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One thing that’s, er, *striking* about picketing Netflix is talking to people who’ve driven across town to be there because they’re so scarred by their Netflix experiences. One writer told me selling a show to them was “the worst professional mistake” she ever made.
Do you have any idea how mad you have to make someone to get them to voluntarily cross the 405?
Wow, this blew up. If you liked this tweet, maybe you should also #CancelNetflix.
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all of these flashes — an avatrice au

Beatrice loves structure. She loves her routine, and making plans, and having control over most things. So when Ava (a celebrity no less) waltz into her life, chaos ensues and she doesn’t know how to react. Image
Meet the characters:

Beatrice Young
- 25, lesbian
- an accountant
- obsessed with queer media
- had a really bad breakup and swore to never fall for anyone again ImageImage
Ava Silva
- 23, bi (not closeted but not publicly out)
- quit college to become an actress and already had several major roles. also has a youtube channel where she vlogs about food
- never had a serious relationship and thinks she never will ImageImage
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Il film #Cuties (#Mignonnes) fa schifo. La regista dice di voler denunciare l'ipersessualizzazione della bambine. Peccato ci fossero altri modi per farlo, invece di mostrare inquadrature morbose di bambine che sculettano, ammiccano, si strusciano per terra mentre twerkano (1/7)
In maniera subdola e ambigua mette sullo stesso piano la società occidentale e quella islamica. La protagonista Amy, figlia di immigrati africani, è in bilico tra i due mondi. Soffre perchè il padre sposerà una seconda donna che andrà a vivere da loro (2/7)
Al tempo stesso vuole essere accettata dal gruppetto delle #Mignonnes. Per farlo supererà ogni limite: ruba un telefono al cugino per girare video, trascura gli impegni familiari, picchia un'altra bambina fino ad arrivare a pubblicare una foto delle parti intime sui social (3/7)
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Crazy idea...

#cancelnetflix and actually donate the saved money to help rescue kids from sexual abuse.

You can do that at the #WeRescueKids event this Tuesday.

RSVP here:…
In less than 24 hours we are going to break the internet with a massive Livestream.

This isn't just ANY Livestream, though.

This event is to raise money for #WeRescueKids Org and all the money is going straight to rescuing and rehabilitating sexually abused children.
Almost 20 years ago, I was rescued from sex slavery by my adoptive mother.

Before my rescue, I was raped, abused, and tortured almost daily.


What IS uncommon is being rescued... Most kids suffer their whole lives and into adulthood. #SaveOurChildren
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American puritans at play against a French film, cuties. It depicts a reality the film maker, a woman, wanted to show, see her words below. Puritans make misleading comments about a film they haven't watched. There is no child pornography in this movie. Silly #cancelNetflix Image
Citation is from NY Times paper…
And I don't care about Netflix. I care about censorship.
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Canceling Netflix was easy.

Nicole and I have cancelled Netflix today because of their decision to put Cuties on their platform and then market the movie in an incredibly irresponsible way.

This movie sexualizes young girls in provocative outfits and dance numbers, but according to the director, the point of the movie is that popular culture is sexualizing young girls through media.
I wholeheartedly agree with this assessment while thoroughly disagreeing with her tactic and method. She has become the evil she supposedly critiques.

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I have cancelled my NETFLIX account after 3 years I cannot support a company that promotes a Director that made this film who in 2019 was arrested for molesting a 9 year old girl! Plus Netflix Promotes CHILD PORN and the normalization of Pedophilia!
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Big announcement: we are launching a huge petition for worldwide boycott of #netflix. Petition in English here:…
#CancelNetflix #NotoNetflix Let's do this. Image
More languages coming
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THREAD: A Brief Timeline of Pedophilia Chic in America.

1980: Brooke Shields, age 15, Calvin Klein: “Do you know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”


1994: R&B creep R. Kelly marries 15-year-old Aaliyah. He titled her debut album, Age Ain't Nothing but a Number.……
2002: Abercrombie and Fitch markets thongs to children.…
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Oh, is #CancelNetflix trending again? I’ll just leave this right here then.

Also, real talk? If you’re still subscribed to Netflix (or even piggybacking on your friend’s subscription) while pissing and moaning about Cuties, then

👏🏼 you’re 👏🏼 a 👏🏼 part 👏🏼 of 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 problem!
On a related note-

If you still pay to go to the cinemas, you’re helping guys like Weinstein wet their wicks.

If you upgraded Disney+ to Premium so you could watch Mulan, you’re enabling China’s concentration camps.

If “silence is complicity” then wtf is willing participation?

It’s high time for these false idols to be taken down a peg

If you need to worship something so badly, search inward & discover your true worth

Spoiler; you’re worth quite a lot 💗🙏🏼
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This is a re-thinking thread. Entertainment vs Education edition.
I cancelled #Netflix a while ago. I urge you to consider doing the same. #CancelNetflix. Obama has a 2-year content production contract with Netflix since Soros/Susan Rice took over.…
Yes I know you want to be entertained, you want to binge watch, but your dollars are going straight to the #EnemyOfThePeople. You give your money to #Soros/#Bezos. You are donating to the enemies of @POTUS. #BoycottAmazon #BoycottWAPO #BoycottNetflix #Trump2020
I started reading about the #C_A a few months ago. #ThisIsNotAGame. This civilian '#Intelligence"agency is at the heart of the #ShadowGovernement (#DeepStateSwamp). The #C_A was run by #JohnBrennan during the Obama years. Think of the damage done with a man like him in power.
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