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Not discussed enough is the role of the California Democratic Party @CA_Dem and it's Chair @rustyhicks in killing #CalCare #AB1400. The Party took $3.9 million in the past two years from medical corporations opposed to CalCare even though the Party endorsed the bill.🧵
Not only did the Party endorse, but single payer healthcare is a key element of our platform and Chair @rustyhicks committed on many occasions to Party delegates during his own election campaign that he would fight for #CalCare #AB1400 and single payer healthcare.
After his election, he collected millions of dollars from those opposed to #CalCare #AB1400 and then directed the Party to stay silent on an issue that the delegates had voted to be advocates for.
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BREAKING: In response to @ProgCaucusCDP challenging incumbent endorsements, @CA_Dem Chair @rustyhicks is withholding delegate information.

Challengers must have signatures of 20% of delegate voters but Party refuses to disclose identity of all voters and total # of voters.🧵
In other words, for those asking for a vote on endorsing incumbents (ie, not an automatic endorsement), they must get 20% of a number the Party won't disclose including signatures of voters the Party won't disclose. That's the actual CDP policy right now.
Apparently, the same California Democratic Party Chair @rustyhicks that collected millions from the medical industry and stayed silent on #CalCare #AB1400 does want actual democracy for Democrats.
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Assemblymember @Ash_Kalra spent some time with me and 300 members of the @ProgCaucusCDP last night to explain his decision to pull #AB1400 #CalCare and avoid a vote. Progressives have consensus that this was the wrong decision but he made his case to bring back the bill next yr🧵
Californians deserved to know where their Assemblymembers stood on the #CalCare vote. More informed voters lead to better electoral decisions. We simply should not be protecting weak Democrats from bad votes.
We had a lot of angry and upset progressive activists yesterday. It was important that we had a space to come together and express that. As progressives, we are open with our criticisms so that we can find a path forward together. @danett_abbott expresses her frustration here:
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Good Morning 🌞 The California State Assembly is voting on first-in-the-nation universal healthcare today! #CalCare #AB1400
📢 Tweet at your Assemblymember and tell them to stand with the People of California!
.@AsmChrisWard will you stand up for healthcare for all or will you bend a knee to corporate interests?
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"American exceptionalism."

It's America forgiving itself for sins it condemns in others (mass incarceration, death penalty, voter suppression, book bans).

But there's another, implicit exceptionalism, practiced by elites: the belief that Americans are exceptionally stupid. 1/ The state flag of California; the bear is wearing a scrub ca
If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
This negative exceptionalism is most obvious in health-care debates, where the cost of universal care is presented without mentioning that Americans pay far more for private healthcare, and thus universal care represents trillions in savings.

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Two dozen exciting California state & congressional candidates to watch! Details in the thread. A map of California, labeled California June 7, 2022 Primary
Starting at the top, Cheryl Sudduth is a scientist running for the new Congressional District 8, created to give the diverse communities of Richmond, Vallejo, Fairfield, and Pittsburg a voice of their own.
Cheryl Sudduth @CBSudduth currently serves on the West County Wastewater District Board, and has a long list of accomplishments, community service, and life experiences that reflect the story of this working class section of the Bay Area.
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@WholeWashington @Cudney4MA @KyleDavisForMA From the AB 1400 bill language:

10612. (10) Implement policies to ensure that all Californians receive culturally, linguistically, and structurally competent care, pursuant to Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 100650), ensure that all disabled Californians receive care in...
@WholeWashington @Cudney4MA @KyleDavisForMA ..accordance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. Sec. 12101 et seq.) and Section 504 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. Sec. 794), and develop mechanisms and incentives to achieve these purposes and a means to monitor the effectiveness...
@WholeWashington @Cudney4MA @KyleDavisForMA ...of efforts to achieve these purposes.

100650. (6) Providing health care items and services in a culturally, linguistically, and structurally competent manner.
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Asm Comm on Health member of the SuperMajority opposition, at 2:34:28. Can you count the falsehoods she delivered while attacking #AB1400? Let's win #CalCare for all, including putting CA politicians onto the same healthcare system as the rest of us.
These uncommitted Approps. Comm. reps need to hear from us! Chris Holden (916) 319-2041; Lisa Calderon (916) 319-2057; Jesse Gabriel (916) 319 2045; Eduardo Garcia - (916) 319 2056; Marc Levine - (916) 319 2010; Bill Quirk - (916) 319 2020; Akilah Weber - (916) 319 2079. #CalCare
Keep sharing this link:…
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California's Assembly Health Committee, chaired by Assemblymember @JimWoodAD2, about to begin. First hearing of the year, to hear bills introduced last year--including, most notably, #AB1400, the single-payer health system policy proposal #CalCare.
You can watch the CA Assembly Health Committee hearing, including the discussion on the single-payer health care proposal #AB1400 (@Ash_Kalra) slated for later in the afternoon, here:…
@Ash_Kalra The debate on #AB1400 starts in Assembly Health Committee. Assemblymember @Ash_Kalra opens by detailing the costs of our current health system: "What is the status quo and why does it need to change?" #CalCare
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Follow along in this below as #CalCare/#AB1400 faces its first legislative hurdle with a hearing and vote in the Assembly Health Committee later today.

If passed, AB 1400 would create a single-payer health system, guaranteeing health care to all Californians.
The hearing begins at 1:30pm PT and AB 1400 will be the final piece of legislation considered.

The bill will likely not come up until late afternoon/early evening.
We'll be hosting a watch party on zoom when the hearing gets to AB 1400.

If you'd like to receive an update when the bill is close to coming up, please sign up below:…
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Our Healthcare $$ Are Golfing in Hawaii 🧵

My mom lives in Hawaii. She loves to golf. She's in her late 60s and I'm happy for her. She was on the course the other day and saw a young man in his early 30s who goes to Hawaii several times a year to golf.

She was curious. 1/n
"How do you manage to get the time to go golfing at this stage in your career? What do you do? It took me forever to get this time off."

He responded, "I work in billing for health insurance companies. They can't handle all the administration so they contract it out to us." 2/n
My mom (a cancer survivor): You mean, you work for a health insurance company?

He: No, not even. I started my own company, & they pour tons of money my way to go and get them more money. I make a killing by doing the administration work they send. It pays for my golf vacays.3/n
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ICYMI: The Healthy California for All Commission had another meeting last week, and a lot was discussed. Check out this thread for a quick recap of the good, the bad, and the ugly! Make sure to read the whole thread for links to get more involved! #CaLeg #AB1400 #CalCare
For those who don't know, The Healthy California for All Commission, chaired by the Secretary of @CHHSAgency, exists to discuss options for universal health care in California. It's scheduled to deliver a report with recommendations in early 2022 #CaLeg #AB1400 #CalCare
First was a discussion about Vermont’s attempts to implement single payer, led by @GovPeterSchumlin, which confirmed what we already knew: the resistance to single payer will be fierce even amongst Dem legislators, and it will take a mass movement to win #CaLeg #AB1400 #CalCare
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Today, I’m excited to introduce #AB1400 in order to create a single-payer healthcare system here in California! This is the first critical step necessary to design a single-payer system that works for Californians. #CalCare…
I appreciate the sponsors of #CalCare @CalNurses and look forward to working with them on this transformational legislation. I know this will not be easy, but I am willing to spend my time and energy into making this a reality. Nothing worth fighting for comes easily.
I will focus on the policy to design a program that actually brings healthcare to all Californians in a manner that is cost effective and just. Our current healthcare system is the most expensive in the world yet is far from the best in terms of outcomes.
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