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Spread word: my student & friend #Tavares Calloway was coerced to confess to 5 murders after #Miami police told him his own family was in immediate danger unless he falsely confessed to help them flush out the real killer. He was sentenced to die.โ€ฆ
#Tavares was 19 when 11 officers interrogated him for 18 hours w/o an attorney present. Police admitted to repeatedly lying to him, saying they'd found his DNA/fingerprints at the scene.

In fact, NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE OR EYEWITNESS ties him to the crime.
The SOLE EVIDENCE against #Tavares is a confession he signed when police told him his family was in grave & imminent danger. After 18 hrs of questioning, police knew he was protective of his family & deeply devout.
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Every life is precious
EXCEPT for rape victims like myself,
EXCEPT for victims of incest, EXCEPT for any woman who can't be pregnant and needs an abortion.

@GovernorKayIvey is 74.
She will never have worry about getting pregnant when her birth control fails.
#Alabama ranks as the 2nd worst state.
#Alabama ranks 50th in education.
#Alabama ranks 3rd in poverty.
#Alabama has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the country.

If you don't think these things are connected, you would be wrong.

#Alabama has the 4th largest #deathrow population in the US.
I look forward to @GovernorKayIvey commuting all those sentences--182-- in light of her newly codified in law POV that "every life is precious."
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#California IS a dictatorship run by @GavinNewsom. In 2016 we voted to speed up the death penalty. Yet here we are with an E.O. to end #DeathRow instead.

#RecallGavinNewsom #TyphusNewsomโ€ฆ

I'm going to keep adding California's #DeathRow biographies here.

Comment on any biography that you feel should not be on death row & why.

WARNING: 99.9% sure I won't agree with you.

CA #DeathRow (thread)

This guy used a claw hammer to kill a woman and her 2 year old. Then, he sexually assaulted her remaining 3 and 4 year old daughters in a shed before killing them, too.

He DESERVES the death penalty.


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