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There is a glitch in this: the premise ignores how ineffective and inefficient employer provided #healthcare is in the U.S. model. California needs #SinglePayer / #MedicareForAll to have better #health outcomes.
having the boss pay for #healthcare is absurdly expensive…
it's something that @TheDemocrats like to do to our folly…
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Hi Twitter Fam 👋 I'd like to thank all of you for not abandoning me. I know I haven't tweeted much lately. I'm currently experiencing a relapse in my mental health issues. I'll be contacting my doctor next week. Which leads me to the topic of #SinglePayer / #MedicareForAll
I currently see a psychiatrist about once every 3 months about medication. My insurance doesn't cover him, so that's $100 out of pocket every visit. He and I both agree I should be in therapy. Unfortunately, even if my insurance covers it, the co-pay is $40 a visit.
For those of you familiar with how most therapy works, when you start, you may need to see the therapist 3-4 times a week. That's $40 each visit, out of pocket. So let's say it's only 3x a week. That's $480 a month. I can't afford that. So, the only way I have to manage my
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Health industry CEOs took home a whopping $2.6 BILLION in compensation last year. That's $2.6B that could have, and should have, been spent on patient care. Private health insurers are especially egregious since their profits come from *denying* health care.
Pharmaceutical price gouging bankrupts patients and makes lifesaving medications unaffordable for many. But CEOs and investors sure are happy about those relentless price hikes.
The opportunities for #BigPharma profiteering are so vast that contractors, distributors, and pharmacies are making money hand over fist...all to the detriment of patients.
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.@laurapdavison misleads readers about #MedicareForAll by cherry-picking one conservative study & misrepresenting @SenSanders #M4A plan. Please issue a correction @business @maryad5 @TimothyBLavin @fdwilkinson. 1/5

Here are the facts:…
While federal spending would increase under Medicare-for-All, studies show that most households and employers will enjoy a savings. This is continually overlooked or ignored by the media. 2/5
The additional federal revenue for Medicare-for-All would come from a variety of progressive taxes, not an equal flat amount from each person and not solely by taxing the wealthy. 3/5
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Those who support #BernieSanders #SinglePayer legislation need to get knowledgeable on the specifics and talk w friends & family about the realities of #MedicareForAll.

Talk about the built-in transition period, the supports for impacted workers, the comprehensive coverage...
A good reference article on #MedicareForAll and some of its lesser-known aspects. It includes summaries from the PERI report plus details about the transition period and supports for impacted workers...…
Get to know #MedicareForAll...

Bill Summary:…

Paying For It:…

Cost Savings w Better Coverage For All:…

PERI Study Summary:…

Beware Those Trying to Co-Opt M4A:…
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1/ No one is happy with their health ‘insurance’ plan. No one. Those who say they are happy are confused. They conflate ‘happy with my plan’ with ‘happy with my doctors and hospitals in my plan’. But those are not the same things.
2/ When your job changes plans (as the majority do, every year, to save money), and you loose access to the same doctors and hospitals you had before, it’s not the ‘plan’ you liked, and now miss: it’s the doctors you liked - and now miss. That’s the issue. Do you see it, yet?
3/ For planned surgery, do you make sure that EVERY Dr and anesthesiologist that even looks at your chart takes your insurance? Are they ‘in network’? Do you still ‘like your plan’? And that’s work you must do BEFORE the ‘planned’ surgery. That doesn’t cover emergency surgeries.
Read 12 tweets a lot of folks are flummoxed about why Biden is able to retain such a huge lead with some Black Democrats, in spite of his history of shady conservatism.

In this thread, I'll give you my own cracked theory on why that might be.
Aside from the old conservative guard of the 1% who finances conservative Democrats regularly from Scoop Jackson to Bill/Hillary Clinton and so on, Biden's core strength seems to come from two sectors of voting Dems: affluent feminists and older Black folk.
The latter group tends to be much more conservative socially, almost as much as the Religious Right, who tend to favor Democrats only because the GOTP is owned by White Nationalists. They tend to back more conservative White Democrats in order to maintain their local privileges.
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Dr. Don McCanne encourages #SinglePayer activists to consider the questions posed by @USCBO in yesterday's report. These issues will be the subject of intense debate as Congress moves forward with #MedicareForAll legislation.
Q: How would the government administer a #SinglePayer health plan?

A: Our current Medicare program is the best model. Although it needs to disentangle itself from private health insurers, eliminate "value-based" payment schemes, and institute global budgets for hospitals.
Q: Who would be eligible for the plan, and what benefits would it cover?

A: All residents of the U.S. would be covered for all medically necessary care.
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And we're live! Today's @RulesDemocrats hearing on @RepJayapal's #MedicareForAll Act has been a long time coming. Follow the hearings on @cspan and stay with PNHP for further #SinglePayer insights on this historic day.
Committee chair @RepMcGovern opens the proceedings by thanking @RepJayapal for her commitment and dedication to #MedicareForAll. To learn more about H.R. 1384, the *only* #SinglePayer bill in the U.S. House of Representatives, visit
"No one should have to fight a health insurance company while they're fighting for their lives," says @RepMcGovern, referencing the powerful story, and all-too-common struggle, of #SinglePayer champion @AdyBarkan.
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@cigoltonk @NightmanoOo @AndyKimNJ @BurlcoTimes 1/ Clearly, you’re like so many other people in this country, Including myself at one time, who believes that the federal government is financially constrained. That it needs to tax and borrow “as revenue“ to be able to spend. It’s simply untrue.
@cigoltonk @NightmanoOo @AndyKimNJ @BurlcoTimes 2/ Article 1, Section 8 of the constitution states 3 things about the currency of this country: Congress creates the currency, it sets the value of that currency, and it imposed a tax and levies fines denominated in that currency.
@cigoltonk @NightmanoOo @AndyKimNJ @BurlcoTimes 3/ This means that you can’t create the 💵. I don’t create the 💵. Your job doesn’t create the 💵. Your town, state, and foreign countries certainly don’t create the 💵. Congress does. By law. It can create as much as it wants or needs to. Did I say that it should? No. I did not.
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Good news: @amprog acknowledges that "the United States is spending about twice as much as needed on the administration of health care."
PNHP's estimate for administrative excess is $504B annually (source here: via @AnnalsofIM). CAP's estimate is much lower -- $248B annually -- but it is still in the "hundreds of billions of dollars" range.
CAP also acknowledges that "major changes to the U.S. health care system have the greatest potential to bring down costs," but insists that "more incremental changes could reduce administrative waste."
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Watch LIVE as PNHP president Dr. @awgaffney joins John E. McDonough and @AnyaRWallack for a #SinglePayer discussion, moderated by @goldbergcarey. via @commonhealth
Anya Rader Wallack identifies as a supporter of #SinglePayer. She says challenges exist around politics (powerful industries are opposed) and taxes (where once hidden costs are made explicit), but has hope and is encouraged by the growing enthusiasm around #MedicareForAll.
"We have 29 million people uninsured. We need to bring that to zero, and the best way to cover everybody is to have a plan the covers everybody." - Dr. @awgaffney
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#SinglePayer skeptics believe #MedicareForAll would be "too disruptive." But it's our *current system* that is uniquely unstable. Here is an incomplete list of the ways Americans can lose health coverage today:
If you lose your job, you can lose your health insurance.
If you decide to leave your job, you can lose your health insurance.
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We found something wrong with every single paragraph of this @nytdavidbrooks column on #MedicareForAll: It wasn't that hard, honestly.
The British and Canadian health systems are quite different! Both are #SinglePayer and deliver better health outcomes at a fraction of the cost of U.S. health care, but @NHSEngland is closer to @VeteransHealth whereas Canadian Medicare is closer to our own Medicare program.
#SinglePayer would *simplify* American health care. The transition would not be onerous; in fact, it would ease the burden on doctors, hospitals, businesses and, most importantly, patients.
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Watch LIVE as PNHP president Dr. @awgaffney talks #SinglePayer #MedicareForAll on @cspanwj. Video here:…
Dr. @awgaffney stresses that the program PNHP supports is *improved* #MedicareForAll. Quality coverage would be guaranteed with no out-of-pocket spending for patients.
Two-thirds of current health spending is financed through taxes. Fully funding #SinglePayer #MedicareForAll would require tax-funding the other one-third, but would not increase overall health spending.
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#USA politicians support #Israel not out of allegiance or the power of lobbyists. Aspects of this support include:

1. Annual >$3b aid packages, with regular supplements & fewer restrictions than aid to other nations
2. Support of governments #Israel likes, such as #Jordan #KSA
#Egypt, regardless of #humanrights abuses
3. Undermining/attacking governments, groups & nations it dislikes: #Iraq #Iran #Lebanon
4. Ignoring obligations to #Palestinians under intl law
5. Allowing "charities" to receive tax-deductible donations used to further #ethniccleansing
in #Palestine.
6. Various state & federal government agencies with preferences to #Israel, such as #police exchanges & subsidized trade delegations.
7. Voting for legislation punishing people who support #BDS, a non-violent advocacy tactic.

Whatever it is that causes #USA
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It's #SinglePayerSunday
February 3, 2019

The public is acting as early investor, putting tons of money in the development of drugs that then become privatized.

They receive no return on the investment that they have made. - @AOC
NNU Executive Director @NNUBonnie on why we can't settle for anything less than #MedicareForAll:

"The opposition, the insurance companies and pharma, will come out against anything, whether it's a half-measure or even one-quarter. We have to aim high."…
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#SinglePayerSunday #Thread
January 27, 2019

Expanded and improved #MedicareForAll means everybody in, nobody out.
It's time for a #SinglePayer, national health care system.
Join a M4A National Week of Action barnstorm near you:
Giant steps – the next stage in the fight for Medicare for All…
The long journey toward transforming our health care system to ensure that all our nation’s people get the care they need is entering its next major phase.
#SinglePayerSunday #MedicareForAll
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday!
January 20, 2019
RT from this #Thread and take part in the National #MedicareForAll
Week of Action!
Compare Democrats’ many Medicare-for-All proposals with this chart…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday
Life, Death and Insulin…
As the cost of the lifesaving medication skyrockets, some desperate diabetics are rationing — and risking their lives. Was Alec Raeshawn Smith one of them?
Demand #MedicareForAll!
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It's #SinglePayerSunday
January 13, 2019

We're less than a month out from the National #MedicareForAll Week of Action!

Hundreds of barnstorms will be held from February 9-13 in a nationwide push.

Join a #singlepayer barnstorm near you:
Americans understand that the healthcare market is broken.
The country has moved.
70 percent of all Americans want a #MedicareforAll system and healthcare is a right, not a privilege. @PramilaJayapal
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday
Medicare for All is a Fight to Democratize the Economy…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday
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Let's take a look at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital "chargemaster"…
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It's #SinglePayerSunday
January 6, 2019

Join thousands across the country 👉 Sign up to host a #SinglePayer #MedicareForAll event in your town during the February 9-13 National Week of Action:
The Year of Medicare for All… via @commondreams
Behind the disheartening statistics found in the current for-profit system are real people, enduring suffering that is unacceptable in the wealthiest nation on earth
#SinglePayerSunday #MedicareForAll
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Another difference #ACA makes!

2010-12: With my Cobra ending, in GA I stay covered via obscure HIPPA protections. My only choice: Celtic Insurance owned by Centene Corp. For my Humira drug, Celtic makes me pay tens thousands up front as pay first & manually snail mail claims 1/
To make matters worse, this insurance takes up to 9 months to reimburse me as I float tens of thousands dollars via savings or credit cards. Other times, insurance says submit my bills (as claims) from CVS Specialty Pharmacy instead, but then CVS hounds me for unpaid bills! 2/
While all this is happening, insurance has no transparency in their online portal or snail mail of the processing, status, or even the existence of my claims! I'm completely in the dark, I have to call & call & call this insurance's customer service representatives for info 3/
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<THREAD> I wanted to criticize this crappy proposal in one tweet, but 280 characters is not enough! A "55-64 Medicare buy-in" is terrible health care policy that enriches the private health insurers and places additional burden on Medicare and taxpayers. #SinglePayerSunday
First, a 55-64 buy-in relieves private health insurers of the oldest, sickest and most expensive patients they currently insure by sending many of them to the public #SinglePayer program. At the same time, *insurers get to keep the profitable younger and healthier patients!*
Second, a 55-64 buy-in doesn't contribute to fiscal sustainability of Medicare and allow Medicare to offer richer benefits, b/c Medicare is denied additional "premiums" (i.e. tax) from young and healthy people who use less health care and are forced to remain w/ private insurers.
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