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#CalcuttaHighCourt 3-Judge Bench hears #contemptcase initiated by Justice Rajasekhar Mantha against protesting lawyers who barred access to his courtroom.

LIVE UPDATES to follow.
#CalcuttaHighCourt: In last occasion, we requested assistance of Bar Councils etc. for identifying (the lawyers who protested). We got the video footage, if Bar Council of WB could identify their name, address, enrolment no.. representatives of three Bars can assist
Counsel: If your Lordships may kindly consider somehow to put an end to the matter.

Only one issue, we opened the doors because we were told a cat has come into the courtroom and emitted foul odour, so we had to open the doors, Judge orally responds.

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1. Manoj Pant Finance Secretary West Bengal stated in para 5 of his affidavit to #calcuttahighcourt that remitting #DearnessAllowance wud be "beyond the financial capacity of the State Govt."

As DA an inseparable part of d salary,this statement is a "breach of contract" by GOWB.
2. Why "breach of contract"?

Salary money is committed from before (a contract) which cannot be reduced with time.

As money is a negotiable instrument, Govt actually commits commodities in lieu of that committed salary amount.

As inflation occurs, DA is remitted as the
3. inflation adjustment factor to let the employees buy the same amount of commodities with his salary even after price rise.

Thus DA is to preventing reduction of salary with time due to price rise.

Hence, non-remittance of #DearnessAllowance = reduction of committed salary/
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BREAKING: The #CalcuttaHighCourt has ordered a CBI/NIA probe in a plea by the wives of 2 politicians alleging that their husbands were forcibly converted to Islam by a political party as a punishment for supporting a rival political party after they lost in the assembly election.
The order notes that the petitioners in the plea are two sisters and the respective husbands are the two brothers and worked for a political party that had lost the 2021 assembly elections. The husbands went missing in November 2021 and the wives filed a police complaint.
According to the order the complaint was received by the concerned Police Stations and was TORN UP by a civic volunteer. The Civic volunteer also informed the wives that
their husbands have CONVERTED to islam. #CalcuttaHighCourt
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#SupremeCourt to hear Center's challenge to #CalcuttaHighCourt order setting aside the CAT order transferring Alapan Bandyopadhyay, former West Bengal Chief Secretary's plea from Kolkata to Delhi Bench @MamataOfficial @DoPTGoI
@MamataOfficial @DoPTGoI SG: Can this be kept on Monday, We have to leave for Vigyan bhavan for Constitution Day function

SC: Okay adjourned to Monday

Dr AM Singhvi: I hope you have got my submissions
SC: We are waiting to hear you Mr Singhvi

Singhvi: I hope written submissions don't substitute oral arguments (laughs)
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#CalcuttaHighCourt shortly to pronounce judgment in the matter pertaining to controversial appointment of BJP turncoat Mukul Roy as the Chairman of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly.
Sitting MLA from Kalyani Constituency in Nadia district of Kolkata, Mr. Ambika Roy has moved Calcutta High Court challenging Mukul Roy’s appointment.
#CalcuttaHighCourt #WestBengal
It's been argued that despite winning West Bengal Assembly elections as a member of BJP as soon as the results were declared Mukul Roy defected to the present ruling party All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) without resigning from the BJP or his Membership from the Assembly.
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Calcutta High Court to shortly hear BJP MLA Ambika Roy’s plea challenging BJP turncoat Mukul Roy’s Appointment as the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly.
Mr. Ambika Roy has pleaded that Mr. Mukul Roy despite winning West Bengal Assembly elections from Krishnanagar Uttar Constituency as a member of BJP, defected, as soon as the results were declared, to the present ruling party AITC without resigning from the BJP.
CS Vaidyanathan for Ambika Roy: This is for a writ of Quo Warranto.
Speaker has admitted that there is a chairman of the PAC who had been elected on a BJP ticket but moved over to the TMC and that this can continue as this is convention.
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#calcuttahighcourt to hear the plea filed against BJP turncoat Mukul Roy's appointment as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of the #WestBengal Legislative Assembly.
In pursuance of the latest order of the court, Mukul Roy has filed his affidavit-in-opposition in the Court. He has submitted that the actions of the Speaker of the House cannot be questioned in Court
#calcuttahighcourt #WestBengal
To read all submissions made in the affidavit👇…
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Calcutta High Court to pronounce judgment today in batch of petitions concerning post poll violence in State of West Bengal.

#CalcuttaHighCourt #WestBengal @MamataOfficial @BJP4Bengal
There are different judgments, all concurring: Acting CJ Rajesh Bindal
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Calcutta High Court judge Justice Shampa Sarkar hearing election petition filed by @MamataOfficial against @SuvenduWB

#MamataBanerjee #suvenduadhikari Image
Banerjee has paid fine imposed by earlier judge Justice Kausik Chanda.

Adhikari asks for adjournment since he has filed a transfer petition to transfer trial out of West Bengal.

#MamataBanerjee #calcuttahighcourt
Court agrees to request.

Election petition of Mamata Banerjee against Suvendu Adhikari adjourned for November.

@MamataOfficial @SuvenduWB

#MamataBanerjee #suvenduadhikari
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#BombayHighCourt bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice Girish Kulkarni to hear petitions challenging #NewITRules. The pleas filed by @TheLeaflet_in & @waglenikhil claim the new rules are an assault on free speech.
Yesterday, the judges heard senior counsel Darius Khambatta for #Leaflet and adv Abhay Nevagi for #NikhilWagle

Now ASG Anil Singh will argue for Union govt.

ASG: Before getting into the merits of the case, I would like to point out that multiple petitions were filed against the Union govt seeking regulation of online platforms. Some pleas were before the #DelhiHighCourt however an SLP was filed in #SupremeCourt
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Post poll violence: Hearing resumes before Calcutta High Court.

Dr. AM Singhvi arguing on behalf of DGP of West Bengal

#CalcuttaHighCourt #postpollviolence

@AITCofficial @DrAMSinghvi Image
Dr. Singhvi referring to a video uploaded by a NHRC committee member Atif Rasheed @AtifRasheedOff on his twitter handle in which he is casting aspersion on WB Police.

#CalcuttaHighCourt #WestBengal
Dr. Singhvi says reasonable likelihood of bias even on the part of one committee member will vitiate the NHRC report.

#postpollviolence #WestBengal
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Calcutta High Court hearing case in relation to West Bengal post poll violence.

#calcuttahighcourt #postpollviolence #WestBengal
Adv Subir Sanyal submits even today people are not coming out to give complaints.

Sanyal says an independent agency should probe. Does not want governmental intervention.

"So according to him every investigating officer in State is tainted,". Kapil Sibal.
Bench says NHRC was asked to submit report and should confine to it.

"You (NHRC) should not tell how to go forward based in report. That is for petitioner and State to argue."
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Calcutta High Court to hear pleas alleging displacement on persons in the wake of post-poll violence in West Bengal earlier this year

#CalcuttaHighCourt #WestBengal @India_NHRC @AITCofficial
The High Court had, on June 18, ordered the NHRC to constitute a committee to examine complaints. NHRC had constituted a 7-member committee which had visited various parts of the State before submitting an interim report to the Court.

#CalcuttaHighCourt #WestBengal
On the last date of hearing, the Court had issued a show cause notice for contempt of court against the Deputy Commissioner of Police of South Kolkata for failing to prevent obstruction to the NHRC team that visited Jadavpur.

#CalcuttaHighCourt #WestBengal
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#CustodialDeath in #WestBengal
#BengalViolence #BengalBurning
বাংলায় নাকি পুলিশ হেফাজতে মৃত্যু হয়না, কথায় কথায় চ্যাংড়া মুলো মুখপা*ও গুলো টিভি চ্যানেলে খুব জ্ঞান দেয়।।
#LiarTMC #presidentruleforwb
@tathagata2 @JasBJP @annodomin1 @Abhijit_Basak83 @BJP4Bengal @NilotpalMukher6 ImageImageImage
What Mr #KaustavRoy (accused of Bank forgery) is doing by standing behind #MamataBanerjee?
ব্যাংক প্রতারণার দায়ে অভিযুক্ত কৌস্তুভ রায় রাজ্যের মাননীয়া মুখ্যমন্ত্রীর পেছনে কী করছেন?
তাও অভিযুক্ত হওয়ার আগে নয়, পরে।
@tathagata2 @JasBJP @ShipraDUTTA16 @annodomin1 Image
2nd time #KolkataHighCourt impose fine on #CM of #WestBengal #MamataBanerjee.
This time amount is 5Lc.
Now can we say, she's not #PrideOfBengal infact she is #ShameOfBengal
বাংলার লজ্জা: মুখ্যমন্ত্রীকে দ্বিতীয়বার জরিমানা কলকাতা হাইকোর্টের।🤭
@azad_nishant @JasBJP Image
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Calcutta High Court to pronounce judgment tomorrow on application by West Bengal Chief Minister @MamataOfficial seeking recusal of Justice Kausik Chanda from hearing her election petition against @SuvenduWB

#MamataBanerjee #CalcuttaHighCourt #SuvenduAdhikari #nandigram
Banerjee has sought recusal of Justice Chanda on the ground that he was an active member of BJP before he became a judge of Calcutta High Court…
During the hearing of Banerjee's plea on June 24, Justice Chanda had fairly conceded his connections with BJP and also reminisced about his days as a lawyer for the party when it was largely unknown in West Bengal.

#WestBengal #MamataBanerjee #BJP…
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Calcutta High Court to hear batch of petitions alleging that many people from the opposition were subject to violence after the ruling All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) swept to power in the 2021 assembly elections.

#calcuttahighcourt #WestBengal #BJP #TMC Image
On June 18, the five-judge Bench of the High Court had directed the chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to constitute a committee to examine complaints by persons displaced by post-poll violence in West Bengal.

#calcuttahighcourt #WestBengal #BJP #TMC
Hearing begins. Priyanka Tibrewal says Senior Advocate Harish Salve will appear for her. "Mr Salve does not need a vakalatnama. It is a pleasure to hear him," Acting Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal

#calcuttahighcourt #WestBengal #BJP #TMC
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Calcutta High Court 5-judge Bench assembles to hear case on post poll violence.

#WestBengal #CalcuttaHighCourt #postpollviolence

@AITCofficial @MamataOfficial
NHRC counsel tells High Court that it has submitted its report as directed by the court.

#WestBengal #CalcuttaHighCourt

Judges are reading the report and discussing among themselves.

#CalcuttaHighCourt #WestBengal #postpollviolence
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Narada Scam: Calcutta High Court 5-judge Bench to resume hearing in transfer plea by CBI

Track this thread for live updates.

#calcuttahighcourt #naradascam

@AITCofficial @FirhadHakim
The Supreme Court had on June 25 set aside the High Court order of June 9 refusing to take on record affidavits filed by @GhatakMoloy and @MamataOfficial

The court has remanded that issue back to HC to consider afresh.

Bench assembles. Advocate General Kishore Dutta informs High Court of the Supreme Court order.

#naradascam #calcuttahighcourt
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[Narada Case] #SupremeCourt

Supreme Court to shortly hear appeals by WB CM @MamataOfficial, State law minister @GhatakMoloy and #WestBengal Govt against June 9 order of #CalcuttaHC refusing to take their affidavit on record filed in the CBI transfer plea in #NaradaScam case
Senior Adv Vikas Singh appears for the state of West Bengal

Justice Vineet Saran: we just received the list of dates. We have read the file substantially. We have one request in 5 minutes give us the brief background.

#supremecourt #naradacase @MamataOfficial @GhatakMoloy
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Calcutta High Court to hear today election petition filed by West Bengal Chief Minister @MamataOfficial challenging the election of BJP leader @SuvenduWB from Nandigram constituency in the 2021 assembly elections

#SuvenduAdhikari Image
The case will be heard by Justice Kausik Chanda.

Banerjee had meanwhile written to Acting Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal requesting him to reassign the election petition on the ground that Justice Chanda was an active member of BJP before he became a judge…
Bench assembles. Dr AM Singhvi appears.

Are you for petitioner: Court.

That is a very delicious question. I am for the petitioner, says Dr. Singhvi.

#MamataBanerjee #suvend
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