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L'article 7 du Statut de la CPI définit onze actes constitutifs de crimes contre l'humanité, lorsqu’ils sont commis « dans le cadre d'une attaque généralisée ou systématique dirigée contre toute population civile et en connaissance de l'attaque » :

- le meurtre <<< acté

- la torture <<< suspecté

- le crime d'apartheid <<< acté

- l'extermination <<< suspecté

- la réduction en esclavage <<< en prépa

- la disparition forcée de personnes
- la déportation ou le transfert forcé de population <<< en prépa
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Thanks to @steve_sedgwick & @cnbcKaren for having me on #CNBC #SquawkBox this AM.

What did we discuss? Well, #inflation of course!

I prepared some slides for the show which I'm happy to present in this thread.
#macro #Fed #Yellen #JeromePowell #bankofengland #QE
Are people in denial or is the #centralbank money flood just drowning all the signals?
#Commodities, #freight, #carbon - and a whole lot besides - sure do cost a lot more, these days.
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Today’s inflation numbers were the most severe we’ve seen in 30 years. Why is that concerning?

In 1979 when the annual inflation rate hit 11.3% the National Debt stood at $827b, about 31% of US 1979 GDP.
Over the course of the next three years the Federal Reserve raised reserve requirements in a successful attempt to slow inflation. As a result interest rates rose to 20%. The yield on the 10-year US treasury went from 8.92% to a peak of 15.51%
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AO VIVO: CPI abre sessão para ouvir Carlos Wizard #G1 #CPIdaCovid #Senado
Líder do governo na Câmara teria sido citado por Bolsonaro em resposta a denúncia na compra da Covaxin. Empresário diz que diretor do ministério pediu US$ 1 por dose da Astrazeneca #G1 #CPI
À CPI, Wizard diz que nunca participou e não tem conhecimento do gabinete paralelo #G1
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Opposition is screaming about Inflation,but India under @narendramodi has curbed #Inflation,versus global peers

#VegetableInflation in India is minus 1.92% in May&Food inflation 5.01%

Globally,#FoodInflation up 39.7%, Cereal up 36.6%,Wheat price up 28% &Maize 89.3%

My thread👇
Globally #Inflation is rising because of co-ordinated fiscal stimulus,that has led to asset prices,zooming;For instance,annualized inflation in USA is 9.7%;2yrs back,US was in throes of #Disinflation

$6 trillion stimulus by #Biden has led to too much money chasing too few goods
For those wanting to know why the difference in #WPI&CPI,figures well,weights of items in CPI are based on average household expenditure,taken from consumer expenditure surveys

Weightage of Primary articles in #CPI is 55%+,with Food group alone having weight of 39.06%
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@GREAT_PERIYAR_1 @threadreaderapp एससी एसटी ओबीसी कब तक इसके उसके सहारे खड़ा रहेगा
२२.५ % जनसंख्या एक क्यों नही हो सकती
131 सासंद अपने भीतर से किसी को पीएम क्यों नही बना सकते?
@GREAT_PERIYAR_1 @threadreaderapp All SC ST NT DT VJT DNT BNT OBC category people who are on rolls of
#Congres #RSS #BJP #CPI #CPIM #AAP #NCP #Shivsena #SP #MNS are supporting
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Good day, Friday!

#CPI +5.0% (biggest ↗️ since 8/08 - not a vintage year, btw) and the UST 10Y drops to 1.44%.

Market is discounting what may be a peak in growth and inflation.

Let's dig into the morning's early data...
Asian equities closed the week mostly ↗️

$NIKK 28949 unch
$SSEC 3590 -0.6% 🔻
$TWII 17214 +0.3%
$HSI 28870 +0.5%
$KOSPI 3249 +0.8%
$IDX 6095 -0.2% 🔻

Australia ↗️
$ASX 7312 +0.1%

India ↗️
$BSE 52512 +0.4%
Europe trading ↗️

$DAX 15587 +0.1%
$FTSE 7125 +0.5%
$CAC 6575 +0.45%
$AEX 725 unch
$IBEX 9186 +0.55%
$MIB 25654 +0.05%
$SMI 11841 +0.25%
$MOEX 3841 +0.3%
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Shelter inflation still has a lot of legs to walk higher
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.@INCIndia trolls elated at minus 7.3% GDP growth in FY21,forgetting this was a #Pandemic year,in fact the worst pandemic in 102yrs

Good News in 4Q👇

GDP growth was 1.6% despite consensus of minus 1.4%

GVA growth was 3.7% Vs consensus of 2.6%

Industrial growth was solid 6.9%
In fact,both in Q3&Q4FY21,India reported positive GDP&GVA growth

Industrial growth also was +ve for 2 qtrs in a row at 1.7%&6.9%

Agricultural growth has been a positive 3%+ in every single qtr,in last 4 qtrs

Construction growth has been a massive 6.5%&14.5% in Q3&Q4
Some channels conveniently showing how WPI under @narendramodi govt has risen sharply,to 10.49% in April 2021

It is not #WPI but #CPI that matters& #RetailInflation measured by CPI was just 4.2% in April,with food inflation at 2.02%&Vegetable Inflation at minus 14.18%
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Bom dia lobinhas e lobinhos! 🐺🐺
Que tal pressionarmos os senadores para que @alexandregarcia seja convocado para depor na #CPIdaCovid? 👀 Vem com a gente nesse 🧶, porque vamos mostrar como ele também é responsável pela propagação do vírus. #AlexandreGarciaNaCPI
Desde o início da pandemia, @alexandregarcia divulga sistematicamente desinformação sobre a #covid19. Ele é uma das principais vozes do negacionismo bolsonarista. 🤮#AlexandreGarciaNaCPI
Porta-voz da ditadura nos anos 70 e agora porta-voz do projeto de ditador em 2021. Como que fala? A história se repete, a primeira vez como tragédia e a segunda como farsa? Pois a farsa do nosso fio de hoje tem nome e sobrenome: Alexandre – o apagador de vídeos – Garcia! 👀🐺
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UK economy booms: UK #PMI hits record high (over 2 decades) in May according to preliminary data as economy opens up from covid restrictions. More at
May also saw a near-record rate of job creation in the UK, with PMI #employment index surging higher...
However, prices are also increasing at an unprecedented rate in May, hinting strongly that consumer price inflation (#CPI) has much further to rise after lifting to 1.5% in April.
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Jogo de empurra entre ex-ministros: Ernesto Araújo põe responsabilidade na conta de Pazuello. Acompanhe 👇  Foto: Leopoldo Silva/Agênc...
A CPI da Covid-19 ouviu, nesta terça, o ex-ministro das Relações Exteriores Ernesto Araújo. Em suas falas, o ex-chanceler afirmou que o Ministério da Saúde foi o responsável por alguns episódios polêmicos. #CPI #Política
Araújo disse que fez isso por orientação do Ministério da Saúde, até então sob gestão de Eduardo Pazuello, e citou a necessidade do medicamento para outras doenças, além da Covid-19. #NoArNaCBN…
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Depoimento de Pazuello: habeas corpus para o ex-ministro "muda muito", diz presidente da CPI. Acompanhe 👇 Foto: Edu Andrade / Fatopre...
Eduardo Pazuello deve depor à CPI da Covid-19 na próxima quarta. O ex-ministro é protegido por um habeas corpus preventivo que dá a ele o direito de não responder perguntas que possam incriminá-lo. Em entrevista à @CBNoficial, o presidente da CPI comentou o caso ⬇⬇
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O ex-secretário de Comunicação da Presidência foi o interrogado desta quarta-feira na CPI da Covid-19. Ele irritou senadores com respostas evasivas e foi acusado de mentir à comissão. Entenda 👇 Ex-secretário de Comunicaçã...
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A CPI da Covid ouve o ex-secretário de Comunicação do governo Fabio Wajngarten. Ele deve ser questionado sobre as declarações que fez à revista Veja, de que o Ministério da Saúde não comprou a vacina da Pfizer em 2020 por incompetência e ineficiência de Pazuello. #NoArNaCBN
#ANÁLISE: @miriamleitao fala sobre as expectativas para o depoimento de Wajngarten. Segundo a comentarista, o ex-secretário não tem o perfil tão técnico como o de Barra Torres. #NoArNaCBN…
Para Renan Calheiros, tudo depende do estado de espírito do ex-secretário de comunicação do governo. Ele disse que o depoimento de Barra Torres deixou ainda mais clara a necessidade de convocar mais uma vez o ministro da Saúde Marcelo Queiroga. #NoArNaCBN…
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CPI da Pandemia ouve ex-ministro da Saúde Nelson Teich nesta quarta-feira (5). #NoArNaCBN
A homenagem ao ator e a todas as vítimas da Covid-19 foi um pedido dos senadores Humberto Costa e Randolfe Rodrigues. Renan Calheiros disse que Paulo Gustavo fez o Brasil rir com leveza e que a dor e a solidariedade une os brasileiros neste momento.…
O ex-ministro da Saúde diz que se houve ordem para a produção da cloroquina ele não sabia disso. Sobre a distribuição de cloroquina para indígenas, ele afirmou que isso não passou por ele porque seria contra e se soubesse não deixaria fazer. #NoArNaCBN…
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Fase de depoimentos à CPI da Pandemia terá início no Senado nesta terça-feira (4). A Comissão apura as ações e supostas omissões do Governo Federal e dos estados durante a crise sanitária provocada pelo novo coronavírus. #NoArNaCBN Image
#ANÁLISE: 'É doloroso, mas é necessário. Não se pode passar pano para omissões, improbidades, irresponsabilidades', avalia André Trigueiro (@andretrig). Para ele, livro de Mandetta servirá como roteiro para a CPI da Pandemia.…
#ANÁLISE: Para Sérgio Abranches (@abranches), o governo está envolvido em montar uma narrativa que o exima das responsabilidades óbvias no caso da pandemia. "As suas omissões, os seus erros, o seu negacionismo", classifica. #NoArNaCBN…
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"There was a sense in which the Fed in particular was deliberately trying to ignore the reality of inflation of housing costs or just hoping that people wouldn't notice, because it went against the general narrative of what their policy was attempting to achieve."

- Nick Halaris
"We were at the time investing in value-add multifamily properties in Atlanta, and we were buying properties where the rent would be $500, for example, for one bedroom, and by the time we sold it, it would be like $1000. This was happening in just a number of years." @RealVision
"I started noticing that there was this disconnect between the popular narratives in the market, which is that quantitative easing is relatively benign when it comes to inflation, and what I was seeing in real estate, which was like massive inflationary forces."

- Nick Halaris
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Citibank 1/7: US #CPI strong on transitory components & solid shelter prices
Citi analysts take – the strong increase in March US core CPI released overnight is in line with upside surprises expected in the coming months as a number of components normalize.
Citibank 2/7: Key shelter prices in CPI however show signs of potential earlier-than-expected firming with another solid increase in owners’ equivalent rent (OER), the key shelter price component of consumer price inflation and the largest share of CPI.
Citibank 3/7: Overall, US core CPI in March rises 0.339%MoM, stronger than consensus for 0.2%. Meanwhile core CPI YoY rises to 1.6% and headline CPI gains 0.6%MoM on strength in energy (+5%) and food (up a modest 0.1%).
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#US #CPI March #Inflation tomorrow:

🚩Headline Exp 2.5% (vs 1.7% Feb)
🚩Core Exp 1.5% (vs 1.3% Feb)

▪️ That +1.0% gap would be largest Headline v/s Core CPI gap since 2011 on huge Energy driven base effects; 5yr avrg gap -0.20%, 2yr avrg -0.37%

▪️ Chart: Energy Inflation indeed so volatile
▪️ Food Inflation key contributor since COVID - likely to ease off marginally on base effects
▪️ Energy base effect => massive spike to Headline over Apr/May => Headline vs Core likely to diverge further

▪️ Energy Inflation, negative recently, was +2.4% Feb, could jump to as high as +8.5% yoy in Mar & +20% in April
▪️ Energy Index collapsed Apr/May'20 but Food Index jumped => opposite base effects

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SEB Bank 1/4: US #CPI in focus this week. Probably the most anticipated figure this week is the US March CPI tomorrow, where inflation is expected to increase markedly mostly due to rising energy prices. We also expect core inflation to start accelerating with a weak comparison
SEB Bank 2/4: month last March adding to a higher y/y change. Response in long-term inflation expectations remain crucial, determining if higher prices turn out to be temporary or not. China export figures are due on Tuesday,
SEB Bank 3/4: Fed’s Powell will speak at the Economic Club of Washington on Wednesday followed by US retail sales, Empire manufacturing index and industrial production on Thursday. In the Euro area retail sales (today)
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#RBIPolicy | @RBI's Monetary Policy Committee in its meeting over the last three days, has decided to keep the #RepoRate unchanged at 4% Image
#RBIPolicy | Monetary Policy Committee decides to retain its 'Accommodative' policy stance Image
#RBIPolicy | Reverse Repo Rate, MSF & Bank Rate remain unchanged Image
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