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On our #ThrowbackThursday, we're looking at the Adamma mask.

Adamma is a contemporary maiden spirit mask that originates from Enugu and can be found now in Anambra.

The mask is performed by men only and is accompanied by music that the masker dances to. Unlike other Igbo masks,
Adamma mask does not have any spiritual value behind it.

The ceremonial masquerade is named after Adamma, a name loosely translated to ‘beautiful woman’ and reserved for the first daughter of a family. She is always gorgeously dressed in colourful attires and dances so...
beautifully that most times, people wonder whether it’s actually a man under the mask and has been described as a performance of femininity in a glamourised and controlled manner.

Generally in Igbo culture, "nwanyi anaghi eti mmonwu" masquerades have never been reserved for the
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Proud to have endorsed #PlagueOfCorruption a month ago - congrats to @DrJudyAMikovits & @1anti_s for triumphing over public health-industrial complex & Silicon Valley censors. @RobertKennedyJr 's intro to the book also must-read.
#ThrowbackThursday Get the truth about Fauci, Big Pharma & Deep State vaccine cover-up.
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Today on #ThrowbackThursday, we're giving a brief insight to the defunct Bakassi Boys group of the South East.

The group of the Bakassi Boys was created in 1998 by traders in the commercial city of Aba!!

A thread!!

The aim of the group was to protect themselves from armed robbers, hoodlums, ritualists, kidnappers, and even the practice of dark magic itself as was observed in the case of Eddy Nawgu, an alleged false prophet and occultist whom they killed and beheaded.
As a "vigilante group" they successfully reduced crime in Aba. Their services were now in high demand and their activities spread to other Eastern Nigeria cities of Owerri and Onitsha with the same Modus operandi.

Founding members (who joined voluntarily) were primarily young..
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It's #ThrowbackThursday at The NDN Silver Blog, with a work commissioned by one of our dearest friends for another, a piece intended not precisely to replace something lost, but rather to accompany the wearer in a journey of renewal:…. Image
This was a commissioned piece from something a little under two years ago. One of my dearest friends asked me to have Wings create this for a different friend, one who had previously worn one of Wings's coils.
I say "previously," because it was lost, along with virtually all of her material possessions, and her home, in the NorCal wildfires in late 2018.

The previous one embodied love, and dreams. Going forward, she would need plenty of both. Image
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“China believes that its rightful place is at the center of the world and views the last 100 years as an aberration it intends to correct.” - @marcorubio #ThrowbackThursday…
They have no interest in adhering to the rules of a post-war international system, instead seeking to upend or replace it. They pursued these plans while “hiding their strength & biding their time,” portraying themselves as a poor developing country and a non-expansionist power.
And they succeeded in luring American policymakers into making negligent and catastrophic mistakes. Washington passed financial, trade, tax, and patent laws designed to smooth over the process for companies to open up operations in China.
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#Benalla Railway Station Victoria.… via @Library_Vic c. 1900-10
North of the station, the Oaklands line, towards Yarrawonga, branches off. Benalla was also the junction for the now closed Tatong line.
A view of part of the front of the Benalla Railway Station. Horse drawn and motor vehicles are present.… 1915
View of railway tracks, rolling stock, yards and railway workshops at Benalla.…
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The perfect play for @JoeBiden ▶️ "If I were Joe Biden, I’d immediately announce Warren as my vice-presidential pick. I’d further say that I agree with her bail out terms, and that while I don’t have a vote in the Senate, she does and she’s my proxy."…
Chatter grows for @JoeBiden to leverage @ewarren's "unquestioned mastery of the federal government and the levers of power" in #BidenWarren ticket. @ed_kilgore on the 🎯 LFG…
"Warren doesn’t just bolster his standing with a key, brand new base demographic ... but helps unify a party fragmented by a bruising primary" + "competence, intelligence, and binder full of plans, ready to be implemented on Day 1" makes her a 💥choice.…
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Tucker Carlson Exposing @BernieSanders's Flip Flop on Immigration

"For decades Sanders had what would now be considered 'Conservative' views on immigration...Mass Immigration lowers wages, so Sanders was against it. Then Sanders ran for President & his views changed completely."
@BernieSanders Earlier this month a swing voter called out @BernieSanders at one of his rallies for his flip-flop on immigration.

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So I wanted to do a mini sesh/twitter talk on creating content calendars but I kinda wanna finish up some scheduling and chill so maybe tomorrow.

Focus will be on, how to make it easier (less annoying), tips to do them faster & time management.
Ok, let me do this now before I also tackle a few content calendars myself.
Depending on your work load, the best time to start your content calendar is 1-2 weeks before the current month ends. Gives you time to send off and make any necessary revisions.
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Today on #ThrowbackThursday, let's look at the person of Mazi Mbonu Ojike.

Mazi Mbonu Ojike (1914 -1956) was a Nigerian nationalist and writer. He advanced from a choirmaster, organist, and teacher in an Anglican school to become...

A thread.

...a student in America and then a cultural and economic nationalist. He was the Second Vice President of the NCNC and Deputy Mayor of Lagos in 1951. Ojike was known as the "boycott king" for his slogan, 'boycott the boycottables'. In America, he spent 8 years involved in...
...intellectual pursuit and improving outsiders’ knowledge of Africa speaking from an African perspective. Upon his return, he promoted his brand of Africanisation, a persistent consumption of African forms of cloths, food, dress, religion and dances while also believing in the..
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Townsend station (Marburg, was named Townsend 1917-20)
A daily service to Ipswich departed Marburg each morning and returned in the evening…
This looks like a special train.
Marburg railway crossing early 1920s?…
Loading timber at the Marburg railway yards 1918…
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#TBT #ThrowbackThursday

Last Thursday, I got a fish bone stuck in my throat. A day later, I had developed a headache, my ear hurt and my throat was sore; I was very uncomfortable. By Saturday, it became unbearable so I decided to go see an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist.
When I arrived at the hospital, I told the lady at the front desk it was an emergency. I let her know what the problem was and she immediately arranged for me to see the doctor as soon as he became available.

I decided to use the wait time to respond to some emails.
Some minutes in, a nurse came to call me, I asked her to please bear with me for a minute or two as I was almost done with my response to an email.

I hadn’t typed two more words when I heard the doctor’s loud voice, “how can she say she has an emergency but she’s on the phone...
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Colac c. 1949. Junction for VR Beech Forest/Crowes VR 2'6" line. PG Dow
Will be visiting Colac next Monday.
Colac track/signalling diagram 1923…
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It must be done right.
It must be done according to the rule of law.
It must carry weight.
It must be proven in the court of law.
There can be no mistakes.
Good things sometimes take time.

Attempts to slow/block the inevitable [Justice] will fail.
[Democrat]s election interference 2016.
>Clinton/Hussein illegal FISA
[Democrat]s election interference 2018.
[Democrat]s election interference 2020.
These people are sick.
We, the People, are the cure.
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Oh but I guess since Oprah and Gayle are BFF...
Worst racist ever
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NA 7A Upper Ferntree Gully
March 1958 P G Dow
7A at Newport c. 1959 Another NA in storage as well.
P G Dow 1959
Y at North Melbourne.
Ozbob13 (young lad) started very young ... lol
P G Dow c. 1956
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#ThrowbackThursday @RepJerryNadler
"impeachment of a President was reserved by the Framers of the Constitution for only the most severe threats against the nation and our system of government..It should not be used for mere partisan purposes to overturn the will of the people"
@RepJerryNadler @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats "It would be a regrettable legacy of this matter if Congress gets into the business of issuing sweeping statements on the conduct of future Presidents" @RepJerryNadler 1998
@RepJerryNadler @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats "Impeachment Inquiries are serious. In our partisan zeal, we have diverted attention from other important issues.. which could not be considered because we were focused on the inquiry..this has unnecessarily trampled on the rights of innocent citizens" @BobbyScott 1998
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Electric trams travelling along Queen Street from the Victoria Bridge, Brisbane, 1939 -… - #slqdigital @slqld
@slqld Brisbane trams and traffic, 7 March 1938 / photographed by Ray Olson…
@slqld Brisbane trams and traffic, 7 March 1938 / photographed by Ray Olson…
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Passenger train on the line between Coolum and Nambour, ca 1925…
Day trippers boarding the 'Maroochy' locomotive in Mill Street, Nambour, ca 1925…
Moreton Mill passenger train at the Coolum Beach terminus , 1932…
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Senator Josh @HawleyMO Supporting President Trump's Decision to Pull Troops Out of Syria:

"We are not there to police the region, and we’re not there to be in these endless forever wars. So I think the President is right.”
@HawleyMO "Senator @HawleyMO says in the middle east, the focus should be on counter-terrorism rather than fighting battles for other countries."…
@HawleyMO #ThrowbackThursday Sen. @HawleyMO: "[The American People] are not going to support these endless wars in the Middle East...they look at what we're doing in Afghanistan, they look at what we're doing in Syria & they say 'why are we there again exactly?'"

Bingo #AmericaFirst
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Speaking of #Whistleblowers there’s one named @DRJasonPiccolo who never had pro bono representation or a $100k gofundme. He DID have a passion for trying to save undocumented kids from being handed to sex offenders and was ignored for years. Please follow him.
I stumbled onto his reports last year and it broke my heart then one day he quietly replied on twitter (I’m not blowing his cover 😂) he’s a hero. Read about his efforts and frustration here👇

He also has a book about his journey #Unwavering…
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Anonymous ID:grTMpzrL Wed 01 Nov 2017 01:11:52 No.147446992
Quoted By: >>147447383 >>147447756 >>147448067 >>147449439 >>147461495
Note MI has the same SAPs as NSA, CIA etc as designated post 9-11.
Why is this relevant?
Who can be held hostage and controlled?
CIA thinks its foreign offshore assets are strong enough to defend against the US executive (not accounting for military use on domestic soil).
Why does the Constitution explicitly grant this authority to the President and what is it to prevent?
They knew our agencies would grow in power so much so they could/can hold the executive hostage or engage with bad actors.
Trump nominated someone new to direct every agency but one. He controls the top.
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