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They want to break your will & they want your kids.

The Artificial Reality Media is surely one of the greatest enemies of America & its people.

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"I can't wait to find out the next mystery destination!"

So far, the "Critics" are winning 88-3 on @RottenTomatoes.

That's one helluva ratio. 🤣

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In #Cuties ,@netflix promotes what is lawfully considered pedophilia as showed on IMDB.
Shame Shame Shame on you #Netflix !
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Cuties (2020) - Parents Guide: Sex & Nudity - IMDb…
*shown 🙄
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Everyone needs to read this thread and understand what kind of evil we are up against. They call us conspiracy theorists, yet it is in front of everyone’s faces for all to witness for themselves. #BoycottNetflix
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Netflix just released the controversial 'Cuties' and it's worse than you could imagine. Make no mistake: Netflix is at the forefront of sexualizing children and normalizing pedophilia!
At least Turkey knows child exploitation when it sees it!…
Someone needs to go to jail for this shit!
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1. News: GREAT IDEA! President Trump Sparks Firestorm With Suggestion To DELAY ELECTIONS 'Until Vote Can Be Safe' - Thread 7.30.20… @realDonaldTrump
2. News: Civilizational Confidence Is The Key To Preserving And Restoring America -

The revolutionary moment sweeping everything away from us will not ultimately be defeated until we regain our civilizational confidence as Americans.
.… #Patriots
3. News: Peter Schiff: The Fed Doesn't Have Another Rabbit In Its Hat - I think the hat’s empty. There are no more rabbits in there...”

"It’s not about the coronavirus, as many mainstream analysts seem to think." (Video)
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Recently @netflix allowed a transactivist to tweet on their behalf to promote transing young children.
This person has also been engaged in targeted harassment of JK Rowling for months and advocates violence against women who disagree with notions of innate gender
This person is also a writer @netflix
It appears their pseudonym was taken from BDSM porn. Warning: some of these tweets contain graphic text.
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मेरे हिन्दुस्तानी दोस्तों
80 रुपये का पेट्रोल ना देखो, कुछ और भी देखिये क्या क्या हुआ है देश में और क्या खरीदा गया । लेकिन किसी को ये सब नहीं दिखाई देता बस पेट्रोल महंगा हुआ तो लोग सड़को पर आकर कपडे फाड़ने लगे और अपना मानसिक दिवालियापन शुरू कर दिया

#ChineseGandhis #CCPVirus
#रूसी_सहयोग से बनी भारतीय सुपरसोनिक क्रूज मिसाइल ब्रह्मोस की लागत ₹20 करोड़ है। यानी पांच मिसाइल दाग दी तो एक अरब स्वाहा!

एक राफेल फाइटर जेट की कीमत साढ़े सोलह अरब रुपए!

रूस को दिए 21 मिग-29 और 12 सुखोई 30 लड़ाकू विमानों की कीमत साठ अरब रु है इसका 40 अरब रु भुगतान कर दिया है
रूस से खरीदे जा रहे मिसाइल रोधी सिस्टम S- 400 की कीमत40 अरब रुपए है। चिनुक, अपाचे यह सब मुफ्त नहीं मिल रहे हैं

छोटी सी छोटी मिसाइल भी एक करोड़ से ऊपर की है!

मत भूलिए कांग्रेस किस तरह सेना को नंगा बूचा छोड़ कर गई थी!
#MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts #Karachistockexchange
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18. #News ~ Baseball great Bill Buckner dead at 69…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
19. #News ~ President Trump, first lady visit US service members in Japan…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS #WWG1WGA
20. #News ~ Photo Unearthed of John McCain with “Source D-Source E” of Steele Dossier — Sergei Millian…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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This is a re-thinking thread. Entertainment vs Education edition.
I cancelled #Netflix a while ago. I urge you to consider doing the same. #CancelNetflix. Obama has a 2-year content production contract with Netflix since Soros/Susan Rice took over.…
Yes I know you want to be entertained, you want to binge watch, but your dollars are going straight to the #EnemyOfThePeople. You give your money to #Soros/#Bezos. You are donating to the enemies of @POTUS. #BoycottAmazon #BoycottWAPO #BoycottNetflix #Trump2020
I started reading about the #C_A a few months ago. #ThisIsNotAGame. This civilian '#Intelligence"agency is at the heart of the #ShadowGovernement (#DeepStateSwamp). The #C_A was run by #JohnBrennan during the Obama years. Think of the damage done with a man like him in power.
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The Satanic Temple is suing Netflix. I don't believe the premise of the suit or statements of faith described by the Temple for a second. This advertising ploy is a damned good reason to #BoycottNetflix, before we all are.…
This article gives a short history of the deal between Obama and Netflix and the original statements surrounding the venture, which now turns out to be all about bringing down Trump:
I am not so sure the Satanic content on #Netflix and Obama's recent involvement with the multi-media company is a coincidence. Obama has an affinity for dressing up as Baphomet.…
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