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I want to piggyback off of this. Because I spent ~6 months talking to Debbie before our story, and was amazed at her strength.

Nothing -- absolutely nothing, bold, hyphened, with a billion asterisks -- could have prepared me for what I saw her do at #CaringWell.
First off: Debbie is one of the kindest people I've ever met. And despite everything she has gone through, she has not once lost her faith in God. Not that that matters, but it's worth saying that she is not a person who wishes ill on the church or anyone in it.
When we wrote our first story, I promised Debbie that I wouldn't even mention her whereabouts. It's been five-plis decades since her abuse, and she is still terrified that her family is unsafe.

Think about that.
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A thread (with video) showing how, in sermons given at @HoustonsFirst (Houston First Baptist) on Oct 6, Emerson Eggerichs joked about abuse, downplayed abuse, and implied that if a woman accused a man of being abusive, she's wrong. She's misunderstanding his honorable intentions.
In this clip, Eggerichs gives reasons women protest about his "respect" message (giving husbands unconditional respect), including having a narcissistic husband or being emotionally abused. He uses abuse & NPD as the butt of jokes, and insinuates that women are making up excuses.
This clip starts out fine but goes downhill. He implies that women may THINK their husband is controlling, but really he's a good guy, just fearful and vulnerable, and she's actually the problem.
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Where is the holy and righteous anger? As if the gospel negates any justice and from protecting the sheep from the wolves. Can’t people see that the true shepherds take their crooks and beat the wolves. They care and are charged for the sheep. #churchtoo
This isn’t an either or issue. The gospel includes justice. As “Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” bible study pointed out, God has 2 sides, like a coin. Love & Justice. This issue at hand is the horrid ways SBC has handled abuse (Look at big names in SBC who have done wrong).
All I see is one side who is just referring to people who righteously demand something be done, as “woke” or “emotional.” Jesus would never ever do this. Nobody says deny the accused a proper trial. They are saying err on the side of protecting kids till the police sort
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SOON AT #CARINGWELL: Longtime and outspoken survivor advocate, lawyer, Liberty University professor and Billy Graham grandson @BozT

#SBCtoo #ChurchToo
@BozT BOZ BEGINS with prayer for Jesus to have mercy on his churches.

Says he was hesitant to speak at a conference held by the SBC "for such a time as this." #SBCtoo #ChurchToo #CaringWell
@BozT "There are so many survivors that cant afford $200 to come to a conference. They're just trying to make it through another day... “This organization that is responsible for decimating so many lives."

#SBCtoo #ChurchToo #CaringWell
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“This is normally the time at a conference when I’d say how happy we are to have you all here. But the key emotion we’re feeling right now is not gladness but grief.” @pbethancourt @ERLC #caringwell
After reading John 9, @drmoore tells the story of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing and the shards of shattered glass that had once been a stained glass window of Jesus’ face. People asked where was God. And people ask that now—where is the face of Jesus in the abuse crisis?
. @drmoore mentions abuse in movie companies, Roman Catholic Church, Boy Scouts, ending with an emphasis on the Houston Chronicle report (by @RobDownenChron et. al) exposing 700 cases of sexual abuse in Southern Baptist churches. #caringwell #sbctoo #churchtoo @ERLC
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