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#NewYorkCity was recently clouded with smoke, making its iconic skyline almost unrecognisable. It was caused by #wildfires more than 4,000 km away.

#AirPollution #Alberta #Canada Image
But fire isn’t the only cause of air pollution. In fact, many cities across the world are reporting rising levels of #airpollution due to various reasons, and as a result, the deteriorating health of its residents.
The time to act is now. Learn to combat the dangers of air pollution, so that your #future generations and you can breathe #cleanair. To know how, enrol in the free courses below:
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#happeningnow at the Par Central motor Inn at Queens, NY
Protesters gather in front of the hotel, and they state they don't want the hotel to house Migrants
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#Migrants #NYC #BREAKING
Par Central Motor Inn in Queens, NY , protesters rally outside due to the hotel housing migrants .
A group of Migrants walk by, and the protesters yell at them.
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#migrants #breaking #tuesdayvibe
Par Central Motor Inn Queens NY.
Protesters rally outside the hotel to demand the hotel stop hosing migrants. I spoke with one of the organizers of the rally.
Here's what he had to say .
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#tuesdayvibe #NYC #NEWS
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A tiny subset of terrible things that have happened at #Rikers Island #Jail in #NewYorkCity: a primer for upper middle class white people. If you don't know these stories, you are not doing your job as a human.
I'm tweeting about #jails and #bail because (real, substantive) #bailreform is good for society and we need more of it. And I'm tweeting for upper middle class white people because we have a lot of power/positionality, and yet tend to be least knowledgeable about the issues.
Upper middle class white people: I beg you, I plead with you, to educate yourself on these critical criminal justice topics which affect minoritized people most directly, and yet which also affect ALL of society.
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#Trump Leaves #Florida Home to #Surrender to Charges in #NewYork | Mar 3
- “The #Corrupt DA has no case," Trump said on Truth Social, of the Manhattan DA prosecuting the case. “What he does have is a venue where it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get a #FairTrial.…
Date typo: Last Updated: APRIL 03, 2023, 22:02 IST
#MAGA supporters line the streets of #PalmBeach and protesters swarm NY ahead of his arraignment TOMORROW
- His campaign managers #Wiles, and #LaCivita, as well as sr adviser #Miller, and spokesman #Cheung were traveling with him, along with his son #Eric.…
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New York City: Four people injured, one fatally by hazardous materials. Hazmat #Hazmat team on site. Midtown in East 56th and Sutton. #NYC #newyorkcity…
There is still no official update regarding the hazardous materials and death - injuries in NYC. Allegedly, from what I am seeing:
Two victims are NYPD officers,
ONe is an emergency responder. #newyork #hazardous
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US intelligence making a case to renew sweeping communication surveillance powers granted under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act - set to expire this year

"FISA Section 702 is irreplaceable" @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA Gen Paul Nakasone told @PCLOB_GOV Thursday
#FISA establishes rules US intelligence agencies when surveilling foreign powers and agents

Section 702-added in 2008-allows for targeted surveillance of electronic communications of foreign persons outside of the US

BUT critics argue it subjects Americans to unlawful searches
US intel officials, like @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA, call #FISA Section 702 a critical tool

Sec. 702 "plays an outsized role in protecting the nation, providing some of the US gvt's most valuable intelligence on our most challenging targets...It provides unique information w/minimal risk"
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FLASHBACK: Barbara Walters, who died today at 93, filed this woman-on-the-street report in the hours following the #JFKAssassination. 📺

Barbara documented the eerie quiet in bustling #NewYorkCity on the night of Nov. 22, 1963.

And yes, that IS Barbara’s longtime ABC News 20/20 co-host Hugh Downs with her in this vintage 1963 clip.

Downs hosted the Today Show for NBC at the time. Barbara got her start as a writer at @TODAYshow before graduating to on-camera assignments like this one…
Barbara Walters visited the Russian Embassy in Manhattan on the evening of Nov. 22, 1963 and reported the Embassy was flying the flag at half staff in President Kennedy’s honor. An attendant at the door was clearly stunned with grief.
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates
TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

11.4% BQ.1
10.8% BQ.1.1
4.8% BA.5.2.1
4.8% BQ.1.22
4.1% BA.5.2
2.9% XBB.1
2.4% BQ.1.3
2.4% BF.7
2.4% BA.4.6
2.2% BQ.1.12


#OmicronUpdates 11/29/22
Sequence count by US State

Share of sequences with specimen collection dates in the last 15 days.

New York has submitted a big share of sequences this period

Granular details -#VariantDashboard #USA #15DayTrends

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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates
TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

14.7% BQ.1.1
11.9% BQ.1
4.4% XBB.1
3.8% BA.5.2.1
3.1% BA.5.2
3.1% BQ.1.3
2.8% BF.7
2.8% BQ.1.1.4
2.5% BQ.1.2
2.5% XBB.1.5

#OmicronUpdates 11/28/22

Sequence count by US State

Share of sequences with specimen collection dates in the last 15 days.

New York has submitted a HUGE share of sequences this period

Granular details -#VariantDashboard #USA #15DayTrends

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James Corden banned from top restaurant for 'abusive behaviour' and 'yelling at staff'

The Gavin and Stacey star has been ‘banned’ from a famous New York restaurant for alleged ‘abusive’ behaviour aimed towards staff during a heated incident which saw him kicked out! 😱
James Corden was called a "tiny cretin" after he was banned from a restaurant for being "abusive".

The former Gavin and Stacey star, 44, was kicked-out from the popular #Balthazar eatery in #NewYorkCity due to his alleged "abusive" behaviour.… ImageImage
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS):

20.0% BA.5.2.1
12.7% BA.5.2
12.7% BA.4.6
8.6% BA.5.1
4.8% BQ.1👀
3.6% BF.7
2.6% BQ.1.1👀
2.1% BA.5.6
2.1% BF.10
1.8% BA.5

#OmicronUpdates 10/09/22
Charts represent #15DayTrends

~50% of sequences are from #NewYorkCity!

919 sequences out of 1825 total sequences uploaded in @GISAID from #USA with sample collection dates in the last 15 days!

44 of the 1825 sequences are from opt-in airport screening

Mostly Asymptomatic

5 BQ.1.1 (2-NJ, 2-NY, 1-CA)
2 XBB (NJ, CA airport)
1 BA.2.3.20 (GA)
1 BN.1 (CA)
1 BY.1 (NJ)
1 BM.1.1.1 (NJ)
1 BA.2.75.2 (NJ)

Time to bring back Universal Masking in the Transportation Sector!

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By 1880, many Republicans believed the federal government had done all it could or should for African Americans by ending slavery and passing the so-called "Reconstruction amendments" to the Constitution. While some Republicans began to look toward industrialists and

1/7 A white marble bust of a bearded man-James A. Garfield-sits
financiers as new allies, James A. Garfield-the party's presidential candidate-continued to speak up about civil rights issues & to insist that the Republican party remain true to its roots as a party working toward equality for all.

On Aug. 6, 1880-142 years ago today-

candidate Garfield was in New York City. He spoke to a huge crowd of thousands from the balcony of Republican headquarters that evening & beautifully summarized what he believed the government should still do for black Americans-& why:

"Soon after the great struggle began,

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Bel fires in NYC. Unclear how this started or what day it was on .
#news #NewYorkCity #NYC
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Please follow my Instagram…
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Introducing StarkNet House:
@StarknetHouse is a virtual educational summer program presented by @topology_gg in collaboration with @StarkWareLtd and pioneers in the #StarkNet ecosystem. The program is open to anyone excited about learning to build on StarkNet using #Cairo. [1/10]
Our mission is to congregate a burgeoning community of #developers and help you #jumpstart the most #innovative projects in #Web3 [2/10]
@StarknetHouse kicks off on June 1, 2022 with the creator of #STARK, @EliBenSasson, and consists of 11 weekly sessions in which you will learn how to thoughtfully design, develop, test, and deploy #Cairo smart contracts and start building on #StarkNet. [3/10]
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#WritingCommunity #books #amwriting

I arrived in the Big Apple, New York City from the hills of Natal, South Africa to glamour-shock. The big city lights intimidated me in so many ways. It’s safe to say I was not prepared for the life that awaited me in the Big Apple
In the absence of my mother, community, and the priest I had no one to guide me. As such, I had to rely solely on what they taught me.
It remained to be seen if that would keep me on the straight and narrow.
Truth is one is never prepared for the charms of the big Apple.
Natal didn’t present a lot of challenges to my character and tests to my spirituality.
The immediate struggle I faced in the concrete jungle of #NewYorkCity was to fit in. I had to fit in if I were to properly integrate and function in that environment.
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We @JBREC just surveyed 400+ flippers about #fixandflip conditions in partnership with Flatiron Realty Capital and @SundaeHQ.
Key takeaway: There is a TON of competition for deals right now.
#LasVegas flipper: “Market is oversaturated with inexperienced investors due to an increase of “gurus.” Supply is low, demand is high, and prices are inflated 20%+ over ARV. Not sustainable.”
#Phoenix flipper: “Phoenix is a very active market with home prices on the rise. The competition is aggressive.”
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thibs/zion practice day #1
#NewYorkForever #Knicks
thibs/zion practice day #21
#NewYorkForever #Knicks
thibs/zion practice day #45
#NewYorkForever #Knicks
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“‘What, you still have a car in the city?’ The well-meaning friend who had driven in from the suburbs for dinner with us let her fork slip into the fondue. ‘When are you going to get rid of it?’”
Keeping a car in New York City comes with all sorts of its own hassles, @nytimes reported in 1970: the nightly pre-martini search for a parking spot for the next day (post-martini is too late — by then the spots are all gone). And of course: the costs.
Today, many of those hassles and costs still exist. For many taxi-taking, Citi Biking New Yorkers who swore off private transport long ago, owning a car seemed at best unnecessary; at worst, a cumbersome time suck, @weareyourfek wrote in August 2020.
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The Disregard of #InformedConsent and Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2 - “The Great Pivot” - Jab hesitancy is informed, literate, and sophisticated, but government agencies, officials, and politicos pushed false narratives - by @TraderStef 4 #CrushTheStreet #ADE… Image
I am moving "The Great Pivot & Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2" #InformedConsent2 (the thread from @RWMaloneMD's gracious RT ) to my acct original here. Replies were breaking apart/not keeping continuity under his RT. Chronology is now intact. Apology for move. Image
Here is a link to PART 1 of “The Disregard of Informed Consent & Echoes of Nuremberg” (is hash tagged as #InformedConsent). That thread's continuity is intact and extensive, from March 31 to Aug 3.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/26/2021…
Student loans, the racial wealth divide, and why we need full student debt cancellation…

#StudentLoans #DebtCancellation #RacialInequality #WealthDivide
The Delta Variant Is a Grave Danger to the Unvaccinated…

#delta #variant #COVID19 #VaccinationRate #consequences #risk
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In what is being seen as the first such case in India, eight Asiatic lions have tested positive for the novel coronavirus at a zoo in Hyderabad. Nehru Zoological Park (NZP) got to know about this on April 29. #NehruZoologicalPark #Asiaticlions #COVID19India
However, Dr. Siddhanand Kukrety, the Curator and Director of the zoo, said, "It's true that the lions showed COVID symptoms but I am yet to receive the RT-PCR reports from the CCMB and hence it will not be proper to comment. The lions are doing well." #NehruZoologicalPark
Zoo officials had decided to test the lions after wildlife veterinarians at the facility noticed coronavirus-like symptoms such as coughing, nasal discharge, and a loss of appetite among some of the lions. #COVIDEmergency2021 #Wildlife #NehruZoologicalPark
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