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Selon la #Fed , la dette des consommateurs américains 🇺🇸approche le montant record de 16 000 milliards de dollars.

L’augmentation de la dette évolue à un rythme jamais vu depuis 2007.

Explications 👇 Image
L'endettement immobilier🏘️

Les prix des logements ont subi une pression à la hausse 📈 depuis le début de la pandémie 😷de COVID-19.

En témoigne l'indice national des prix des logements 🇺🇸 qui a augmenté de 34 % depuis le début de la pandémie.…
Cette croissance est due notamment à la pandémie 😷.

Par exemple, le coût des matériaux tels que le bois 🪵de construction a connu des pics énormes 📈.

Dans la plupart des cas, ces coûts plus élevés sont répercutés sur le consommateur faisant baisser son pouvoir d'achat. Image
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🚫No, #Conservatism does NOT equal #WhiteSupremacy 🚫 And here’s proof…

Over the last few days, the #MSM has been conflating conservatives and white supremacists as if they are one in the same. This thread will detail WHY and HOW that is simply untrue…

🪡 👀 ⬇️

Since the #BuffaloMassacre major media outlets and certain journalist have been tirelessly attempting to tie words from the killer back to those of @TuckerCarlson 📢

The problem is these reports deliberately take words out of context, while ADDING context to imply racism…

First, a defense is only necessary following an attack 💥 Not-so-clever leftists tend to forget they are the ones fledging the assault

Next, quoting @TuckerCarlson’s words, the author attempts to ADD context, turning reference to political-affiliation in a racial attack…

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Thread : "l'inflation des actifs, oui ! L'inflation du pauvre, non !"

Elon #Musk et Jeff Bezos semblent vouloir entrer en guerre contre l'administration #Biden, responsable selon eux de l'#inflation record qui touche l'économie américaine.

Tant que l'argent magique était injecté sur les marchés financiers et servait à gonfler à l'hélium le cours de bourse de Tesla et Amazon, on n'a pas entendu ces deux zigotos se plaindre.

Maintenant que la monnaie magique est injectée dans l'économie réelle avec un plan de dépense publique de $3500 milliards, ce qui est une des causes de l'inflation des prix à la consommation, les deux multi milliardaires sortent du bois.
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The Fed had a chance to act. They didn't. Now, we're staring down the barrel of recession...

@DiMartinoBooth & @biancoresearch join forces to explore the fate of the 🌎 economy as #inflation rips across the planet & central banks try desperately to tame it.

🧵 👇
Let's start at the beginning... @DiMartinoBooth talks about what it was like working at the #Fed.

"It caused me to write a book."
The Fed was not able to generate inflation. Fiscal spending on the other hand, well, that's a different story...

"...You inject that kind of money directly into checking accounts, you're going to generate the mother of all inflations." @DiMartinoBooth
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Thread : l'inflation vue par les économistes de gauche

Un follower me demande un avis sur une vidéo récente de @blast_france sur l'inflation.

Je pourrais écrire pendant des heures tellement l'économiste interrogé est à côté de la plaque.

À dérouler...
Je ne peux pas débunker toute la vidéo, mais je vais donner quelques éléments et mettre quelques anciens threads en copie que je vous invite à lire pour vous faire une idée.
Premièrement, vers la 8ème minute, l'universitaire explique que ce sont les banques commerciales qui créent la monnaie qui est en circulation dans l'économie réelle et non les banques centrales.
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#sp500 #ETH

Ben böyle ayrıntıları kaçırmam mesela..

2021 #SP500 4800 #ETH 4800

Ben size geçen gün ne dedim ? Bizim para yapmamız için
#ETH nin 4800 üstünde kapanışına ihtiyacımız vardır.
Bir kaç tane daha geçmiş twit bulacağım sizlere 2021 ile alakalı.. Image
Burada eski bir flood var. #ETH ile alakalı.
#FED #ETH yi nerede devreye soktu ?
2021 Mart sonu, Nisan başı
Powel ın üç toplantısına denk getirdi..

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2021 Ocak #DXY 89 gördü.
Eğer ki bu nasdaq düşüşleri 2021 de gelseydi, benim için dünya şuan çok farklıydı. Neyse nasipte yokmuş
Niçin 2021 de gelmedi?

2021 Şubat ayı itibari ile #Kriptolar dünyaya servis edildiler. Bütün dünya oraya odaklanınca buraları yönetmesi ++
Adamlara kolay oldu..
Buraları stabilleştirip kriptolar ile dünyayı bir yıl geçiştirdiler. Negatife dönen bizim gibi insanları da swap ile avlamaya kalktılar. Kriptolar ile de risk iştahı tavan yaptı ve küresel faizler yukarı gittiler.
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🚨Worth studying: 👇
"The Anatomy of the Bond Market Turbulence of 1994" - Bank for International Settlements

link in thread below. 🧵

#banks #riskparity #assetallocation #risk #riskmanagement #rates #us10y #bonds

1/ ImageImageImage

Link to the paper from Bank of International Settlements

#banks #riskparity #assetallocation #risk #riskmanagement #rates #us10y #bonds
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Sosyal medyaya giriyorum, bazı yazılan yorumları görüyorum ve üzülüyorum.
İçimden diyorum ki; sağlam bir soru cevap yap veya insanlara durumu anlat, ama; içimden bir ses de boş ver diyor. Niçin boş ver diyor biliyor musunuz ? 10 yıldır dert dinliyorum ve bu olaylar hiç düzelmedi
Neden derseniz ? Her dönem kesin birileri mağdurdur.
Bu işin doğasında bunlar var ve eksik olmuyor.
Piyasaya bakıyorsun bir örnek verelim. #BTC 37 K dan 33 düşüyor, insanlar ağlıyorlar. Bu BTC 37 K da olsa ne olur ? 33 de olsa ne olur ? Sen ana resme bakacaksın..
Kızıyoruz ediyoruz ama! #FED çıkmış aylar öncesinden faiz arttıracağım demiş! Yav sen neden kriptoya yüzde yüz mal ile giriyorsun ki ? Yüzde 50 girsen yine ağlamaman lazım. Çünkü; en azından elinde nakitin var
Maliyet düşürebilirsin. Bu basit hamleleri yapamıyorsan zaten bulaşma
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Our latest #Fed Watch episode focused on #China, is now prophetic. China's problems were taken to the next level today, with a stark warning about zero-covid and dissent. 1/6
Reuters: "In the latest ratcheting up of restrictions, Beijing authorities on Friday said all non-essential services in its biggest district Chaoyang, home to embassies and large offices, would shut. Mass testing will also resume in at least four districts over the weekend." /2
"After a meeting of the highest decision-making body, the Standing Committee of the Communist Party's politburo, state media reported late on Thursday that China would fight any comment or action that distorted, doubted or repudiated its COVID policy." /3
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Günaydın arkadaşlar,

Fed 20 yıldır ilk kez 1 toplantıda 50BP faiz arttırımına gitti. Böyle bir dönemde yapabileceği en şahin görünümlü güvercin toplantıyı yaptı. Peki değişen bişey var mı? #btc #fed
Değişen bana göre bişey yok özellikle kripto piyasasında. Aylardır 35-45 aralığında sıkışmış bir fiyat hareketi izliyoruz. Bence bunun devam edeceğinin onayı verildi.
Yani aşağıda alım bekleyenlerin de süresi uzadı, yukarıda satış yaparım yeni ATH'lere koşarım diye bekleyenlerin de süresi uzadı. İçeride bekleyenlerin de süresi uzadı. Kar marjı bence oldukça az olacak bir döneme giriliyor.
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As was widely expected, the @federalreserve’s Federal Open Market Committee raised the target range for the Federal Funds #policy rate by 50 basis points (bps), to between 0.75% and 1.0%, and announced the start of #runoff of the central bank’s balance sheet.
As previously suggested by the #Fed’s March minutes, the pace of runoff was confirmed today as $95 billion/month ($60 billion in U.S. #Treasuries and $35 billion in Agency #MBS, with a three-month phase-in period.
Also as expected, the statement reiterated that the #FOMC “anticipates that ongoing increases in the target range will be appropriate,” underscoring the seriousness of #Fed policymakers in getting #inflation and inflation expectations under control.
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LIVE NOTES: Powell speaks at the FOMC Press Conference.

The Fed will be hiking interest rates by 50bps.
Balance sheet run-off will begin on June 1st.

We will be adding updates to this thread live as we watch the Press Conference!

#FOMC #FederalReserve #Fed #Powell
You can view Powell's discussion live through this link:
Balance Sheet Run-Off (QT): The Fed will not be reinvesting coupons and principal payments on the bonds it own.

As the bonds mature, these will run-off and effectively shrink their balance sheet.
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As the FED @federalreserve searches for candidates to fill Fed Governor positions, their team is ranking new candidates on 4 categories: 1. Economics 2.Financial Markets/Banking 3.Leadership 4.Diversity. They recently had one open position down to a handful 1/4
candidates whereby they were then ranked on the new system. The Fed kills any candidates who fail the “diversity” category regardless of their capacity to understand, govern, and overall merit. The FED is the single most important economic 2/4
Institution in the world. Given the inflationary mess the US and the world face today, walking away from the absolute top candidates due to the diversity issue is incredibly short-sighted and doing our country and the world a major disservice in our time of extreme need. 3/4
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Günaydın arkadaşlar,

Fed ile ilgili yeterince konuştuk ve anlattık diye düşünüyorum aylardır gerek yayınlarda, gerek yazılarda.

Sadece son günlerdeki piyasa izlenimlerimi, fikirlerimi kısaca yazacağım; #BTC #FED
Piyasalardaki yatırımcıların çoğunluğu ne düşünüyor bence önce bu konuda bir anlaşmaya varalım;

Bence genel düşünce şu yönde; "Fed'in bugün verebileceği kararların hepsi fiyatlandı, 50 BP faiz artışı ve parasal sıkılaştırmadan bahsedecekler."
Buna senaryo 1 diyelim yani Fed'in bugün verebileceği kararların tamamen beklentiler dahilinde olması ve üzerine hiç ekstra bir şey koymamış olmadığı senaryo.
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While there is still considerable uncertainty over the forecast for #inflation, we think both Core #CPI and #PCE inflation peaked in March and February, respectively, and should move appreciably lower by the end of 2022. Image
Throughout the pandemic, strong disposable #income and limited services spending fueled consumer #spending on goods and high goods volumes created #bottlenecks and extreme #inflation. Image
Eventually, excessively easy #MonetaryPolicy caused this robust #inflation to broaden into less disrupted categories.
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1/ #Bitcoin Supply and Demand🧐

Fiat currencies are a phase-out model and financial repression destroys much wealth. The latest inflation numbers shake up the bond markets. #Fed 2022 hawkishness hit another ATH after Employment Cost Index (ECI).

#BTC the safe haven? We're long on Bitcoin. Charts are our own opinion, not finan
2/ To understand the current stage of crypto development, we can use an analogy and compare the number of cryptousers with that of the Internet. We are in the year 2000 of the Internet👀👀👀
3/ There are a lot of indicators for trading.But the main thing is that more and more people are using crypto (demand/wallets⬆️), although after 3rd halving hardly any #BTC are being mined (supply).

This leads to scarcity and stronger demand than supply.Thus,#Bitcoin price rise! We're long on Bitcoin. Charts are our own opinion, not finan
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First up let me just say, I cannot predict the future...

I can offer 12+ years of market experience & nothing more

The $Dxy has positioned itself for a humongous Bullish move...

Major multi year & even multi decade #Dxy breakouts are happening *Right Now*

Charts Below 📈🧵👇
Lets start by looking at the $Dxy itself (Monthly Chart)

On this time frame we are close to breaking out of a 7 year consolidation (when the 2015 rally stalled out)

This failure to make a low, followed by a break higher, tends to create a large amount of short covering...
As shorts close out positions on the breakout & new traders add long positions, explosive moves tend to follow

These are the mechanics behind what some traders refer to as a "Wave 3"

To me it's just mechanics of a successful breakout, but "Wave 3" if it helps understanding...
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Uzun vadede her zaman kazanan olmak çok basittir. Bir tutam mantık ve birazcık bilgi yeterlidir.

Nasıl mı?
Buyrun anlatıyorum:👇

RT+FAV yaparak bu bilgiseli bir çok dostumuza ulaştırabilirsiniz.

#Bitcoin #fed #nasdaq #spx #dolar
Bu görüntüyü iyi inceleyiniz. Görüntüde SPX vardır. Yani A.B.D.'nin en değerli 500 şirketinin ortalamasıdır.

Görüntüde 1987 yılından bu güne 4 defa büyük düşüş olmuş. O düşüşü değerlendirenler devamındaki 5-10 yıllık periyotta muazzam kazanmışlar.
Niye herkes dibi toplamadı? Neden herkes tepeden aldı? Neden çoğunluk zarara girdi? Niye çok insan kâr edebildi.

Çünkü borsa, kitlelerin psikolojisinin grafiğe yansımış hali gibidir.

Gerek makro gerek kişisel sebeplerle insanlar tepeyi almaya, dibi toplamaktan kaçmaya yatkındır
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A mini lesson on stocks:
✅Pandemic hits: investors flee to “safety:” stay-at-home stocks.
✅ Prices rise. FOMO investors join. Insane valuations follow.
✅ Original catalyst goes away.
✅“Safety” stocks bleedout
✅ Savvy managers return to original portfolios/out of safety (1/4)
✅ In 2021, that seemed to be large/mega caps. $QQQ/$SPY. Typically deemed “safe always,” companies like $AAPL, $MSFT, $GOOG, etc
✅2022 Catalyst: #Fed #inflation fight and war catalyst (contributes to inflation and has not reduced demand in USA
✅New “Safety” Trades Emerge (2/4)
✅Wheat, corn, nickel, oil, gas: commodities in general not only rise due to disruption, but due to “safety” investment.
✅Prices rise.
✅These safety trades will bleedout. They always do. Be careful.

What do you do?
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🇺🇸 #Fed (1) | As I expected ⬇, the Fed is on track to tighten its policy quickly and strongly for economic and political reasons.…
🇺🇸 #Fed (2) | On the economic front, Inflation is well above target and the risk of a wage/price spiral for low-income families has become real.
🇺🇸 #Fed (3) | Given that the labor market also looks tighter than indicated by the U.R., the Fed can easily justify a tightening move.
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FnF arent't liquidity providers.That's the #Fed.FnF buy mortgages for a guaranty mortgage securitization biz.
Cross-subsidy:even the authors claim that it's a common feature among insurers."Now,considerably less".This is...#Fanniegate
because they realized that all the borrowers authorized in the Charter pose similar risk at origination, since the Charter's requirement is just LTV<80%.
They claim that the UST backup in the Charter,to "ensure their solvency", is a taxpayer subsidy, ignoring that the true backup
of FnF is their Capital Reserve ($252b as of Dec 2021 w/ the secret plan),as 4th layer of protection. The other 3 are:
-The Charter's Credit Enhancement clause: borrower bears losses(max 80%LTV: PMI or down payment),...
-Loan Loss Reserve
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The Fed often takes a lot of heat for being behind the curve... but what if those assumptions are wrong?

Chief Innovation Officer at the @federalreserve, @Sunayna sat down with @colleenklein to shed light on the many facets of work that the #Fed does.
"People don't realize how #decentralized the central bank of the United States is..."
"Money is the ultimate consumer facing product..."
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"The #Fed has been trying to ride 2 horses with 1 a$$..."

Short video 🧵 from our latest interview with @LukeGromen & @TaviCosta on how the Fed may be forced to back off its tightening cycle, inject new liquidity into an inflation spike & allow CPI to run even hotter...
"There is nothing more inflationary than a highly indebted government seeing rates rise..."

"They're going to have to finance this again & let that 8% CPI last year, run 8-10-12-15% CPI for the next 5 years. And then they can think about tightening..."
"I think ultimately we're in the early days of a vicious sector rotation..."

"...The Fed is going to be forced to print money into an inflation spike..."
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