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El Paso Congresswoman believes the shooter chose the location for a specific reason.

Based on the manifesto widely published, I would agree (if it’s not a FF).

What is missing here, is the ROOT cause, of this shooting, and others.
Anyone who kills out of hate, does so usually based off of false beliefs. Those beliefs form from what they hear, and what they are taught.

Hear = Media
Taught = Schools / Home

Have we lost honest media reporting? Have we lost honest history / sociology instruction?
Hate also stems from a distorted view of one’s self!

- Have we taught our children to have a proper self-view of themselves?

- Are they really all “winners?”

- Have we taught them people are different and have different strengths / weaknesses?

Think about that ...
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I was bullied. Still remember the sickening feeling of knowing that I'd eventually have to ask the bully for my assessment. BUT. Each of us has more power than we realise. For the aggressor, simply knowing that *someone else noticed your behaviour* can be surprisingly effective.
We know the negative effects of cumulative microaggressions. Consider the effect of cumulative micro-counteraggressions. The raised eyebrow, the deliberate silence, moving to stand closer to the victim. Fleas can bring down elephants. #BeTheFlea
I understand personal risk. Please don't put yourself at risk. But do it for your juniors. Do it for your peers in other specialties. Do it in groups and when you have allies.
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1/6 One month ago #BetsyDeVosED rolled back protections for the victims of campus sexual assault, last week we were all shocked by the
2/6 reporting on #Weinstein sexual abuse. Meanwhile, for the past 9 months, an admitted sexual predator is sleeping in our White House.
3/6 While everyone is raising their #metoo hashtags I want to raise a few more #ItsOnUs #WhosForKids #BreakTheCycle #EndingTheShame
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