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Finex longs are on everyone's agenda. But the thing with finex longs are its lagging.
See when finex longs hit near ATH. its after 7-15 days till uptrend starts and those rallies last 2-4 weeks.
So it pretends to be random but its not. Its just later than you think.

Although it gives random image its always reliable source that market is near the bottom.
One more thing that took my attention is Although price is going down, Dominance is always going up which proves its not a natural sell-off.
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Analysis: #Bitstamp #BTC #BTCUSD

Case 44 #Bitcoin

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

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BTC 1/7
Since it's 2018 peak Bitcoin has lost much of its upside momentum, but the long term trend remains firmly bullish.

BTC 2/7
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: Price is trading above the #SMA 20 and 10. The main #pivot resistances can be viewed, a monthly close above is required to gain upside traction. Firm #trendline support can be seen at approximately 4450.

BTC 3/7
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XRP THE STANDARD 😉 I'm of the opinion whales use XRP as a stepping stone when trading BTC.

Whats interesting is the correlation between the two:

#btc #btcusd $btc $btcusd
If we look at whats going on under the hood. W1 STOCH on all top caps including #bitcoin have maxed out. With the exception of XRP.

#btc #btcusd $btc $btcusd
Dial it down to D1 and we see a very similar setup on the RSI. All top caps maxed out (some have a bearish div) and XRP is sitting on the bottom again.

My take on this, longing XRP wouldn't be the worst idea if btc neccs.

#btc #btcusd $btc $btcusd
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Lets get this, what’ll probably be way more than 80 chart (yes possibly over 100 charts) #mcm_chartstorm going

Since most analysts (except a few great ones) we see on twitter appear to be copping out as mkt has risen, how much all this BULLISHNESS is really in the mkt? $SPX

In the past we have discussed the epic internal/structural relationships between $NDX and $SPX in 2000 and $FAANGvs $SPX in 2019...lets take a look at that model again

How lets take a look at how this model has played out since we posted it mid year last year...

$FAANG $FNG vs $SPX has followed the model extremely well, with one exception...the $FANG meltdown has been much worse structurally & nominally than the 2000 disaster.
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Bitcoin (BTC/USD): Bottom? I took the Time and draw this Chart for the 100x Time and i think this is the most accurate one i can do! All Levels reacting perfectly..🧐! Note: Time changes Price-levels so its hard to predict. Hope you like🤞 @crypToBanger #btc #btcusd #bitcoin
Means: A: Most likely we challenging the 6k breakdown by the end of the year 2019 (like 2015, the 2014 breakdown). B: If we Capitulate this week or Next ~2.2k should be bottom. C: There is a good chance we will never see a capitulation candle (Should happen Dez. 2018)
D: Top is around 3.8k Red-Line (middle from big Channel) but increasing week for week.
E: Bitcoin likes to hovering around on this mid. Channel lines = Ranging sideways
F: The good Alts setups should be real if correct (last BTC Legg down 2015 BTC Dominance was dropping)
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Let’s get this #mcm_chartstorm going


Let’s start with the $INDU

And $SPY $SPX have the same pattern & perfect symmetry BTW imo

$SPHBI High Beta index made a perfect kiss of resistance
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Not to be a negative nelly 😂 but I feel like we're on the edge the next big global recession. I can't ignore the matching mahosive bear div on the big 5 global markets. Which is interesting since we haven't had one like that since 2008.

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Altcoin Marketcap vs $BTC:USD - their was an #ALTszn before $BTC capitulation in 2014. #btcusd
Altcoin Marketcap vs $BTC:Dominance -> Their is two main differences between 2014 and 2018:
#1 $BTC Dominance:
- never made a new high in dominance
- BTC gains from ALTs in it's big runs
- ALTs take from BTC after it tops
- BTC takes form ALTs after they top
#2 Margin Trading => the ability to short $BTC, $ETH, $XRP, $EOS, $LTC
- margin platforms take volume from ALTs on Spot
- their was no other way to make money except for ALTs - now you can short.
- shorting creates more selling pressure + buying pressure at reversal points
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1/5 Cause and effect the cornerstone of Wyckoff methodology. Time to get physical, Isaac Newton famously once said ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. With that in mind, let's use it analyse the previous cycles on BTC…
2/5 Aprils accumulation (cause) and markup phase (effect). Accumulation lasted 13days and markup lasted an equal amount of time. NOTE: dropping volume on markup
3/5 Mays distribution (cause) and markup phase (effect). Distribution lasted 26days and markdown lasted 23days. :thonking
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