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Today, these two white cops arrested this black woman for defacing the Black Lives Matter street mural in NYC the cops had been assigned to protect.
And while doing it, she was saying "Re-fund the police."

#NewYorkCity #mural #bizarro #DefundThePolice #refundthepolice
She supports the police, because crime in NYC has risen sharply. Yet here they are arresting her. Meanwhile, these police were assigned to protect this artwork inspired by a movement that largely doesn't like them.

Bizarro world in one photo.
Instead of trying to untangle all this, I think we can simply say that times of radical ideological rule lead to chaos and make for strange bedfellows--who are then forced to act counterintuitively.

Bottom line, though, we gotta come up with a new way of ordering our society.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/30/2020-2…

Shrinkflation: Why Everything From Tuna Cans To Toilet Paper Is Shrinking, But Prices Are Not | Endless Thread…

Reliance Looks To Conquer Farm-To-Fork Supply Chain Market With JioKrishi…

#SupplyChain #farmtofork
Twitter Thread by Eric Feigl-Ding: Worrisome Virus Mutation…

#virus #coronavirus #mutation
#dna #change #CRISPR
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1/ This thread will be a VERY sobering analysis of some of the $billions (and $trillions, when pensions are included) that go solely to the #police--not including fire departments & other emergency management divisions of municipal budgets. @alex_zee @NigelJaquiss
2/ I've been saying for many years that over-militarized #police departments cripple #cities' budgets at BEST--and are brutal & racist at worst. NYPD's annual budget: $5 billion!! @NYCMayor’s proposed $24M cut is well under *1/200th* of the budget.
3/ New York City spends more on policing (possibly $6B/year, in fact!) than it does on the Departments of Health, Homeless Services, Housing Preservation and Development, and Youth and Community Development *combined*.
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Fordham Road right now, NYPD officer appears to be assaulted trying to apprehend somebody #nycprotests #fordham #GeorgeFloyd #newyorkprotest
Active looting in Fordham bronx New York City #GeorgeFloydprotest #NewYorkRiots
Fight broke out between NYPD and Protesters in Fordham Road Bronx #nycprotests #GeorgeFlyod #NewYork
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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A white man swinging an axe approached NYPD officers, watch how close he comes to cutting one of them. If this man was Black, this would have ended very differently.
This happened at Walmart in San Leandro, CA. They shot #SteveTaylor who had dropped his baseball bat, AS HE WAS WALKING AWAY & then stood over his body & SHOT HIM IN THE BACK AGAIN.

Would they have done this to a white man?
Please take a look at the double standard in this video.

A white man with a gun compared to a 14 year old Black kid with a cigar.
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The U.S. is the only country still in an acceleration phase of #COVID19. Many of the new deaths are now coming from places other than the #NewYorkCity metro area, although deaths there continue. @NarativLive
Many of the states still in the acceleration phase are doing so at a fairly steep trajectory as lockdown efforts have been confused across the country. @NarativLive
Here are the new cases showing that the U.S. has not entered a decline. All these charts are from the @FT @NarativLive
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ATTN: #WWE Fans!

@TheMessageWWE is 100% based off #QAnon

VKM and DJT (w/ a hint of Kennedy fam) have been using #WWE 2 prove Q over the last 40 Years.

This thread outlines these connections with a new #4VKM

Please SHARE

Welcome 2 FRYDAY NITE #Smackdown #GreatAwakening
There are a series of videos already available below that highlight comms given between McMahon and Trump with little nods to connections between Vince and...The Kennedy Family? Start with the 40 Year Plan and go in Chronological Order from there. #Qanon…
Due to "technical issues" 2nite we bring you the #4VKM episode that kept getting taken down in this thread. First we look at the early year connections between Vince and Trump starting with when @realDonaldTrump hosted #Wrestlemania 4&5 #GreatAwakening #Qanon #WWE #Smackdown
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@thorns_thicket @Emilinalala @JVoluntaryist @raleighpolice No
1/ The PERCEPTION of something *believed* to be threatening triggers a response in the amygdala, which activates lower areas of the brain that changes one's physiology to freeze, fight, or run.
@thorns_thicket @Emilinalala @JVoluntaryist @raleighpolice 2/ #FakeNews & Daily Death Counts keep the #Amygdala charged-up for those who believe #COVID19 is to be feared.

When the #amygdala is activated your higher brain functions= #criticalthinking, don't work

@thorns_thicket @Emilinalala @JVoluntaryist @raleighpolice 3/ YOU are more compliant & easily controlled
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For those complaining about @GovRonDeSantis not closing down beaches, etc., and I'm guilty of this as well, stop and think.

It was up to local governments and counties to shut things down first. When they didn't, the Governor had to step in and do their jobs for them.
When @BilldeBlasio was telling #NewYorkCity to go to Broadway shows and continue living their lives, causing the biggest hot spot in the country, then didn't stop flights of infected people from fleeing to #Florida , this wasn't on Desantis. It's entirely on NY's government.
Please, PLEASE remember that our great, brand new Governor skipped his own inaugural party, choosing instead to immediately go to his office and get to work for us.
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I appreciate your time reading this thread. Not many of my followers interact w/my posts, but I feel if I reach just 1 person & it helps, or keeps even just a few people complying with the #StayHome orders issued around the world - I must write this.
I'm a healthcare worker. I work at a hospital in the epicenter of the #CoronavirusOutbreak in the #NewYorkCity area. Today I have symptoms of having contracted #COVIDー19. It was inevitable. My hospital has dozens of patients & staff that are positive & that I've been exposed to.
I am terrified. I am immunocompromised. I have no ability to fight this. I am an #EssentialWorker - a state employee - and was advised by my doctors very early on to stay home because of the severe impact this virus could have on me. I did not heed the advice. Here is why:
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1/ THREAD ESSENTIAL READING: Excellent article by Mike Osterholm, @CIDRAP. Difficult to read, but there is some solace in hearing the truth from a renowned expert.…/coronavirus-trump-testing-shortag…
@Yamiche @AyannaPressley @uche_blackstock @choo_ek
2/ "It’s Too Late to Avoid #Disaster, but There Are Still Things We Can Do
Our #leaders need to speak some hard truths and then develop a strategy to prevent the worst.
3/ Of all the resources lacking in the #Covid19 #pandemic pandemic, the one most desperately needed in the United States is a UNIFIED NATIONAL STRATEGY, as well as the confident, coherent and consistent #leadership to see it carried out.
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Last night in the ICU of a #NYC hospital, I cared for 20 patients who were all on breathing machines due to #COVID19. Some REALLY young (20s), without comorbidities. Everyone is extremely sick. But sicker patients keep flooding in…
We are REALLY feeling the strain. We don’t have enough ICU beds. Many patients are being intubated as soon as they show up to the Emergency Room. We are doing our best to take care of them on regular floor beds and in the ER itself. But it is HARD...
Some of our sickest patients with #COVID19 really need dialysis, but we don’t have enough machines. We are actively rationing care - something I thought I would never see in our healthcare system...
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This weekend, my wife @WomenFacultyMD, is rounding as "ICU Lead" in our hospital's largest #ICU: The 28-bed OR-ICU.

The conversion of operating rooms into an ICU, complete with infrastructure and staffing, was done in one week.

One week.

#COVID19 #Pandemic #NewYorkCity
More on how we did that later. I wanted to highlight the #ICULead role.

It's what we used to call "attending".

But when we expand capacity and everyone moves up a rung, the former ICU attendings become #OversightAttending

@SCCM #TieredStaffing…
(Side note: @SCCM 's original #TieredStaffing model somewhat strangely had fully licensed and credentialed #anesthesiologists functioning as fellows rather than as #ICULead.

Why? Have no idea. The society is made up of intensivists from multiple primary specialities...
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(Thread) While this chart is frightening, reality is even more dire. The contagion rate in New York City is actually around 3 per thousand (vs New York State's 2 per thousand). This places NYC just behind Italy's hard-hit Lombardy Region in per capita cases.@narativlive #Covid19
2. The fatality rate in New York City is also rising. The current rate is about 1.7%, a far cry from Lombardy's 10%, but as hospitals strain from overcrowding and frontline workers battle infections, the number of deaths will increase. That's why #Covid19 is such a killer.
3. The growth in the contagion rate will likely max out at around 50% according to Mayor De Bblasio. At Lombardy's fatality rate of 10% were talking about 45,000 deaths in #NYC. This could be where we're heading absent a lockdown.#CoronavirusOutbreak
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[Thread of New York]: I've been a journalist for 30 years and I have never seen the level of malpractice by elected officials, as we've been witnessing from this administration on #CoronaVirus. The crisis is getting worse, much worse.
2. New York City is on track to become the global epicenter of #coronavirus, and the key driver of contagion in the United States. Look at how #NewYorkCity's death toll is tracking compared to other metro areas. Within days, the death rate will double daily.
3. How bad is New York City?
56% of all US cases and 31% of all US deaths are from New York. NY is doing an extraordinary large number of tests but the level of contagion is not leveling off. Trump's #COVID19 coordinator Deborah Brix:
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Processing #COVIDー19 keeps bringing me back to this thought:

Bob Wiley from "What About Bob" has never been so relatable. A thread. 1/8

GIF: Opening credits of "What About Bob" with a goldfish swimming through movie title.
We meet Bob (#BillMurray) in his apartment in #NewYorkCity. He can #WorkFromHome, his #coworker is his fish named Gill, and he generally chooses to #StayAtHome. 2/8

GIF: Bob greets his goldfish each morning by saying "Good morning, Gill...I said good morning, Gill."
To prepare for each day, Bob practices mindfulness by repeating his mantra: "I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful." 3/8

GIF: Bob sitting on his bed, rubbing his temples, saying his mantra.
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1-😡😡”Hi. I work in largest hospital in #NewYorkCity. Dont' have enough supplies because this was all outsourced to #China. My hospital sent purchasing agents directly 2 Chinese factories yrs ago 2 get cheap prices & bragged about it—Fools!! We can't test people NOT because..
2...we don't have enough tests but because we don't have enough PPE 4 the staff 2 do it.Huge amounts r now being stolen because it is so valuable & scarce.PLEASE MAKE THE GLOBALISTS OWN THIS!!This is what outsourcing does. Outsourcing is literally killing Americans now.The...
3...Defense Production Act is pointless because all the manufacturers of this stuff left so there is no domestic industry 2 invoke it on!!!Please have CPA & other leaders emphasize this. It really can't be said enough.This blows all their BS free trade arguments out of the water.
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1. Donald Trump is deliberately leading Americans to their deaths by lying about the severity of the #coronavirus crisis. The U.S. infection rate is on the most severe trajectory of any country tracked by the Financial Times. #COVID19
2. The number of deaths from #COVID19 in the United States is now increasing at a rate faster than China's at this point of their #coronavirus crisis.
3. And the death toll in #NewYorkCity is now on track to double every day. @NarativLive
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@RegineGuenther #Bogotá ist etwa doppelt so groß, wie #Berlin (Fläche & Einwohnerzahl).

Die haben bis gestern 117 km temporärer Radwege von den Fahrbahnen abgetrennt, um Radverkehr in der #COVIDー19 Pandemie zu unterstützen.

In #Berlin bitte heute mit der #KantStraße beginnen.
Im Anschluss dann z.B. #MariendorferDamm, #LandsbergerAllee, #SchönhauserAllee, #MüllerStraße usw.

Eine PopUp-Bikelane nach der anderen. Wo sinnvoll, gerne mit Busverkehrsfreigabe (5,5 m Mindestbreite) und als Rettungsweg geplant.
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Coronavirus UPDATE & Resources
Mar 16th 9PM EST
Global stats:
-181,580 =146 Countries &
-7,138 have died
-78,943 have recovered
-81,038 Cases in #China
-27,980 #Italy
-14,991 #Iran
-9,942 #Spain
-8,236 #SouthKorea
1/n #US #COVIDー19 Stats👇🏾
2) #COVID19 Update
March 16th 9PM EST
4,661 #Coronavirus cases in #US
49 states & DC have confirmed cases
887 new cases in total
17 have recovered
85 Deaths in US: #WA #CA #FL #NJ #NY #GA #SD #KS #CO #LA #VA #SC #OR #NE #KY #IN
#CoronavirusPandemic #CoronavirusOutbreak
States with the most #COVID19 cases:
#NewYork: 950 / 221 new
#Washington: 904 / 135 new
#California: 557
#Massachusetts: 197
#NewJersey 176

#Cluster Hotspots:
#NewYorkCity: 463
#Westchester County: 220
#NYC #Seattle #Snohomish #SantaClara #Coronavirus #SanFrancisco #Texas #NJ
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