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🧵 time...

For years, as I have discussed the value prop for seizure-resistant, non-sovereign💲like #BTC with noobies, I have always had to caveat it with "we don't think about it in the Western world too much bc our money, banking system, and law typically work well"

2/ #Bitcoin's value in the Western world has NEVER been more obvious thanks to the last ~ 2 years.

Reminder, it has ALWAYS been valuable to those less fortunate living under authoritarianism or double-digit inflation (over half the world)…

3/ Now, Westerners are getting their taste:
- 10%+ inflation for many (screw the official #CPI numbers)
- Bank accounts being inexplicably closed @haydenzadams @PeterMcCormack
- Govt freezing funds and threatening companies #TruckersForFreedom
- ~25% M2 debasement in ~2 years Image
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In the 2021's first issue of #Cantillon Effects, we discussed the #inflation which now pervades our lives: not just the narrow, disputed one relating to goods prices, but the inflation of rhetoric, passions, tribalism & despotism.

Over this thread, we'll present our case:-
Replacing the "public square" with the "cyber swarm" has not been conducive to reason or civility, for all that it has opened up new possibilities of disseminating news and opinion.
The #stakeholder capitalism being built while we're confined to quarters is a world where, we're glibly assured, " you will (truly) own nothing - the #centralbank will ensure your fake asset's notional price is misleadingly high - and you'll be happy!" Really?
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🏯 O Efeito #Cantillon é uma das razões pelas quais a pessoa média empobreceu nos últimos meses; enquanto muito ricos enriqueceram.

🇧🇷 Brasileiros conhecem o fenômeno através daquela música:

🎶 “o de cima SOBE,
e o de baixo DESCE” 📉
⚖️ Trata-se da heterogeneidade na distribuição do dinheiro, desde que é criado por um BC, até chegar nas mãos “do povo” 🧍🏻‍♂️🧍🏽‍♀️

💰 Sabe os trilhõe$ que estão sendo impressos para conter a crise?

Eles passam por um bocado de instituições até que uma fração chegue ao seu bolso 💼
🏦 Boa parte desse 💵 capturado pelo caminho é despejado nos mercados de capitais.

Afinal, se governos estão imprimindo dinheiro à vontade, por que empresas e/ou gente ric@ vai guardar patrimônio em papel-moeda? 🤔
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Largely because (a) the injections functioned differently last time as it was primarily a financial seizure, not a real one; (c) the real assets which did deflate -RE- are the very ones which have since most risen in price (“inflated”); (d) intl division of labour then undamaged
Somewhat risible to say no fiscal response last time, even if this one is shaping up to dwarf it. That’s just #Keynesian dinosaurs trying to say only their Master’s nostrums can work.
Worry is, we redo the 30s: lacklustre growth as too big a Boondoggle state exploiting its edge.
The state runs only the softest of soft budgets, is the most wasteful, least productive, most monolithic, least innovative of spenders. Backed up by a compliant #centralbank -monetary ‘authority’ is now a joke!- that implies lots of (misdirected) demand for not much extra supply
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