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(1/8) Vorige week verscheen het @CPBnl rapport over ongelijkheid in NL met als belangrijkste resultaat:

Hoe meer je verdient, hoe minder belasting je betaalt.

Als je denkt dat het wel meevalt met de ongelijkheid in NL, hang dit plaatje boven je bed (of stemhokje):
(2/8) Nederland is met name een belastingparadijs voor de rijkste 1%.

Merk je daar weinig van?

Dan hoor je waarschijnlijk niet bij de rijkste 1%.

Daarom een draadje: "Wie zijn die mensen dan wél?"

De rijkste 1% van Nederland:

✅Bestaat uit 80 duizend huishoudens.
✅Bezit samen €481 miljard (= 26% van het totale vermogen).
✅Bezit gemiddeld €6,1 miljoen.
✅Drempel om bij deze club te horen: €2,3 miljoen.

❌Betaalt slechts 28% belasting.
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.@taxwatch has launched against the infamous "Mr Red" a senior official at Ranger Football Club for historic tax abuse.

This is why this is an important story for everyone interested in #taxjustice and #LoanCharge
Rangers Football Club ran a disguised remuneration scheme for many years. Players and some staff were paid in loans via an offshore trust, which they claimed was not income and so no income tax was paid.
HMRC challenged the scheme, and the case, which became known as the "big tax case" became one of the most significant and important tax cases fought by the Revenue in recent years, which was finally decided at the Supreme Court in 2017.
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Zat eens even te rekenen hoe de jubbelton uitpakt voor een net afgestudeerd stelletje (meestal geen laag betaalde baan) met rijke ouders:
Minimaal budget: ~ 550.000 (2x jubbelton, 2x 35.000 bruto). Meestal verdienen ze meer en hebben ze spaargeld.
Daarnaast, als ze meer verdienen (bijv economische of juridische studie) en ze belastingvriendelijk nog 130 p.p (is maar tegen 10% belasting) geschonken krijgen dan loopt het al op naar meer dan 1 mln (460k schenking, 600k hypotheek). Te bizar.
@WOONPROTEST minimaal € 550.000 budget voor een stelletje met rijke ouders. Hoe moeten anderen dan überhaupt nog ergens tussen komen?
#jubbelton #taxjustice
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📢 Posizione #G7FIN sul negoziato in corso (in sede @OECDtax) sulla riforma del sistema di tassazione internazionale d'impresa 👉 1/
Poche sorprese rispetto alla vigilia
1⃣ Tassazione effettiva minima (#Pillar2 del negoziato #OCSE): #G7FIN si allinea sull'aliquota (di almeno il 15%).
❓Ci si deve ancora accordare su definizione di utili sottotassati (base imponibile da assoggettare a tassaz. minima) e... 2/
... su chi e in che misura riceverà ("paesi-fonte" degli utili vs. "paesi di residenza delle multinazionali") le imposte sugli utili sottotassati.. 3/
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This is quite something. The French government's position on the EU move to public country by country reporting for multinational companies, a key measure to curb profit shifting abuses, appears to have been captured entirely by... the business lobby.
The French government's two-pager on its negotiating position - its critical demands - has been leaked. According to the scoop in @Contexte, the metadata of the pdf reveal the hand not of diplomats or ministers, but of a senior employee of MEDEF - the French business lobby group.
This revelation gives us two things: first, we can look at the position that MEDEF has convinced the French government to take up, and see the priorities of the lobbyists; and second, we can understand a bit more the wider French government position on tax, including at the OECD.
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This is fantastic - really impressive set of questions and issues raised on the international approach to illicit financial flows. There's a lot to say so I'll thread the replies here, bit by bit...
1. Why did the MDGs overlook non-aid finance? This was by design: the MDGs were driven by aid donors, and were largely conceived of as ensuring better alignment of donors and recipient states - setting common goals so aid would deliver more.
Here's Sakiko Fukuda-Parr on this point - whereas by 2015, the aid focus was widely understood as a central flaw in the MDGs, so the aim of the Sustainable Development Goals was to ensure much broader ownership & applying to countries at all income levels… Image
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Starting a thread with a little timeline, because there is some significant news coming down the pipe today...

Back in the early 2000s, illustrious #taxjustice peeps @jechristensen56 @premnsikka @RichardJMurphy discussed the opacity of multinational companies, including on tax
Their discussions can be seen as part of a scattered history extending over decades, centring on attempts to require transparency from multinational companies about their global operations, including path-breaking work by the G77 countries @UNCTAD -…
Those decades of work seemed to have ended in failure. UNCTAD had been pushed by OECD countries into focusing on 'investment promotion' rather than national sovereignty and corporate accountability; and the big 4 had seized the accounting standard setting agenda for themselves.
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In the midst of the #COVID19 crisis, lawyers urge corporations to defend their profits & challenge governments’ emergency measures in #ISDS corporate courts. Our new report with @corporateeurope reveals their shocking million $ litigation scenarios. Here are 6 of them👇🏻
🚰 Bolivia & El Salvador took steps to ensure poor and #COVID19 sick households have access to clean water for handwashing. But #ISDS lawyers argue that foreign utility investors could challenge such measures because they ‘eliminated their revenue streams’.

🏥 To treat #COVID19 patients for free, Spain & Ireland have temporarily gained public control of private hospitals. Under #ISDS investors could claim millions in damages for such actions - even if governments already paid cost-covering compensation to the private hospital owners
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💡 How to reconcile globalisation & #TaxJustice?

Some 🗝️ key points by 🎙️ @gabriel_zucman in another cracking #podcast episode of @TheTaxcast

🎧 ➡️…

#TaxEvasion & #TaxAvoidance are not laws of nature, but policy choices. We can choose to:
🕵️‍♂️ allow secrecy
💸 lightly regulated the tax avoidance industry
🌪️allow tax competition to drive a #RaceToTheBottom

Or we can choose not to allow them 👇 2/7
The alternatively could be to choose to:
🧮 record wealth in registries
🏛️ regulate #TaxAvoidance industry
🌍 make international #tax coordination a core part of #Trade agreements & international cooperation

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Todos os anos a UE perde cerca 1 bilião de euros através de esquemas de fraude e #evasãofiscal. A Resolução ontem aprovada no #EPlenary contém medidas concretas de combate à evasão e elisão fiscal.
#TaxJustice #TaxEvasion #Whistleblowers
A Resolução apela aos Estados Membros que revoguem de forma célere os regimes de #vistosgold, porque potenciais benefícios destes não compensam os riscos de branqueamento de capitais e evasão fiscal.
A resolução reconhece pela primeira vez 7 Estados Membros como paraísos fiscais: Bélgica, Chipre, Hungria, Irlanda, Luxemburgo, Malta e Holanda.
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“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

Longish thread on the shutting down of journalism (and whistleblowing) that makes people uncomfortable…
When @TaxJusticeNet was getting started in the early 2000s, @jechristensen56 and others were opening up a whole new area
In many countries, there had been little or no public scrutiny of #taxjustice issues like the widespread abuse of ‘tax havens’ by elites, or the systemic nature of tax avoidance by major companies and their enablers like the big four accounting firms
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