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And here we go! Eurovision Song Contest 2022! #Eurovision Image
Light harps. Nice. Image
Strong opening with 80s synth vibes and classic #Eurovision chord progressions :) Image
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#ThrowbackThursday by DTB [@DTBKenya]:

1. Upon completion of 60 years as Imam, the Ismaili community commemorated Mawlana Sultan Muhammad Shah’s Diamond Jubilee by weighing the imam against diamonds.

More than 0.5M pounds of diamonds were collected.

#BankWithUsBankOnUs ImageImage
2. Some of the funds were used to create the Diamond Jubilee Investment Trust Limited, a precursor to DTB Kenya, which was officially incorporated in Dar-es Salaam and then moved to develop branches in Kenya and Uganda.

#BankWithUsBankOnUs Image
3. In 1965, DJIT was split into three companies – DJIT (Kenya), DJIT (Tanzania) and DJIT (Uganda).

It transformed itself from a community-based finance house into a growing non-bank financial institution (NBFI).

#BankWithUsBankOnUs Image
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From June 2020: How to avoid or minimize using the police in superhero stories?… #superheroes #police #TBT #ThrowbackThursday
For the TLDR crowd, the options:
- “High stakes” adventures focus
- Low stakes adventures or being Good Samaritans
- Kids (or rare adults) learning how to be superheroes
- police tied heroes switch jobs (such as private investigators)
- focus on the heroes’ private lives
- the heroes play judge jury and executioner
- the heroes are regulated by state, federal or global authorities
- the villains are too powerful or difficult to arrest
- in-universe policing reforms shown
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#TBT Some call her The Mother of #BalboaPark, The Plant Lady, or even The Female Johnny Appleseed. At The Nat, we just call her Kate.

Kate Sessions was a pioneering woman for any time period, let alone the 1800s...🎩1/5
A lifelong lover of plants, she got a science degree from #UCBerkley, but there weren’t many opportunities for a college-educated woman in the #Victorian era. 🎓 So, Kate decided to create her own opportunity and started her own business. 2/5
She founded a nursery in what is now #BalboaPark in 1892 & expanded from there. She was an early member of #TheNat, planted #PalmCanyon & the Aloe and Agave Garden, & was hired by the city to plant 100 trees every year for 10 years. 🌳 But this work wasn't perfect... 3/5
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1/ It’s #ThrowbackThursday time at @KIReports! In 1954, the first truly successful kidney transplant was performed.
2/ Richard Herrick (pictured on front left) was the recipient of the first successful kidney transplant and recieved a kidney from his twin brother Ronald Herrick (pictured on front right)…
3/ These brothers were confirmed of being immunologically identical through demonstration that they did not reject each other’s skin grafts.
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It's #HillfortsWednesday and here’s the curiously enigmatic (and infrequently examined) prehistoric earthwork enclosures atop the wonderfully named Thundersbarrow Hill #WestSussex @sdnpa 😍

Pic © CACUP 1975 (BSR60) @CamDigLib @theUL

A short thread 👇👇👇
The subcircular Iron Age hillfort of Thundersbarrow covers 1.2ha with entrances at the SE and N

It encloses a 0.5ha subsquare Bronze Age enclosure with a barrow and Romano British village at the S + E

Plan: Robert Gurd 1932 © Sussex Arch Soc @sussex_society

Thundersbarrow Early Iron Age hillfort sits brooding atop a low ridge at the southern slope of the chalk downs @sdnpa above the Sussex coastal plain and Shoreham-by-Sea

It's easy to spot once you know it's there

Pic Simon Carey 2005 CC BY-SA 2.0

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Inspired by the always excellent content of my friend and once upon a time colleague @understandrome for #ThrowbackThursday I’m going to tell my incredible but 100% true story of my experience at the Villa Wolkonsky. Buckle up for a wild ride! @wantedinrome
Ok, so first, I’m going to have to be somewhat vague about a few things to avoid getting anyone in trouble, but this is all more or less verifiable & to my knowledge completely true. Several years ago I was in Rome for the summer and needed a place to live. A friend of a friend…
was working for the British government and being housed in a very large apartment on the grounds of the villa, in one of the side buildings facing the Villa proper and built around the bit of the Neronian spur of the Aqua Claudia as seen here in @understandrome’s photo.
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#MusicTherapy 🎧 2022 🗓 — My February Thread 🧵🪡

February by Dar Williams on XPN 📻 Image
Today’s theme song: Waste Your Time by @jacksonsellers_ on 📻
Divine Intervention by Matthew Sweet on 📻 #ItsASign🪧
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1/ This week’s #ThrowbackThursday tweetorial is a quick reference to the Banff classification which traces its origin to one of the most beautiful places in North America.
2/ In 1991, the first conference was conducted in Banff Canada and included a multidisciplinary team. At this time there were considerable differences between pathologists for biopsy interpretation. A standardized approach to improve patient care was proposed.
3/ A manuscript was refined over time and first published in 1993.
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My favorites from #XPN2021 on 📻 - A Thread 🧵🪡

I'll Be You by The Replacements Image
Laid by James on #XPN2021 📻 Image
11 O'Clock Tick Tock by U2 on XPN
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#ThrowbackThursday: In 2012, our wildest sci-fi dreams seemed possibly within reach, at least for an elite few. In a story about two up-and-coming flying-car companies, senior writer Nicholas Köhler reported on their progress: (1/5) #tbt
“While Terrafugia is intent on getting its Transition to a good swath of the moneyed set … [Carplane project manager John] Brown doesn’t believe the flying car will be the mass commuter vehicle of the future[.]” (2/5)
“Carplane’s market will include leisure and business travel … but emergency and military applications, including the delivery of organs for transplant, is where Brown sees the most immediate future for the flying car.” (3/5)
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The infamous Dr Stare.
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Anziehpuppen aus Papier

sind nicht nur seit fast 200 Jahren ein ebenso preiswertes wie beliebtes Kinderspielzeug.
Ab dem späten 18. Jahrhundert gab es sie in den damaligen Journalen des Luxus und der Moden, ab 1786 auch in Deutschland weit verbreitet... Image
Von einer isolierten Ausnahme um 1700 abgesehen, stammen die ältesten Ausschneidebogen mit Ankleidefiguren als eine Variante der Bilderbogenproduktion aus den Jahren bald nach 1830. Image
Nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg wurden sie zu begehrten Sammlerobjekten, besonders, weil alte Exemplare wegen der begrenzten Lebensdauer von Papier mit der Zeit seltener werden. Bis heute werden noch Anziehpuppen aus Papier hergestellt oder zum Ausdrucken über das Internet verbreitet. Image
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A thread on random pics from 12 cities

Your fav?
1. London (where else as #1? 😊) ImageImageImageImage
2. Dubai ImageImageImage
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… so I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but:

John Bolton massively sucked since wayyyyyy before Trump.

[Americans have the historical memory of goldfish.]
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#ThrowbackThursday Tomorrow is #WorldMosquitoDay! In anticipation of that, a thread on "A review of the economic impact of malaria in agricultural development" by Asenso-Okyere et al (2011) #mosquitochat…
The paper surveys the linkages between malaria and agriculture, focusing on the economic impacts of the disease. In the developing world, especially in Africa, malaria is the disease that has the most widespread impacts on growth and development. #mosquitochat
"Economists have attempted to put an economic value on the burden of malaria by measuring the impacts on (a) households, (b) health systems, and (c) national economies. At the household level, malaria imposes both direct and indirect costs." #mosquitochat
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#Throwbackthursday to September 26, 2017.

My neighbours moved in over two weeks ago and we haven’t officially met. I say officially because I see them through my window as they drive to and from work. I have seen them, I just haven’t met them.
The couple seems quite reserved, I wonder how they go to work in the mornings without giving each other a peck or a smile. Yes, I watch them, I watch everyone as they go out in the morning. It is kind of my morning ritual.

Because I have manners,
I take a small fruit basket with me.

Knock. knock.

I’m at the door, announcing my presence but there’s no answer. I’m sure they’re in, they drove in at the same time earlier this evening.

Knock. Knock.

“Who is there?” I finally hear a muffled voice from the other side.
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Elemental error, to be sure. However, according to Dr Bibby, regular old rat poison-y NaF works better than AgF. Shoot, PbF is more effective than either silver fluoride or sodium fluoride.
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Opposing commercial determinants of health outcomes may seem like it is a lost cause, but that is cool, as a #LostCause is the only kind really worth striving to overcome. #ThrowbackThursday to 1972.…
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1/ A story about anti-GBM disease for #ThrowbackThursday — starting with the initial case report by Dr. Ernest Goodpasture himself.
2/ In late September 1918, Dr. Ernest Goodpasture admitted a patient to the hospital with what initially appeared to be a quote “typical attack of influenza.” He presented with a 3 day history of cough, dyspnea and fever to 103.0.
3/ He had no clinical evidence of pneumonia. His fever resolved and he was discharged home 3 days later. He felt ill after discharge, but returned to work. His cough persisted though, and weight loss and fatigue worsened.
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'Thurs.6/7/95 – Up at 9am for the Worripa, with Kathy, Kirsten, and Phil; excellent day – swimming, sunbathing, snorkelling, shooting balloons, (line fishing), (rock jumping), beach games, boom netting, tunnel running,...'
#MeDownUnder 26
(Others did, not me)
...'and feeding fish & eagles; back at 4.30pm; out to the forts/koala walk at 4.45pm, back at 6.30pm; ate at 7pm; showered, and came back to the bar at 8.30pm; Kathy & Phil took part in "Dirty Dancing" competition, and won a trip to Cape Tribulation, heading'...
#MeDownUnder 26
...'back north(not to Dingo); bed at 12.30am; excellent weather.'
#MeDownUnder 26
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Listening to Come Together by Primal Scream on 📻 cc: @LeahCville #ThrowbackThursday #TBTXPN
(P.S. We old. 👵🏻 👵🏻 #TwinsRun50)
Listening to Into The Fire 🔥 by Sarah McLachlan on #TBTXPN cc: @LeahCville…
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Good morning! Happy Thursday!

For #ThrowbackThursday I thought I'd highlight some of the amazing women who have been mentors (and friends) to me. Without support from an amazing community of women in mathematics & statistics I would not be where I am today! #WomenInSTEM
(These will be in chronological order)
.@lpudwell : Lara Pudwell

Lara was my advisor during my summer REU experience at @ValpoU in 2011.

Without her mentorship, I don't think I would have ever considered graduate school!
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