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🚨 False beliefs

Those tricky little lies we tell ourselves that keep us from living our best lives. It's time to expose them, kick them out, and unlock our true potential. Let's dive in! 🌊 #FalseBeliefs #Thread 1/15
2/ 🎭 So, what are false beliefs? They're distorted thoughts that make us believe things about ourselves, others, or the world that simply aren't true. They hold us back, but fear not! We've got some killer strategies to banish them for good. #MindsetShift
3/ 🎯 Strategy #1: Identify them. First up, you need to know your enemy. Keep a journal, reflect on your thoughts, and pinpoint those pesky false beliefs. Bring them into the light, and they'll start to lose their grip. #SelfAwareness
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We “low income” should be CELEBRATING the $11.13 increase we SO KINDLY RECEIVED from our new government on our “baby bonus” Right?
YEAH, BECAUSE A raise of $11 month will REALLY CHANGE MY Quality of Life!… 🎊🍾🥳🍻🎉 I decided I’m going from a “beer budget to a
champagne diet” & write letters of thanks🤦🏻‍♀️! DONT give us what we need, give us JUST Enuff to make U look good & feel better about ur policies, but we’re still ‘perishing from a systematic disease’ & ur still making us ‘BEG 4 Bandaids?’🤦🏻‍♀️AFFORDABLE HOUSING FIRST!#HaltonHousing
4 ME personally, I have 15-25YRS MAX left in my lifetime. I DONT CARE what happens to ME! I care ONLY about my #CHILDREN having a CHANCE @ successful life, to #BreakTheCycle of #Poverty & Statistics. I just want to THRIVE in a #HOME, that can bring THEM #HOPE 4 THEIR #generation
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Giant 🍑 ..

A plague is coming upon the wicked, Let the air out of your chest & Breathe. .
Absolutely No one should have anything to worry about if they know deep down inside they’re not wicked.

Peace be with you!

Your Idols will fill you in more on what’s coming.
It won’t sound like Biblical Talk, it’s just what’s coming ..

You the people have A 🧯 in your hands right this very moment, refusing to use it.
I’m 100% certain the .@USNavy will help everyone see, every Sailor is A Firefighter/HERO/SAVIOR !
Peace Be With You!
“Go Get Married to A lady who also Don’t have A clue and pump out A few babies that are just the same as you”

Be the change for the future.✍️
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Break the Cycle, Gays Against Guns, Union Square, Manhattan, New York City, recordings start 2:21 PM, Sunday, August 30, 2020

This is a multiple tweet thread

#BreakTheCycle #protest #rally #UnionSquare #Manhattan #NewYorkCity #NewYork #nyc #ny
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I was bullied. Still remember the sickening feeling of knowing that I'd eventually have to ask the bully for my assessment. BUT. Each of us has more power than we realise. For the aggressor, simply knowing that *someone else noticed your behaviour* can be surprisingly effective.
We know the negative effects of cumulative microaggressions. Consider the effect of cumulative micro-counteraggressions. The raised eyebrow, the deliberate silence, moving to stand closer to the victim. Fleas can bring down elephants. #BeTheFlea
I understand personal risk. Please don't put yourself at risk. But do it for your juniors. Do it for your peers in other specialties. Do it in groups and when you have allies.
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