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‘The crux of the problem, in my view, is that understanding language requires understanding the world, and a machine exposed only to language cannot gain such an understanding."
- SFI's @MelMitchell1 in @QuantaMagazine, cited by @stevenbjohnson in @NYTmag:…
‘‘Consider what it means to understand ‘The sports car passed the mail truck b/c it was going slower.’ You need to know what sports cars & mail trucks are, that cars can ‘pass’ one another, and that vehicles exist & interact in the world, driven by humans w/ their own agendas.’’
"Embodied, Situated, and Grounded #Intelligence: Implications for #AI"

Along w/ SFI's @MelanieEMoses & Tyler Millhouse, @MelMitchell1 just organized a four-day workshop at SFI to address the very problems she brings up in @stevenbjohnson's @NYTmag article.

Stay tuned for more! Image
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1/5. The Biden Admin's unfolding #intelligence strategy was front and center in the #Xi-Biden call today. The essence of the strategy, I think, is revealing to coerce. Disclosing secrets may not stop all bad actions, but it can shape adversaries' behavior to our advantage.
2/5 How? By raising costs & decreasing room for adversaries to hide, pretend, maneuver. With the war in Ukraine, exploiting the wedge between Russia and China is critical. Disclosures that back Beijing into a corner publicly help do that. And that's what we're seeing.
3/5 There have been 2 sets of intel disclosures ab China and Ukraine. Disclosure #1: Intel officials say C'se senior leaders knew about Putin's invasion and asked that it be postponed til after the Beijing Olympics. Translation: China is complicit, and everyone knows it now.
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2/5: Post 👇 which mentions heavy fighting, it seems to be in #Mariupol, this is supported by their confirmed presence on post 1 & supported by the #Telegram channel of #Kadyrov which states Mariupol without giving a precise location.(obviously)
3/5: Exact Geolocation/Coordinates in reference to post 1 & below video/ plus image 👇
Coordinates: 47°05'38.7"N 37°38'59.1"E…

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Gen. Magomed Tushayev is well and alive. Ukrainian #intelligence and hundreds of press organizations said he was KIA (Killed in Action), not true.
Using OSINT tools and Techniques, we geolocated him from the below video. 1/5 #OSINT #Ukraine
We can see various signs in the background, Gas station, 2 Propane Gas tanks, a dog walking that guards the premises meaning it’s an « active » gas station.
The sign says CTO meaning there is a car repair service nearby. 2/5 ImageImage
In the video, Tushayev laughs and says that he isn’t dead. Kadyrov also stated that Tushayev is close to Kiev now. Worked in a 2-man team with @BanPangar on this project and kudos to him as he is the one who found the gas station first! (See the screenshot 👇)
3/5 Image
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@theintercept @fastlerner @MaraHvistendahl Peter said that I was lying about EVERYTHING.

I already proved that he lied about In-Q-Tel.

I already proved that EcoHealth engaged in working ahead on contracts (before funding) including GoF.

Ask Peter to hand over the EIDITH Database it probably has the missing sequences
@theintercept @fastlerner @MaraHvistendahl I am going to continue with the problems with this interview.

1. How was Dr. Daszak qualified to lead an epidemiological or environmental health investigation?
@theintercept @fastlerner @MaraHvistendahl 2. Daszak now believes that it could have been a lab leak. Contrary to labeling people like me, a conspiracy theorist, via Fauci's and Collin's criminal conspiracy emails, to do so.…
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#Satellite investigations around #Ukraine crisis has many facets, opportunities & problems.
Short thread on potential for more research & findings
#OSINT, #Intelligence, #Ukraine️
1) Most obvious: Showing the sheer extent of destruction from high-res satellite images. Like here (my video eval video) on a destroyed warehouse in Stoyanka, Kyiv region. Maxar, March 10.
2) Satellite images can also help to dismiss #disinformation. Fake posts claimed that the warehouse in Stoyanka exploded/burned up in 2015. That's impossible. We see it untouched on dated images inf 2019 & April 2020 on Google Earth
Good tool:
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To better monitor #Putin's terrible #war vs. #Ukraine + his broader #military forces & options—

see the Office of #Naval #Intelligence's #unclassified references on #Russia's #Navy:

>>I've unpacked the links & key graphics here:… ImageImageImageImage
Pairs well with these unparalleled Orders of #Battle of #Moscow's #military #ships & #aircraft + #missiles/#weapons & sensors from 67 yrs ago to today!

The most comprehensive #OpenSource references AFIAK.

#Ukraine ImageImageImageImage
And for #Putin's #Naval #Strategy & dev't—see key docs/translations + analysis from #Russia #Maritime Studies Institute (#RMSI)!

>Proud to call @Mi_Petersen38/@RickAMoss/@EmilyJHolland + @walterberbrick/@Becca_Pincus, ETC. my colleagues @NavalWarCollege! ImageImageImageImage
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It is quite obvious that the negotiation meeting was agreed from both sides, looking at various webcams and hacked or open CCTV in and around Kiev shows a calm and peaceful sunny morning. #ukraine #peace #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineWar #osint #webcam #CCTV #Intelligence 1/5
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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"A lot of AI research is about a kind of teaching-to-the-test." Insightful talk with Ted Chiang, sci-fi author and guest speaker to upcoming #ICLR2022 workshop, on #optimization, #intelligence, and the animal kingdom. @iclr_conf 1/4
Listen here:
"Most things that people deal with – the outcomes that we want – cannot be captured by an optimization function. Trying to view things as optimization problems is very often the wrong way to look at it." 2/4
"The endless capacity for expression is a big part of what enables collective learning – the ever growing sophistication of culture among humans." 3/4
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Auspex International, run by ex Emerdata (Cambridge Analytica successor) director Ahmad Al-Khatib & ex CA exec Mark Turnbull - won €200,000 consulting contract in Romania for Alliance of Liberals and Democrats/ALDE in 2019 by @MattBernardini7 @BylineTimes…
Story notes Craig Tiedman was identified as chief operating officer of Auspex International - Tiedman was formerly a US Dept of Defense advisor to Afghanistan govt and director of policy and research at Henry Jackson Society a right-leaning UK think tank…
Here's my 2020 chart showing where many of the people who worked at Cambridge Analytica went and new companies including Auspex International that were created…
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Wisdom is the right application of knowledge. Without knowledge, Wisdom can never be in place. Knowledge is the bedrock for wisdom.

#business #experience #career #help #learning #people #intelligence #research
Wisdom is the ability to proffer solutions in the midst of chaos. It is the use of your experience, intelligence, thought process, observations, reflections and understanding of issues to make good judgement. Go for wisdom, it will surely translate to wealth.

#wisdom #experience
The level of uncertainties in the world today will require wise decision to be able to sail through. No one knows what the next few months hold however with good judgement, you can optimize the moment.

#wisdom #experience #Intelligence #career #leadership
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Thread: Novices and political activists are cheering @declanwalsh for his latest @nytimes tirade against #Ethiopia.
The biggest revelation in Declan’s latest compilation of rumors+conspiracies is #Eritrea’s spy chief visit to Amhara region.
The dramatic depiction of the visit as “A Spy Chief Among the Singers and Dancers” transformed a simple fact of a visit, known to many close observers, into a Hollywood-movie-type suspense. The dramatization would have made sense if the spy chief, Abraha Kassa, did so to New York
What is strange about traveling from Asmara to Bahir Dar in the same flight with the troupe? Should he charter a plane for this visit? Anyone familiar with Ethiopia-TPLF-Eritrea relations would expect Daclan to add another person in his discussion.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/03/2021…
Monarch butterflies may be thriving after years of decline. Is it a comeback?…

#MonarchButterflies #PopulationIncrease #DataAnalysis
Ignorant and Afraid - by eugyppius - eugyppius: a plague chronicle…

#politicians #bureaucrats #propaganda #information #ignorance #fear
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/27/2021…
A stream in Waipio smelled like beer. An investigation into a strange spill ensued.…

#runoff #contamination #alcohol #brewery #hawaii
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Excellent question @AlemannouEU! EU/#EEAS has a limited body of intelligence to support a political decision. @eu_eeas Remember @vonderleyen clarified the issue after her visit to @POTUS stating: it is not a migration issue, it is a hybrid attack. 1/1 Image
That leads to me the conclusion: @eu_eeas has limited capacity of assessing the situation, incorporating different types of information/assessment. That could change the information/options presented to decision makers. Quid implication of @Europarl_EN? @SanninoEU @JosepBorrellF
Only by asking the right questions we can make progress! @eu_eeas needs to get stronger, to get stronger, it needs to get #intelligence from #EU Member States; @Europarl_EN should be carefully involved; trust is a matter of experience, respect, and coordination! @SanninoEU End
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If #OpenSource on #China #military capabilities vs. #Taiwan is your thing, you need to read this #ASAP!

@ChinaMaritime Report #16: “#Chinese #Ferry Tales—#PLA’s Use of Civilian #Shipping in Support of Over-the-Shore Logistics”

See 47 figures + 7 tables!
Big splash by #MikeDahm, a retired @USNavy #intelligence officer & senior #researcher @JHUAPL!

Among his #IndoPacific assignments, he formerly served as Asst US #Navy #Attaché in #Beijing—& graciously hosted me & my @ChinaMaritime/#CMSI colleagues there.…
#Scroll through #MikeDahm @JHUAPL's eye-opening 47 figures + 7 tables here:

You'll see immediately:

1. #OpenSource today reveals what only top #governments knew yesterday!
2. Dahm offers some of world's best public analysis on #PLA #amphibs vs. #Taiwan!
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🇮🇷#Iran - #Terrorism - Criminal Outsourcing - An unprecedented operation involving 15 international #intelligence agencies has exposed an #Iranian terror infrastructure that was planning a series of assassinations against #Israeli and #Western targets around the world. 1/22
It started in June, when #Colombia's Dirección Nacional de Inteligencia (#DNI) issued an imminent security alert after determining two Israeli businessmen were the targets of an #assassination attempt planned and financed by a high-ranking Iranian #Quds Force officer. 2
That officer, Rahmat Asadi, is regarded by Western intelligence organizations as a dangerous #terrorist.
The businessmen and their families had to quickly leave Bogotá under rigorous security measures. 3
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[Cracking the AGI problem] Some beautiful ideas in this blog post:…

Such as:

* The problem of catastrophic forgetting (babies face it - that's (probably) why you don't have any memories of when you were really young - and AIs face it). How do we go about cracking it?

* Embodied AI - does an "AI" have to have a body before it is actually intelligent? It seems our body is a distributed processing system.

As an example, they mention the shape of the ear canal and the fact it does some form of Fourier analysis in real-time ...

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/19/2021…
The latest chapter in a 100-year study says AI’s promises and perils are getting real…

#ArtificialIntelligence #robotics #automation #HumansVersusMachines #consequences
Chipmakers to carmakers: Time to get out of the semiconductor Stone Age…

#SemiconductorChips #automobiles #TechnologyDevelopment #applications
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1 / We’re proud to officially release our #SAR Open Data Program to the world. Our goal of the program is to build a community where academia, researchers and engineers develop applications to tackle humanity’s biggest challenges with #geospatial data 👉
2 / #EarthObservation is impacted by cloud coverage and nighttime. We compiled 24/7 all-weather SAR data across multiple use cases, geographies and data products for our Open Data Program — Learn how to access them here:…
3 / A few #OpenData examples: #Deforestation in South America is opaque, and traditional #satellite Imagery is obscured by cloud coverage in Earth’s Equatorial regions. In our Stripmap mode, analysts can identify naturally occurring vegetation vs cleared forest & infrastructure
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War es ein #intelligence-Desaster? Dazu ein paar Überlegungen: 1.) Distanz zu den lokalen Gegebenheiten, was paradox ist. Die #CIA ist sowohl in #Afghanistan als auch in Pakistan stark vertreten, aber vor allem in hochgesicherten Bereichen
2.) Groupthinking: Jede/r, der von einer baldigen, völligen Niederlage der afghanischen Armee ausgegangen wäre, hätte das US-Engagement in den letzten 20 Jahren grundsätzlich in Frage gestellt
3.) Der US-Rückzugs stand mit Datum fest. Es ist nie ratsam, #intelligence nach bereits getroffenen Entscheidungen hin auszurichten – sondern es muss umgekehrt sein. Abweichende Meinungen finden so kaum Gehör
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2| What caught my eye in this @guardian article was the quote:

“In Israel there is a strong political movement to make #diplomacy through #business. Business first, diplomacy later. When you make a deal together, it opens a lot of doors to diplomacy.”
3| The notion that #profits trump #consent is rather disturbing, but perfectly in line with the product- #spyware.
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