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1/4 Alliance of Love against Baptist Abuses (ALBA) is assisting in filing a complaint with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) next week against the policies and practices of Southwest Baptist University #SBUniv.

#sbctoo #SBC #churchtoo #mobaptists Image
2/4 The complaint addresses the cultural and "Biblical" belief among the #SBUniv administration, staff, and governance that women hold an inferior and depraved status, due to the order of creation and the Fall, and that all women are obligated to submit to all men.

#sbctoo #SBC
3/4 Therefore, there is no necessity to address the collective or individual harm of molestation, harassment, slander, abuse, sexual violence, academic inequity, and inequitable treatment towards women because, by default, ...

#SBUniv #SBC #sbctoo #churchtoo
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25/ We have obtained (with permission) reams of court documents related to the poisonings at #SBUniv.

These reference multiple instances of sexual assault, slander, or abuse, perpetrated by SBU personnel - most members of First Baptist Church of Bolivar.

#SBC #sbctoo
26/ We'll present this information publicly through several publications and, in brief, these Tweets.

The attorney for the injured student (who wasn't expected to survive the pesticide poisonings at #SBUniv) told her these documents were already public.

#SBC #sbctoo
27/ However, she discovered her *own* attorney engaged in a series of deceptions, including, concealing the fact that he previously worked for Roy Blunt - former #SBUniv trustee and president, Secretary of State, congressman ... and current Senator of Missouri.

#SBC sbctoo
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15/ Before beginning today's "episode," we make note of several realities.

"How many?" someone asked, "How many babies were killed by the #pesticides."

Is that even the right question?

How many murders does it take to reach some macabre threshold? But ...

#SBUniv #SBC #SBCtoo
16/ To put this in perspective, one student reported that during Homecoming she realized that virtually every married women in her dorm had two or more pregnancies end in miscarriage, often late term.

Is that enough to prompt the #SBUniv governance to investigate?

#SBUniv #SBC
17/ Apparently not.

Because, in the #SBUniv view, this is *only* women's pain and women's losses.

But, every one of these children had fathers and grandparents and often siblings.

This is long-term, family pain, generational pain, Bearcat pain.

#SBCtoo #SBC #abortion
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15/ Before beginning today's episode, we make note of several realities.

"How many?" someone asked, "How many babies were killed by the #pesticides."

Is that even the right question?

How many murders does it take to reach some macabre threshold?


#SBUniv #SBC #SBCtoo
16/ To put this in perspective, one student reported that during Homecoming she realized that virtually every married women in her dorm had two or more pregnancies end in miscarriage - often late term.

Is that enough to prompt the #SBUniv governance to investigate?

17/ Apparently not.

Because, in the #SBUniv view, this is *only* women's pain and women's losses.

But, every one of these children had fathers and grandparents and often siblings.

This is long-term, family pain, generational pain, Bearcat pain.

#SBCtoo #SBC #abortion
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1/14 It appears some believe our questions about embryo genesis are prompted by latent guilt on our parts.

If it relieves minds: No, before God, none of us have ever been a party to an abortion, nor even a miscarriage.

These are ethical questions.

#SBUniv #SBCtoo #SBC
2/14 Nonetheless, our questions are prompted by real events, which if, one accepts the Baptist definition of #abortion, constitutes mass murder - the illegal application of undeniably abortifacient pesticides for decades on the Southwest Baptist University campus.

#SBUniv #SBC
3/14 In fact, Dr. James Sells and his administration continued daytime application of pesticides for years, even after students' injuries - because the University did not want to appear at fault and "increase their risk of liability."

#SBUniv #SBCtoo #SBC
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1/ As the only Baptists in an Interfaith Bible Study, we were asked to clarify some issues.

We assumed we could provide answers.

But, we could not.

So, we asked clergy for aid and we were soundly rebuked; our membership in a #SBC church was jeopardized.

#SBCtoo #churchtoo
2/ As a Study member exclaimed:

"Seriously? They'll disfellowship you for asking questions?

That's bizarre! How else can you learn?

You need better pastoral care!"

Probably. 😞

So, seven difficult #SBC theology questions. 👇

Trigger Warnings!
#Sexualabuse 🚨 #Abortion 🚨
3/ Question 1: Does this passage in Numbers 8:11-31 depict a forced ceremonial #abortion, which kills the fetus in order to quell a husband's suspicion of his wife's adultery?…
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God created us in His image, male & female - an essential pairing for the creation of life.

Likewise, God has both masculine & feminine attributes - vital for the creation of Spiritual Life.

This thread👇explores Christian traditions of the feminine.

#sbc #sbctoo #churchtoo Image
The female Sophia/Wisdom:

Listen as Wisdom calls out!

Hear as understanding raises her voice!
By the gates at the entrance to the town, on the road leading in, she cries aloud, "I call to you, to all of you!
Proverbs 8…
1/ Never heard a sermon on this.️🔝

Typical response:

Us: What's your understanding of Feminine Wisdom (or in Hebrew "Chochmah") in Proverbs 8?

Pastor: 😕
Long, awkward pause.

Us: So ... the #SBC doesn't teach Feminine Wisdom?

Pastor (checks watch): Well, gotta go! 🏃
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@GarySweeten2 asked why #SBC doesn't utilize Christian Conflict Resolution.


If #SBC fears theological "contamination" from denominational programs, the solution is simple: create its own.

We're petitioning for such a program - RECONCILE!

first of /11
We're petitioning for RECONCILE!: An Online Restorative Justice and Conflict Resolution Degree Diploma (and Professional Certification) - collaboratively funded and taught by the six #SBC Seminaries and primarily administered and instructed by WOMEN. 2/11
The Scriptural Basis: Women are particularly gifted in empathy, compassion, and reconciliation. They must be permitted to come along side pastors/ministers, acting as they were originally created, as "ezer" - not merely handmaids or helpers ... but as allies and rescuers. 3/11
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Going to retweet some of the New Yorker article with parts that stuck out to me as it illustrates why I started questioning complementarianism and eventually decided this whole debate is fit only for the trash can.

This will be a thread, and probably a long one. 01/?
"For a time, Barr fell under the sway of an abusive boyfriend, who, while menacing her, spat Scripture demanding her submission. The fact that she couldn’t question him made it harder to see the abuse for what it was."

The first time I ever felt called on to use counseling training was when a young woman I worked with confided in me that her then-boyfriend was mentally, verbally, and socially cruel to her. Neither were saved, but I realized "complementarianism" had no category for this. 03/?
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My #ChurchToo story thread:

This is a brief overview of how @MidwestAnglican / @ChurchRez has mishandled church leader sexual abuse and assault allegations for 2+ years and counting.

(I will write about my personal experience within the story in greater detail soon.)

who's who:

@The_ACNA: Anglican Church in North America under @ArchbishopFoley

@MidwestAnglican: 35-church ACNA diocese under Bp. Stewart Ruch

@ChurchRez: largest church & diocesan headquarters, Wheaton, IL

Christ Our Light Anglican Church (COLA): small church, Big Rock, IL
My neighbor Mark Rivera raped me twice, pressured me to keep this secret, and repeatedly propositioned me to have an affair.

Mark was the catechist (lay pastor) at Christ Our Light Anglican. My godfather, Rand York, was the priest. COLA members were my neighbors and friends.
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🧵I give thanks for the #SBC21 vote for investigation of @SBCExecComm & audit re #SBC abuse. But I want to also be clear about the limitations of this vote. It carries POTENTIAL but for that potential to eventually be realized there must be bird-dogging & follow-up. 1/
The #SBC21 vote does not serve to expose a single clergy abuser or enabler; nor does it create a database of clergy predators. It doesn't provide communal validation to #SBCtoo survivors by naming their abusers. It doesn't provide any aid or therapy costs to #SBCtoo survivors. 2/
It does not make public institutional apology to any #SBCtoo survivor for grotesqueries of #SBC officials.

These much-needed steps are wholly left up in the air. Moreover, rather than helping #SBCtoo survivors, the vote is actually asking that survivors help the #SBC. 3/
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#SBC21 Messengers...Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for hearing our cries and acting in support! While I am beyond elated many important steps have been taken over the last 2 days, there is so much work still left to be done...and it cannot be done by 1 person alone.
There will be a continued need for many things as we move forward with a new sense of hope...Accountability for promises made, ministering to survivors (while meeting them where they are,) continued education into trauma and how we as Christians can respond in a way that...
that honors Christ...etc.
Then, once the investigation is complete and made known, there will be many more steps needed to be taken in regards to genuine repentance & restitution along with concrete actions to prevent further harm to God's children. This is just the beginning...
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Begins with Ronnie Floyd: I hear you. The Executive Comm respects the messengers. We need this deliberative process. We know that this will make our convention stronger. #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBCtoo #SBC
NOW: Troy Bush, whose church we covered this week, is now speaking. Accuses the executive committee of not even doing the bare minimum when "investigating" a church

"We believe that the executive comm does not have the ability to handle this task force." #SBC21 #SBC2021 @SBCtoo
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NOW: 15K Southern Baptists will debate/vote on a third-party investigation into whether top leaders sought to suppress abuse survivors/stifle reforms/intimidate leaders like Russ Moore. #SBC2021 #SBC21 #SBCtoo

It's prolly more important than you think.

Here's why:
Sex abuse has again dominated discussions here, including in yesterdays presidential election. But that was among a variety of issues at hand.

This tho? It will be a huge indicator of how much Southern Baptists are willing to put on the line re: abuse. #SBC2021 #SBC21 #SBCtoo
Over the last three years, Southern Baptists have shown they're willing to do a lot of things, so long as they are forward-looking. That's great/important.

But true repentance means rectifying wrongs committed, regardless of the toll.

That's how survivors are seeing this vote.
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🧵re @toddbenkert motion at #SBC21. It's referred to @ERLC. Todd shared this strategy with me in advance. Yes, I'm wary of ERLC, no getting around it. You know me. Long history has dug a deep well of skepticism. Still...This is something substantive & real. It's earnest effort...
...that holds POTENTIAL to bring #SBC institutional reform, accountability for abusers & enablers, and true care for survivors. The word POTENTIAL is critical. THIS IS A BEGINNING, NOT AN END. There will be many possibilities for derailment. SBCers: You must persist. #SBC21
Concerns & possible stumbling points: 1) Sooo much will depend on WHO @ERLC hires for the audit. GRACE has strong track-record of trust in survivor community. 2) Funding may be a HUGE issue. 3) Aim of this 3-yr audit is broad-spectrum data & analysis.
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Wednesday at #SBC21 begins with Grant Gaines speaking to his call for a third party investigation into the Exec committee and abuse.

"These are not allegations we can sweep yunder the rug. These are allegations we must get to the bottom to." #SBCtoo #SBC2021 #SBC
Gaines: "We should be bending over backwards to ensure we do everything we can."

Gaines then directs comments to survivors, tells them they matter and are worth fighting for.

A lot of applause. #SBCtoo #SBC2021 #SBC
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Litton begins w his story of growing up in a broken home and finding God at 7. He then talks about losing his wife in a car accident 14 years ago. He then married his wife Kathy, whose husband - an SBC pastor - also died in a car accident. #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBC #SBCtoo
Litton: We both have a profound sense of pain and suffering in our live that has changed us, and I think changed us for the better. #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBC #SBCtoo
Litton: There are 4.5 billion people on this planet who we feel have not heard the good news of Jesus Christ... WE exalt the Gospel above all else... it means we haev to work and iron out our differences. My goal is to build bridges, not walls. #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBC #SBCtoo
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I didn't hear the exact vote count but it was roughly a 53 to 47 percent vote split. #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBC #SBCtoo
"We have finally, after all of these decades, begun to overturn the power structure. The messengers are listening and acting on behalf of Christ," said @ThigpenTiffany, a survivor and advocate whose abuses were mishandled by top SBC leaders. #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBC #SBCtoo
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ITS A RUNOFF. Stone and Litton going toe-to-toe now.

Full results:

Mohler: 3764, 23.62%
Stone: 5216, 36.48%
Litton: 4630, 32.38%
Adams: 673, 4.7%

#SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBC #SBCtoo
This is precisely what many people thought would happen -- and the stakes for the SBC abuse crisis are pretty massive.

Stone has been at the center of ongoing scandals regarding allegations of coverups, intimidation by top SBC leaders.

From yesterday:…
Meanwhile Litton has wide respect/support among survivors, advocates and pastors who've been outspoken on abuse issues.

Hard to overstate how much is on the line here. #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBCtoo #SBC
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RESOLVED: MY computer issues. Just in time for resolutions. Tweets in thread below. #SBC2021 #SBC21 #SBC #SBCtoo
Guy at mic now reading the below tweet from a prominent, anti-CRT activist. #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBC
LOL @david_bumg: Ive been two three different mics and Im begging you, for all that is holy, turn on the air conditioning.

The floor erupts. Sweat flies everywhere. Madness in every direction. #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBC #SBCtoo
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Aaaaadddd the SBC presidential election is underway, beginning with HB Charles nominating Al Mohler.

I’ll be here and, believe it or not, will be tweetin #SBC21 #SBC2021
Mike Stone has been nominated by Pastor Dean Haun, who praises his years of local church service and work with the SBC exec committee. #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBCtoo
Former SBC president Fred Luter now nominating Ed Litton, who Luter says "brings a compassionate and shepharding heart. We need a pastor who has a love for God and God's people." #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBCtoo
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The Southern Baptist Convention is officially underway.

Follow this thread for updates on what is sure to be an absolutely wild day. #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBC
Final messenger registration count is above 13K.
First motion calls to replace the time honoring of SBC presidents with a prayer for unity.

It's met with a round of applause. #SBC21 #SBC2021 #SBCtoo #SBC
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NEW: An SBC church says it found 10 victims of abuse by a minister, allegations against whom prompted a brief 2019 inquiry by leaders.

Said leaders - including Mike Stone - allegedly never contacted the churches before ending the inquiry. #SBC21 #SBC2021…
We covered allegations against the man in our very first story. His then-church was among 10 that JD Greear said should be scrutinized, but were "cleared" by an SBC committee that included Stone a week later.

More on that. #SBC2021 #SBC21 #SBC #SBCtoo…
Days later, the minister's then-pastor said he'd confessed to earlier misconduct but was repentant.

The pastor also said SBC leader Augie Boto personally called him to apologize for the inquiry requested by Greear. #SBC2021 #SBC21 #SBC #SBCtoo…
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Happening in 20 minutes: The first on-the-record meeting of the Southern Baptist executive committee.

I’ll be there Tweetin’ #SBC21 #SB2021
Standing room only meeting.
Meeting begins with motion from @JaredcWellman. He wants the next SBC president to appoint a task force regarding allegations that EC leaders mishandled abuse cases and resisted reforms.
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