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White House directs Agriculture Department to extend farmer bailout money to lobster industry… Image
President Trump signed an executive order aimed at strengthening child-welfare programs nationwide.…
Nunes has not yet lost his ongoing lawsuits against CNN, the Washington Post, Hearst, McClatchy, and Fusion GPS, but he has lost his legal battle with Twitter. #Devinnunescowfanclub #DavinNunesCow #DevinNunesMom…
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Hundreds are protesting outside Gracie Mansion in #Manhattan right now after @NYCMayor refuses to do anything about the insane fireworks the last few weeks plaguing NYC. Residents can't sleep, so they decided to not allow Deblasio to sleep tonight either.
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Saviez-vous que des atomistes français ont piloté la conception de ZEEP, premier réacteur #nucléaire exploité hors des #USA, qui démarre au #Canada en septembre 1945 ? Ce fut un très long chemin…

Thread 2 : Les atomistes français dans la seconde guerre mondiale.
Après l’épisode 1 (, nous retrouvons en juin 1940, au port de #Bordeaux, les atomistes français fraichement naturalisés, Lew Kowarski et Hans Von Halban, avec leurs secrets nucléaires et leur stock d’eau lourde, attendant le cargo britannique SS Broompark.
Les atomistes ont reçu un ordre de mission du gouvernement de « poursuivre en #Angleterre, dans le secret absolu, les recherches entamées au Collège de France (@cdf1530) ». Le bateau quitte la France au moment où Pétain renverse le président du conseil Jean Reynaud.
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In 2013, I asked #ManhattanDA @CyVanceforDA at a forum to decline to prosecute non-violent protest arrests. He answered that he didn't have the authority.

That was a lie, of course. In fact, it was the same month he declined to prosecute Harvey Weinstein. #ByeCy #ResignVance 1/
But what wasn't a lie is that Cy Vance aggressively prosecuted 1A arrests at every opportunity for over a decade. He did the same w/ marijuana arrests, gravity knives, etc. Every BS charge NYPD uses to incarcerate Black and Brown NYers, Vance threw the book at people. #ByeCy 2/
But @CyVanceforDA did more than that. He routinely, as a matter of policy, withheld evidence from the defense until the day of trial. This forced Defense Attys to either go to trial unprepared, or send their clients back to Rikers w a continuance. #ByeCy 3/
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*loads Twitter to see what’s happening in the US*
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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*NEW @JAMA_current study*

We find stark differences in #COVID19 related hospitalization & death rates across #NewYork City boroughs.

#COVID19 death rates among residents of the #Bronx are 2X ⬆ than in #Manhattan…
The number of #COVID19 patient hospitalizations per 100,000 population is also much ⬆ in the #Bronx than in #Manhattan. 2/
The #Bronx has the highest proportion of racial/ethnic #minorities & the most persons living in #poverty.

In contrast, #Manhattan is the most affluent borough, with a predominately white population. 3/
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It's hard to capture the absence of activity. How do you show something that is missing? These wonderful @reuters pictures do just that.

First, the National Mall in Washington on March 15.

Pic by Carlos Barria

#coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #PictureOfTheDay #photography
An empty lecture hall at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on March 16.

Pic by Piroschka van de Wouw
A swimming pool in Mumbai on March 16.

Pic by Francis Mascarenhas
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#Coronavirus UPDATE & Resources
Mar 11th 11PM EST
-126,135 =113 Countries & 🇨🇳
-4,630 have died🌎
-68,216 have recovered🌎
-80,932 Cases in 🇨🇳
-12,462 #Italy
-9,000 #Iran
-7,755 #SouthKorea
-2,284 #France
#COVID19seattle #NC #CA #MA #CT
1/11 #US #COVIDー19 Stats 👇🏾
2) #US #COVID19 Update
March 11th 11PM EST
1,311 #Coronavirus cases
373 in #Washington - most # of cases
36 states & DC have confirmed cases
339 new cases
38 have died: #WA #CA #FL #NJ #SD
👀 Community Prep Resources 👇🏾
#CoronavirusUSA #COVID19US
#NYC #Seattle #LosAngeles #OC
1) Welcome to #COVID19 Info!
Since the World Health Org has declared #COVID-19 a global pandemic, we thought it best to share some basic info starting with an infographic and our Personal Protection thread which includes a Pandemic Guide:
🔗 #Coronavirus
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MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 1: Latest ARGIS Map 3/5 6:53AM .. NOTE #China not supplying DEATHS update.FIRST SEE #IMF Report from yesterday.. AND Breaking #Boris suspends #British #Parliament .. IS #Iran totally sure that Vendor from #Wuhan had come to HolyDays before?
MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 2:
Yesterday's MD THREAD:
by MD trained during #HIV #AIDS Epidemic When we had to fight YEARS for Research, and Treatment.
Still do @VP #Pence killed many in #Indiana in 2015 #maddow @seattletimes @sfchronicle
MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 3: WaPo Mapping as I note above I like ARGIS JohnsHopkins Map better but this is US alone... HEADS UP..SCARY folks...
While #ImpeachedForLife #IMPOTUS45 #Trump and @VP Pence are clueless @maddow @CNN @votevets
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Graphic video shows moment man crushed by elevator at Manhattan Promenade building 18 + warning 😦…
#Manhattan elevator
When you consider that elevators in the U.S. make roughly 18 billion trips a year, the likelihood of a passenger being killed in an elevator accident is incredibly small - which makes tragedies such as this all the more unacceptable.…
Manhattan elevator - Recommended Reviews for Ata Enterprises 😨
It seems they are huuuuge slumlord/rentlords 🤔…
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@Dutchwouter777 Buy the #WashingtonDC swamp — the state of #FUBAR.
It’s always underwater spending TRILLION$ more than it receives in taxes, & is always trying to tell everybody else in the world how to govern themselves while it continually fails to govern itself.
#tRumpism #Penceism #Bidenism
@Dutchwouter777 Some say the #Dutch got the wool pulled over their eyes & bought the land from a group of natives that lived on Long Island & were only traveling through #Manhattan.
They traded away land they had no claim to & continued on home with the Dutch loot.…
@Dutchwouter777 In 1867, #WilliamSeward bought #Alaska from the Russians for $125 million in 2019 dollars. It ended Russia’s expansion across the Bering Sea, which had extended the Russian Empire as far south as Fort Ross, California, 90 miles from San Francisco Bay.…
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Did Jeffrey Epstein commit suicide, was murdered, or was "helped & taken elsewhere"so that he could not expose his dear friends?
We must not forget that Epstein could implicate very important people in this case of pedophilia.
#EpsteinGate #EpsteinSuicide #epsteinDead #pedophilia
Jeffrey Epstein accuser links powerful men to wealthy USA financier and convicted rapist
By @telesurenglish
#BREAKING | The disgraced financier #JeffreyEpstein was found dead in his #Manhattan jail cell, despite being put on suicide watch.
#UnitedStates #JeffreyEpsteinDead
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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼…
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#Justice Charges Against 19 Defendants For The Sex Trafficking Of Minor Girls And Young Women In New York State’s Child Welfare System

10 of the defendants in custody; 8 previously arrested; 1 remains at large

U.S. v. Merchant, et al., 18 Cr. 527 (KMW)
Sean Merchant, 31
Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking between January 2016 and June 2018

(18 U.S.C. § 1594(c))
U.S. v. Merchant, et al., 18 Cr. 527 (KMW)
Martique Mcgriff, 30

Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking between January 2016 and June 2018
Sex trafficking by force, threats of force, fraud, and coercion
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#justsaying #conspiracytheory
✅ ~1964-1965 Bill Barr’s old man is headmaster of Dalton
✅ ~1973-1975 Jeffrey Epstein hired as a teacher at Dalton
✅ ~1975 Old man Barr resigns reportedly bc believed strongly in “the unitary theory of headmaster power” & values opp Dalton

✅ ~1979 excellent critically lauded film, Manhattan, by Woody Allen debuts. Plot focuses on Allen, playing a middle-aged man, having a romantic/sexual love affair w a 17 yr old high school student. The high school in the movie was said to be [...squints...] Dalton. #JustSaying
(Allen had his pick of elite UES private schools to choose from when writing Manhattan and deciding where his 17 yr old lover character should matriculate. Maybe he values realism? 🤔) #WoodyAllen #Manhattan #BillBarr
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Day 8 of #BlackAtlanticWorld #MaterialCulture for #BlackHistoryMonth I am pulling into #NYC which makes it extra appropriate to remind us all that #Manhattan is a space deeply embedded with the history of slavery. A tangible reminder of that: the African Burial Ground
Marked here on a 1750s map of Lower Manhattan
Near the cemetary? A place where black people were executed
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"People said #Copenhagen was too far north for sidewalk cafés. They said “we’re not the Italians.” Now there are 7,000+ outdoor seats downtown." — Jan Gehl, @citiesforpeople. #StickyStreets #StreetsForPeople
One of my most important conversations ever was an early 1 with my friend Jan Gehl, who noted how we can double the # of people in a place by doubling the # who come, OR by doubling how long they stay. The latter is MUCH easier. A formative observation for my #StickyStreets work.
One of the easiest ways to make more #StickyStreets for people is by transforming street parking spaces into small people places, like #parklets, “#streateries” etc. On this #ParkingDay, don’t just admire these — commit to do MORE of them in your city, FASTER. #ParkingDay2018
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Powerhouse Hoover Upright Vacuum… Cleans like crazy! For Sale *** Craigslist Manhattan #ForSale #UsedEUC #EUC #excellent Great price.
@threadreaderapp unroll please?
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just tell me where Stephen Paddock's caliphate is, you daft Islamist asshole @CraigCons #Manhattan
fun fact: i shout 'allahu akbar' during orgasm. I also drop the n-word sometimes. they're just words it's no big deal @nathanlean #Manhattan
Tashfeen & Syed had Bonnie & Clyde thing going & were still outdone by a lonely loser like Adam Lanza, it must be embarrassing #Manhattan
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