraHari @anesthesiadocmd @Nadia_Hdz_MD @Ropivacaine At the conclusion of #Blocktober20 we thought we'd blow off some steam and make a rap video. Here's the result. Still waiting for the Grammys to call...🤷‍♂️ #Blocktober22 @James_Kim_MD @AmyPearsonMD @dr_tgro @NarouzeMD @MonicaHarbellMD @ajrmacfarlane

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Hello again! It's #Blocktober 26th, and today we're rounding out the lower limb with the sciatic approach to end all sciatic approaches...🧵 @ASRA_Society @ESRA_Society @AoraIndia @LasraAnestesia @ASALifeline @ASA_Australia @AFSRAsociety @amit_pawa @EMARIANOMD @KalagaraHari
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Hey it's the 26th of #Blocktober, and we DO have a new video coming your way--stay tuned later today! 😉 In the meantime... @ASRA_Society @ESRA_Society @AoraIndia @LasraAnestesia @ASALifeline @ASA_Australia @amit_pawa @EMARIANOMD @Duke_Anesthesia @dr_tgro @tsmurali @KalagaraHari Image
@ASRA_Society @ESRA_Society @AoraIndia @LasraAnestesia @ASALifeline @ASA_Australia @amit_pawa @EMARIANOMD @Duke_Anesthesia @dr_tgro @tsmurali @KalagaraHari @anesthesiadocmd @HoltzMaggie @Nadia_Hdz_MD @mswami001 @AmyPearsonMD @zedunow @morefluids @ajrmacfarlane @MonicaHarbellMD @garyschwartzmd This Saturday (Oct 29 at 4 pm eastern) we'll be hosting our first annual #Blocktober22 Pub Trivia Challenge!! Think you know a lot about regional anesthesia? Show hosts @galusweegie and me whatcha got--you can join individually, or compete as a team! Prizes for the winners!
@ASRA_Society @ESRA_Society @AoraIndia @LasraAnestesia @ASALifeline @ASA_Australia @amit_pawa @EMARIANOMD @Duke_Anesthesia @dr_tgro @tsmurali @KalagaraHari @anesthesiadocmd @HoltzMaggie @Nadia_Hdz_MD @mswami001 @AmyPearsonMD @zedunow @morefluids @ajrmacfarlane @MonicaHarbellMD @garyschwartzmd @galusweegie Stay tuned for a link to the YouTube live channel, and brush up on your obscure RAAPM facts--where was Gaston Labat born? What is @amit_pawa 's middle name? You never know what questions might show up! #Blocktober22 Saturday 10/29 @ 4 pm eastern. @MariaaYasminee @NarouzeMD Image
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Since everything I am doing right now is under lovely NDA, I decided to share my experience for #leveldesign portfolio demonstartion. Moreover, it is not a really well-known topic.

#Blocktober #gamedevs

Usually, people use principle "the better, the higher on the page", but I decided to start as I start in the real life:
-Level flow plan
Aaaaaaannnnndddd... Remember - no gameplay videos with comments.

I upload all my references, so people will be able to understand better my initial goal and how I think. This is a part of my #leveldesign #portfolio work:
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Morning #Blocktober22 friends! Today (the 14th) we'll ask you to channel your inner Spielberg and submit your BEST still image or video clip to our Blocktober Image Contest! There will be prizes for the best contender in each category! Show us what you got! @ASRA_Society
@ASRA_Society @ESRA_Society @amit_pawa @EMARIANOMD @KalagaraHari @anesthesiadocmd @Nadia_Hdz_MD @HoltzMaggie @Steve_Coppens @ajrmacfarlane @DrRobbieErskine @bobfunn @beckimarshRA @tsmurali @Jerryblocksthat @MKwesiKwofie @BridgetPulos @docmorne @CA_PizzaHead @mariapsebastian @mick_kerr @mokaeleni @PeterMerjavy @dr_tgro @DrJeniMD @galusweegie @ChrisPrabhakar @dr_melissabyrne @claralexlobo @rosie_hogg But wait! We have other news!! Next Wednesday (10/19 at 5 pm EDT) we will have our first #Blocktober LIVE scanning session! @galusweegie and I will be takin' requests and scannin' a live model--YOU tell US what you want done, and we'll do it in real time! 👇(play with sound...)
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Morning! It's #Blocktober 13th and it's also #ThrowbackThursday!! Today let's talk about all our fave lower limb block techniques--what's the one you CAN'T live without?? (best with 🔊) @ASRA_Society @ESRA_Society @LasraAnestesia @AoraIndia @ASA_Australia
@ASRA_Society @ESRA_Society @LasraAnestesia @AoraIndia @ASA_Australia PENG block is one of our go-to techniques for hip fracture as well as THA. It's motor-sparing (usually...) and in RCTs compares well with fascia iliaca. Who's using PENG in their practice? @amit_pawa @EMARIANOMD @KalagaraHari @ajrmacfarlane

@ASRA_Society @ESRA_Society @LasraAnestesia @AoraIndia @ASA_Australia @amit_pawa @EMARIANOMD @KalagaraHari @ajrmacfarlane The SIFI block is our true 3-in-1 and a solid player in the pantheon of blocks for lower limb trauma and elective surgery. Any SIFI fans out there?? #Blocktober22 @claralexlobo @HoltzMaggie @dr_rajgupta @dr_tgro @rosie_hogg @Nadia_Hdz_MD @Steve_Coppens

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It's the 6th of #Blocktober22 and it's ALSO #ThrowbackThursday !! ICYMI, we've discussed a number of chest wall blocks in prior #blocktober seasons...what's your fave? Follow the 🧵below to chime in! #DukeRAP @ASRA_Society @ESRA_Society @ASALifeline @LasraAnestesia @AoraIndia
@ASRA_Society @ESRA_Society @ASALifeline @LasraAnestesia We're not ones to shy away from controversy so....ESP. Let's talk about it. Love/Hate it? Works in spine but not for belly? Ventral rami?? 🤔We'd LOVE to hear your experiences! #Blocktober22 @KalagaraHari @amit_pawa @Steve_Coppens @Jerryblocksthat
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Happy 1st of #Blocktober to all you blockstars out there!! It's SOOO great to be back and looking forward to all the fun interaction and engagement with the RA community!!! Check out today's block and more in the 🧵 below #DukeRAP @Duke_Anesthesia @ASRA_Society @ESRA_Society
Ok, we're going to start things off with an ol' classic--the axillary brachial plexus block. Who loves them some axillary scanning?! We do!! Check out our video here: #DukeRAP #Blocktober22

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A raíz de la filtración de GTA VI, un montón de estudios (Guerrilla, Naughty, Remedy, Game Kitchen, etc) están mostrando sus juegos sin gráficos acabados bajo la irónica frase:

"Graphics are the first thing finished in a video game"

HILO Recopilatorio VA 🧵

1. TLOU:

Como veis el Thunderjaw parece de Lego y ALOY es un asset reutilizado de Killzone xD. Una clave básica: primero te aseguras que la jugabilidad mola, iteras con lo que tengas y poco a poco lo vas dejando bonito.


Como bien dice, CONTROL fue galardonado por sus graficazos. Pues así se veía al principio. Mención especial a los cubos THROW ME y a la prota que tiene pasos a lo Chiquito... no puedor no puedor)

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The 9th thing I worked on at Arkane is the one you've probably been waiting for, and I'm here to talk about it just in time for #Blocktober; The Clockwork Mansion of Dishonored 2.

For that, we have to start with the prototypes. 1/19

I created this proof of concept early in 2013, long before the map was greenlit to be included in the game, basically to say "yes this could be amazing" and "yes I should work on it." It did both, but it would still be over a year before the map was officially OK'd. 2/19
But sure, I could make a bunch of blocks animate however I wanted. What is possible using real level geometry? That's why I made this prototype. A bit less wild? Yes. But still clearly do-able. 3/19

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Better late than never! I’ve got a couple of #Blocktober (#Blockvember?? #Blocksgiving??) videos from #JediFallenOrder to share on its one year anniversary, including some insight into one of our easter eggs and an appearance from #OggdoBlockdo. #leveldesign 1/9
The initial idea for Bogano was to start with a flat plane for long sightlines across the planet and then dig trenches and caves into it for gameplay. This led us to add some memorable landmarks like the Vault and the giant Binog creature 2/9
Retraversing back to the Vault after acquiring wallrun was a delicate moment to pull off and went through a lot of iteration. We ended up solving it by adding some memorable statues and making the player path more straightforward as well as using it as a map teaching moment. 3/9
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A #leveldesign project of mine that is slowly taking shape. Water is scares. This is the home of one of the water barons. They are pumping water from deep underground lakes. The statues are the 7 ancient protectors that bless and cleanse the water ☺️🚰
made with @UnrealEngine
Here are 4 progression shots showing some of the iterations.
It is still october where I live, so I'm gonna tag #blocktober 😅 ImageImageImageImage
Continuing this thread with 4 images in my #leveldesign process. 😅
It kind of goes like this:
- Ideation
- Reference gathering
- Rough Blockout
- Rough Overview
- Blockout
- Overview
This is where I'm at.. then follows;
- Rough Whitebox
- Whitebox 👈Feature complete ImageImageImageImage
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Hey it's the 28th day of #blocktober!! Today we're talkin' ESP blocks--anatomy, mechanism, technique & tips. ESP seems to be quite versatile, & comparative studies show comparable effect to many other block techniques, while being easy and safe. What are your thoughts? #DukeRAP
And here's the video for ESP blocks. Really interested to your thoughts--are you using this? For what? Successes and failures? #blocktober #DukeRAP #FOAMEd #RegionalAnesthesia @SreeHPraveenKO1 @kaohesham @sanjibadhikary @Ropivacaine

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Happy Monday, #blocktober friends! Today we discuss the femoral and lateral femoral cutaneous nerve blocks--we use these for lower limb trauma, ACL repair, and amputation, as well as the occasional complex TKA patient. How about you? #DukeRAP #RegionalAnesthesia #FOAMed
And here's the video for femoral and LFC nerve blocks...enjoy! #blocktober #DukeRAP #RegionalAnesthesia #FOAMed

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Happy #Blocktober 24th! Let's talk parasternal blocks! Multiple names/approaches but essentially one deep and one superficial--both block the ant. cutaneous IC nerves, and benefit breast, cardiac & trauma patients. What are your thoughts on these? #DukeRAP #RegionalAnesthesia
And here's the video highlighting the anatomy and techniques for the two most common approaches to parasternal blocks: the pecto-intercostal fascial block (#PIFB) and the transversus thoracic plane block (#TTPB). Enjoy!

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Good morning! We're 23 days into #blocktober and today we're discussing US guided ankle blocks! Advantages include ⬇️LA volume, ⬆️rates of successful surgical anesthesia, and improved patient experience! Easy to pick and choose your nerves cafeteria-style. #DukeRAP #Blocktober
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In this #blocktober : remember any/everything else you need to know about #regionalanaesthesia (almost) in the @BJAJournals collection. Lots of international experts. Others in pipeline, or still to be added.... @ESRA_Society @ASRA_Society @RegionalAnaesUK…
Newer articles that will be added in due course by @mjoldman :…
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Hey y'all, it's the 22nd day of #blocktober! Today we're discussing a staple of upper limb blockade, the supraclavicular brachial plexus block. The "spinal of the arm", this workhorse is a go-to for everything from shoulder to digit surgery. #DukeRAP #FOAMEd #RegionalAnesthesia
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It's the 21st day of #Blocktober ! Today we discuss ways to stay out of trouble--and more specifically, out of the nerve. Needle-nerve contact is known to cause inflammation and injury, and we can use several monitors to prevent getting too close. #DukeRAP #RegionalAnesthesia
And here's the lecture video....enjoy! #DukeRAP #Blocktober

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Yo yo, it's the 19th of #blocktober, and that means rectus sheath blocks! This old school technique has enjoyed a resurgence and is now part of some of our ERAS pathways for abdominal cases with midline incisions. Also a fave for urgent ex-laps when TEA contraindicated. #DukeRAP
And here's the video for rectus sheath block...enjoy! #Blocktober #DukeRAP #RegionalAnesthesia #RegionalAnaesthesia

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