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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Survival of the Richest; and more!

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#Pluralistic 1/ The cover for the WW Norton edition of Douglas Rushkoff's 'S
#Toronto! #NYC! #SanFrancisco! I'm heading your way with my book, Chokepoint Capitalism!

9/16: Toronto - @typebooks/Junction 7PM…

9/25: SF…

9/27: LA…

#DC, #Ottawa, #Boston, #London, #Miami coming soon! 2/
I'm Kickstarting a DRM-free audiobook of Chokepoint Capitalism, the book @rgibli and I wrote about how tech- and entertainment monopolies rip off artists, and how to unrig those terrible labor markets:…

("This book really gets it" - @StephenFry) 3/
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Spotify steals from artists, a Spotify exclusive; and more!

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#Pluralistic 1/ The cover for Chokepoint Capitalism, superimposed with a bla
#Toronto! #NewYork! #SanFrancisco! I'm heading your way with my next book, "Chokepoint Capitalism"!

9/16: Toronto - @typebooks/Junction 7PM

9/25: SF…

9/27: LA…

More (#DC, #Ottawa, #Boston, #London, #Miami, more!) coming soon! 2/
I'm Kickstarting a DRM-free audiobook of Chokepoint Capitalism, the book @rgibli and I wrote about how tech- and entertainment monopolies rip off artists, and how to unrig those terrible labor markets:…

("This book really gets it" - @StephenFry) 3/
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: American healthcare did a fuckery; The White House has a plan for Big Tech; and more!

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#Pluralistic 1/
#Toronto! #NewYork! #SanFrancisco! I'm heading your way with my next book, "Chokepoint Capitalism"!

9/16: Toronto - @typebooks/Junction 7PM

9/25: SF…

9/27: LA…

More (#DC, #Ottawa, #Boston, #London, #Miami, more!) coming soon! 2/
I'm Kickstarting a DRM-free audiobook of Chokepoint Capitalism, the book @rgibli and I wrote about how tech- and entertainment monopolies rip off artists, and how to unrig those terrible labor markets:…

("This book really gets it" - @StephenFry) 3/
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Home price trends across 20 top housing markets. Pace of price increases moderating (left chart), which you can see in our underlying home price index flattening out or actually falling in a few markets (right chart). Start it off with #Atlanta.
#Austin home prices
#Boise home prices
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What could go wrong?😏
#Miami may put #homeless in encampment on environmentally-sensitive #VirginiaKey. That wld imperil fed 💰 bec feds prioritize #housing over drug addiction, a la #SF.…
@JennyChachan @citizenj17 @michelletandler @JeffreyBrandes #SoFL
@JennyChachan @citizenj17 @SteveAdams80182
@JeffreyBrandes @John_Kass @SethBarronNYC @karol @michelletandler Uh-oh! 😲

1/ MT @newschica #Miami Comm. Diaz de la Portilla came out of his liquor-induced fog for a moment, asks for a reconsideration, then changes his vote to a YES. Image
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We are roughly 2 months away from the start of #CFB season! Lets talk expectations. Ill go through each team & give what my model predicts as the % chance each team gets to bowl eligbility, and also the % chance each team gets 10+ Ws given their respective schedules. Lets go!🧵
#SEC (% Chance @ 6+ Ws/% Chance @ 10+ Ws)

#Alabama #RTR 99.9%/89.5%
#Arkansas #WPS 55.3%/11.0%
#Auburn #WarEagle 36.9%/1.8%
#Florida #Gators 81.0%/17.4%
#Georgia #UGA 99.9%/93.3%
#Kentucky #BBN 66.7%/7.3%
#LSU #GeauxTigers 81.8%/29.1%
#HailState 47.8%/2.6%
#SEC (% Chance @ 6+ Ws/% Chance @ 10+ Ws) (cont)
#Mizzou 69.2%/11.6%
#OleMiss 96.9%/41.4%
#SouthCarolina 31.2%/0.8%
#Tennessee #Vols 95.3%/35.6%
#TAMU #GigEm 99.0%/75.1%
#Vanderbilt #AnchorDown 2.3%/ <0.1%
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-Miami’s Submarine Future-

“Miami has no answer to this inundation from without and within. A seawall, analogous to the Netherlands’ dykes, could make groundwater flooding worse, by stopping it draining away.” [🧵] #Miami
“best course is a medley of partial fixes that include heavy investment in practical solutions, such extending sewer system; long-term planning for higher sea-levels, rethinking building codes & the habitability of parts of Miami & aggressive steps to mitigate global emissions.”
“Yet none of these is happening to anything like the necessary degree, because of Miami’s third disaster: an American governing system that appears incapable of adapting to climate-induced disasters estimated to cost $2trn a year by the end of the century.”
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🎓We have had some highly educational🗣️on tumor biomarkers
👍This week’s conversation will NOT disappoint

📢Join us as @Latinamd & @GDutcherMD from @SylvesterCancer discuss MET Exon 14 skip mutations in #NSCLC #Miami Image

@Latinamd & @GDutcherMD @TumorBoardTues 🗣️
📅Tuesday, 05/24/22 at🕗8PM ET
📊✅the polls
⚖️in & bring citations🧾
🔁Retweet & tag your🩺colleagues
🏆Earn your🆓CME and MOC

And B4⃣the case:
🧐tell us where you are in your🩺journey

#PreTest Q 1⃣ #CME
Free CME 🔗:

🤔Before @Latinamd & @GDutcherMD🚶us through a case of MET Exon 14 skip mutations in #NSCLC, test your🧠with these 4 quick❓

How common are METex14-skipping mutations in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer❓
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On April 23, 2022, I registered with Florida Department of Corporations
Entity Name: 1equal1, 1=1, #1=1, One Equal One, 1e1, 1ae1, ONE EQUAL ONE, One_Equal_One, ONE_EQUAL_ONE, Inc.
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(as proof of Payment; undeterred by delays. happy to comply with #consumerprotection #law #regulation)

[Mirror] (…)

Today, May 17, 2022 I had the courage. I applied for a #Grant @OpenSea.
My submission for #grant

1equal1 is……
with the Power of #NFTCommunity
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1equal1, the project is a personal commitment and movement to advance civil rights and social justice by inspiring, advocating, and mobilizing via digital art in the blockchain.
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This morning, @EthnicMediaSvc in collaboration with @NAMIFlorida will address the alarming rise of suicides in Florida. Watch live on Facebook:
"We must bring suicide out of the shadows," says @EthnicMediaSvc founder Sandy Close. #Mentalhealth #Miami #stigmafree #BetterTogether #NotAlone #SuicidePrevention #SuicideAwareness
Susan Racher of @NAMIFlorida says community engagement and support are highly effective in preventing suicides. @nami is organizing a walk for suicide support in downtown Miami May 21
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#DENUNCIA : Aquí está el falso médico de #Miami Wilfredo Rodríguez.

Hace meses atrás denuncie a este personaje por la enorme cantidad de abusos en contra de mujeres en Venezuela y por hacerse pasar por médico en las RRSS.
Dicha denuncia que fue viralizada gracias a todas las personas que me siguen, este psicópata quedó expuesto en Google como lo que es, un enfermo. En este hilo de Tweets verán la primera denuncia.
Hasta hoy se han salvado 2 mujeres que contactaron con el por Tinder, la famosa aplicación de citas.

Ellas al ver que su vida de fama no cuadraba con su discurso buscaron en Google su nombre y encontraron la información antes señalada.
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Here's a question I got this week in Miami...

"Why did you choose Miami?"

(Our US HQ is there, my base, etc)

🧵 My four fav reasons
Reason 1: #Miami loves #Crypto. Not just Mayor @FrancisSuarez and local leadership, but actual people in Miami. Walking around the city, you find more people than anywhere else who are genuinely into building the next financial system, vs the last one (NYC)
Reason 2: It's a better life. Sun, ocean, and a better standard of living. For me personally, seeing sunshine everyday is a game changer.
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Case No: F22003864
The State of #Florida vs Alejandra Salaverria

#fortherecord #forevidence
🪡@𝓉𝒽𝓇𝑒𝒶𝒹𝓇𝑒𝒶𝒹𝑒𝓇𝒶𝓅𝓅 𝓊𝓃𝓇𝑜𝓁𝓁 🧵

I need #legal #probono #criminal #law #HELP … this is why ...
County Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida
CHARGES: see image attached.
F/3 Child Abuse/No great bodily harm F.S.1 827.03.(2)(C) UCR 0010130B
M/1-Resisting officer without violence to his person F.S.1 843.02 UCR 00171330C
M/2-Disorderly conduct/Breach of the peace F.S.1 877.03 UCR 90000072
6th court appearance - 04/14/2022 - on calendar …

5th court appearance - 04/12/2022
- State of FL continuance. First time, actual connect check in via Zoom … at 10:10am … court time started at 9:00am
REPRESENTED at Court Appearance.

03/30/2022, initial date of formal
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Ready for the #CFB Analytics Spring Top 40? Here we go. This Power Ranking is derived from a model which utilizes full Coach Staff efficiency metrics, roster talent, & returning production among other metrics. No opinion here, I just regurgitate the numbers. #NoOpinionJustNumbers
40 #Kentucky #BBN #SEC Power Rating: 61.726
Returning Production for the Wildcats may be a problem. At 39.72%, it puts them at 113th in the country. The schedule is manageable tho drawing Ole Miss & Miss State out the West. #CFB
39 #Washington #PurpleReign #Pac12
Power Rating: 62.271
Really like the new coaching staff in Seattle. Should put them in a better position to win. Roster talent purge from the prev regime will have an early effect (last 2 classes were 39th, 86th) but the ship has been righted.
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Another #BIG #decision in 2022. I will file #bankruptcy and #donate to #charity anything I can’t carry with me to a #women #shelter. THE #COST to #SOCIETY of #NDAs #EEOC #EqualEmploymentOpportunityOffice #TitleVII #CivilRightsActof1967 #ADA
#AmericanwithDisabilityAct #USConstitution #BillofRights #CivilRights #PTSD … spending 7 days in #JAIL as a set up by Miami Management, Inc property manager and the violations of the centralized Big Corporations protecting the wrongdoings of their Senior Management.
I am an idiot for having #settled #NDA #NDAs #employmentlaw I am exhausted! My life is a nightmare since 2015. I am done. You win! I survive in jail for a week. Assume I can survive in a shelter. From donating and being in the #ExecutiveWomenofUnitedWay #KIPPNY and #KIPPMiami
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We @JBREC just surveyed 400+ flippers about #fixandflip conditions in partnership with Flatiron Realty Capital and @SundaeHQ.
Key takeaway: There is a TON of competition for deals right now.
#LasVegas flipper: “Market is oversaturated with inexperienced investors due to an increase of “gurus.” Supply is low, demand is high, and prices are inflated 20%+ over ARV. Not sustainable.”
#Phoenix flipper: “Phoenix is a very active market with home prices on the rise. The competition is aggressive.”
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@threadreaderapp unroll Please see @pyxtau @opensea it’s my moniker name to be able to speak up and write again. An abandoned practice as result of #parental #privacy #invasion
#humanrights #civilRights #violations #usa #miami #NewYork #Florida
FYI for the record - I have never authorized any content produced by me or unknowingly made of me for public consumption in any jurisdiction of the world, of the entire globe or space (since we are all going high to the moon).

I am angry and enraged. I had enough! I am
I am attempting to recover for imposed unemployment in perpetuity as a consequence of my list of #HumanRights standing up for self beliefs!

My life is at risk. And I had enough!
I want to build! Live!
Alejandra M Salaverria @AlejSala @ArtislifeLove @yasss_eth @AllyCapital
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This week's #GOPCThread provides a summary of what our staff learned & observed from participating in the 2022 #EquitySummit hosted by our friends at @SmartGrowthUSA
On Jan 11, @SmartGrowthUSA kicked off its Equity Summit w/keynote @majoracarter (Developer, Urban Revitalization Consultant, @macfound Fellow, @PeabodyAwards-winning broadcaster, & successful implementer of many economic development programs): #GOPCThread
.@majoracarter grew up during the “Burning Bronx” & started working in community development to show people you don’t have to leave your neighborhood to have a better community. She worked w/her neighborhood to open a Hip Hop café, @BoogieDownGrind #GOPCThread #SmartGrowthEquity
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please, can you help me understand? …thanks [easy read w/ @threadreaderapp unroll ]

Public Announcement:
Legal language "irrevocable" replaced by even harder to understand to I am safe to say most people who need #unemployment by
To summarize,
if you qualify in FL, and want
to apply for #unemployment, #GovernmentState requires to provide for Government Benefits,
required to collect by
* Facial Biometrics:
* Voiceprints:
it simply means, do as WE GOVERNMENT STATE says, or no benefits!

If you have #journalist #report
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for context
of what is to come 🙏

@threadreaderapp unroll

to speak up
7 years self-funding living expenses
Jan 6 will be anniversary!

IMHO, #NDA #NonDisclosureAgreements destroy lives of #courageous and #brave
I did #woman #alone what not
even an army of lawyers could or would dare!
The price: as breaking glass! from
#mirror (not crawling) joke about 7 years…
#7years single because I don’t date unless I earn in my profession with two masters degrees #columbiauniversity
#novasoutheasternuniversity #NSU #NewYork
#Miami #FortLauderdale
#7years self-funding and no one in my “professional” circle knows. Recently, as I suggested idea I would wait tables all said NO (because they don’t know I can’t get hired after over 5,000 applications!)
and all I do is KEEP LEARNING MORE (because it is
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Current situation on Biscayne Blvd. near Adrienne Arsht Center in #Miami @wsvn 🌧 ☔️ 🌊 👀
Still flooded on Biscayne. Busy night for tow truck drivers. Rough one for the M4. @wsvn #Miami
Our live report from a ridiculously flooded Biscayne Blvd. in #Miami. @wsvn 🌧☔️🌊
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Snapshot 1

60 yr old tanker cold-war era, now surveillance craft close to #Crimea on yet another intimidation/provocation flight over crystal clear waters

Likely 6-8 laps then return to #Crete

8 tons/hr X 8 hrs = 64 tons fuel x 3.16 = 212 tons #CO2 ImageImage
Hands up all of us who wonder what would be the reaction of such sustained provocational activity just off #Florida coast, flying say around #PalmBeach #Miami to Tampa for as many as 8 laps a day ?

British, American #EU citizens are FORCED to pay for this

Now 6 hours into laps, 48 tons fuel used so far and 151 tons of #CO2 dumped. This plane is also flying under peak load so is dumping masses of #NO2 into the atmosphere as well

These almost daily provocations can power millions of homes, see next tweet Image
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#Bitcoin is now legal tender in #ElSalvador thanks to self-ascribed "coolest dictator in the World" @nayibbukele

@_elfaro_ journalist @raudaz_ reveals the real impact of the dangerous gamble

Listen to "Bukele, Bitcoin and El Salvador w/ Nelson Rauda" ⚓…
I want to thank @gladstein and @HRF for supporting free speech and free expression in the face of tyranny, and for their role in hosting the #OsloFreedomForum in Miami.

I want to thank Nelson and other journalists around the world who take real risks in speaking truth to power.
Please check out Nelson's work by following him on twitter (@raudaz_ ) and by going to

His piece mocking out-of-touch #Bitcoin bros in El Salvador, "Bitcoin evangelists dance conga in El Salvador" is available here:…
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